SPOILER: Kentucky lost to Washington in a blowout…


…according to the scoreboard on the front page of ESPN.com.

The game (which already happened) has been shrunken down and is currently in a million pieces and making it’s way to your television like a Wonka bar for the 9:30 ET tip-off.

Even though we know the disappointing outcome, Chad Ford has solid a preview of the semi-final matchup:

No. 9 Kentucky vs. No. 11 Washington, 9:30 p.m. ET (ESPN)

— Both coaches played down the “grudge match” angle. Sure, UW head coach Lorenzo Romar isn’t happy that both Enes Kanter and Terrence Jones decommitted to Washington and ended up at UK. With Jones (Kanter was ruled ineligible by the NCAA), Washington would’ve likely been a preseason top-five selection. There’s no question that he would’ve helped them on the frontline and it has to hurt watching Jones dominate early. But the truth is that Washington has the ability to contend for a national title without him.

— Jones may have never ended up in Seattle, but freshman Terrence Ross did — and the Huskies are certainly happy for that. He isn’t getting the minutes that Jones does, but he was 4-for-5 from beyond the arc in Washington’s annihilation of Virginia on Monday night. The Huskies have another redshirt freshman, C.J. Wilcox, who looks to be a keeper as well. Wilcox was the team’s second-highest scorer against the Cavaliers.

— Kentucky’s Brandon Knight and Jones have gotten all the attention, but a third freshman, Doron Lamb, drew high praise from NBA scouts in attendance on Monday. Lamb is a smooth scorer with a very developed mid-range game. He’s averaging 15 ppg for the Wildcats and is showing an ability to play both backcourt positions. While scouts weren’t ready to tag him as a third potential first-rounder for UK, he has enough talent to move into the top 30 with strong play all season.

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Previewing the stacked Maui semifinals

Article written by Drew Franklin

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39 responses to “SPOILER: Kentucky lost to Washington in a blowout…”

  1. NegativeForNoReason

    first? ahh go eff yourself!

  2. Adamnjohnson

    Espn fails all the time

  3. Bundy

    I saw that too…had to look twice.

  4. HB

    If UK wins I insist on a Dewey Defeats Truman picture on the front page.

  5. SexnNursinHomes

    UK- 3,256
    UW- 3

    Jones goes for a triple-quadruple tonight

  6. UKFanCincy

    omg. this sucks. Well we cant win them all.

  7. Laker Cat 18

    5. 3? How?

  8. The Truth

    This is the best post of the day. You see where these goobers on the message boards posted this, and then hours later, you post it. Hilarious stuff guys. Hilarious. Pats on the back for all!

  9. SexnNursinHomes

    7- Jones scores 1004, grabs 2,220 rebounds, and blocks 3,000 shots tonight. I’m calling Guiness Records in 10 minutes. Also Jones will break 1 heart. Romars awwwwwwwwwww

  10. Bluegrasscat22

    where did they get this score from? Did they incorrectly post the score between two other teams?

  11. Catlanta

    One wonders if Kantor would have been rulled eligible if he had gone to washington?

  12. Little Known Facts

    Duke takes their first L tonight. You heard it here first!!

  13. Laker Cat 18

    No, how does UW score 3? Jones is so good that he switches jerseys mid-game and hits a 3 for UW and no one even notices. That’s my guess. LOL

  14. lexslamman

    The Huskies should be afraid of the Cats.

  15. SexnNursinHomes

    13- hahahahahahahhaahahah- nice!

  16. Pmac121

    I believe this to be a typo- wasn’t the score of the UVA vs. Uw game 63-106?

  17. Kenbeezy05

    That’s the score from UW’s game last night

  18. catFROMnashville

    They carried over the Washington vs. Virginia score…I won’t lie…I was seriously upset there for a few seconds!!! Go Cats!!!

  19. Chad M

    16. A typo is hitting a “y” instead of a “u”.

  20. tom5673

    three games into the season, and we’re already talking about knight and lamb going pro. that’s great…
    don’t get me wrong, i love watching these guys play. but, what’s wrong with letting them develop over the course of two years or heaven forbid, three?

  21. Roggensak

    Go Cats!!!

  22. Don

    I doubt Liggins is going to let his guy sit out there and hit 3’s all night, much less the rest of the team. Washington hit 17 – 3-point shots vs. Virginia, vs. Virginia…uh hmm, vs. Virginia.

