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Some Fans Need to Take a Step Back


The interaction above was posted on Daniel Orton’s Facebook page and was Tweeted out by Orton just a bit ago. It is indicative of a small minority of UK fans who are crossing the line when it comes to player interaction, especially in this case, with Orton. Fans understandably take their love of UK basketball seriously…and that is a good thing. But you also have to remember that these are real people who live real lives and are not just names you see on television. In Daniel Orton’s case, he has made a decision to put his name in the Draft and leave campus to go get ready for the Draft. He says he is finishing his UK classes and while we all think that is a little strange from California, if that happens, then it will be good for him and UK. I totally understand why Orton is entering the Draft and wish him well. I hope he ends up doing what Wall, Cousins and Bledsoe are doing, and finishes his classes so as to not crush UK’s APR rating and as of now that is what he says he is doing. I have no reason to dispute that.

However even if Orton decides not to finish school, or UK takes a hit, fans still need to take a step back and lay off the criticism. For a long time we have had message boards and blog comments in which fans could vent and (unfortunately) take anonymous shots at players, coaches, etc. But with the rise of Facebook and Twitter, some fans have become emboldened to believe they should communicate personally with the players and criticize them on their individual pages. That serves exactly ZERO purpose and is not only unbelievably rude, it also (as Orton noted last night when he said a recruit had contacted him about fans saying bad things to him on Facebook) hurts the program. Do you really believe that your random comments will do ANYTHING but piss the player off? Giving support is one thing, but random hateful comments like the one above do nothing except either hurt or infuriate the kid, neither of which is even remotely positive.

Fandom is great and the passion of UK is unmatched. But when it turns into personal criticism of players, especially directly to them via the internet, it crosses the line. It has to stop, not only because it is unbelievably rude and disrespectful, but also because the only result is one that ends up hurting the program you support.

Article written by Matt Jones

283 responses to “Some Fans Need to Take a Step Back”

  1. Clandestine

    Wow… didn’t know we had such royal douchebags in our fanbase. I love Orton’s response. haha

  2. Digger


  3. Mark Hamilton

    Hi…..I’m a complete moron!!!

  4. Josh

    Daniel – ignore this clown. Big Blue Nation is forever grateful that you gave us the year we had with you. While we wish that we could’ve had more time, it’s your decision and it’s an honor that you chose us. IGNORE THIS IDIOT.

  5. Small White Member

    Mark Hamilton is now synonymous with douche.

  6. Weiner Snitzel

    I looked for this guy on Facebook but I couldn’t find him, and he’s lucky for that.

  7. Drew Franklin

    I have always said that drinking and Facebook are a dangerous combination.

  8. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    That’s just pathetic. After Orton cleared up the fact that nothing he was doing was going to harm UK in any way, I had nothing remotely negative to say. Even when I did, at worst it was questioning why someone would want to harm the University that gave them a chance to get their name out there. Clearly that isn’t the case, clearly Daniel is a great kid, and clearly his final impressions of this place are going to be tainted by some raging assholes like this guy on Facebook.

    The anonymity of the internet is a horrible thing sometimes. None of the people talking this hardcore smack on here, on facebook, on twitter, or anywhere else would dare walk up to his 6’11” ass and say it to his face. But when you can hide behind a computer screen you have balls of steel.

    I really do hope he leaves UK with better memories than what jackoffs like this “Mark” guy clearly wish him to.

  9. beentheredonedat

    I am always curious about these peeps… how do we know this guy is a legit UK fan and not a plant?

  10. Rob

    What an idiot. I am confused by the whole classes in Cali thing though… Can’t wait for draft night for UK to get some glory.

  11. Mark Hamilton

    I hate my life!!

  12. UK2K

    THE biggest battle that Calipari will have recruiting is dealing with fans like this. Nobody wants to be a part of a program where the second you do something wrong you are personally attacked. The loss to South Carolina when people attacked Patterson on FB. It really brings the program down, and puts a negative thought in the back of the mind of recruits thinking about coming here. Also just unfair for Orton.

  13. GACatFan
  14. FFrie

    We really have to do something about fans like this… For every one of these, the players forget about the thousands of real UK fans… It hurts recruiting WAY MORE than people think. If you know this Mark Hamilton, please tell him how much of a retar.d he is.

  15. nybrasky

    Thanks, Matt. Seriously, there is a portion of our fan base that needs to get a life. These kids don’t owe us anything. The internet could be the worst thing to ever happen to us bc jackasses like the clown above get their thoughts out. As a rule, you should never write anything you wouldn’t say to a player’s face. These facebook & Twitter messages are cowardly.

    Best of luck to Daniel & all our players. You’ll always be a Cat.

  16. Jon

    Here’s his profile link:!/mahamilton1?v=wall&ref=search

  17. uk...

    “Fans” like that tick me off… you don’t see people hanging on every choice you make in life… get off ortons back and let him live his life. Support him for putting on the kentucky uniform!

  18. Denny's hair

    this occurred at 2:45 and 3:45 am. Mark was probably wasted, but that is no excuse. why do the players make these dudestheir friend. I am sure they love the fame at first with all the followers, but now its seems like crazy post are revealed. seems like we are framing a battle between fans and the Ortons.
    probably going to use all the negative energy against UK. Framining it as all these UK fans are crazy. some are. most arent. just like anywhere else. but why make everyone your friend–needs to be a lesson learned.
    not all UK fans are Mark, and not all UK players are Daniel. Please let this die

  19. 08jroberts

    Me and my buddies found mark and left him a message… lets just say he wont be sayin anything to our players anymore.. id rather someone like him just become a tennessee fan or something. What a retard

  20. Cat man

    Probably not even a cat fan guys, hes probably a uofl troll

  21. big bad blue

    i think it should be a rule that players don’t become friends with fans on facebook. Fan pages are different, because usually the player does not run the fan page, but actually being ‘friends’ with the player allows you to write on their wall and comment on their statuses.

  22. Shawon

    #12 – very well said…

    Best practice, in my view, is to say NOTHING to these players and (especially) recruits on the Internet – positive or negative. That is how I roll.

  23. FFrie
  24. Cat man

    I think he’s gay just for having facebook who has time for that shit. My buddies are on there all the time, if I need to talk to someone I just call em

  25. Unbelievable

    Two things need to happen:
    1) We need to send Daniel messages with encouragement and thanksgiving, emphasizing that this clown, if he is even an actual UK fan, is 0.1% of the real fanbase. The Mark guy needs a firm talking to.
    and 2) I really fell as if athletes (professional or student) should completely abstain from these Internet communities. Things like facebook can only lead to crap like this.

