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So we’re playing that game, huh?

Keith Kelsey Jr. couldn’t just commit to Louisville and move on without stirring up the citizens of Big Blue Nation.  He had to stick it to us before picking Charlie Strong and the dark side:

“I think that I will be attending the University of Kentucky to be a Wildcat.  Psyche.  I’m a Louisville Cardinal, baby.  Go Cards!”

Welcome to the rivalry.


Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

125 responses to “So we’re playing that game, huh?”

  1. WKyPT

    People still say Psyche?

  2. Big Curt

    Funny though. I’d think it was a lot more funny if he did that to UL and picked UL.

  3. Shawon

    People who hat switch are losers and I hope none of our commits would ever do that.

  4. Joer can Dougie

    Just made a lot of enemies…

  5. BA

    He will fit in well in Loserville. Typical UL thug

  6. StrongDefense

    Ouch! That had to hurt.

  7. JB95Jeep

    Who is Keith Kelsey, Jr anyway?

  8. UK Sucks

    I like this kid already. Go Cards

  9. stoops

    Great now we have football recruits making fun of us. Thats a great sign

  10. the Big Dog

    Stay classy, Loserville.

  11. Tmwill84

    Louisville has more trolls than any fan base ^

  12. Podcast Listener

    I would have probably done the same if the school I wanted to attend pulled my scholarship the night before I was going to pick them.

  13. Cats47

    Yea stay classy and stop winning BCS rings!

  14. mudcreekmark

    He just became public enemy number 1. That is, if he ever gets on the field.

  15. 1980

    Hello is this Keith Kelsey Jr? I’d like my “Psyche” joke back please.

  16. DLN

    #5 I was thinking the same thing. I can just see the Louisville frat boys…”Oooh, man, burn man, you know. Mmph!” *bumping chest with fists*

    Yeahhhhh…stay classy, L’ville. You might regret it soon.

  17. Louisville

    That’s Klassy, with a K. That’s how we do it.

  18. jaxcats8503

    Big mistake, young fella. BBN wrath is about to hit you on twitter in 3…2…1…

  19. the Big Dog

    Loserville beats a horrible Florida team in the Sugar bowl and thinks they are world beaters gimme a break

  20. the Big Dog

    #18 Yea lets get this kid on Twitter. BBN Unite and Strike!!!

  21. blueblue
  22. FlashOfBlue

    I hope he steps on a lego.

  23. Musehobo

    5) “Thug”? I think that’s a big jump. How bout “dick”? Cause that’s a real dick thing to do to a school you were considering attending.

  24. CardFan

    Cats47 Says:
    January 28th, 2013 at 10:08 am
    “Yea stay classy and stop winning BCS rings”

    Pretty sure we have a plan in place to stop winning those rings. We managed to sneak up on a Florida team that didn’t want to settle for a victory over us, since that’s clearly a step down; but I think we should enjoy our win this year and maybe one more in 2013 before the wheels fall off our bus. Oh well, we will always be able to point back to the win over Florida. Even 25 years from now when we’re back to being number 2 in the state behind the hated Cats we can look back fondly on this and talk smack about how long it’s been since UK beat Florida. And at least if we leave a really horrible football conference we will be joining another horrible football conference so we can rack up the easy wins. It looks pretty good when you don’t dig into it too deeply.

  25. KatsKorner

    Lets give this kid HELL on twitter! He made a bad choices

  26. Dave


  27. blugreg

    A 3 star linebacker holding a presser??? Seems to fit in just right for Loserville! Come on down Mr. Hearns!!

  28. KatsKorner

    I hope he chokes on a lego

  29. Stickman

    That’s obviously not an approved Loserville hat. It looks halfway normal instead of the ridiculous flat bill most Tard fans prefer.

  30. the Big Dog

    Anybody else giving it to the kid on twitter. Im making him my whippin boy

  31. Stickman

    Damn I hate losing 3* LBs and having to settle for a 4* that was previously committed to Florida.

  32. KatsKorner

    Is the Kats hat a flatbill? Dang making us look like thugs

  33. Tom Seaver

    #24 Bravo!

  34. Stickman

    Stop the twitter crap. It only makes us look like sore losers and makes him think he was really that important to our future success. You’re playing into his hands. Acting as if he didn’t exist speaks way louder than anything you can toss at him on the tweeter thing.

