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Source: Eric Bledsoe’s Transcripts Leaked by College Assistant Coach


Now this is where it starts to get interesting. A source within the media tells me that a College Assistant Coach leaked Bledsoe’s transcripts to multiple media outlets, including his own. This follows the assumption of many in the Bledsoe camp who have assumed since the story broke that the person who leaked the transcripts was an Assistant coach in college basketball. My source would not tell me the name of the Assistant Coach and was also not certain that the coach was the same individual who leaked to Pete Thamel and the New York Times, but he confirmed that a College Assistant is the source of Bledsoe’s leaked transcripts to other media outlets.

After doing my own research and talking to a number of people on the issue, I believe I know who the Assistant Coach is who leaked the transcripts. However I dont believe I have enough solid information to put the name out there. Suffice to say that the number of suspects of who it could be is quite small. Eric Bledsoe’s Junior year transcripts were given to only three schools, Florida, Kentucky and Memphis. His Senior year transcripts were given to only two schools, Kentucky and Memphis. However that does not mean that it is certain an individual from one of these schools leaked the transcripts to the media, as the leaker may have been gotten the transcripts from an individual at one of these schools, or even originally from Bledsoe’s high school. However my source tells me that the leak to the media comes from a college Assistant coach, and one with a connection to either Bledsoe or with animosity to Calipari.

Now as for the “mainstream” media that crow about their jobs being not to “support or to harm” UK, here is your chance. Find out who the Assistant is that leaked the information and in so doing, violated Bledsoe’s privacy rights and the law. The mainstream media sources have more resources and time to devote to finding the leak than I, and with this information, surely they can discover the leak. It is likely that if the individual who leaked the transcripts is proven, he will have to be dismissed from his job. If I get more solid confirmation on the individual, I will release it, but until then the list of suspects has been narrowed. All that is left is the final name.

Article written by Matt Jones

81 responses to “Source: Eric Bledsoe’s Transcripts Leaked by College Assistant Coach”

  1. bigbluejon03

    3 stacks jr.

  2. thefakeppat

    agree with numero uno. it has to be mini 3 stacks

  3. nassau65

    i didn’t realize tipton was an assistant coach.

  4. tntbelt

    im guessing ricky 3 stacks jr. down in florida

  5. nassau65

    but i do agree, second string triple stacks.

  6. Ty

    Pat Forde and Bobby Knight are on the case, of course they have to help OJ figure out who the real killer is first, but after that they are all over this!

  7. KYkiddo

    Lil’ Pitino.

  8. Flippy23

    Matt…..that’s just absolutely brilliant.

  9. JPhill

    Cyprien? God let it be little Ricky….please God, please…

  10. bleedblue23

    SNITCHES GET STITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Gavin S.

    Lil’ Ricky makes sense, but Memphis has a dog in the fight, too.

  12. Flippy23

    Glynn Cyprien…….that’s my guess………

  13. PatrickPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    Damn. The whole Pitino family just needs to keep a law firm on retainer. This is getting ridiculous.

    Time to see just how far down this rabbit hole goes, ladies and gentlemen.

  14. tntbelt

    i agree cyprien makes sense to…..but rick sypher jr. is a much better story

  15. PatrickPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    Are Memphis fans pissed at Cal? Sure. Is the current coaching staff mad enough to torpedo Cal like this? I doubt it. Gotta be someone in Gainesville.

  16. DaviessCounty CatFan

    1.) I agree. Richard Pitino! His daddy’s friend Pat Forde begged him to get the information to take UK and Calipari down. Matt said it, without actually having to say the words Richard Pitino.

  17. slappy

    Pitino Jr. makes the most sense, but it’s also the most convenient story. Hopefully people hold back a little before drilling him too severely.

  18. dsolzman

    Whoever leaked it should turn themself in right now. And yea, the journalists should go after the leak. They won’t name their source most likely, a real shame.

  19. Flippy23

    That is simply too “hollywood” to be possible isn’t it ??……I mean, c’mon…..Pitino’s kid caught in a pending lawsuit with Pat Forde and Rick Sr. within legal arm’s length……could we possibly kill all three birds with one rock ??? Hell, add Mike Freeman and Bob Knight to the party and I’ll bake a freaking cake…….

