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Stansbury makes it right

So there ya go.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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71 responses to “Stansbury makes it right”

  1. Anthony Davis Has A Posse

    Blah Blah I’m a dick Blah Blah.

  2. Janet Jackson's Boob

    What is a context in which those statements WOULDN’T be taken as a slight?

  3. Old man sleeping in lower arena

    How dare Twany try to ruin MSU’s night. Digger would not approve.

  4. kygirl

    How come when things are “taken out of context” the context is never offered?

  5. jj

    Uh, those quotes were way to specific and to the point to be taken out of context. I hate him.

  6. mores

    Rather than offer an explanation or apologize, he blamed others for taking it out of context. How does this make anything right?

  7. Tanner

    Can we play a game in Starkville without them calling one of our players

  8. BTI Lies

    I stand by my comments that his wife is super annoying.

  9. John H

    How did he make it right? He just said, “I didn’t do it, it’s not my fault.”

  10. Fake Truth

    I guess we now know whi got Nate all fired up on the show today! Nate and Stansbury must be related.

  11. Han

    9) Yeah, when he said Beckham hadn’t scored and was sitting on the bench watching, we should have known he didn’t mean anything by that. It’s totally our fault.

    Meanwhile, Sidney continues to be a detriment to his team, he’s lost a couple players the last few years because of the atmosphere/needing to protect Sidney, and his teams have been a disappointment for years.

  12. Gandalf

    Look to my coming at first light on the fifth day. At dawn, look to the East!!

  13. Tigolbitties

    OH NO HE DONE GON AND DID IT NOW! Time for Beckham to run over Stansbury ala John Wall in the SECT. Better if he was throwing up some 3 goggles as well.

  14. davis4cats

    Telling when Twany elects to walk on, sit the bench and practice with UK over being a contributor to your program, Mr. Stansbury.

  15. BPsycho

    BS! You’ve never said anything negative about a player?? You’re a friggin liar moron. Real great conversation I bet… “Hi Twany, this is Rick Stansbury….. click” That’s the way it should have gone.

    #7 Lol

  16. Lovely

    New team rule: do not give your phone number to anybody in Starkville.

  17. Blue Jesus

    If Twany scores tomorrow he should do the ‘call-me’ sign.

  18. Carlos the Boozer

    To late Ricky! Prepare for your ass-beating!

  19. WestKyBlue

    Coach Stansbury is a great guy and from Ky, a few years ago he purchased a burger from me at the Marshall Co. Hoopfest, handed me a $20, asked if it benfitted our team when I nodded he said keep the change.

  20. Michael

    Context my buuthole. Stansbury is a prick–don’t think poorly of that line, you can’t see the context as I type on my iPad. Dude is even a jerk when trying to apologize….

  21. REAL BLY

    Rick Stainsberry sucks!!!!

  22. Kevin Stallings

    I know I’m a douche, but I can’t imagine how he feels.

  23. blitzedanddazed

    I hope Cal kicks Stansbury’s ass tomorrow night.
    Answer your phone Stansbury ! It’s Curtis Shaw—you dumb ass.

  24. Brady

    Stansbury is just upset he left. He wanted to be able to sit Twany out tomorrow because Sidney’s back hurt.

  25. BPsycho

    #19 I’m sure Charles Manson ordered a burger from someone sometime, so what’s your point Lol

  26. Reality Is

    19. He’s a whiny punk. Period. Giving $16 to a team doesn’t make him a great guy either.

  27. catdawg

    Rick started thinking if he is ever going to have a chance to coach for Kentucky say in twenty years he needs to take control of this situation ASAP. Guess what Ricky we had a Ricky once and we learned from it enjoy Darksville.

  28. HackRichards

    He’s CHICKEN SHIT. Period.

  29. Big Blue 66

    well the best thing is, we now have his twitter account without having to guess or search. And can opposing coaches contact a player on another team….isnt that like tampering, like an NCAA violation???

  30. Logan

    12, I never laughed so hard

  31. flashcat

    19 … Are you that fool who called Maggard out the other day and got banished?

  32. Big Blue 66

    and why does anyone think this loser idiot would ever, ever get a call from UK? Because hes from Kentucky…..please, UK is never calling him, why would we?

  33. Big V

    How could his comments be taken out of context? This guy is a joke. Truth be known he was the guy who hates the new SEC brackets the most. He has always won the West and gotten a buy in the tourney. See how many finals they make now.

  34. CommonSense

    19. Sounds like a recruiting violation.

  35. Cats R Back

    Umm, that is not “making it right” that is denial by a gutless coward and scumbag, plain and simple. He knows what he said, in any context, and he got caught.

  36. Mark Miwertz

    #1 Had it right, right from the start.

  37. Teague, Marquis

    Apparently, Liggins played tonight for the Magic.

  38. Tim in Korea

    Pretty bad but not “Jenny Hyun bad”.

  39. Blue Jeezy

    True story #7! How could any of his comments be taken out of context? They were as straight-forward as you can get! Come on UK fans, lets blow up his Twitter. I’ve hated this guy for years, and I don’t give a damn that he’s from here, the guy is a UK-hater, straight-up! Every meeting with them its been some issue, first his big comments about us in the SEC Tournament a few years back, then the Cousins fiasco two years ago, and his big crybaby blowup technical foul last year at Rupp. I’ll see ya on Twitter, Stansburied, cuz that’s what ur gonna be by us again tomorrow.

