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Steve Zahn at UK Game Last Night

Kentuckian Steve Zahn was at the game last night in UK gear. He is from films such as “Saving Silverman” and “Rescue Dawn.”


Article written by Matt Jones

77 responses to “Steve Zahn at UK Game Last Night”

  1. Briarhopper

    …and he brought Steve Buschemi with him!


  2. Chest Rockwell

    Sweet. Some friends and I saw him coming out of a game in 2006, but we couldn’t remember his name. Lots of “hey, there’s that one guy! You know, he’s in all those movies. Saving Silverman. No, not Jack Black. That Thing You Do. Come on man, you know who I’m talking about!” I later discovered he’s married to J. Peterman’s daughter and loves to fly fish. Though the visor/soul patch combo might make you think otherwise, he sounds like a pretty cool guy.

  3. Hymiet

    I love Steve Zahn, great person and excellent actor. the fact that he is a UK fan make me love the guy even more. Go Cats!

  4. Joe

    I saw him at a show at The Dame in Lexington one time. I concur that he is a vastly underrated great American.

  5. The Wire

    He’s in N.O. filming HBO’s Treme

  6. Jelleyjr

    OK, call me surprised. Shame I didn’t know he was a Kentuckian!

  7. Sammy Cooke

    Greast actor! Can’t wait for Treme, especially now that I know he’s in it.

  8. me

    Was he in Joy Ride?

  9. Basteballer from Murray!

    I’ve never heard of this dude.

  10. CalifCatFan

    Damn. I always liked Steve Zahn and now I know why: he’s a Cat fan.

  11. CatfaninNashvegas

    8 yes, I like in Daddy Daycare

  12. AJ

    good story.

  13. BFrey

    Great guy and HUGE UK fan. He’s always in attendance at football games. Goes to show he’s a true fan. Said in Maxim that his favorite beer is Kentucky Light.

  14. Tarquin

    I wish we could get all of Kentucky’s stars to come to at least a couple of games a year, but I know it’s probably not nearly as fun for them as a regular fan, not to mention how busy they are. Still, I’m looking at you George Clooney and Johnny Depp!

  15. Jelleyjr

    Ok, color me surprised! I didn’t know he was a Kentuckian, so I am DEFINITELY going to remember his name! Coach has absolutely brought back the UK brand!!

  16. Ryan

    He was in “Joy Ride” with Paul Walker. He was also in “Safari” with Matthew McConaughey and in “National Security” with Martin Lawrence. I heard he has a farm in Fayette County.

  17. Ryan

    15. He was a UK fan before cal got here.

  18. Lexfan311

    He lives here in Lexington. He coached my daughter’s soccer team two years ago. Super cool guy. You would never know we was an actor.

  19. ehh coco

    yeah he is a member at lexington country club see him out there every once in a while. real cool guy

  20. Turtle

    He has owned a horse farm in the Fayette County area for about 5 years now.

  21. kittykat

    love me some steve zahn.

  22. KyBlueDevil

    The “Perfect Getaway” (2009) is not supposed to be one of his better films, but I thought it was more than worthwhile. It will definitely scare you!

  23. Digger

    His wife is the Kentuckian. He’s imported.

  24. me

    He saved a baby from a buning buiding and a bear

  25. GoCats2

    His best role is in That Thing You Do. Might be a cheesy movie that I watch because my wife loves it but his character is hilarious.

  26. afidler

    Interesting. I did not know he lived in Lexington.

    What other celebrities live in the area that I’m not aware of?

  27. UK2K

    25-Leeching licensed photos doesnt put you in hot water. It gets you sued. So if that were the case, this site wouldve already went under. um….your an idiot

  28. LizzieB

    LOVE him in That Thing You Do, hilarious. Cool to see him at the game! I didn’t know he was in Lexington.

  29. Red rooster


    How dare you report that UK had a game last night. Don’t pretend you didn’t know that ESPN reported that UK had a game last night. You even leeched the name “UK” from the school, who OWNS the name! Are there any bounds to your leeching you leech?


  30. LizzieB

    Correction…didn’t know he lived/ owned property in Lexington- I know this pic was from New Orleans!

  31. CvilleCat23

    25 – Who let you out of your mother’s basement?

  32. Red Rooster

    Can we now quit saying leech as well as other variations of the word?

  33. Gunch

    Mega star Steve Zahn, who is appearing in blockbuster Diary of a Wimpy Kid, found time to support the blue. Wow. Move over Ashley Judd, there is a new #1 famous cat fan.

  34. gay glazer

    He sublets Billy Donovan’s horsefarm.

    He is in Treme, new HBO series that should be like The Wire. Only instead of Baltimore, it is New Orleans, and instead of Cops, musicians. Should be great show, premieres in April!

  35. sethicus59

    33 lol at one point in timy ashley judd was an A list actor, lol i dont think we can say teh same for zahn unfortunately

  36. Sammy Cooke

    The Movie “Management” was my favourite.

  37. Dangle

    Beisner’s sister used to be Zahn’s babysitter.

  38. ukstrong

    Zahn has a farm in Scott Co. He comes to a lot of regular season as well (his father in-law has season tickets). And the best movie he has been in is without a doubt “Out of Sight”.

  39. Camadeyeahaa!!!
  40. My 'Stache

    4) “I concur that he is a vastly underrated great American.” I disagree – he’s a damn socialist wants to take away our senior citizens’ health care. Oh…and he harbors terrorists, as well.