  20. JPScott


    Head Coach – Josh Pastner (became Memphis assistant in 2008-09 season)
    Asst. Coach – Glynn Cyprien (joined Memphis staff summer 2009 after coaching at UK)
    Asst. Coach – Jack Murphy (joined Memphis staff in 2009 after being asst. coach for Denver Nuggets)
    Asst. Coach – Willis Wilson (joined Memphis staff in 2009 after being head coach at Rice)


    Head Coach – Billy Donovan (Head coach at Florida since 1995-96)
    Assoc. Coach – Larry Shyatt (came to Florida in May 2004 after coaching at Clemson)
    Asst. Coach – Richard Pitino (hired in April 2009 after being asst. coach at Louisville)
    Asst. Coach – Rob Lanier (came to Florida in May 2007 after being asst. coach at Virginia)

  21. jman3715

    Hmmmm…let’s see….who has a trial getting ready to start and might need a little distraction?

  22. KYkiddo

    How does one family get so messed up? This is like watching Jon and Kate Plus 8.

  23. PatrickPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (20) “Iceberg” as in the network that helped publicize Bledsoe’s transcript? Or “iceberg” as in Bledsoe’s possible ineligibility?

  24. gossie21

    There’s really only 2 options. Cyprien and Pitino jr. Since the leak went first to Forde who co-authored a book with Pitino sr. then it makes 3 stacks junior the likely culprit.

  25. KY-Mike

    I love how Matt is having us spill the beans so he doesn’t have to… Nice!

  26. uklaw95

    No, no, no, NO. It’s gotta be someone from TENNESSEE, because we all know they are some………

  27. Gavin S.


  28. tntbelt

    howie said that the bledsoe stuff was nothing compared to whats coming….then he hinted about cousins and improper benefits…he said its been going around the college bball circles for awhile

  29. Wedding Planner

    I’d bet on Cyprien. UK had just fired him.

    I just don’t see Richard Pitino doing this.. so soon after a fall-out with his Dad.

    But who knows? I just hope Bledsoe sues the living snot out of them..

  30. stouttrout

    oh man awesome

  31. PatrickPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (26) If there were anything remotely as damning as that, it would’ve come out already. Easily.

  32. 4453bigcat

    ……Like sands through the hour glass,….. So are the Days of Our Lives….. Loserville needing a distraction?

  33. I'm Just Sayin

    This entire episode has my blood boiling. I can’t believe how quick national people are to pile on. I really think Bledsoe is a good kid who grew up in a tough situation, and just as he is about to pull his family up the media slam him. Shame on them!

  34. The_Source1

    Didn’t the ncaa also have the transcripts?

  35. 2tall1

    Who’s the guy in the middle with the tattoo?

  36. 4453bigcat

    The national media is in dire need to find something to fill their space. What better subject to fill space than the King of College Basketball! The following is as strong as the Yankees.

  37. Gilly

    Got to hand it to Dick Vitale. He’s really taking up for us on his twitter

  38. Gilly

    Well at least he’s taking up for Cal

  39. CMD77

    Like everyone else has already stated, Little Richard and Glen Cyprien are the two logical choices. Here’s my question for Matt. If the assistant was actively recruiting Bledsoe, wouldn’t he have known that Bledsoe was on track to become eligible? Obviously, a coach isn’t going to waste time recruiting a kid that had no chance of becoming eligible. So, if the assistant coach knew the truth about the Bledsoes’ situation, what did he hope to gain from leaking the transcript? Wouldn’t he have known that any investigation was likely a dead end? I’m just not following the logic on this one.

  40. bigbluejon03

    rally’s just released the three stacks and the three stacks jr. not much different than a triple cheeseburger, just extra greasy.

  41. SavannahCat

    Matt, I hope the next time you see some B.S. story from the NYT/mainstream media about an evil conservative, you’ll remember this.

  42. KyCat

    I am not one for speculating on names of who it could be or isn’t. Doing so I think would make me no better than those who are critical of Calapari based on rumor and not fact. I don’t care for it when it is done to our coach so I don’t care to do speculate as to the guilt or not of others without some hard evidence.

    What is a fact, that regardless of how the NY Times got the information, they knew it was confidential and that they did not get it through appropriate channels. For now the only person who knowing violated confidentiality is the guy who wrote the article (Peter Thielmel?) and the New York Times. Having the informatin is one thing, publishing it is quite another.

  43. millie

    I read in a previous article somewhere, that the 5 official visits a student athlete can take, those schools receive a copy of their transcripts. Out of the 3 schools mentioned, Memphis, Ky, and florida, which ones hosted an official viisit?


    Please God don’t be Kenny Payne!

  45. minton

    is it……Keyser Soze?

  46. Wedding Planner

    I appreciate KSR leading the fight for UK. These fools don’t know the power of Big Blue Nation. This ain’t UCONN or Indiana. You eff with us and eff u right backk 100 times over.. if Cyprien or Pitino get outted, thats the end of their careers.

  47. bigbluejon03


  48. charliecat

    Steve Masiello.

