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Still Depressed About the Vandy Game? Watch This.

Need something to cheer you up while you watch LSU and Bama play the kind of football you dream of seeing at UK?

I don’t know how I missed this video before today, but if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t waste another moment. We all know that Noel has a ton of upside, but watching him work here is really impressive. He could legitimately be one of the best players in the country by the end of the season, and will need to be if Kentucky is going to get that two-peat.

In other UK basketball news, Big Cuz is flirting with a double-double for the Kings at halftime in Indianapolis. The Pacers lead the Kings 56-42, but DeMarcus started at center for Sacramento, scoring 11 points and racking up 6 rebounds. Good for him.

Article written by Adam Schilt

20 responses to “Still Depressed About the Vandy Game? Watch This.”

  1. 8&counting

    Us real fans without agendas call them back to back championships. The comments from mitch really piss me off. I have never been to a uk football game and passed on going to the Birmingham bowl because I did not enjoy the plays the team ran. Now I see I was right. I live in ms and went to the bb games in Houston and Nola the last two years and had the time of my life. Would drop $1500 on the fb team if they were enjoyable to watch and made it to a big bowl.

  2. lexslamman

    He looks like he just levitates on some of those blocks…

  3. 3 fan

    Watch Oregon. That’s what I want here in Lexington

  4. Good Grief

    We still have Mitch Barnhart so I will remain depressed.

  5. D-rack

    His dribbles are a lot better than we have seen so far. Hope Cal lets him take some of the bigger less mobile centers like Deing off the dribble! I’m just ready for some UK excitement! #BBN #gottagetnine

  6. Steely Dan

    His flat top has a twitter too. It’s pretty funny, so I’ve been using that to cheer me up

  7. Patrick_Wren

    This man Nerlens is a bad motha’ f$&@?r……shut yo’ mouth…..just talkin’ bout Nerlens!

  8. NKYCatFan

    I really love the way he passes.

  9. johnblinkybolton

    Goaltending @ 1:50, watch it Nerlens!!

  10. Greenwell

    Good news is that we will beat Vandy by an avg of 30 in hoops this year. They will be horrible talent wise and still have the worst head coach in the league. They bring in 3 new recruits, all 3-star which is terrible for basketball. They lose >90% of scoring and rebounding. The will win single digit games, write it down.

  11. eric

    making mitch mcgary look like a child


    Gota love those pink shoes!


    4: Mitch hired Cal you doofus!

  14. SATAN



  15. Surprised

    I didn’t realize his inclination and effectiveness in playing so far from the basket. IMPRESSIVE dribbling skills and he has a knack for making steals. He can pass while dribbling which means he keeps his head up and has nice court vision.

    Seems a perfect match for a Calipari team.

  16. Surprised

    The time in the eastern time zone is 7:07 not 8:07 a.m.

  17. schwing

    it’s called a repeat. the only reason you hear “three-peat” is because it rhymes with repeat. we’re calling a repeat a two-peat now? my god, who are these guys?

  18. peanut

    Love the “Overrated” chant at 0:58 just as he picks the kid’s pocket.

  19. Indiana fan(LOL)

    Having just woken up from my fall nap (i.e. football season) I’m just really happy that the basketball team has reloaded and is looking good for another final-four appearance (24-peat?). Then hopefully we can get another SEC championship (35-peat) and another national championship (9-peat). Then we can hear Indiand, Louisville, Duke, North Carolina, Maryland, Florida, CBS, ESPN….etc etc etc whine for another year about recruiting practices and buying players and how the system is unfair and all that other cool stuff that bridges the gaps between college basketball seasons. Then I can sleep through another college football season and begin again the next year…such is life in the BBN.

  20. whatthehellguys

    Really, people? You have that much of a problem with this guy using “two-peat?” I think his writing would suggest he’s not an idiot. Clearly just used that ironically or for slang. I’m so tired of people on this site criticizing all the writers. They’re probably college kids trying to get their names out there, and I think this one is pretty good.

    Go get a life, or at least stop trying to make other people’s lives miserable.