    I am in complete disgust by this post…
    It is a legitimate argument that this may not even be a real UK fan, but someone posing.

  26. Ukfan27

    Daniel, do your thing man, we love ya, tell him to “keep his mind on ya grind and off of minez”

  27. Rock_Cat78

    Good lord UK fans are embarrassing…well the fringe minority like this at least. But it gives us all a bad name. I can’t wait for stuff like this to hit ESPN.

  28. Bluecalizone

    That was going to be my point #20. Although we do have more than our fair share of idiots, this clown may not even be a Cat fan. That’s the poison involved in this age of instant Communication, and I hope that kids like Orton realize it.

  29. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    I love how on this Mark guy’s page it says he’s engaged, and then says he’s here for women.

    Dumb ass.

  30. tonygreendoesthestankylegg

    is an “escape goat” something you ride off on after a bank robbery?

  31. Rob B

    Unreal. Guess Mark lives in fantasy land.

    Can you imagine the crap storm he’s going to catch at work on Monday? Ouch. Dead man walking.

  32. Uk

    If orton has any sense he knows the dude is a tool bag

  33. Krebs' Younger Brother

    Noting the time of the Facebook post, Mark Hamilton could have had an infamous post-Lexington bar scene Facebook wall posting party…. Drunk Facebook is comparable to drinking and driving

  34. Lariat X

    You reap what you sow…………D-bag!!

  35. Mattcat68

    If I’m a recruit, there’s no way in hell I would be committing to play for UK after reading that.

  36. tonygreendoesthestankylegg

    would you have guessed… his FB says he’s from Louisville… WOW

  37. Denny's hair

    #22 good point. this site has been perpetual setting the framework to start the Daniel Orton Sucks Blog all freakin week. People follow the lead, and some idiot post a ridiculous message the site frames that the fans as crazy and out of line.
    i like this site but don’t try to act Holier than any of rest of the fans.
    this site started the Orton Blows Regime. kinda pissed that now you are so strong and so player first mentality

  38. ukfan10

    the next time i got to the bathroom instead takeing a dump i will now be takeing a mark hamilton

  39. tblake

    Orton should rip Mark’s arms off his torso…..aarrrrrhhhhhhhh!!!

  40. Kentucky Roots

    #30 – LMFAO

  41. Da Cayts

    I hope Daniel Orton goes to McDonald’s and criticizes the way Mark Hamilton flips burgers.

  42. tblake

    30) Hahahahahahahahahaha

  43. Catfan

    35. Since your not a recruit your opinion is meaningless.

  44. Kentucky Roots

    I’m tempted to start a Facebook Group called “Mark Hamilton’s Escape Goat” and invite him…

  45. Lariat X

    Mark, you are so kicked out of the Dungeon and Dragons club…poopy head

  46. Kwisatz Haderach

    I bet Mark is about to face a hell storm. He’ll be found by some of our crazier fans and/or media and embarrassed. I bet he will regret saying such foolishness.

  47. Phillip

    Good blog. The guy is an idiot. However, I think players need to limit the interactions they have with the public through facebook and such, You can limit who can send you messages and such.

  48. bobsuruncle

    Let’s not discount Orton’s responsibility in this. Opening up your facebook to anyone and everyone is like walking down a dark alley late at night with a roll hanging out of your pocket and being shocked that not everyone is just there to make sure you get home safely.

  49. KatGirl

    I love the university of Kentucky but we are littered with a ton of clowns and nerds on campus. I am sure this clown is one of the nerds that still runs around and post 1st on blogs. Pretty pathetic!

  50. ewe kay

    There are rotten things that come with popularity. Even though this is the case of an idiot fan (or poser), Orton is not completely innocent. People of any, even tiny, significant position should stay away from these open lines of communication with the fans/public. It INEVITABLY leads to this garbage. The communication needs to be one-way, closed. They should not even risk subjecting themselves to this crud.

  51. Phil

    Who said thats a “fan” of UK?

  52. Dylan

    Daniel we love you thanks for the great season u will always be a cat! Do what’s best for u and ur family. I’ll be cheering for u in the NBA

  53. UK2K

    #37- I agree to a point. The skepticism portrayed about Orton being able to finish classes when this story was originally breaking may not have been fair, but from there they were objective. But KSR is not the problem, how do you explain the messages Patterson got after the loss to USC?? KSR is definitely helping overall because the messages this guy will receive by Matt’s post will finally start holding anonymous people accountable.

  54. Nashville_Cat

    He’s a Farmville fan too. That’s awesome.

  55. IcemanG2

    Wow, Mark Hamilton you are a PIECE OF TRASH and I’d like to punch you in the face. Grow up you pathetic excuse for a Kentucky “fan” …

  56. Rich

    Daniel Orton is a great player and on any other team would have been a star. He could easily get drafted in the first round but then again…another year couldn’t hurt him (take out insurance on yourself.).

    If he completes his classes and UK goes unscathed in terms of scholarship numbers, then he has my blessing (not that he cares…) to go into the draft!

    Daniel…please know that Mark doesn’t represent hardly any UK fans. The fact that people are up in arms about you leaving is only because we know that UK needs you next year.

    Good Luck in whatever you do.

  57. J

    Please direct all hatred to his facebook profile:

  58. Public Enemy #1
  59. Coach

    This guy works for a tv repair shop on bardstown rd, maybe jones should drive over and interview him, might make a helluva article.

  60. Mark Hamilton

    TV repair, really? People still do that? What a tool….

  61. HoustonWildcat
  62. 12KY

    It seems like whatever position the post takes, the comments follow along. If it’s kind of negative, everyone piles on, if it’s in his defense everyone loves him. Too many reactionary comments

  63. I'm So Jon Hood

    This is why I am sometimes embarrassed to be a UK fan. Don’t act like Mark is the only one out there that does this type of thing. I too dislike Daniel Orton, but to post something on his facebook wall is just sad…

  64. Harry Lipp

    Mark Hamilton needs to have someone stomp a mudhole in his ass. What a piece of crap you are, Mark Hamilton.

  65. Kentucky Roots
  66. Captin Obvious

    63) Thats not true people disagree all the time in the comment section…this crossed the line

  67. GOCATS!

    #66- hahahahaa

  68. Coach

    Quote from Mark on fb ” Mark Hamilton This is Holy Week …I am out to prove that my friends will repost this, I hope I am right!! Let’s lift up HIS name and make a statement!! When JESUS died on the cross, He died for YOU and ME. If you are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, copy and repost. I am not ashamed!! Happy Easter!”