  41. typo king

    unrelated post: I know we all hate the Tennessee orange color…but what color is that Missou wears? gawd that’s just awful!! Seriously what color is that…. Chlamydia drip? Beer Piss? Does Lowes have that on a color pallette?

  42. NashvilleCat

    Is he related to Paula? Just sayin..

  43. zahnfan

    He was great in daddy daycare and sahara. I’m a bigger fan now that I know that he has KY ties.

  44. Just call me Tay

    so Mizzou or Clemson? What would be better for UK?

    I’d rather not deal with Mizzou.. Mike Anderson got us once with UAB

  45. GtownCatFan

    He is married to J Peterman’s daughter, you know, from Seinfeld fame. Turns out that is real company. Great actor.

  46. Dave

    Is that Mac’s dad from Its Always Sunny sitting next to him? Now that’s a great American show.

  47. MovieMaven

    16-Movie was called “Sahara”, not Safari.

  48. Lil Jimmy

    Did I just hear Jay Williams say on ESPN that Scotty Hopson was one of the best defenders in the SEC?

  49. Big Cauck

    That’s gotta be Steve Buscemi next to him………..

  50. Bball fan

    Steve was born in Texas, then moved to Minnesota. Met his wife while they were in a play together in New York. If you want to see a great movie…Rescue Dawn with Steve and Christian Bale.

  51. Big Cauck

    Conair is a great movie with Steve Buscemi………the guy next to him

  52. kyeric

    Zahn is actually very good in the movie Sahara.

    McConaughey? Not so much.

    Alll right!

  53. Soap MacTavish

    I love me some Steve Zahn. He was at the midnight launch for Call of Duty 4 in the Fayette Mall lol.

  54. harlancatfan

    He was at his best alongside J.D. McNugent…enough said.

  55. NotHappy

    FYI Cats Fans: Don’t ever question Coach Cal’s Facebook admins…I made an observation that this service being pushed is replacing FB info we used to get here and the admins stripped me of my ability to comment or like on his page now. I love the coach and the program, but this is some BS.

  56. Nick

    #1 that’s what I was thinking, the guy beside him does look like Steve Buscemi. lol

  57. ukstrong

    50. I could barely make it through “Rescue Dawn”. Christian Bale was so bad it bordered on hilarious (Zahn wasn’t bad at all however). Bale is only good with over the top characters because he always over acts.

  58. walter sobchak

    Steve Buscemi is solid in The Big Lebowski.

  59. Loves It

    SPOILER: Gets his head chopped off in Rescue Dawn.

    His best film is Outta Sight with *gasp* George Clooney.

  60. adaircam4

    Zahn is great…Strange Wildnerness is funny as hell.

  61. Chuck Norris

    I work for J. Peterman and have talked to Steve quite a few times over the past couple of years; he is down to earth, and has always been cool to everyone he meets. He may not be from KY, but we’ll claim him…

  62. wayneturnersjumper

    Crazy no one has mentioned “Safe Men” with Sam Rockwell and Paul Giamatti — my vote for Zahn’s best movie.

  63. GummyBear

    He’s great in That Thing You Do! and Saving Silverman, both very underrated movies. I’ve been a Steve Zahn fan ever since.

  64. tc32

    Speaking of celebrities, is William Shatner still living in Lexington? Last I heard of him here somebody wrote they saw him in someplace on Tates Creek Road buying a speedo. (Try not to think about it.)

  65. elflaco

    He was in Bandidas with selma hayek and penelope cruz…which in itself makes him a Kentucky hero.

  66. Rich

    Steve is the best…very good comedic and character actor! Go Cats!!!

  67. ladylove

    14.. clooney went to UC, do not know about depp

  68. btowncatfan

    According to his imdb bio. he was born and raised in Minnesota. Where is the Kentucky Connection?

  69. btowncatfan

    By the way I’ve seen Johnny Depp talk about Kentucky, he acts like he’s embarrassed by the fact he is a Kentuckian.

  70. Burnie Wells

    Zahn is married to J. Peterman’s daughter. My buddy always used to run into him at a gas station when they were on their ways to work in lexington, picking up a cup of coffee. He once remarked to Zahn, “You were great in Forest Gump” then turned and walked out, as a joke. Ha

  71. chaostorrentz

    he lives right outside lexington.. he has a farm in versailles… i heard him speak of this on the Conan O’Brien show. Go cats!

  72. ukstrong

    His farm is in close to midway in Scott Co..

  73. Zahn Sightings.....

    #2 – Well, that explains why I saw him and The Real J. Peterman coming out of the UK/UL FB Game in 07. My questions are now answered.

  74. Iloveyouwildcats

    has anyone seen strange wilderness?? silly and stupid but pretty funny if you ask me

  75. headbandhalo

    i think he owns a horse farm in gearogetown. u can white pages him and look at his farm on google earth….not stalking i swear. a buddy of mine shoes horses and we were thinking about offering him a deal…mostly to meet him.

  76. NashCatFan

    He was also in “You’ve Got Mail.” I wish I didn’t know that.

  77. Mydadeatswithcal

    71- i live in versailles and i have never seen him. Can anybody find this conan obrien clip because i cant find it anywhere. The clip dosent exist anymore. Anyway people say they see him at Wallis Station in Midway. Im going there tomorrow so maybe ill see him