    We are not Virginia. That is all.

    Kats – 81
    16H – 67

  23. June Bug

    11. I also wonder if Kantor would have defeated He-Man if Skeletor had not gotten in the way.

    Free Kanter.

  24. Hambone

    Wait, what? This isn’t real is it?

  25. tfordstyle

    They are who we thought….
    C’mon, Rise up.

  26. knightynight

    “And then he forced me to eat it.” not only said by the man who was forced to eat his beard, but also Terrence Jones’ defender after he throws down on them.

  27. tom5673

    anyone else hate the fact that our uniforms are lumped in with other nike schools like michigan st., uconn, gonzaga, syracuse, ohio st., etc.? we’re kentucky. we shouldn’t be grouped in with any other program. i wish we would go back to the ’78 throwback uniforms we wore in 2006. those were classic. only indiana and ucla (unless they’re wearing black) adhere to traditional uniforms. i know it’s big money, and we’re under contract with nike to let them pretty much put whatever they want on the back of our jerseys, but it seems to me that uk could demand something better and more traditional.

  28. Han

    Guys, sorry, my bad. I used my time machine to see the game and gave the score to ESPN but I reversed the team names.

    UK wins by 43 tonight behind a triple double from Jones (points, rebounds and assists) and 17 and 15 from Jorts, who has a great high-low game with Jones. Jon Hood also dunks over Terrence Ross with about 7 minutes to go, so watch for that.

    (By the way, if this turns out to be right, I expect a free t-shirt.)

  29. GoCats2010

    27. I loved the secretariat design that we wore for 1.5 years, it was much more unique, just needed shorter shorts

  30. Del Usion

    Wahington is picked to win the Pac-10, UK struggled with the Sooners who have nadda chance in the Big12. Jones game will be no surprise to Washington.

  31. tom5673

    29. that’s what i’m looking for…something that stands alone.
    i realize that we’ve never had the same uniform for more than a couple of years. pitino’s creations were horrible, but the teams were so great, noone cared if we wore zubazz striped shorts or denim. but, i agree, the shorts need to be a bit shorter. and the jerseys could be baggier. does jon hood really feel comfortable in that uniform? the 2006 throwback uniforms were perfect. modern material, baggy enough and completely traditional.

  32. Bruce Pearlnecklace

    20.) People thought Knight was a one and done before the season started, and spoke of Lamb’s potential to be. Its how things are down now, and will be until the rules changes. I am honestly sick of hearing about it.

    27.) If we didn’t have that contract, nor were we lumped into the elite program uniform group, we would look less appealing to recruits. Our design is unique. More traditional=lame in today’s standards. I sure would not like to be those programs’ shoes.

    Shouldn’t you and Tipton be fishing or telling kids to get off your lawns?

  33. Bruce Pearlnecklace

    31.) Since Hood’s white we should give him Larry Bird short shorts. I bet he would be more comfortable, right? The truth is Hood is not the cornfed, tractor driving, 3pt shootin son of a gun, Kentucky boy who had a rim attached inside of his barn, like most of have played him up to be.

    Most modern bball players grew up wearing baggy shorts. It is whats in style. He probably feels just at home. Why are you so desperately holding on to the old days?

  34. tom5673

    i understand that our uniform design is more appealing to big time recruits, and ultimately, that is what matters most. five-star recruits = more wins. i get it.
    i just would like to see a more traditional look…that’s all.

  35. travis

    lol @ the Wonka reference.

  36. CousinsManBeast

    8. = idiot. Goobers on message boards reference is classic and you’ve obviously been here all day. lol.

  37. Atown

    is the game really over??? i went to espn.com and it showed the scored but when i went back it was gone… im lost as i can be…


    CNN Sportsline is so much better than ESPN’s illiterate bunch of nobodys. ESPN sucks. Just wait til’ UK is playing those 9 pm games this year and the 7:00 game is running late and we miss the first 5 or 6 minutes of the UK game because ESPN forces us to watch the 7:00 game. That ticks me off so bady. I HATE ESPN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Bengal

    Please Drew Franklin never scare me like this again…I nearly wet my pants until I realized the joke was on me-good one ESPN-bas%^!d$