    Do I smell a hypocrite?

  69. Mark Hamilton

    I will regret this. Shameful and embarrasing

  70. Mark Hamilton

    I’m really a Louisville fan just trying to make UK worse so HOPEFULLY we can compete with them in the near future.

  71. Idiot

    Yes Mark very Christ like indeed

  72. Charles Barkley

    That’s just tuurrible!

  73. GOCATS!

    For the people bashing Orton for friending this douche on facebook that picture shows the msg in his inbox not on his wall. Any one can write a msg to anyone elses inbox you dont need to be their friend.

  74. go cats

    what a dork, i can’t believe this actually happens.
    take your time deciding and do what is best for you Orton.

  75. lexslamman

    WTF is wrong with you jerks, these are 18-24 year-old young men. No wonder Kentucky has such a bad reputation.

  76. 12KY

    67) go back and read the orton posts comments and you’ll see what I mean, people went from mad at him to loving him back and forth with each post. I think most people can agree that we don’t like how he’s went about leaving, but we still wish him the best and will always see him as one of our own

  77. chayden

    I sent Mark an inbox on my thoughts.. Eveyone should do the same if you have facebook.. Maybe he will learn his lesson???

  78. chayden

    As much as I dont want to beleive it, Im pretty sure he is an actual UK fan.. Not a plant…

  79. Missing the point

    77) Fairenough…we are talking about the moron that is Mark Hamilton who crossed the line. KSR didn’t make him an idiot. Your argument suggests rap music and violent video games make people kill…..yeah I wish Hitler would have put down the Call of Duty and NWA CD’s. Hamilton is an idiot….KSR is a blog.

  80. DublinCat

    Mark Hamilton you are an anal dwelling a$$ monkey

  81. Will

    Facebook msg sent to mark!

  82. DublinCat

    The number of phone calls to the tv repair shop will be staggering tomorrow.
    Mark Hamilton u f$&ked up BIG TIME!

  83. Will

    Mark the tool replied ha!

    ur mesasage 745 haha tell u and all these other fans to quit swinging from my sack bitch, orton is a dumb gorilla that wont get any pt in the nba

  84. Moron

    Once again Mark….very Christ like indeed

  85. Kntckyfn15

    Dan-O…dont listen 2 this guy; he doesnt represent Big Blue Nation. Please dont base ur present & future opinions regarding U-Kentuky fans on “Mark’s” comments. Tho, id love 4 u 2 stay @ UK for @least 1 more season………u have 2 do whats best 4 u & ur fam. Bes of luck in any & all future endevors. I really enjoyed watcing u @ UK & hopefully u comeback.
    Ps. Please dont h8 BBN b/c of Mark

  86. Dustin

    I sent him a message and told him to do something productive, like for instance playing in traffic. I also messaged his future wife and told her she should really reconsider.

  87. bob in detroit

    i disagree with Mark, I don’t think Orton can be as good as Cousins. Good player, but doesnt have the God given talent. Soft hands and quick feet

  88. Coach

    After reading his post again maybe Mark needs to go to college. His grammar is horrendous. Also he’s a high school grad that now fixes tv’s at the age of 27. Compare that to Daniel, 18 year old, one year of college soon to be completed(1 pt for orton), Daniel is trying to live his dream of playing in the NBA(1 pt for orton, unless this guy’s dream was a tv repair man), Orton is about to make millions compared to minimum wage(960,000 pts for orton. Ballgame!!

  89. Well played Sir

    87) Nice!

  90. bob in detroit

    #86 pretty sure, Big Orton isn’t coming back at this time. pretty much a done deal here

  91. Messaged Mark

    Sent Mark a message that said: you just got called out on Kentuckysportsradio and really made all Ky fans look terrible. He’s a 19 year old kid. Good work Mark.

    His response:
    Mark Hamilton 04 April at 18:10 Report
    thank you much im a uofl fan, sittin here killing a 30 pack with my uofl buddies laughing are asses off

  92. Brandon

    I sent a facebook message to Mark:
    You’d think that someone that “isn’t ashamed” of Jesus Christ might be a little more compassionate towards a 19-year old young man who lost his mother. The Bible does repeatedly speak of caring for the orphans and the widows, not berating them for using their loss as a scape goat (not escape goat). You might also consider the hypocrisy of condemning someone for “living through their team” when you appear to be sufficiently invested emotionally in that very team despite only being associated with it in the most roundabout means.

    You have done quite the disservice to Daniel, someone whose only “crime” towards you has been to weigh his options regarding his own future, something that you yourself would do were you to find yourself in his situation. I think you’d best be served by examining your own motivations for criticizing someone you refer to as “only a kid.” If he is, indeed, only a kid, then perhaps you might consider toning down your harsh rhetoric towards him.

    Happy Easter.

    He responded with:
    uofl 4 life hahahhahaha thanks for the message though

    So, there you go.

  93. UpsetFan

    Somebody tell Mark it is scape goat, not escape goat. Listen Danny boy, this is a pissed off Tardinals fan. We would love ta have u back. Anybody wanna add Mark and blast his ass??

  94. Bigbluecatfan

    Really is a sad state of affairs, it makes you wonder what in the world is all this coming to anyhow. Really sad! How would you like to be in some of these players shoes? What if they were your brothers or sons would you treat them like that over a stupid ball game I certainly hope not. No matter what they do it’s never good enough and you are never going to please all the people anyhow. There is really no excuse to act like this. No matter what you think of someone keep it to yourself why personalize things and take it out on a 19 year old kid. Boy just really a sad state of affairs. I feel sorry for Daniel Orton. Apologies Daniel for all the crazies who don’t engage their brain before they act. I wish you nothing but the very best to you and your family in the future.

  95. Wildcater

    What a douche. I hope any male friend of his, if he has any, mentally works this piece of shit into the ground. That A-hole should never be allowed to live this embarrassment down.

    Props for Orton form simply letting it slide.

  96. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    Oh great. The guy is actually a Louisville fan but now Goodman and Parish have picked this up on Twitter and are running with it as another “UK has the worst fans ever” story. Ugh.

  97. Mark Hamilton

    Yeah I used my own name……….EAT IT UK FANS……EAT IT

  98. Hambone

    This Mark guy is going to be BOMBARDED with messages. Sucks to be him.

  99. blueblue

    Someone needs to tell Mark Hamilton to STFU!!!! Daniel, while I DON’T want to see you go, and I think it’s a mistake, I respect that it’s your mistake to make. Once a Cat, always a Cat. Good luck and thanks for one season of memories from a TRUE member of the BBN!!!