  35. MHFaulkner

    LOL. That’s hilarious.

  36. SEC! SEC! SEC!

    24. You are delusional if you think UK would be above .500 in the ACC

  37. Chase Arrington Porter

    This is what I expect from a Louisville player. Didn’t want him at our school anyway. See you in the fall.

  38. dickie v

    I would like to point out the difference in recruiting out of state vs in state. Something Matt has touched on. He is rated 5.6 from Florida this means he is number about the 100th rated prospect from that state. In comparison he would be the 7th or 8th rated prospect from ky.

  39. Adam

    He’s just a kid. He’ll grow up the next few years. No sense in worrying about it. I don’t think tons of UK Football fans were sitting on the edge of their seat awaiting this commit anyways. Good luck at the next level.

  40. knightynight

    18 and 20 – please grow up.

  41. Idiots

    All you fools talking shit on his twitter account are pathetic. You make us all look bad with your childish crap!! “Oh he acted like he was gonna pick us and pick UL instead. Let’s go bash him on twitter!”. Pathetic!!

  42. Larry linebeard

    Don’t worry guys he’s not a tard quite yet, still has to have a linebeard approved by both the university and Peyton Siva

  43. Larry linebeard

    N also… Never heard of this guy sooooo who cares

  44. CardFan

    36.SEC! SEC! SEC! Says:
    January 28th, 2013 at 10:22 am
    24. You are delusional if you think UK would be above .500 in the ACC

    UK? Who said anything about UK in the ACC? Didn’t know they were considering leaving the SEC. We, on the other hand, can make the move to the ACC and dominate it like we do the Big East. Rack up those easy wins without having to face the national powerhouses Kentucky faces over in the SEC. We may take a hit in basketball if UNC and Duke stick around, but it’s not like our basketball program is a consistent powerhouse anyway. I mean hell, we’ve dropped three in a row for Christ’s sake!! An entire generation has been born and graduated college since we last won an NCAA championship! But at least we can get 9-10 wins a year in football as long as the other programs stay mediocre. Lemonade out of lemons…

    I don’t keep up with UK a whole lot, but with their new football coach and the recruiting stories in full swing these next 2 weeks or so I have to come over here and check up on the Cats from time to time.

  45. UKcantCompete

    did you hear what I said? I said UK hasn’t beat any Florida team since Beastie Boys License to Ill…which happens to be the last time UofL won a basketball national championship. Suck on that, BBN!

  46. florida fan

    i am good friends with one of Kelsey’s hs coaches and he says his work ethic is awful and he really doesn’t have SEC caliber speed. i say it is not a bad loss for you guys up in KY. he is good but not SEC good. Louisville conference he will do fine. hat deal he is a kid being a kid.

  47. red headed step child

    What a punk, I have to wonder about his parents. When a kid signs a LOI it is a Hugh deal. It’s a contract, its serious business and this punk acts like this. ULoL is not paying him, that is your tax dollars at work. Ignorance breeds ignorance.

  48. Biglaw Dawgin'

    What a douche. (I’d be saying the same thing if he did the opposite and committed to UK.)

  49. florida fan

    #50 dont know anything about hatcher other than youtube highlights. youtube doesn’t give true pic of what kid is all about. some look fast when playing low level hs competition. hatcher looks stronger than everyone but that want be the case in college. same with Kelsey. tackling SEC running backs was going to be a prob for him. don’t get me wrong he is a good player but not SEC good. maybe at DE but not MLB. Hearns is better from all indication here in FL.

  50. AlwaysBasketball

    49 at least we have basketball to brag about. You all don’t have that and you also shouldn’t be bragging about football like you do. Yes, the Sugar Bowl is a good win, but it’s not a national championship. When was the last time UofL won a football national championship? I’m guessing NEVER. You couldn’t even win your crappy conference outright this year, you got to the Sugar Bowl on default…again, congrats on a decent win but don’t brag like you’re national champions.

  51. SourGrapes

    I am a douche. I would be mad if he did this to my Tards, but I’m going to come here and act like I wouldn’t.

  52. Litig8tr

    #34 is spot on. Don’t inflate this guy’s ego.

  53. cats 213

    40) Agree 100%. This site has been taken over with teeny boppin D bags.

  54. E-town

    He is just a kid.