  49. charliecat

    Im just guessing, I promise.

  50. Ken T. Ucky

    Matt says “one with a connection to either Bledsoe or with animosity to Calipari”. Who has a connection to Bledsoe?

  51. CMD77

    It’s not a huge leap of faith to believe Pat Forde originally started this investigation, as indicated yesterday on KSR. Forde has a direct connection to Richard Pitino because of his relationship with Ricky 3-stacks, and Forde probably knew Richard had access to the transcript. If Richard leaked it to him, then logic suggests Forde probably passed it along with the rest of his findings when Thamel took over the investigation.

  52. bharlan24

    Man I can’t wait to see who this is.

  53. ryanfertig

    51- They repeat it over and over on their message boards that leads them to believe what they are saying. It’s wishful thinking to the fullest extent. Don’t buy into the hype. I know several people with the NCAA and UL, first the NCAA would never let it be known about an investigation until it’s over, second, UL would not know anything more than we know…. It sounds that simple because it is.

  54. SexnNursinHomes

    50- Keving Bacon

  55. fearnloathing20

    give the media war a break man. if you could do the same to some UofL or UT player you would and everyone would be happy.

  56. Cousins Fake Teeth

    Josh Pastner.

  57. SagaciousMind

    Dont know if anyone has said this yet (dont feel like reading) but this is my take on it. It wouldnt surprise me at all if it was Rick Pitino’s son. Rick Pitino and Pat Forde are friends and Forde was already diggin around when ESPN took him off UK stuff. Then his buddy at NYT picks up the story and prints absolute garbage. Pitino is pissed he’s losing recruits to Calipari and Lil Ricky is contacted by Thamel and asks if he can get his transcripts. Lil Ricky obliges because he is honoring his father in hopes of bringing down Calipari and UK who is also stealing recruits from Florida left and right. It’s all a big conspiracy to bring Cal down cuz everybody is pissed that UK is back on top and Cal is the shit. Reporters need to go write about Kansas and UConn and leave UK. All this much hatin just means one thing.

  58. holdmeclosertinydanson

    It was Bo Crowder.

  59. catfan6

    how do we know its an assistant coach. it could also be a coach from one of the other two schools bledsoe took an official visit to

  60. 7ft Enes

    I guess we now know why Pitino is selling his home.

  61. yatesrp22

    35 – Hahaha, I spit out water when I read that.
    51 – Don’t listen to the idiots on insidetheville. They don’t know anything. I hate playing the “sources” card, but I have family inside the NCAA. There is not anything coming out about any other players at UK. The Bledsoe story is over with. If there is anything new to come from the NCAA, then they don’t even know about it yet, so it’s just wishful thinking on the UL insiders part. There is stuff thrown the NCAA’s way every year and usually nothing comes of it. From what I’ve been told there is nothing juicy going to come out about or against UK.

  62. catbalue

    Don’t forget about Bozo and his role in the whole deal with his article trashing Cal this past weekend since his buddy forte is feeding him the info to write. What a zoo this has turned out to be. It looks like a giant conspiracy aimed to take the heat off Pitino and the upcoming Sypher trial. If he is involved it going to come back double hard on him once all the facts come out and then we’ll see how happy the tards are.

  63. EricHills

    John Smoltz just made a joke about one of the cameramen for the Braves telecast being a KY fan, saying something to the effect of “I like him, even if he is a KY fan, although there about to go on probation.” What a jackass

  64. kyartist

    Matt…you’re assuming that the lamestream media (Tipton,Clay,Doyel,DeCourcy, et al) is motivated to do the right thing and ferret out the asswipe that started all of this. Maybe the big boys will but I don’t see the LHL having any courage whatsoever, especially Tipton. They should be on this like white on rice, but I’m not holding my breath that the media will expend time & resources, even though they could become a BBN hero if they did.

  65. gossie21

    Do not besmirtch the name of John Smoltz.

  66. Cousins Fake Teeth

    51) How would he know even if its true and that he works ofr Jurich? Each university is a business. KFC isnt going to go out and tell McDonalds about the foods they make and their 7 herbs and spices.

  67. asdfasdf

    Smoltz is not about our wrath lol

  68. macon_volfan

    Yet another reason to love Smoltzie! I keed! I keed! Good luck finding the leak….this whole ordeal is ultimately bad for college bball, and shows what is wrong with the NCAA…

  69. bigbluejon03

    i guess some would rather bledsoe be homeless or in prison

  70. gacat21

    #69 like all the gun toting thugs in Knoxville.