  100. sickofourfans

    Love the Cats, always been the number 1 supporter. Can’t say I’ve never been down on our boys, but this is why we can never defend ourselves against our fanbase. Issue is there are thousands of Mark Hamilton’s out there that post this crap and hundreds of thousands true supporters who remain silent and root on our boys. Tell him to go back to working the night-shift at WalMart and get a life. Good Luck Daniel, no matter what you decide. Go Blue.

  101. gay glazer

    Good job Mark, your horrible post is now being used by every coach/assistant coach in the country to illustrate the reason that recruits should avoid UK.

  102. Just Call Me Tay

    I am sorry to say that KSR has to take some blame. I am a big KSR fan, but I think Matt and co. may not realize how influential this medium has become for better or worse.

    This site has had some very negative posts on Orton. Even this post has a tinge of negativity. We will not lose the freaking scholarship. We don’t need it anyway. But now we’ve lost any chance of getting Orton back.

  103. sickofourfans

    Love the Cats, always been the number 1 supporter. Can’t say I’ve never been down on our boys, but this is why we can never defend ourselves against our fanbase. Issue is there are thousands of Mark Hamilton’s out there that post this crap and hundreds of thousands true supporters who remain silent like a good fan and root on our boys. Tell him to go back to working the night-shift at WalMart and get a life. Good Luck Daniel, no matter what you decide. Go Blue.

  104. bball93903

    funny how this site is trying to act above it all.

  105. HawkD

    92, 94- He is clearly a UK fan. I looked on his wall and all his statuses are about UK. I don’t why he would claim to be a UL fan especially since he is wearing a UK shirt in his picture. Nonetheless, this guy needs to be taught a lesson

  106. Red Bird

    This guy is about to get a million visits and messages to his homepage…LMAO.

  107. 12KY

    80) I’m not blaming ksr, I’m saying people jump to extremes too quickly

  108. swampbreath

    mark hamilton, you fat, redneck piece of shit. if i knew where you were, i would kick your fat,gravy slurping ass myself

  109. Mark Hamilton

    106) BECAUSE IM SCARED!!!!!

  110. bob in detroit

    #103, and #105 –i have been saying that all along, but be careful you will likely have your post erased real soon. more of a communist site. don’t like the challenge of KSR. it is 98% of the time a good site. this is the other 2%

  111. Pooh-ba

    MH is a d-bag. However, I would keep an eye on Orton finishing classes from San Fransisco. I’m pretty sure passing classes (while actually attending class) isn’t a cake walk for most of the team.

  112. 12KY

    103) that’s sort of my point, even the smallest negativity in a post can lead to people getting crazy and vice versa

  113. Facebook Monitor

    To let you Cat fans know, this guy is a Farmville Douche at that…

  114. Manbearpig

    MAn I just took the biggest Mark Hamilton ever!!! What a douche, I hope someone steals his radio tonight while he sleeps

  115. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    110 – I don’t disagree. Even I was guilty at one point with the knee jerk reaction of calling Orton’s decision selfish. It’s hard to not get a little swept up in these things, especially when this story has taken more twists and turns than Xavier Henry’s recruitment.

    For the people outwardly blaming KSR for this, I can’t disagree more. The comment sections are one thing, but Matt hasn’t done anything wrong here. He’s been reporting this as it’s been happening. First Orton was projected high in the draft, then he was leaving, then his Dad was making ludicrous comments, then he was dropping out and risking a scholarship, then he was finishing his classes. None of those scenarios were going to have a celebratory feel to them. Had Orton donated money to a major charity or gone to spend the day with some sick kids at UK, Matt would have posted about it just as soon as he’d have posted the rest of this. That’s my take on it from being around this site for as long as I have anyhow. The guys have just been posting this as it’s coming down the pipe. If it isn’t all positive, well then it just isn’t all positive. The comment section argument is valid. Matt’s “harm” in all this isn’t. Not in my opinion.

  116. Cats R Back

    Another post on KSR coming to explain Mark Hamilton is a UL fan being a complete ass in 3…2…1…

  117. Yeah buddy

    I bet if this guy was offered 1/4 the money orton is going to make he would have bolted UK. If anyone is crazy in this situation it is NBA general managers

  118. GOCATS!
  119. La La Land

    103), 115) So no negative posts because people can’t control themselves? ITS THE PEOPLE AND THE COMMENTS NOT THE BLOG!! What is so hard to grasp? If i jump off a bridge you following? Or are you going to use your own intellect and rational thought?

  120. Bob

    Hey, isn’t this the same guy who shot and killed John Lennon? Looks just like him.

  121. Jodie Foster

    Yes, that is John Hinkley

  122. Not god

    Wow this is going to be a textbook lesson on how not to use the internet. This guy says awful shit, and has bad grammar. Now he is getting 100’s of messages, people will probably show up at his house, start calling his phone. People will probably be at his work tommorow. Who knows hes probably going to get beat up by some overzealous fan.

    Now he is pretending to be a UofL fan because hes scared. This may ruin the dudes life, thats pretty rough, but completely ironic and just.

  123. Ky76

    people like this…need a life…Orton, Bledsoe, Wall, and Boogie…and the rest of the basketball team…are just a group of young men…Just kids…and you get dumb adults doing crap like this….Just a shame…I hope that man get’s his…and Bravo to you Matt for posting and speaking up on this crap….Bravo.

  124. Tool Boy

    Mark Hamilton is low down, dirty and a snitch

  125. 12KY

    Again, where did I blame ksr? I was agreeing that ksr is a powerful medium. I’m saying IF they post something with a negative tone, people go crazy with their comments. When they post something more positvive, everyone loves orton. It’s not ksr, it’s the commenters that take posts and run with them.

  126. Josh

    NIce responded by Orton, and Nicely done to Matt. We forget these guys are people with lives, feelings, and futures. I love the passion of UK but sometimes it steps or in this case completely forgets about the line.

  127. Mark=Fail

    Mark = UK’s #1 Recruiter

  128. Mark Hamilton

    I drive a Dodge Stratus!!

  129. Are we any better?

    If we call Mark Hamilton, or bombard him w/ phone calls/messages/etc….are we really any better than him? I am just as angry at this guy as the next person….but what do we really achieve by being mad at him for doing what some of you who have posted his personal info are about to do?