  55. wow

    Is he in the 4th grade? lol
    Psyche? hahahahaa … want an idiot.

  56. asdf

    It would have been more impressive if he had a shaved “UK”, then pulled out clippers to change it to a “U of L”.

  57. brain

    Junkshot for this douche first time he get’s on the field against us or the whole team runs extra wind sprints for a week.

  58. Joe

    That really Hurtt. UK only offered a scolly and UL offered a scolly and money.

  59. seccats

    Look at the linebeard. The choice was obvious!

  60. Stupid post and stupid responses

    This is a stupid post that invited and received stupid responses. Who cares what this kid says or does? He chose a college to attend and at which to play football. He did not choose UK and that makes everything he says irrelevant…just like the University of Louisville. Move on.

  61. jaywou

    He will fit right in at loserville. Would not want a kid that immature
    playing for the BBN. You all can keep your thugs who beat up on your
    teammates in the locker room.

  62. brain

    Psyche is a class he’ll never get to since they don’t offer higher ed at UL. He’ll be stuck with 30 hours per year of PE and male facial manicuring.

  63. Jerry Springer

    Didn’t his dad just play at Florida like 12 years ago? I’m surprised he didn’t announce on an episode of Maury.

  64. Sckotto

    Matt, If Ky does not make a run in or even make the NCAA tournament, does it change the draft status of Noel,Cauley Stein, Goodwin? I say it changes how they are viewed by NBA scouts !

  65. Chase Arrington Porter

    This just clears up room for Hatcher. UL can have all of our rejects, we’ll all forget about Kelsey anyway. He’d be warming up the bench at UK.

  66. Sarah

    A) It’s “psych”. No e. Totally different word.
    B) Why are we harrassing him on twitter? That just makes us look stupid.

  67. Youguys

    Are hilarious. Attacking an 18yo kid’s character for not choosing to wallow in college football mediocrity and loserdom for the duration of his career.

  68. Bloodthorne26

    I thought i had been keeping up with the fb recruiting fairly well this year. I seen this kid’s name and was like “WHO?” I dont think we’ve spent alot of time following this kids recruitment, and we wasnt exactly on Kelsey watch today. Either way, best of luck to him in college. I still dont get whats with all the UofL fans coming over here to brag about a 3* recruit. They only have like a 60th overall recruiting rank. Doesnt sound so great for a BCS bowl team.

  69. BIGLOL

    And a BIG LOL and any of you foolish enough to believe that a ranked recruit of any caliber would be riding the bench at Kentucky. You all seem to have forgotten how genuinely terrible your football program is, and always has, been.

  70. fatkidineastky

    Would not have played @ UK IF…I said IF U TARD FANS…..IF Hearns Commits to KY…Kelsey kid obviouosly saw the competition this past weekend and …..decided…U of Smell was his best opportunity to see field…HEARNS!!!! I am calling for Hitman as nickname…feebily stolen from the original Thomas “Hitman” Hearns!

  71. TardTroll

    actually 71 if you read the comments, you will see that people are attacking the kid for being a douche bag with the way he announced. But attacking the kid is still stupid, just not as stupid as you.

  72. BIGLOL

    74 thank you for clarifying. I only see through troll-colored glasses so I choose want to I want to get out of each comment. That’s what we do here at UofLol

  73. Jason

    We’d have loved if he did it the other way around.

    Whatever. Get Hearns, and if he’s able to play, he’s the superior talent. I’m okay with this.

  74. Why

    Do the radio ads state that this website is for Kentucky and Louisville sports. I was heartily disappointed to find that it caters only to the ignorant.

  75. BigTenBob

    Welcome to the rivalry? LOL got to love two minor league fan bases. If it had been the other way around and he went with UK BBN would have creamed themselves.

  76. UKfanNKY

    Dude sucks……….see if Daddy gets you playin time too! Rather have Hearns thanks for not screwwing that up!!! GO CATS!!!

  77. BigTenBob

    Hey guys. I’m a loser with nothing better to do than come to a site of a team I don’t care about and make a stupid statement. Actually, if I’m here I must care.

  78. ribin

    See ya, don’t want to be ya !!!!

  79. Ukbbn

    Next year for halloween I want to be a troll. Since I can’t troll KSR what is the Louisville version of Matt jones and co?

