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SLAM Cover for UK Basketball


The cover comes out this week. UK is the first NCAA team with multiple players on the cover and Calipari is the first coach to make the cover for either college or the NBA. Good stuff.

Article written by Matt Jones

32 responses to “SLAM Cover for UK Basketball”

  1. Keeping it Real

    Nice pub!!

  2. actually


  3. fearnloathing


  4. Chris Collinsworth

    Jim Boehiememsseme killin it in COY voting. This is bull.;collegebasketball

  5. gig

    Boeheim is a douche that no one likes!

  6. Jared

    I’m also happy that KENTUCKY is spelled correctly 😉

  7. Turtle

    I like seeing the Cats on the cover of just about anything.

  8. BigBlueKy

    Awesome! Everyone go vote for Coach Cal in the poll posted above…. he is in second place… that just cannot happen… BBN needs to show their stuff

  9. BigBlueKy

    Also, don’t forget to vote for John Wall for the Cousy award.. he is in second place right now….

  10. Sea Bass


  11. Pastafarian

    I like it!!

  12. I'vegotthepuppiessetoffthebus

    Is coach standing on a box or something? If not, I think he has grown to 6 foot 8. (8

  13. ladylove

    anybody see ESPN

    at least they were honest and said it was about the money.. but seems like U of L or Cincy would be a better fit than Syracuse or Rutgers

    any comments on who would be the best expansion team, or more if you suggest one who would be dropped??

  14. UKEarp

    What’s with that crazy arm on Wall’s right shoulder?

  15. East KY

    15, Patterson’s?

  16. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    now THAT is recruiting momentum!

  17. Champ

    15 haha wow. that freaked me out for about 10 seconds til I finally realized it was pattersons arm. It sodes look weird tho

  18. Champ


  19. ladylove

    another ESPN note

    imagine if billy clyde had taken such stance, and all the more reason not to expand the NCAA tourney

  20. Big Blue KY

    13) You are right… I had not noticed that…good eyes

  21. catsfan21

    15. Wow that’s kinda creepy lol

  22. uky

    14 UofL doesn’t meet the academic qualifications to go to the Big Ten. Notre Dame makes the most sense, but they will never do it.

  23. ladylove

    23.. Cincy had the academics, but they will never do that either *smile*

  24. ss1210

    funny, you can see the box coach is standing on… glad they didn’t photoshop that out.

  25. Mojo Wilkins

    Coach IS on a box. You can see it if you look!

  26. TOMPAV83

    Whadya know, they spelled Kentucky right in this one

  27. dude

    I’m pretty sure that a recruit or two will see this and ponder his possibilities and what ifs …??

  28. OrangeHead

    Well the Cuse win at something else 🙂

  29. depoyrockcity

    Being on national magazine cover just caused us to drop the Georgia tonight.

  30. uk_angus

    how did they get patrick to smile like that…mr stoic shows his pearlies

  31. bcat

    Another magazine lightening skin? Wouldn’t expect that from someone like SLAM. Maybe its just Matt’s picture.

  32. nick

    when does it come out? says this week but i can not find it anywhere?