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Stacey Poole to transfer, says Cal


Before heading to NYC, Coach Cal is taking care of some business. On his website, Cal posted a message saying farewell to Stacey Poole, who will transfer. Here is an excerpt of his message:

Some players may be behind physically and with others the competition may be further ahead in their skill set or basketball knowledge. In any case the competitor must continue to work hard to prepare for any opportunity to shine. It’s easy for me to say, but it’s hard for players to deal with that.

In Stacey Poole’s case, I feel if he would have stayed, eventually he would have had a breakthrough and had his opportunity. I told his family, “Look, if he needs a week or two weeks to decide what he wants to do and he decides he wants to come back and play the year out, he can do that. I’ll do whatever he wants to do.”

Having said that, Stacey and his family felt it is in his best interest to play somewhere else and I fully respect the family and their decision. I want to wish Stacey nothing but the best in whatever and wherever he chooses to go. He will always be a part of our family and the Big Blue Nation.

While the news is hardly surprising considering the events of the past week, it’s always disappointing to see a player leave the program. Best of luck to you, Stacey.

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94 responses to “Stacey Poole to transfer, says Cal”

  1. Oh no he didn't

    “Some players may be behind physically and with others the competition may be further ahead in their skill set or basketball knowledge”

    Shots fired! BANG! BANG!

  2. hangin#8

    Good luck Deuce!!

  3. Butthead

    He was overrated coming out of high school.

  4. big tim

    his daddy said you party at 2 30 in the morning your coming home

  5. bbn

    Good Luck to Poole. He will always be part of BBN.

  6. Tommy

    And in other news..who cares

  7. garfunkleo

    now who is going to be jones’s roommate? hopefully someone that will keep him in at night

  8. OldManYellsatCloud

    Go softly into that dark night sweet prince…

  9. DDB

    Sorry to see you go, Stacey. Good luck!

  10. ATB (Always True Blue)

    I wish Poole the best. Hope he goes on to have a great college and Pro career. He is a member of an elite group that can call themselves a Cat!!!

  11. Butthead

    I’m sure the car incident was the last straw and it wasn’t Stacey’s decision to move on. He has been an unnecessary distraction.

  12. A1

    Somewhere along the way I think Stacey will come to regret this decision. Years from now when his family is less of an influence and he thinks back on the decisions of his life I wonder if this will be one that he ends up regretting. I, for one, wish he would stay and get to work. He has the skills to learn to play the game. However, now that he is leaving, that frees up a scholarship. Who can we get to replace him?

  13. Yessir

    I always liked Poole, good luck.

  14. tmark14

    always a cat?? i disagree-he left, good luck but you’re not part of the wildcat family anymore.

  15. STB

    Hate to see it. Wish him the best

  16. Butthead

    How many Twitter followers will he lose?

  17. knightynight

    he’s an example of a controlling father that doesn’t know his place. It’s almost the same case when you’re watching a baseball and the umpires start showing their ass…they’re there to keep the game under control, not to be seen and take control…

  18. Jared Prickett's Potential

    Butthead…What an appropriate moniker. Duece has been nothing but positive, a fantastic teammate, and I wish him only the best. There aren’t many palyers in America who would get significant playing time over our current roster. Glad to see he’s not content to ride the bench. (Just don’t let me ever see you in an UofL jersey)

  19. DbleedBLUE

    Best of luck to ya deuce!! Hope the guy finds success somewhere

  20. Butthead

    He was already recruited over with Archie Goodwin and Poythress.

  21. tmark14

    seriously, why do people thank he is still part of the big blue family? he quit!! i wish him luck and a good life but he isn’t a cat.

  22. Butthead

    18, Stacey saw he was in way over his head last summer during the summer pickup games. Having this distraction right before the season started was not good.

  23. What?!?

    This was daddy’s decision. Teaching moment, work harder or transfer? Transfer. Good advice dad.

    Jr., you just got parented!

  24. Shotgun


  25. scoretowin

    $10 says he heads to UofL to play for Poole’s Daddy.

  26. MKG fan

    Bummer man. I always loved his attitude. Can’t understand why you wouldn’t want to play with the big dogs.

  27. sean

    i thought this whole time once these freshmen and jones leave, next year the team would be pools, sort of like how miller took a leadership roll last year and was a major part in our success, except i think pool is a better player than miller. hopefully there’s still a chance of him staying

  28. Butthead

    I’m still cracking up that ESPNU aired his college choice announcement.

