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Stuart Scott’s UK poetry jam from Sportscenter

Last night, SportsCenter’s Stuart Scott celebrated Kentucky’s perfect SEC season with a poetry jam. It’s not the first time he’s gotten poetic on a highlight, but it is the first time I didn’t change the channel immediately when it started. I appreciate the special treatment from ESPN in regards to UK’s undefeated conference season and I would be willing to bet that Bob Knight hated it as much as anything ever, so even though it’s not exactly my thing those two factors made me kind of like it. If you didn’t catch it last night, here it is:

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41 responses to “Stuart Scott’s UK poetry jam from Sportscenter”

  1. I, on occasion will eat poop

    I liked that video very much!

  2. mee


  3. GoCats2

    I bet that was very hard for a diehard Tarheel.

  4. Phili5


  5. Keith Myath

    Bob Knight damaged his TV when he instinctive started whipping it.

  6. Ridge Runner

    Nice job Stew & long over due.

  7. thegoosewasgolden

    okay normally scott, to paraphrase guns n roses, gives rap a bad name, but this was an exceptional piece of rhapsody.

  8. KnightIsFruity

    I hated this personally for 3 reasons: 1) The highlights weren’t full screen (like every other highlight of cbb shown on sportscenter.) 2) Stuart Scott is a puss UNC homer. 3) Spoken word poetry is lame.

  9. SouthBeachWildcat

    I feel ya 6, like Lin from the Knicks,
    these Cats gona ball, #8 in Mardi Gras ya.

  10. Ukblue7

    That really wasn’t that cool

  11. HeadBussa

    How can anyone hate on that? Stuart is giving us so much love. Stuart’s at damn pimp. Game recognize game.

  12. Reality Is

    That wasn’t so bad, in fact, quite rad. Bob Knight is a snot. what is not? Stu Scott.

  13. Han

    The shot didn’t go for Terrence because it was clearly a lob to Davis, who had just been shoved out from under the basket.

  14. Ridge Runner

    Bobby Knight retire in a casket why UK put’s #8 in a basket. Don’t wanna hear your senile drab, disappear on a slab.

  15. UKBlue

    People really put a video camera in front of their TV & record it? Someone needs to buy these people a TV video card so they can record straight to their computer.

  16. HeadBussa

    They say this team is good,
    they say this team can ball,
    But do the experts really think
    the Cats can hang a banner on the wall?
    Many say hell naw,
    These haters gon’ hate,
    But let them cry in tears,
    When we get Number Eight.

  17. SouthBeachWildcat

    I wonder how much air time this will get? I wonder if Boeheim will be persecuted like Cal would be if it was him?

  18. Ridge Runner

    In looking at post 14, I’m suddenly embarrassed by my old white guy futile attempt at poetic rap. Excuse me while I insert a Bill Monroe 8-track and scratch myself.

  19. BEAVIS606

    What’s next Jerry Tipton’s interpretive dance?

  20. The Crew

    Bobby, Bobby, do not hate
    Cause this year we’re gonna hang number 8
    We all know you’re crochety and senile
    But your secret is that you can’t get penile
    You have an anger that never stops growing
    And just like this rhyme, you never stop blowing

  21. Bmac859

    Stuart Scott always has been and will forever be THE MAN. My best wishes go out to him and his family in his fight against cancer. He is a great and talented man and is by far the best sportscenter anchor of all time.

  22. Bulldawg

    Props to Stu Scott, he nailed this one, jack pot! I can’t tell if he is looking at me or at you, but it is clear he can see Devistation INC. in the BIG BLUE!!!!!!! I can’t wait for #8 this years tourney is gonna be great. the Cats better be ready to lay it all on the line to show these boys the road to title #9!!!!!!

  23. ZombieLibrarian

    Any pub is good pub, and I’m glad we got the attention, and I’m sure Bob Knight hated it, so all that was good. But, yeah, that was so damn terrible I couldn’t even finish it. Plus, it might have actually been cool a decade ago when people were still into this thing. Nah, it wasn’t coll then, either.

  24. ZombieLibrarian

    Bmac859, you can’t be older than 25 at the most, am I right? Anyone around for the heyday of Olbermann and Patrick would laugh at that statement. He’s gotten better over the years, but he used to be the joke of the show when they had a higher level of anchors on the program.

  25. Slim

    24 is dead on. Olbermann and Patrick were great together. So sad they are GONE.

  26. KeithOlbermanSucksAss

    I am a suck ass liberal.

  27. Ty

    Absurd, but if it helps recruiting them do a “poem” everynight. Might help recruiting better just to have snoop dog come on and rap it though.

  28. Bret Michaels

    Stupid. Where’s John Anderson when you need him?

  29. Completely


  30. RickyPRetirementTour

    UK fans should appreciate the effort that Stuart Scott and ESPN put into something like this, even if it is not your thing.

  31. UL2UK8

    CBSSN, Dish channel 158, will replay the UK-UF game at 10:00pm-midnight tonight. (eastern time)

  32. kycager

    i wish a UK grad could contribute something like that.

  33. Woo's Gummy Snacks

    i love it

  34. WildcatFan

    Nice! I actually liked it….hey, anytime ESPN gives Kentucky ANY credit, we better take it and be happy as hell. They don’t dish it our way that often. Go, Big Bleaux!

  35. blindsided

    Actually that wasn’t as bad as I feared.

  36. dude

    That was…..turribble.

  37. Big dog

    I didn’t like it but I don’t like Stuart Scott but it was positive and I’m sure some people liked it so good for us

  38. Ciggy

    I love it, it’s so good to get that sort of love on espn. wonder how much time it took him, or whoever wrote it. Good stuff.


  39. jpizzle

    That was as cool as the other side of a pillow. I’m gonna call Stuart Scott “butter” cause he’s on a roll…

  40. TR

    The block… the dish… the put back dunk…. all in 7 seconds! POY

  41. 502Cat

    that was cool!