  40. bluecat

    Theres not many different contexts that can have been said in. Its kinda like when you step in dog crap and you start smelling it. You can wipe your shoe off as much as possible, but the smell remains. Stansbury just stepped in it….period.

  41. Kelly

    At least he had balls to apologize about it. Cut the guy some slack….he made a mistake and he apologized…..

  42. blueswade

    tweet & retweet sittin’ on a fence…
    What a frustrated loser.

  43. Tigolbitties

    41. Where’s the apology?

  44. wicked

    He done more than most would have..give him credit

  45. JimBobCooter

    41 – He had the balls to apologize… probably bc his school was holding his.

    The second that was published and caught wind, the Miss St. PR dept probably went into instant damage control mode. A coach taunts a kid for no reason? That could turn very ugly very quickly.

    No doubt they arranged the apology phone call and crafted what he should Tweet.

  46. jacocat

    I didnt see an apology in the tweets. read them sgain

  47. notthegrammerpolicebut

    I wish that people would use “too” for too much, too late, too little, too big, ect and “too” for “I want to go too” as in also. and “to” for I had to, you don’t need to, I’m not up to it,ect. Thanks

  48. catfan68

    Wow, I see no apology…I just see a jerk trying to cover his a$$…He and Kevin Stallings are the biggest CRY-BABY coaches in the SEC. They are petty and jealous. I hope UK stomps a mud-hole in them and walks it dry…GO BIG BLUE.

  49. Kelly

    43- Ok…not your typical apology…but Stansbury is at least making an attempt to make things right….I can respect that….alot different than the “Listen to me!! Listen to me !!!” haters out there who make no effort to comment or even explain themselves….

  50. George

    Listen to me. Listen to me! Stansbury just gave me reason to pull for Twany-inch Beckham.

  51. Stevie Ray

    The problem with Stansbury’s comments is that they reflect what he was thinking–what was in his heart. So off the record or not, they were thoughts that should have been suppressed. He’s the teacher and Beckham the student. He should be above such petty comments and if he’s not, then he needs to deal with whatever issues he has that are at the root of such feelings.

  52. catfan68

    #49) He needs to just keep his mouth shut about OUR players…let him comment on his own merry band of losers. He has no business calling one of our players the night before a game. Who does that?

  53. Kelly

    49- I tell u who does that…..a coach getting ready to take a big ol’ ass whipping

  54. TeachMeBoutKentucky

    Stansbury is a doucher, twany-beats gona treat you right.

  55. catfan68

    #53) Good one!!!

  56. bgblue

    He is nothing but being jelous about everything Cal and UK players have accomplished.

  57. Furry Beaver

    Stansbury will get to taste defeat. Why match his lack of tact?

    Kentucky fans aren’t rabid reactions to every whim. We are everybody’s target on every night.

    Coach Stansbury got called out and he covered it up. Should have apologized, but he’s not that type of guy. He will taste defeat my friends, and it will burn.

  58. Hoss

    back peddling, waffling liar.

  59. Greg Edwards

    “Stansbury Gets It Right”….is this now a fantasy blog?

    The only thing Stansbury got right is the kid’s name.

  60. BBN

    I think what Stansbury was trying to say is that Twany isn’t getting any playing time at Kentucky. He gets to sit and “watch” great basketball rather than be on the court playing. He was probably suggesting that he would like to have seen Twany stay, because he could have actually gotten to play at Miss. St.
    Probably, could have chosen his words a little more carefully, but I dont think he was being a jerk. I may be wrong. Either way.. Twany will be on the winning side of things tonight. #GoBigBlue

  61. Al's IndiCats

    Listen, Stansbury chimed in last year when UK was trying to get Enos eligiable saying….I don’t know why (UK) they’re so worried about Enos, if it were anyone else they (NCAA) wouldn’t give it a second thought. Being a Cats fan I take that personal

  62. nassau65

    what else could he do?
    He knows his mouth has unwittingly unleashed the Blue fury on his team tonight, and he’s just back-paddling to try and reduce the fever. Too late, kick his ass tonight, boys in Blue.

  63. Tom Blevins

    With his ability to attempt to justify his comments like that, Stansbury could have a bright future in politics. And just think, that would get him out of coaching.

  64. Mack

    Who is the biggest cry baby coach in the SEC Stansbury or the other jerk that coaches Vandy?

  65. Ricky Penetrator


  66. bluebiscuit

    #60, do you work for NPR or something? Making things seem all fair? If what you say is what Stansbury meant, then why didn’t he explain the context in his tweets? Instead he just sounds like someone trying to pass the blame and cover his butt.

  67. minton

    Taken out of context? That’s a popular term lately. I’d like to know what the rest of the converation was. #60 could be right, but who knows.

  68. NashBlue

    Hey Stansberry, Twany is now on a team that has a chance to win a national championship.

  69. bung

    he is a weenie and a whiner…i hope that is not taken out of context…

  70. Hambone1480

    Our fans at the SEC Tournament need to boo Stansbury at the SEC Tournament or chant “Twany, Twany, Twany” when Miss St. is playing their own game. That is embarassing and un-called for. Twany needs our support on this.

  71. Mr. Obvious

    LISTEN TO ME!!! LISTEN TO ME!!! Go to and vote for Coach Cal for COACH OF THE YEAR. He is currently trailing Steve Prohm by 245 votes!!