  80. Ukbbn

    This year*

  81. natchamps98

    Really don’t that he chose UL beat was still unclassy move with the hat !

  82. motodog

    What’s with the green screen…did they put a shot up of Da Ville’s glorious Uconn triumph behind him. Or maybe that wonderful Temple rivalry.

  83. True Story


    It amazes me that UL fans would constantly post comments on a KY website. They truly are little brother, truly!

  84. 3 and Out Again!!!!!!!!

    Posting again. KSR can dish it out but cannot take it. So don’t delete this post just because it hits home. Welcome to UK football Stoops. Not the last time you will hear players choosing other schools/

    3 and out

  85. LOL

    LOL @ 86.

    If UL beat Florida like that I guess Syracuse would’ve been Bama by 50 plus and UConn would trash LSU. I mean UL did lose to those 2 giant powerhouses…lol

  86. bluristhurr

    #92 The site is called Kentucky Sports Radio, that means anything Kentucky related. Don’t come here much do you?

  87. Lpool03

    This is pointless when you consider the fact that his family had ties to Charlie strong and you couple it with the fact that we basically have a soft verbal from a better player who plays the same position. Land Hearns and this announcement is irrelevant.

  88. brain

    To all you tard fans on our site. Kiss my big blue balls.

  89. Drchadh

    Obviously this is a KID that needs attention. Thank goodness he is not coming to KY. As young as the Cats are they need mature, disciplined players that are ready to lead. I will always respect the opponent that draws attention on the field (because of their play) but I could never respect the player that demands attention off the field. Farewell and thank you for not choosing us!

  90. Justawaiting

    Not the correct way to handle the commitment at all. But no worse than the comments you guys are makeing at an 18 year old.I have read the horrible nasty, degrading tweets the big blue nation has sent your local kids that didnt come to ky so turn about is fair play. I ashamed to say I am a UK fan at times.

  91. Justawaiting

    95. Thats a problem you probably shouldnt share.Hoefully your luck changes.

  92. Satan's Illegitimate Child

    He claims he loves god then acks like us. I love guys like him. Thugs, rappars. Daddy said I can have my way with them when they get to hell. Yummmmmmmmmmmm.

  93. Satan's Illegitimate Child

    Hurtt borrowed my BF to pimp him out to get him here.

  94. Satan's Illegitimate Child

    Yes Louisville is Satan’s summer home. It gets hot in Hell. We call it LouHellville.

  95. That Would Be YOU

    92 you are here trolling, so clearly you all are lil bro. Big bro doesn’t need to go to lil bro for validation. Here you are begging, so thanks for answering your own question.

  96. Alcomyst

    Why would anyone want to play for a team that is the laughing stock of conference?

    Guy made the right move going to a team on the rise and not settling for 4 years of being a punchline to any CFB joke.

  97. What the Hell

    I like the LouHellville Joke but WTF is the rest of that crap. Dude who do you think you are Jeffrey Ross.

  98. Lol@LilBro

    102 that’s exactly what we’d expect from lil bro. go tattle, no one cares.

  99. Clint Hurtt

    We be at the Deja Vu lunch buffet if you Card fans on this site want to join us. My treat! I always pay for everyone!

  100. ChawlieStwong

    104 I hear dat brutha! He gonna luv one year in a turrible confurence, den he gonna have 2 yearz in a decent confurence befo the ACC splitz. I not sure what he will do year 4, probably be in jail by den.

  101. behindenemylines

    106 The cat is out of the bag with you idiots and your twitter. All these tweets are getting to your recruites. These top level guys are tight and the likes of you are the other schools greatest recruiting tool your just to stupid to know it.

  102. Clint's Bodyguard

    99-101 We told you if you talked we would have a problem. He’s under investigation. We can’t be letting these things get out in the open. If you don’t stop now only your daddy will be allowed to set in meetings with the Pres and Board of Trustees. You also will not be allowed in the locker room during Strong’s play time as well as be banished from writing or stories in the press.

  103. Clint's Bodyguard

    Crap I just confirmed it.

  104. I'm just sayin...

    Wouldn’t be surprised if old lady Karma did a “Michael Bush” on him in next year’s UK-UL game.