  29. UKGoBigBlue

    Can Knight come back & take his scholarship please. I know I know, if Knight would have only stayed.

    Hopefully Poole will transfer to UL.

  30. Butthead

    27, LOL@you

  31. UKGoBigBlue

    #27 With no NBA = No Draft or with 2 & 20, these freshman & Jones aren’t going to be able to leave.

  32. Tom Handy

    It’s easy to judge being a “fan” but look at it from a actual “players” point of view…. a player wants to play…. in games. If Poole couldn’t get on the floor doing what he considered his best and still wants to play he needs to go somewhere he CAN play. Nothing wrong with this. We as fans assume everybody wants to just sit the bench and have a shot at a championship wearing the blue, who wouldn’t, right? Well, that is fine for a walk-on but a top 50 player wants to play and that wasn’t in the cards here. I wish him the best and hope he gets on somewhere he can start.

  33. Hero

    Well, that’s that I guess. I do think he had a shot in the rotation down the road. It may not have clicked for him about playing hard and preparing, learning and progressing.

    Best of luck but I’ll say this to his Father…if he didn’t make the rotation here, what chance does he have somehwere else? The best preparation for the next level is UK right now. Going to another school such as UK, will yield the same results unless he is willing to do what it takes to be in the starting line up, which he hasn’t shown as of yet. A smaller school will only bring out his weakness when facing tougher teams, not show his strengths.

    IDK…hate to see guys leave.

  34. Checkmyswag

    sad to hear, but good luck stacey

  35. Me

    Hate that he feels he needs to transfer.


    He was going to contunue to get recruited over. Cal can suger coat it and say nice stuff about Stacey now, but we all know/knew he was never going to get 20+ minutes a game here – even on his senior day.

    Hey Cal, I’m in my 30’s, slow, and can’t jump too high – but I’d bust my azz in practice and be the biggest cheerleader on the bench – got a spot for me? And, I WOULD NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT PLAYING TIME.

  36. Butthead

    If Poole couldn’t play last year when the team desperately needed some depth, it was never going to happen at Kentucky.

  37. mores

    Never heard a bad word spoken about the kid (except, of course, on here). Hopefully everything turns out for the best.

  38. Quick Pitino

    poole did nothing for UK. i wish him the best.

  39. Jon Slone

    Hey, Matt Jones, I am a Lexington native, UK grad and I haven’t seen a UK game live since Rex was playing…to make matters worse, I’m living these past 17 years in between Duke and UNC…ugh! What I would like from you is two tickets to see a home game sometime this season……preferably Dec 3rd…….I will work for said tickets and give up to one half of my kingdom.

  40. Cats Fan

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. No hard feelings, wish you the best of luck, and thats all we need to say. As much as I hate to see guys leave, I hate seeing unhappy players even more and we certainly don’t need anyone messing up this season. Couldn’t he have done this prior to the season? He sucked just as bad then as he does now, ugh.

  41. Sacond

    He will pull a Marvin Stone and become a Card.

  42. Eric K

    Wish the kid luck, but he was overrated coming out of highschool,and has been in over his head since he stepped on campus. Just opens up another spot for CAL to full with a real player. GO CATS!! CATS by 12 in the garden!!

  43. anthonyeppsdrivingschool

    pooles going to another school!

  44. Butthead

    35, Poole was destined to be a victory cigar during garbage time along with the white walk-ons at the end of the bench.

  45. Simple

    Thought he looked much improved at BBM. Good luck to him in future.

  46. chiefbroom

    he was one of Cal’s only misses on the recruit front it seems. Coulda been a decent player, in theory.

  47. Han

    Good luck Poole. Hope you can get playing time and develop elsewhere.

    In related news, we now have at least 2 schollies open for 2012.

  48. bigclubswinger

    I wish Stacey good luck. It’s just like Cal said however on day one. He can’t hide you

  49. Poppschmidty

    Let’s not forget that at Big Blue Madness there was a technical difficulty that his video didn’t show and he was barely announced. He came out to Polson’s video.

  50. 3 fan

    Just finish the semester out with good/great grades Stacey. That will mean more to us in the long run.

  51. Old Number

    He is a perfect fit for WKU… seriously, I hope he goes there.

  52. Poole's Daddy

    Stacy knew he was better than Darius and MKG, he was tired of watching them play while Cal sat him on the bench. We believe Cal was punishing him for his little brother Solomon not wanting to play there. Solomon and coach Pitino have a great relationship and it would be wonderful for my 2 boys to play together at a school that produces so many high level prospects such as Edgar Sosa, Terrence Jennings, Preston Knowles,David Padgett, etc…..

