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Source: Tony Woods Will Not Play at Kentucky


Its late at night, but with no CBS in the way, we get news. A source has told KSR that Tony Woods will not play at Kentucky next season. According to the source, Woods did not enroll at Kentucky this week and is likely headed to Texas next season.

So there you go, whatever side of the controversy you were on, it is now over.

Article written by Matt Jones

43 responses to “Source: Tony Woods Will Not Play at Kentucky”

  1. Moses

    Prolly for the best

  2. Anthony

    Good! I hope Woods can rebound from this, and get his life back in order. Just didn’t think we needed him at Kentucky.

  3. Dustin

    I actually wanted him at UK. That sucks. Oh well.

  4. JLove336

    That’s why we trust in Cal…he rarely makes the wrong decision and taking Woods would’ve been the wrong decision.

  5. RidgeRunner

    Thx Matt for getting us this.

    In Cal We Trust…

  6. Deez Nuts

    Can’t wait for the first game next season where we look thin on the front line and people are angry with Cal for not taking him.

  7. Billy Gillespie

    Not so fast Matt, I’ll be duking it out with Rick Barnes to get him at Texas Tech. #GunsUp

  8. RidgeRunner

    6…yeah, same people who would get mad if they won a million $ & had to drive to get it. They are called idiots. Every place has them. BBN is the largest and most energetic fan base in the country -so our percentages are naturally higher based on that alone.

  9. Eloy Vargas

    I didn’t enroll till august last year.

  10. RidgeRunner


  11. mocha

    4-wasn’t cal’s choice.

  12. ares

    I think the microscope that is UK might be a bit too much. I wish the kid well. I am glad I can say that now that it is not with any blue tinted glasses on.

  13. seth98123


  14. Park Diesel

    Whether you wanted him here or not, I believe this will be best for Tony Woods. As much as the national media (& Jerry Tipton) hate Cal & UK, if Woods had come here he never would have been able to move past his “incident”. It would have been brought up every pre-game, during the game, & post-game. Can you imagine a post-game interview if he was the player selected from our team? Cousins’ character was considered an issue to NBA people, if Woods came here with his “incident” being talked about multiple times a week, what would NBA folks think about him? Again, however you feel about Woods or whether UK needed him or not, I truly believe it will be best for Woods himself to not be at UK.

    The whole point of second chance (which I think he deserves) is to be allowed forgiveness & be able to move past it. I don’t think that ever would have happened if he came to UK.

  15. mark p

    Good!!!!!! UK did not need that kind of attention.

  16. Big Blue Streeb

    Glad that is over. Let’s all move on and pretend it didnt happen.

  17. RockCat

    At least we won’t have to endure 10,000 cards fans wearing wife beaters
    at the game in 2012.

  18. Bg Cat

    A Week Ago Matt Was Saying Woods Was Going To Uk, Now He Isnt. Im Not Holding My Breath Either Way. We Will Know For Sure By August.

  19. BlueMist

    Uofl was going to bring him in this year as a walk on and then put him on scholarship his senior year. His AAU coach lobbied uofl and other teams for a scholarship after the season. That’s why he isn’t in a tardinal uniform. If he wasn’t good enough to get a scholly this year for da ville, why should Cal give him one?

  20. Beetle bum

    No surprise. Some sources are better than others.

  21. kentuckygentleman

    Cal must think Eloy will be able to give them something this year and have hopes about what he is bringing in for 2011-12.

    #11, actually according to Matt, if he didn’t come to Kentucky, it was likely because Cal didn’t want him

  22. kentuckygentleman

    meant to say what he is bringing in for 2012-13, these years are going by too fast!

  23. pji

    I am just glad we have someone back writing on this site that actually has sources. It got really old when everyone else was breaking stories and KSR would just link to it. Nice to have you back Mr. Jones.

  24. RidgeRunner

    14…well put.

  25. uklaw95

    If Cal decided against it, that’s fine, but I really don’t give a damn about the press. If we make all our decisions based on what the press wants, we’ll be the best-liked press team in the NIT.

  26. ThatFan

    It is for the best I believe. He should get a second chance, at a place like KY it would just be a distraction.

  27. invisibleink

    no video coverage of the BTI horse game ?

  28. Fake Matt Pilgrim

    Good. We don’t need that kind of distraction.
    For the good kind of distraction, go vote for this guy at the KSTV casting call:

  29. Yep, forgiveness is good

    Yep the kid deserves a second chance.
    Glad that 2nd chance will be elsewhere.
    Hope his girlfriend’s back is doing OK. And I am very glad the baby wasn’t hurt when the two were fighting over him.

  30. HackRichards

    Didn’t matter to me on way or ta udder…

  31. As Good As It Gets

    Good. I feel better knowing Texas can rehab this man. Now we can get on with winning number 8 and not having the press bashing us over this issue. We can survive without Tony Woods.

  32. shadowboxer

    17 – yes, you will. That is how they normally dress.

  33. basketball

    I suppose we can assume it is over if we assume your unnamed source is stating facts. Otherwise, who knows?

  34. scoretowin

    Good news.

  35. Naitch-a-boy


  36. billy

    Would you people who were saying that Woods was coming to UK please wait until someone actually does come to Kentucky before saying they are coming to UK. Thank you. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT. pLEASE!

  37. Da Cayts

    Glad this is over. I was really beating myself up over whether or not adding woods was a good thing…

  38. tonydelksarms


  39. mj44

    I wish the kid the best AND I am thrilled he is not coming to KY. As a woman I didn’t want him on the team. He made a mistake, maybe he learned from it and maybe not but we didn’t need to live with that question always being in the minds of the fan base and the media. We have a great team coming and that needs to be our joyful focus for the season. GBB

  40. anonymous

    23: you realize that this ‘source’ is likely a UK official and has only said that tony woods hasnt registered this past week for summer classes. He can still register for class in the fall and play. And since I havent heard of any news saying hes made a decision, I doubt he has registered anywhere else. Eloy didnt register until August. This post is irrelavant.

  41. Buckets

    Thank God

  42. Kyreds


  43. Mad Hatter

    He would have fit in great with Cal. Screw the media. They would give us crap anyway.