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“State Funeral” planned for Keightley

UK has announced that they are developing plans to have something akin to a “state funeral” for Bill Keightley, likely at Rupp Arena on Thursday. Details will be announced likely later today.

In other news, Tubby Smith issued this statement:

“Words can not describe what Mr. Keightley has meant to me and many others that have been involved with Kentucky Basketball. Mr. Keightley has been a confidant to so many coaches that have had the good fortune to sit along side him. That is what it has been, us sitting next to him, not him sitting next to us. No one will ever love Kentucky Basketball more than Mr. Keightley. A few years back, he began writing his book of stories about UK Basketball. For those who did not know him personally, hopefully his book of memoirs will allow them the opportunity to learn about his legacy, one that can never be replaced. In my years with him, he taught me so much about life. We have certainly lost a great treasure in his passing. He has always had a way of being able to pick you up when things were down. I know his spirit will continue to be with me and all Wildcat fans, players, managers and coaches. He is certainly loved by many, and will be missed by all.”

Article written by Matt Jones

16 responses to ““State Funeral” planned for Keightley”

  1. ukworm

    well one thing is for sure we now know what the new court for the new arena will be named.

  2. BRN2BNK


  3. deWildcats

    Mr. Wildcat’s memoirs – words to live by!!!

  4. funkadelic

    I’m trying to envision the group of mourners. How many former coaches, players, and UK staff will be there? It should be an unbelievable turnout.

  5. deWildcats

    #1 – you’re absolutely right

  6. jcarter_uk1

    The memoirs that Tubby was talking about, have they already been published?

  7. CAnTuckeeBoi

    Very classy statement by Orlando

  8. drewky

    I expected nothing less from Tubby. Keightley cried when Tubby left, they were extremely close.

  9. maxima99

    “That is what it has been, us sitting next to him, not him sitting next to us” Quote gave me chills. Very well put Tubby.

  10. boots45

    tubby is a fine human being. I for one am glad he was our coach. very classy.

  11. nybrasky

    I would purchase those memoirs in a heartbeat. I hope they get published if not already.

  12. travyork

    It has been a sad year for area icons. Me being from Kentucky and growing up seeing what Mr. Keightley meant to the University of Kentucky. Now I live in Hamilton Ohio and even though I had always know Joe Nuahall I did not have a full grasp of his importance to this area until I moved up here. It is crazy how they both passed away so close together and the irony that Mr. Keightley died at opening day when the Reds were Honoring Mr. Nuxhall. This world has lost two truely great people. They both were as genuine as they come. They treated everyone like they were important no matter who they were. I know they were different in that Mr. Keightley was never a player but both showed tremendous commitment having combined for over 100 years of service. The world will never be the same.

  13. Chris Robbins

    Wow. I know he won’t be reading this, but I’d like to thank OTS for those words. When he tries, apparently he has quite a way with them. That may be the best way I’ve ever heard Keightly’s meaning to the program put.

  14. Red Rooster

    Keightly Court

  15. ricdix

    Tubby Smith is Class.

  16. Chris Robbins


    What’s really cool is that Billy Gillispie, who came in with a reputation for being a lot rougher around the edges, is beginning to show the same kind of class and candor. That really puts a lot of us, who appreciated Tubby for being such a fine representative for UK, at ease.