  53. no great loss

    STACY WHO??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  54. tyrus

    Are we done now players…the season has started, no more distractions please.

  55. UKChillfan

    Why the hate for Poole? He’s moving on, he hasn’t hurt us, ala D Orten, and I wish him the best.

  56. Rumor

    Poole held a grudge since day one. He was one of Cal’s few recruits that did not get paid to play.

  57. MemphisCat

    Stacy will help a lot of teams, I wish him the best. I wish he could have reached his full potential and Cal’s expected potential, but many times you have a good kid that can’t pick up what is being served. Good Luck Deuce.

  58. cathouse

    Sorry he left wished it worked out for all, but good luck to all. Should be a wake up for jones if he is not awake already. Watching your bro pack his sh1T has an impact one way or the other. Just sayin.

  59. theSkinny81

    I love this site, but the comments section really bring out the classless assholes. (Either that or its a bunch of impostor trolls, which is even more pathetic.) Stacey may not have had what it took to be successful at UK (and we wont know, either), but for some of these “fans”, being so harsh is really unbecoming of what being a part of the BBN truly means. And unfortunately, it’s that 1% that makes the nation think we, as a whole, are redneck, selfish, and ridiculous. Thanks.

    Stacey was a Cat, and you know he supported his teammates 110%. We should support his decision no matter what. I’m sorry to see him go. I was pulling for the guy. I do, however, wish him nothing but the best of success wherever he may choose to go. Good luck, Mr. Poole!!!

  60. Butthead

    Stacey cared more about partying and chasing women at UK, the things that come with the adulation a UK player receives, than working hard, paying attention during practice, and trying to get better.

  61. Truth

    Stacey cared more about partying and chasing women than paying attenion in practice, working hard, and trying to improve as a player.

  62. fakinnomah

    Good Luck Stacey Poole, I think you would have had your time to shine, but I can see your reasoning. Hope you the best and you will always be part of BBN and la familia. Also know that the true UK fans wish you the best, as you always represented yourself, your family and UK basketball with class and respect. Read the well wishes and know if there are negative posts well, Haters gonna hate.

    Good luck young man.

  63. Another Perspective

    Stacey has been a positive influence and good teammate. He’s been supportive and helped with team chemistry. He has been very happy in his role with the best team in the country. Unfortunately, the driving force behind this transfer is his father’s desire to see his son be “the star” on some team. The father wants to relive his past glory vicariously through Stacey. It’s unfortunate.

    I wish him well and, yes, he will always be a member of the BBN.

  64. dude

    Good luck Stacy. Always BBN. will root for you as long as not playing cats

  65. Culver

    I bet he ends up an ACC school, probably at Florida St. or Georgia Tech.

  66. TJ

    He will transfer and find the right fit for him. I wish him luck out there. It was hard to leave BBN, but sometimes you have to make the hard decision. He knows it will never be anything close to a Kentucky Wildcat (you’re a Rock star in this state).

  67. GrumpyOldDude

    Stacey Poole Sr = Alex Legion’s momma

  68. RidgeRunner

    Wish him the best but…

    I’m a little bit more reserved in just saying…”Always BBN, or Always a Cat”. Still can’t bring myself to include him shall I say inside the circle that is former Cats. I think I can place him somewhere (like in another room of the BBN house) –but umm, nah….not completely with the others.

    Don’t mean to seem harsh…just honest.

  69. ugh

    some of you people sicken me. you have no right to attack this kid, his family or his decision. acting like he was a distraction or nuisance is absolutely ridiculous. this is a simple case of a kid not fitting into the scheme of things and looking for his chance to shine. I think Poole could be a star at a school like Xavier or VCU. he’s a terrific athlete but just got lost in the mix here at UK. if you’re a true fan, you’ll thank this kid for his time spent in Lexington and cheer for him to succeed wherever he ends up.

  70. RidgeRunner

    69…I agree.

    For me (as I posted in #68)…no matter who it is, I just can’t have the same feel or inclusion of a player who walks away. Yes, I understand his / his fathers wishes, I understand all the reasoning, playing time, etc…..but when ya quit on us for any reason (good or bad), well….ya quit. Wish ya the best but I just can’t automatically say “your always thought of as the same as those that stayed”.