  130. ukmilz79

    Yeah, I’m not doing cartwheels over Orton’s decision, but Mark Hamilton disgusts me. (Did anybody notice the post times though 3AM-4 AM)

  131. gottodoit

    UK fans are like overbearing parents driven nuts by their own unfulfilled dreams. They push, push and push their children until the children get sick of the harsh words and come to hate them.

    Can’t UK fans agree to impose a moratorium on player criticism? That way, at least, we might sign a few unsuspecting players of talent this year.

    Of course, I’m writing this under the assumption these hyper-critical people really are UK fans.

  132. Discipline

    138)Bad behavior must be corrected….no?

  133. Make an example of Mark

    This guy deserves whatever he gets. UL fan or UK fan he chose to rip a kid and try to hurt UK’s program so if he gets publicly embarrassed, fired or just harrassed relentlessly then he brought it on himself. Maybe he’ll be an example to future people not to do this stuff.

  134. bob in detroit

    Matt Jones may be morphing into Jerry Tipton right before our eyes. playing both sides of the fence

  135. Nate Knight

    Seems Mr. Hamilton is no longer allowing people to send messages to his FB account. Mark, read this you little bitch:

    Thank you for embarrassing all Kentucky fans with your classless remarks to Daniel Orton. He’s an 18 year old kid. So you think he’s making a bad decision and it may hurt UK basketball – who cares? Be a man, act like an adult, and let it go. Do you feel good about yourself right now?

  136. Mark Hamilton CaRd4LiFe

    hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahaha Sitting here killing a 30 pack with my UofL buddies rolling hahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahah IM RICH BITCH

  137. shadowboxer

    My feelings about Orton haven’t changed just because some moron decides to rant on his Facebook. I completely disagree with sending a message of this type to a player. I would never do it and Mark needs a good beating (or twelve). I still feel, however, if DO doesn’t finish classes, DO is selfish. Last time I checked, there were some pretty decent basketball facilities at UK where DO can prepare for the draft and finish the semester.

  138. Boggie Blue

    Orton is a Cat for Life no matter what happens!

  139. KSR Spy

    What a total douchebag. Mr. Orton showed a lot of class. I would personally like to apologize on behalf of our idiotic fans.

  140. HelloKSR

    46 – Poopy Head? Whoa, the gloves have come off haven’t they? 😉

  141. tisk tisk
  142. Escape Goat

    Do you think I am one of the goats from “The Men Who Stare At Goats”? An escaped goat like myself is smarter than Mark Hamilton (ignorant SOB). Daniel is a great kid and we should all support his decision. It’s his life…not yours!

  143. karen sypher's miniskirt

    Dear Mark Hamilton, since we live in a democracy and your internet privileges cannot be revoked, might I suggest perma-mittens. Do the world a favor, please.

    Also, consider staying away from Lexington, Oklahoma, and San Francisco. Daniel Orton is bigger than you. So is his dad.


  144. Shady

    Bob in detroit…..Mark….is that you?

  145. shadowboxer

    138 – Yes, we are better. The dude is hurting our program by acting this way. He needs to be punished. He isn’t going to change Orton’s mind by doing this. His stupidity impacts any recruit or current that reads it. He is simply making some UK fans look like lunatics.

  146. tisk tisk
  147. HelloKSR

    One comment: If we respond to Mark Hamilton’s hateful message with hate, we have more in common with him than any of us would like. It’s fine to give him a hard time for a stupid comment, but we can be respectful even if he wasn’t. Especially because he wasn’t. Even Daniel himself was able to do that.

  148. Campbell's Soup Kid

    Incidentally, this mob behavior isn’t doing anything to redeem the perception of UK’s fan-base. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine, instead of showing what a “true-blue” fan you are by bashing some guy who made a stupid decision.

  149. bob in detroit

    #153. nope, not mark. don’t believe mark has a brain. but this site acting all innocent is a joke. they have been using sarcasma and adding fuel to this fire all week. i like the site. but it has not been totally cool in this situation. they act like he is 18 and needs to be respected, then quit making jokes about going to Cali to study and acting like Orton’s dad is an idiot. if he is 18 then he is 18, but don’t judge others about harsh comments to a kid or young adult if you are making harsh assumptions about a young adult.

  150. Ashley Judd

    It’s amazing that everybody is acting like they are really ok with Orton going. Everybody knows he needs another year. I don’t like the hatred this guy expressed but really??? Who isn’t a little mad at big O? I know I am somewhat. But really its his choice and if he wants the only color that matters in this world “green” go on. I don’t hope any ill will. I would like to see him get taught a lesson and slip to the 2nd round but somebody will take a chance on him. Average 3pts per game and going to be a 1st round pick is amazing to me and heck who wouldn’t want to come play here?

  151. LadyCat

    You know I’ve been one among many that thinks he should stick around and that leaving school is a bad idea. But to go as far as this dude did is just straight up stupid. I dont think there is even a word for it. While in a way, some things he says may be true…like his dad seeing him as dollar signs because I do think that is true. While Orton may be good, he could use another year of school and his dad should be encouraging that instead of leaving school. But as long as he doesnt hurt UK…then do whatever. It’s been said him and Cal didnt really like each other and the SEC tourney was the breaking point IMO. That’s why Cal said Orton had some decisions to make at the end of the season and that was probably transfer or go pro. I’m over it now. Orton and his dad just used UK’s publicity for his advantage, now he’s gone and we can bring in hopefully both Terrence Jones and CJ Leslie.

  152. tisk tisk
  153. Nerd Fight

    SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! Come down to KSR to witness the massacre nerd fight of Mark Hamilton vs. the Big Blue Nation. Celebrate the rising of Christ from the dead by watching an overweight, bitter old man fight with other equally bored people! It’s gonna be a blood bath! Admission is free to anyone willing to listen. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! BE THERE!!!

  154. UKhoopshysteria


  155. Man thats funny


  156. Dude

    163) Mmm, yes I thought about it……and you sir…… need to put down the pipe!

  157. Mark Hamilton celebrates
  158. Scared

    163) Mark is that you

  159. Sweet Wm

    I will let all his friends know, etc.

  160. andrew

    pretty sure this douche is fat bastard’s brother…whatda think?

  161. UKhoopshysteria

    I meant Mark. Bingo! I indeed just got done smoking. I still think its a conspiracy lol

  162. TSmithPage

    Well, assuming we have the right guy, it no longer appears that Orton lists him as one of his “friends”. No surprise there, really…

  163. Cliver

    163 – Not quite, bud. I can hear it now: Daniel says, “AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Good one about my dearly departed mother, Mark! BUUUUUUUUUURN!!!”

