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Stoops will visit Drew Barker tomorrow

Mark Stoops will visit 2014 four-star quarterback Drew Barker tomorrow. The Connor (Hebron, Kentucky) QB received visits from Michigan State and Tennessee today and also has offers from Louisville, South Carolina, Cincinnati, Illinois, and is drawing major interest from Ohio State.

Neal Brown visited Barker on January 16th and extended an offer after watching the 6’4″ 210 lbs. pro-style QB practice for only 10 minutes. Brown followed up with a phone call later that night and told Barker that he was the first QB in 2014 the staff had offered and he was “going to be the only one for a while.”

Get ’em Stoops!

Watch him work (and yes, I know there is no sound on the video, so hum your favorite tune.)

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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28 responses to “Stoops will visit Drew Barker tomorrow”

  1. Duuuuuude

    I thought that was a pic of Patrick Towles.

  2. honky Kong

    That boy can chuck it and run it. Reminds me of Couch. Air Raid 2014 !!!

  3. NKYfan

    They should offer Cam Fogle as well while they are at Conner.

  4. ProStyle

    The kid can actually make an easy pass… unlike anyone on UKs existing roster.

  5. Common Sense

    Barker…make the easy decision…represent your state.

  6. UK15

    It is Conner there Mrs. Tyler Thompson, and is my Alma mater being from Hebron, Ky myself. This would be a huge get for Stoops but he is friends with my younger brother and the feeling I have heard is he is going to South Carolina at this point. Would need a huge push from Stoops to sway him to stay in state along with battling against Louisville and maybe Ohio State soon.

  7. Cougar

    3 – Agreed. Fogle has been overlooked all year long. Great athlete with 4.4 speed, can play both sides of the ball, and an outstanding work ethic.

  8. Common Sense

    also, I think this video displays KY’s suckiness in football more than Barker’s ability. Barker can throw the ball accurately but I did not care for when he took off running. It shows he can scramble but it looked like he was stiff arming 2 year olds.

  9. Common Sense

    6 – idk what insane human being would want to listen to Spurrier for 4 years.

  10. Blond Bomber

    Why would any kid want to subject himself to playing quarterback for The Ole Ball Coach??? Is there another player who is criticized more than Steve Spurrior’s QB???

  11. Downhill Thunder

    Barker is a good kid with a great future. Has more than 10 offers already. Watch the highlight video. #22 from Conner can roll. Catches everything and easily seperates from defenders.

  12. StatingTheObvious

    The kid runs that read option to perfection, and can really spin it. Impressive film, even against weak KY opponents.

  13. Haha

    I’m #32, everyone look how good I am!!!

  14. MtnCat

    Barker can play, Brown can coach, Stoops can build a team.
    SEC football is a great football venue. Opportunity knocks, Come be a Hero!

  15. Mike Gillespie

    Great looking QB – I’d suggest that Coach Stoops also go after some of his receivers.

  16. SoFLCat

    This QB looks good. I would like to have seen some more timing routes (slants, ins, outs) because the ones that are in the video look great, and those are the ones I find most impressive. The Air Raid needs a guy who can see the window and hit it on time. I was also impressed with how well his receivers blocked down field, not to mention several plays his line gave him enough time to order out while looking for a target. Go Get’em Stoops!

  17. BigBlueFan

    I have seen this kid twice now and I just watched him last night in basketball. Football impressions is that he is a fairly decent QB but his legs and size are what gives him an advantage. Also from what I have seen from him is that he is not a mentally tough competitor. He gets “injured” at the slightest of contact (saw this last night) and I have heard that he is a hot head. If he ends up committing (which I hear he is leaning OSU) its a good but risky pick up

  18. UKfanNKY

    I have watched Drew play for the past two years and he is for real. The Kid is very good!! My Nephew who is a senior this year has been a Teamate of his and tells me his is leaning toward South Car. so I hope and pray the KY coaching Staff can get him to KENTUCKY!!! Number 3 you are right Fogle needs an offer from KY. the kis is very, very, fast and by far the best athlete in KY. he would be another Dicky Lyons Jr. or Derek Abney without a doubt!!! OFFER THEM BOTH COACH!!!! GO CATS!!!

  19. outofstate

    This is in no way to bash this kid, because he is very good, but northern Kentucky football is not good high school football. The video above shows highlights, but they all come against some of the worst high school football teams in the area. Don’t get me wrong the kid is good, but nothing to get excited about IMO, not even close to Towles.

  20. Conner Student

    Drew would be awesome for UK and I really hope Stoops can pull it off. Don’t sleep on Fogle too he is the real deal and could be a good asset for the future.

  21. CooperMan

    Yeah, Bigbluefan he gets injured a lot, not. What a stupid comment..jealousy plain and simple!!

  22. clancykat

    I’m old and my memory is failing so remind me – who was the last OB Spurrier put in the pros ??

  23. I don't get it...

    You’d think these defensive guys would realize he’s going to keep the ball on play action if they’re using the clip for his highlight reel. That’s bad coaching….

  24. UKfanNKY

    #19 lol, are you kidding me NKY not good HS football!! GO CATS!!!

  25. Joe Derringer

    Drew Barker is the kind of QB you want to sign early so that you can then go after the best recievers and offensive line in the country. This is the kind of player that Stoops needs to really turn the program around. I really like the skill set Barker has. He could be the greatest UK signee in recent history.

  26. fwachs

    Cam Fogle and Drew Barker would be a great package deal for Kentucky. Cam is a great receiver with great speed and good hands. He knows how to run a route as well. And Drew Barker…. the film says it all!

  27. CooperMan

    Hey, I dont get it….it is not play action it is a zone read play. I would guess his film only shows the times he kept it, the other times he gave it but it is not the RB’s highlight film.

  28. Downhill Thunder

    If you want to see what happens when Barker reads the zone and gives the ball to the RB, look up Cameron Fogle #22 highlights and see some of the results