    It’s the old marine in me…can’t help it.

  71. Chuck Norris

    59) I couldn’t agree more. Why bash a kid for doing what he feels is best for his future, and going to a place where he’ll actually have a chance to play? Good luck to Stacey, and for you all you haters in the comment section, to quote Ron Burgundy: “Go f*** yourselves…”

  72. lexslamman

    Good for him. I wish Stacey Poole Jr. all the best.

    We now have major needs at the wing, if someone with the first name of Shabazz and the last name of Muhammad is interested in playing for the best coach at the best program in the land.

  73. RidgeRunner

    49…an omen it now appears.

  74. Yeah_Buddy

    Will be interesting to see how this plays in recruiting. We now have a spot open which Cal didn’t foresee.

  75. Dosantos

    He was too white for the new UK go cats!

  76. john4uk

    Would love to see him transfer to Union in Barbourborville,Ky.Instant playing time,and an opportunity to shine.

  77. RidgeRunner

    Wouldn’t surprise me to see him end up where his brother will eventally give a verbal to. Remember, father knows best.

  78. crackerhillbilly

    75 – you are undoubtedly a toothless moron.

    As parent of a college athlete, you still have to guide these young people. His dad did what he felt was best in advising his son. Had Poole been a kid who lived and breathed Blue, then maybe just wearing the jersey was enough. But that was not the case and he deserves the chance to shine somewhere. The NBA would seem a very long shot for him, so college is his time. Good luck to the young man.

  79. Dane Brammage

    Has his daddy told him where he’s headed to school next?

    While in the Bluegrass State, did Stacey Poole, Sr., meet with Rick Pitino about transferring to the Cards?

    Word is Pitino seeks and gets alot of leftovers.

  80. Houndstooth

    Moorhouse could use Poole and some P.E. players. Anything would be an improvement.

  81. Hick Up Chuck

    Coach Cal, I would not like to pass on having an NCAA title ring because I think I am good enough to get clock. So I will settle for selling used cars somewhere outside the campus of a DII school.

    Fairest Regards,

    Stacey Poole Jr.

  82. Seriously

    UofLosers disguising yourself as UK fans…

    You need new material.

    Why don’t you go heckle all the Big East teams who were accepted to better conferences instead of you?

  83. kybigblue

    It appeared his father had already made the decision. I wish him the best. Had he stayed he may have contributed more than he or many others would have thought. This year we have a 7 or 8 (including Vargas) man rotation. With an injury or foul trouble someone may get more playing time than expected and if they perform well their minutes would increase. We will never know if he would have gotten those minutes. His father said he liked it at UK so we trust that he will finish out the semester and find a system that fits his style.

  84. UF guy

    lest not forget they were out with a friend of jones from Washington state and not a friend of poole from burrito bros in gainsville. just sayin

  85. jwcatfan

    Is it just me, or does Cal’s message have an aura of douche baggery to it? Just sayin…

  86. bmt22033

    I can’t help but wonder if Stacey will look back on this decision and regret it later. I’m sure it was frustrating for his father to not see his son play and feel like he was going to be recruited over every season. But I also don’t believe for a second that Cal would keep the kid around if he didn’t really believe in him. Oh well. I hope it’s the best thing for him and wish him well wherever he ends up. Here’s the what could have been, Stacey…

  87. coldspringmike

    We’ll take him up here at Northern Kentucky U. Instant playing time, all 40 minutes

  88. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Later Poole! Get your grades this semester and finish off your time as a Wildcat on the up and up.

    We’ll never forget you and dream of what it would be like to have been in your shoes (with the exposure and opportunity) while you were here.

  89. Hal

    85-“I’ll do whatever he wants to do.”
    “I want to wish Stacey nothing but the best in whatever and wherever he chooses to go. He will always be a part of our family and the Big Blue Nation.”
    you’re kidding?

  90. Daddypoole

    Daddy says ge goin to fla gators and make lots of 3 pointers and beat your dumb hillbilly asses.

  91. Deucette.

    We gonna screw them gators so good. We gonna run circles around them. Dammitt!!

  92. Daddy Poole

    He’ll kill em in Fla. Stacey Poole will be back and ibpromise you I know it dude. I know stuff.

  93. Hood should transfer too

    Good luck as long as you are not at Louisville or Duke. Then shame on you!

  94. ricdix

    Good luck to the young man. He was the first to commit in his class because he knew he wanted to be a CAT. Too bad it didnt work out.