  105. Ders

    sounds like some people are pretty butt hurt about this

  106. Lol@LilBro

    109 (1) before calling someone stupid (and/or idiots) you should really learn the difference between you’re and your. (2) before calling someone stupid (and/or idiots) you should not put an “e” in recruits. (3) if recruits are listening to the likes of you, obviously they are stupid too. (4) the cat was never in the bag, moron, because once it’s posted on Twitter, it’s out of the bag.

  107. Alcomyst

    I wish I could afford a Ashley Judd snuggie. Or I wish the homeless shelter would provide me with one. Anybody got a dolla a brutha can borrow?

  108. Card4Life

    what 117??? they’ve outlawed incest marriage? but I really love my sister! She’s the biggest Cards fan eva, I’ll never find another like her. L No, so it’s not so!

  109. You know the sad thing

    Kentucky owns both schools. It isn’t about rivalries it’s about money. Guess what though UK is considered by the state as it’s flagship program. That means it’s primary, it’s leader. So UofL may not be our little anything but where it counts they do come in second.

  110. small percentage fans

    don’t bother the kid on twitter.. you all are the reasons why some players don’t want to come play at kentucky.. i wouldn’t want to either

  111. havetolaugh

    116 Kinda reaching dont you think? One question. Who all recruited you and where did you decide to go?…Exactly thank you.

  112. Alcomyst

    Why would I need an Ashley Judd snuggie?

    Especially when I get Ashley Judd tuggies! 😮

  113. kj


  114. Jesker

    @113 Don’t forget to hunker down when the wind gets to blowing too hard in your trailer park 🙂

  115. Marshall Henderson

    Wow….what a classless jerk.

  116. Manti T'eo

    I guess this jerk hasn’t heard that, just like my girlfriend…Louisville does not exist.

  117. Lance Armstrong

    Only a complete ass would tell such a shameless lie, live and on camera.

  118. kj

    114, see u at CWS in the fall, if u can make it in from crackville that is, plus we got 2 huge committs today, u can have the left over, u guys will soon be on probation from Hurt’s recruiting anyways & soon be back to suckville where u belong, 🙂

  119. J Dub

    Looks like he needs to go back to the fridge and grab some more fudge scikles!

  120. Terrence Jones

    Dont see what the big deal is.

  121. Gene

    Never heard of this 3* loser. I’ll take a 4* anytime.

  122. Fitting

    Perfect fit for the little brother suit. Desperate grab for attention- check…grabbing onto the heels of an SEC team for publicity- check… Classless attempt to ingratiate the pathetic little brother fanbase- trifecta!!! Put that big L on with pride, mister! You’ve earned it

  123. Dr.dunkonuk

    Dear UK fans,
    You make me smile. I smile because of your hypocracy. Funny thing is we don’t really care about this recruit. He will come to our program and be an 8th string LB. however, our coaches will develop him into a star which is something your football program is unaccustomed to. Had the situation been reversed, you kittens would have been salivating over this recruit talking about how he will destroy Teddy this year. News flash: we had the same amount of wins against SEC teams this year in football as you did: 1. The difference is UofKan’tplayfootball is IN the SEC. See you in commonwealth next year when the Cards are a 50 point favorite.

    From atop the Sugar bowl trophy,
    Dr. Dunkonuk

  124. Dr.dunkonuk

    Correction: we had two SEC wins. Florida and the kittens, but I wasn’t really counting you anyway. I heard the Big Sky was looking for teams. Seems like your basketball team would fit in there very well too.
    One love from the only city in this state that matters,
    Dr. Dunkonuk

    P.s. march 19th: first round of the NIT in case you guys were curious.

  125. Kensucky Wuscats

    If this didn’t bother Wuscat fans I don’t think there would be a single post from one. Clearly getting clowned on tv by a recruit likes its funny to joke about going to UK is down right hilarious..Please do the rest of the state a favor and realize ur #3 in the state now. Stop being jealous and bitter UL is having enormous success with strong and you can’t stand them beating Florida on their first try, and UK probably will never do it..face it UK your a basketball money in other programs equals no success..on the BCS issue, they can celebrate this like a national championship, it was a huge game against the #3 overall team in the nation..again talk all the trash u want about them stats don’t lie and they were the best defensive team in the nation by a good margin and UL put up 33 on em..the only team to do it all season…say what you want but realize UL is the 2013 Sugar Bowl Champion regardless on what you say..but why am I wasting my energy UK logic doesn’t involve reality