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Stop the Presses: A Fall Commitment Could be Approaching


A big day of news has culminated tonight with an announcement via Twitter that could change the 2012 recruiting landscape for UK basketball. Archie Goodwin said on Twitter that he has had a change of heart and may commit to a school in 1-2 weeks. Goodwin of course is part of a heated recruiting battle between Kentucky, Kansas and Arkansas, and many believe Kentucky is the leader. Archie told me in July at the Peach Jam that he would wait until the end of Spring to pick his school, but for whatever reason, a change of heart may be approaching. He is scheduled to have Calipari in his home for a visit tomorrow and is supposed to make a visit to Big Blue Madness in October.

We have been waiting for the first domino to fall…is it Archie?

Article written by Matt Jones

32 responses to “Stop the Presses: A Fall Commitment Could be Approaching”

  1. Cat Fan in Gainesville

    Come to Lexington Archie and be a star

  2. Ukphillyfan

    I hope so… You’ll never regret it… And committed and at madness alotta love!!

  3. Doron aka Cold Buckets

    would love to see Archie in Lexington, he’s a baller. but since I’m a UK fan, I need to worry about something. I just hope him committing wouldn’t push Shabazz away, but it sounds like Cal made it clear to Shabazz that he was the #1 priority. Harrow at point, Archie at 2, Shabazz at 3, Wiltjer at 4, some tall guy at 5.

  4. Joel Lobb


  5. greg

    Cal apparrently told shabazz he was priority 1 and would play him at shooting guard. Did that push archie away?? I hope not. Or maybe he wants the roster spot before shabazz gets it, but would LOVE to have both, that would be lights out!!

  6. Jason

    3.) you LITERALLY got everything wrong in that post. Cal wants Shabazz as a 2, and that is where Shabazz would play. Archie would be our 3.

  7. kycatman

    Hey Archie, Hope you are a KSR fan and reading this. Come to Lexington and be a part of another great team with the Worlds greatest Basketball Tradition!!!! Go Cats

  8. AlexLegionsMom

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Archie is going to Arkansas. Cal telling Shabazz he was his top priority and that he wanted him to play the 2 is part of the reason, but not the whole reason. Don’t believe me? Just watch and see.

  9. bucket2378

    People like 4 and 8 are what the Internet so great. They make any douchebag with opposable thumbs become an expert.

  10. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (8) Did we ever say “thank you” for the Final Four prophecy? No? Oh, well thanks!

  11. Another Perspective

    The next Stacey Poole?

  12. Creed

    He’s gone because we are getting shabazz. Im ok with that.

    Anthony Bennett

  13. AlexLegionsMom

    9. Haha. Sour grapes. Sorry it’s not what you want to hear. If I said Goodwin was coming to UK you wouldn’t say a damn thing. and 10. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  14. shadowboxer

    8 – What is the “whole reason”, Sport? Do tell.

  15. Cats4life

    Idk what to think. I feel like hearing that Shabazz will play the 2 could very well cause Archie to go somewhere else. But, it could also cause him to commit before Shabazz if UK is where he really wants to go in hopes of causing Shabazz to go somewhere else. Its a coin toss in my eyes.

  16. jaygee85

    we aren’t getting goodwin and shabazz, u can bank on that…but ill be happy with either one

  17. wkylawcat

    Archie announcing early does NOT favor UK. Archie has the opportunity to take Lamb’s spot. That’s a big reason why he was waiting until Spring. If Lamb left, then Archie to UK. If not, then Archie elsewhere. I agree with the earlier poster: Arkansas all the way here.

  18. STEVE!

    There isn’t a great deal of difference between the 2 and the 3 in our offense. Cal can probably convince them they can play together, just like Wall and Bledsoe at the point.

  19. Evan

    In Cal’s system couldn’t we have Shabazz at 2A and Archie at 2B?

  20. BCO

    as long as we land either one of the two ill be happy…

  21. Evan, But Not #19

    Wondering if an earlier-than-expected commitment bodes well for Arkansas. Hard to imagine Goodwin committing to UK in a week or two, because he would then have to play his senior season hearing all the crap from the Arkansas fans.

  22. Vin Diesel

    If he’s announcing within 1-2 weeks then he won’t need to come to BBM. Let’s hope Cal impresses, which I’m sure he will.

  23. stkittscat

    The 2/3/4 in the dribble drive doesn’t really matter. Cal will get looks for all the guys that can play. If you are a recruit and can really play then you’ll get the chance.

  24. gracetoyou

    I can’t imagine this being good news for UK. I’d say his change of heart is just to settle for Arkansas; however, he did just have a home visit with Kansas yesterday. Hopefully Cal can change his heart back to wait.

  25. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Not sure what the change of heart is but…

    At Kentucky this week NBAers Lebron James, Demarcus Cousins, Rajon Rondo, Eric Bledsoe were running basketball with the team.

    At Arkansas this week the Razorbacks went to the bowling alley and sniffed shoes.

    Want to elevate your game? Playing against 12 other guys everyday who won’t be playing in the NBA isn’t the way to get there.

  26. hoop33

    Wall and Bledsoe played in the same backcourt as point guards. 2 guys tht had the ball in their hands every possession of basketball in their lives. But cal convinced both to play together at Uk. And you people don’t think he can do that with 2 sg? Archie has handles which would make him useful as a point when harrow needs a rest. In cals system their isn’t a 2 and a 3. They are just wing players with pretty much the same role.

  27. theSkinny81

    13, 16… two words: Wall Bledsoe

  28. seth

    harrows,shabazz,goodwin,wiltjer,bennett, would be banner number 9!!!!

  29. #8comingsoon

    Archie Goodwin will come to Kentucky. Archie is FROM Arkansas so hes grew up following the Hogs basketball team, therefor HE KNOWS ALL ABOUT THEM, they RARELY put any player into the Pros and its never a lottery pick, and when someone is very good at that school they have to stay 4 years (Rotnei Clarke) because coaches there just cant develop a player like Calipari can. Archie Goodwin says hes had a change of heart, and I think that change is that hes going back on his words when he said “I will not be Kentuckys first commit” Archie, will be a Cat, BET YOUR *** ON THAT.

  30. sammy

    He just met with Pastner from Memphis tonight. They are in his top 5. And then announced his statement

  31. Holden McGroin

    8. izzat you, Talent_ejaculator?

  32. jeb

    Love that AlexLegionsMom doesn’t know what 10. is talking about!