  71. bigbluejon03

    i guess some would rather bledsoe be homeless or in prison. oh yeah, howie lindsey is a fat douche bag. hows jurich’s ass taste?

  72. macon_volfan

    You make no sense #71, that’s lame and played out. I was joking.

  73. holdmeclosertinydanson

    I’ve solved The Underpants Gnomes equation.

    1. Put John Smoltz autographed card on Ebay.
    2. Have bidding war with gossie21.
    3. Profit!

    I deserve some sort of business prize.

  74. herodotus6

    Bledsoe’s Junior Year:

    Memphis Coaching Staff

    John Calipari – Head Coach
    Derek Kellogg – Assistant Coach
    Chuck Martin – Assistant Coach
    John Robic – Assistant Coach

    Florida Coaching Staff:

    Head Coach: Billy Donovan
    Associate Head Coach: Larry Shyatt
    Assistant Coaches: Lewis Preston, Rob Lanier
    Assistant to the Head Coach: Darren Hertz

    UK Coaching Staff:

    Head coach: Billy Gillispie
    Assistant coach: Jeremy Cox
    Assistant coach: Glynn Cyprien
    Assistant coach: Tracy Webster

    Here’s the Senior Year Coaching staff for UK and Florida, the two schools that had Bledsoe’s senior transcripts:

    UK Coaching Staff:

    Head coach: Billy Gillispie
    Assistant coach: Jeremy Cox
    Assistant coach: Glynn Cyprien
    Assistant coach: Tracy Webster

    Memphis Coaching Staff:

    Head coach: John Calipari
    Assistant coach: John Robic
    Assistant coach: Orlando Antigua
    Assistant coach: Josh Pastner

    Here’s where it gets interesting. If you look at the coaching staffs for the two other schools that had Bledsoe’s transcripts during his freshman year of college.


    Head coach: Billy Donovan
    Assistant coach: Larry Shyatt
    Assistant coach: Richard Pitino
    Assistant coach: Rob Lanier

    Memphis Coaching Staff:

    Head coach Josh Pastner
    Assistant coach Glynn Cyprien
    Assistant coach Jack Murphy
    Assistant coach Willis Wilson

    Two names immediately jump out, Cyprien and Ricky Three Stacks Jr.

    The article had information to Bledsoe’s senior transcript, so I doubt that Little Ricky is the one who had that information. Cyprien however, would have had access to those transcripts, may have had a motive to bring them out depending on how upset he was over losing his job at UK/ Gillispie’s firing, and then lost Bledsoe to Cal with Memphis being in the running for him. He may not be the person to leak the information, but in this short list of names, the finger of blame wants to point at him awful harshly.

  75. Dave Ball

    If it is Pitino, Jr, then my guess is that Florida would be penalized…wait…I forgot…we’re talking about the NCAA here…they’re the ones who turned a blind eye to the Pump brothers flaunting their proclivity of scalping tickets to line their pockets while focusing on an underprivileged black family in Alabama…hmmm…it would not surprise me one bit if Pitino is found to be the one who leaked the information (and hopefully deter other recruits from viewing Florida as a viable school to attend if he were to remain there), but my guess is that the media will not focus on that portion of the issue as much as they have in claiming that Calipari and Kentucky are already guilty of wrongdoing…but that’s the world we live in…truth means nothing anymore…supposition and heresay is the new foundation of ESPN (and other media outlets) who realize that negative stories sell (Tiger, steroids truth be damned…

  76. UKBoo

    Good freakin’ luck trying to get the mainstream media to investigate itself. One, they believe they should have access to everything anyway. WE just can’t have access to their records. Next, it would be committing suicide as anyone they went after would probably have as much or more dirt on them. I’ll be SHOCKED if the local media investigates…

  77. jed

    Good work young Matt. Keep your nose to the ground. This is about to come full circle. Trust me. You already know who the leak is as well does the Bledsoe camp. It’s no secret. NBA GM’s do their homework too. There is someone sweating right now with good reason.

  78. UKBoo

    Also, why Pastner/Cyprien (and you can bet if an assistant leaked, SOME HC was behind it)? Cyprien had to go in the BCG house cleaning, Pastner actually came out ahead in the Cal move as did Cyprien. I think that something very bad would have to happen behind the scenes for Pastner to turn on Cal, unless hes just pond scum from the get go.

  79. kbinnky

    Well, obviously Tipton is not going to investigate, but of course that doesn’t surprise. His hatchet job this morning is beyond ridiculous.. quoting some PI/attorney from Florida…

  80. TOMPAV83

    Can we just “get $#%@! right” for EB

  81. 2020

    67. 11 herbs and spices. Know your Kentucky facts or move to Tennessee.