  164. Mark Hamilton
  165. sickofourfans

    Only thing we need to do, is not do anything or send Daniel a message and show him we got his back. You go to school to get a career, let the kid pursue his.

  166. uksprts101

    173.) not sure who has bigger tits, him or his fugly girlfriend

  167. Laker Cat 18

    I think this whole thing is ridiculous. From Orton’s comments/decisions, “the fan” and his blow-up, to Matt Jones himself.

    Re-read the comments from this KSR article comment section a day or two ago and tell me none of the same people on this one were bashing Orton. My opinion is the pot’s calling the kettle black. Jones can defend himself all he wants about he never directly said anything in a negative manner about Orton. He is right, but some of these idiots under the comment sections to those stories are VERY similar to “the fan.” The same one’s supporting him today are the same one’s who bashed him just hours ago. It makes me sick. Sicker than Duke being crowned the 2010 National Champions.

  168. Confused

    176) You mean Mark Hamilton makes you sick….right? How many of those people posted on Orton’s wall? We are talking about someone crossing the line……..refresh, rethink and repost

  169. Jason

    On behalf of the UK fan base, we would like to issue Daniel Orton and his father a formal apology for any negative interactions fans may have had with them in the pat few weeks. We have all loved having Daniel at UK and he greatly contributed to the success of this years team. We all wish Daniel well in his decision to pursue an NBA career and wish only the best for him and his family. Thank you Daniel for being part of Big Blue Nation. You are a great young individual, and may God bless you and your family.

  170. demi

    this is where sometimes its hard to be a fan. when i see statements like marks it sickens me to think a real uk fan would act like that.whether you agree or not with ortons decision means nothing. its his life and his choices. he served uk well while he was here.i hope he does well and his dreams are met.i liked watching him play. sure i dont want him to go, but what do i have in it{nada} good luck to orton and his family.

  171. katdowdy

    any word on jai lucas?

  172. Robasama

    If a player has a chance to get drafted….he’d be a fool not to go. Think Da’sean Butler wouldn’t love to rewind the tape? You’re only one major injury away from losing the opportunity.

  173. Mattcat68

    Matt Jones, I love KSR and have been reading and posting here since day one. However please don’t try to act like you haven’t been perpetuating the anti-Orton sentiment for the past week.

    “But what about Daniel Orton? On the surface, Orton’s decision to go to the Draft is baffling. He averaged 3.3 points a game last season and has the lowest average points per game of any player from America that I can ever remember being considered a first round pick.”

    “For if Orton were to have left UK and it would have had a potential scholarship-losing effect, that would be a bad way for Orton to end his career.”

    “But the reality is that Orton has given the staff a bit of trouble this year, and has been more of a headache than I would have expected. The rest of the Freshmen and Patrick Patterson are finishing out the school year because they know it is what is good for them and the program. If Orton left, it put the University in a tough situation and was not the right move.
    My hope is Daniel changed his mind. But if he did not, the Three Amigos showed more loyalty to the UK basketball program than did Daniel.”

    Now where do you think a mental giant (escape goat?) like Mark Hamilton got his material?

    Just own it, Jones!

  174. TheAmazingKreskin

    so its a horrible thing to post some ish on Daniel Orton’s wall but its perfectly OK to pick this guy out from facebook and go on a witch hunt against because he was made villian of the day at KSR – to the point that someone has tracked down where he works and people will call him at work on Monday?

    Don’t talk about how bad our fans are for doing extreme things, buncha damn mindless sheeple

  175. Hookster

    I for one would absolutely stop going to class if I was able to go to the NBA. Class sucks. Very much like most of you people.

  176. Still Confused

    Some people just don’t get it. Mark Hamilton talked about Orton’s deceased mother. Now think about that for a minute! Spin it anyway you want..blaming KSR, Matt Jones and using other excuses for this complete idiot make no sense. He talked about his mother and father and that crosses the line. Don’t blame the president, the economy, KSR, drugs, the boogey man or anyone else. Its called responsibiity… Blame Mark Hamilton!

  177. hambone

    To Daniel Orton: Not all UK fans are as ignorant as this idiot. Do what you feel is best for you and i hope you have nothing but success. You will always be a Kat forever and tru UK fans will support you in what ever you do. Kick but in the NBA big guy.

  178. agreed

    well said, i was thinking the same thing, post after post on this subject(mostly negative), but now its too much. wut did matt think would happen?

  179. 3 fan

    To Orton, I apologize for all UK fans. To Hamilton, you are a dick!

  180. kyle

    #182 well done. well said


    Wow I honestly can’t believe you all are looking up this guy’s profile and his work you all are as creepy as he is….really come on. That is just wrong and shows how classless all people in the state of Kentucky are from both UK and UL, if you go to other states it isn’t like that. UK will never win a national championship ever because you all take things too serious like life and death.

  182. boxhead

    I’m embarrassed to be a UK fan.

  183. Cat Fan In Texas

    Completely see that some nutty fans have gone too far with the Orton criticism. No one should stoop to the level of personal or family insults. However, a more responsible approach that simply points out how UK could be damaged by his possible decision not to finish the semester is completely justified. A big problem with this nation is we fail to clearly discern right and wrong and communicate this to young people. So Daniel, I don’t know what your plans are, but if you do decide to leave early, good luck, and if you fail to finish the semester, shame on you.

  184. anonymoose

    From Cal to the overreacting fans, it just keeps getting tougher and tougher to root for UK basketball.

  185. catswild

    drinking + facebook commenting= Never a good thing.

  186. Swiss daddy

    If anyone needs another year in college, it would be this Mark Hamilton guy. Escape goat? I assume he would be referring to a scapegoat. The incomplete sentences, mismatched tense (if he HAD clock then he WOULD HAVE foulED out, not will foul out), and improper use of then vs. than when making a comparison (…never be better THAN Cousins, COUSINS should not have had an apostrophe, while DADDY’S should have), demonstrate that he has no knowledge of the basic grammar rules that were probably taught to him in middle school and for sure drilled home by that cakewalk ENG 104 class every freshman has to take at UK. Mark Hamilton, YOU’RE the joke (not YOUR you idiot, come on everyone knows that one). Good luck Daniel. P.S. I’m a Cards fan, but I hate to see some hateful old man rip into a good young kid.

  187. whats worse?

    waking up the next day embarrased that all you friends and the facebook nation know you slept with the fat big breasted ugly chick at the bar?? or having the entire big blue nation want to bi%^h slap you because you make us look bad talking crap on our players facebook?

  188. Mark hamilton

    I deleted my facebook. My lard ass fiancé would love messages though.

  189. Dustin

    #192) A more responsible approach is to not write anything to him at all. If he made a decision to leave UK early and not finish classes, not saying he has…if, then what do you think is going to change by you posting anything questioning or critical on his FB page? Nothing positive can come from this.

    Hypothetically, even if you’right (not saying you are) you don’t accomplish anything and cross a line that gets UK fans ripped by those in the mainstream.

    If you must post on players social media sites use the approach that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  190. ukguy

    link his fiance fb page please

  191. Wow

    Wow, the douchebag deleted his Facebook account.

  192. Wow
  193. beezhd

    Drinking + facebook taunting + getting your location put out there for anybodys , SUDDEN or EXTREME acts of ? ………………………..Priceless , I DOUBT IT .
    Theres ” Probably gonna be a Co-Pay ”


    Wow, what a dick! I can’t believe he brought Daniels mother into it. Can’t say I’d blame Daniel for wanting to leave if that’s the crap he has to put up with.

    Mark Hamilton…you are a truly classless individual.

    All these guys busted their asses for the program, and I am thankful for each and every one of them.

  195. Wow

    Lori Russell If you get an inbox about mark ignore it!!
    51 minutes ago via Mobile Web

    Mike Russell THIS IS SURREAL…my (soon-to-be) brother-in-law got drunk last night, made some negative comments on Orton’s facebook, then Orton turned around and tweeted the post, and now it’s on….hundreds of comments bashing him, poor Mark 6 minutes ago

  196. MarkJUSTcalledME

    Ok, Mark Hamilton just called me…for real. You see, Mark Hamilton, the one you have all come to hate so easily, is my (soon-to-be) brother-in-law. This is surreal. I really cannot believe that this is happening to someone I know. Now, I 100% do not condone Mark’s comments, but in his defense, he was VERY drunk last night, and he has always been a loyal UK fan. Just so you all know, he has deleted his FB account.

    One thing I do want to address are the comments about the TV repair job he holds. This is the very same job that my father has to feed his family and pay his bills, so please, can we do without such comments from here on out? Go ahead and call Mark an “anal dwelling ass monkey” all you want, but lay off the career path.

    Again…..I still cannot believe this is happening. Mark…you are a douche!!! 🙂

  197. MarkJUSTcalledME

    204 and others……please stop stalking my sister, Lori, me (Mike Russell) and Mark’s relatives. You think Mark may have gone too far with what he said…just think about what you’re doing.

  198. Volvo Bob

    Thank you 195! If I see another your instead of you’re I’ll scream. I learned that in sixth grade. Pay attention.

  199. Cat Fan in Cinci

    What an immense tool. If he knew anything about athletics, he would obviously start by getting his fat a## to a gym… Take a look at that photo of his… Nice play to delete your facebook. Exactly what a freaking coward would do.

  200. Hug It !

    Hope his first game as pro breaks his shoulder on rim

  201. Flippy23

    Mark Hamilton, you are exactly the type of “fan” (and person for that matter) that will frustrate our ability to recruit the absolute best players. Keep your ignorant trap shut and just color in those books your mom bought for you….. stay the hell away from the computer. You do not know how to use it…..idiot.

  202. screw U!

    The ground work has been set, your douch brother in law started war, drunk or not, it does not give him the right to use daniels mother who has passed away in ANY FORM, I hope he loses his job and looks hisself in the mirror and realizes how ugly he really is. And as for being a UK fan naa he isn’t because that’s not how a uk fan rolls BIATCH!

  203. Wow

    206…stalking? It’s called the internet man, if it was posted and I can read it without being your sister’s friend, it’s not stalking.

  204. MarkJUSTcalledME

    197) Not cool dude. Leave her out of it.

  205. Wow

    Now if I would have added your sister to just to read her status updates not knowing her, that would be stalking.

  206. screw U!

    Mess with the Wildcat you will get bitten, ITS ON!

  207. catswild

    #190. already been done 7 times.

  208. Mackdogg

    Funny thing is, dude is now getting the exact same treatment he dished out to Orton.. Karma..

  209. Kentucky Blows

    LOL at all the Kentucky losers trying to convince themselves that this guy isn’t a UK fan and must be a ‘fake’. No, he’s a real Kentucky fan and represents about 90% of your retarded fanbase.

    And to all you morons writing stuff like ‘Daniel please don’t listen to the guy! We love you!’ — I can promise you Daniel Orton isn’t reading the comment section of this freaking blog, idiots. LOL. Hilarious.

  210. YourOwnPersonalBlueJesus

    Muck Fark Hamilton

  211. Laker Cat 18

    177. No sir. The same people posting on this comment section supporting Orton are some of the same who were taking shots at him in prior comment sections. That makes me sick.

    185. I’m assuming you’re the same as 177. Go no further than comment #17 on the prior comment section I linked above. Here it is again:

    I don’t condone the words and views of “the fan,” but I also recognize that he is just as much of a human being as Orton. People make mistakes, that includes Orton, “the fan,” and Matt Jones. Jones posts things that we don’t agree with, but do we go to his facebook page and stalk him until he deletes it? “The fan” could have simply been intoxicated or he could be special needs, in all seriousness. Think outside the box.

  212. dan

    Personally, I think Orton is selfish and, while I certainly don’t agree with the tone and strong language this guy used, his points are, shall we say, on point. I don’t mind a prima donna being taken to task for acting like a prima donna. You could tell all year that Orton was sad about sitting behind Cousins. I am tired of these players who think they are better than they are. Unfortunately, I think a lot of Orton’s attitude comes from his dad. Prediction: Daniel Orton, the next Randolph Morris….

  213. Laker Cat 18

    Facebook settings can also be changed to where ONLY FRIENDS can have access to anything: wall posts, private messages, etc. I suggest any student athlete who don’t want to be contacted by anyone they don’t know, adjust these settings. Delete is a simple process. That goes for Twitter, Myspace, whatever social networking site one might use.

  214. baldy

    I’m glad I’m not Mark Hamilton

  215. Dustin

    222.) You say “I don’t mind a prima donna being taken to task for acting like a prima donna.” You should have a problem with it unless you don’t mind a negative outcome for UK.

    A kid betting limited min wanting to play more, especially a top 20 player in HS, is not uncommon or that unexpected. Again though, even if you’re right your comments don’t do anything except bring negative publicity to UK.

    Don’t be so selfish, your desire to vent your feelings about a particular subject to a kid shouldn’t trump what’s best for the program.

  216. Boogie

    This guy is turning into the Steve Bartman of Kentucky.

  217. lets be honest?

    who wasnt calling orton an idiot to all your friends for attempting to leave for the NBA? if Orton stays at least 1 more year hes gonna make soooooo much more money. its 1 frigin year! idiot!

  218. Jason

    Come on Matt, I wish you would not have posted this door knob’s message….now you have given this thing legs that it didn’t need to have. Kind of like putting the camera on the streaker at a pro football game. You can bet the national media, who get’s there news from your site, will now be all over this. Probably wouldn’t have been the case if it was just the world of Daniel Orton’s Facebook account. While you were right on the money with your assessment, now this thing could need real damage control by Cal.

  219. NBA

    besides playing behind the best players in the nation. what did Orton really do? he shows promise but still has a lot to prove. if your gonna enter the draft will take you and pay you but it will only be cutting your potential earnings short. just sayin….

  220. D Orton

    I hate every one of you redneck crackers.

  221. bigcat4453

    #16 you have me confused withanother MArk Hamilton. I would never in a million years send a letter like that to Daniel Orton. Do I think Daniel is making a mistake? YEah. But I think he’s an adult who is going to be allowed to make mistakes. I wish Danile nothing but the best of luck in whatever road he chooses. There are more MArk Hamiltons out there than I ever dreamed of. It isn’t me.

  222. Kentucky Blows

    Matt, ignore post 228. Solid journalism bro.

  223. bigcat4453

    It’s not me #23 I’m tellin you. I wouldn’t do that! Seriously!

  224. Mark Hamilton

    What’s the big deal?

  225. hunter thompson

    trolls are worse than any fanbase POS

  226. Pat 4Head is a Jagoff

    Happy Easter!

  227. Bigblue12

    Wow how ignorant can one person be, who the hell is to tell anyone how to live there life obviously he has a shit life if he will do somthing like this. Yea it sucks Daniel s leaving he is a damn good player but can anyone blame him for wanting to go in th NBA and start makin money, not to mention he has had knee problems if he would have came back and got hurt then what it wouldn’t have helped anyone. Daniel ignore dumbases like this and do ur thing represent in the league

  228. Stopthismeaness

    Alright everyone, enough is enough. All kinds of people post smack about people.
    He meant nothing by this. Mark was being silly. He didn’t ask for all of this. Let it die.

  229. kyartist

    This pster is a twit!…and now, we have found the no child left behind! Duh!

  230. kyrgaines

    What a complete piece of garbage. Last night people were hoping he would break his leg, that he would fail, etc. for an open ended comment he made. Bringing up his mom and stuff is idiotic. Everybody jumped to conclusions and turned on the kid, not knowing a damn thing about the situation whatsoever. What a bunch of sorry ass cry-babies. These are most likely the same idiots that contacted them after their first loss. Anybody that would contact any player on this team that they don’t personally know is a complete zero, regardless of the reason. Do yourselves a favor and leave the players be. They don’t need a fan’s advice. That kid doesn’t owe anybody an explanation for what his business is, period. Nobody in here is running UK, so leave it to the coach, AD, and President. If you don’t approve, quit going to the f’n games, if you’ve ever been at all. What a bunch of stupid kids!

  231. what the shizz?

    I like the “escape goat” part. I just picture Mark riding on a f-ing goat trying to get away from angry UK fans carring pitchforks and torches. That’s funny sh*t.

  232. Mark Hamilton CaRd4LiFe

    Breaking News all UK recruits have just announced they will not be committing to the University of Kentucky because of this upcoming story of UK’s fan base bashing athletes of the university. HERES THE LINK

  233. true_blue

    Wow good job matt you ruined this guys life by putting his name on the post…Is what this guy did pathetic? yes. Is the way the visitors of this site are currently treating him and HIS FAMILY equally pathetic? Yes. “This guy is what gives UK fans a bad name?” WOW….Him and the rest of you hypocritical idiots.

    Most classless thing ever to come from this site…you should ALL be ashamed.

    Go Cats

  234. jc

    I dont think Mark is correct in saying these things to a kid but…….He is right in a lot of things he says.Orton isnt ready for the NBA.He is just ready for a paycheck.

  235. TheAmazingKreskin

    this kind of fan give all of us a bad name

    except few of us would know it, it if weren’t for me publicizing it and providing a feed for the national media.

    Way to Tipton this up, KSR.

  236. fox3c

    Yeah, this isn’t really cool. KSR kind of started all the hubbub, and then some guy does something kind of idiotic about it (his own fault, but still), but then KSR goes and starts a bunch of hubbub about him (with all the Facebook stuff, his email, address, where he works). I think KSR bears some responsibility here, and I kind of just lost a little respect for this site.

  237. Charles Barkley

    Actually I think it was Daniel Orton who let this out, KSR really can’t be sued…

  238. Richard Madison

    Heshimu means “warrior”.

  239. blueblue

    I think Mark Hamilton is a big dumbass and doesn’t deserve to be a member of the BBN. However, I have to say, if we harass this man at his place of employment, then we are no better than he is.

  240. Lawyer

    He can’t sue. He put this message on Facebook. It is Public domain. Mark is f’ed.

  241. Mark Hamilton CaRd4LiFe

    BILLY G is my hero!

  242. hunter thompson

    wow. amazing how guys like 252,253 etc doesn’t realize they are only making themselves look stupid

    congrats on being able to work a computer

  243. ?????

    246) This guy got a “top paid lawyer” in 5 hours on a Sunday, impressive? This guy doesn’t seem like a person who knows a lot of top lawyers but he got one on the case pretty quick, hahaha.

    What exactly is his basis for this lawsuit? That a blog posted a facebook screenshot that is open to the public? I think that will probably go about as well as the Samantha Ryan suit. This guy made a huge social mistake and he’s feeling a strong social punishment.

    Those who say anyone who basically boycotts anything this guy is a part of and tells those he represents (his employer) of their intentions is as bad as him are wrong in my opinion. If someone commits a crime and we punish him are we just as bad as him or is he being punished rightly for his crime. I would argue the latter and this wasn’t a crime, but it’s also not a criminal punishment, it’s a social one.

  244. Mark Hamilton (The REAL MARK HAMILTON)


    GO CATS!

  245. Mark Hamilton (The REAL MARK HAMILTON)


  246. Mark Hamilton (The REAL MARK HAMILTON)


  247. Mark Hamilton (The REAL MARK HAMILTON)


  248. Kentucky Blows


  249. GOCATS!

    Well, I guess you wont be doing to much drunk facebooking anymore!