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Signing Day LIVE BLOG

Article written by Drew Franklin

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74 responses to “Signing Day LIVE BLOG”

  1. Dr.Dre

    does anyone know how to get the advertisement to go away


    Missing out on both guys, do we even have a starting 5?

  3. LexDoc

    1: I’m in the same boat…

  4. where

    can we watch this online? anywhere? I dont get ESPN U

  5. Danny Hornback


  6. Doc

    Kind of got bad vibes from cal on espnu

  7. fake music critic

    #2 no, we will start 3 guys.

  8. Sarah

    Having some technical difficulties with the live blog, cant get this advertisement to go away 🙁 Any suggestions?

  9. beth

    This is not critical. We will be fine either way.

  10. barn

    i’m worried. if we don’t get one of these guys we’ll only have the #2 ranked class. hope cal isn’t losing his edge

  11. V-in-K

    Oh well, sure wasted a lot of my time lol

  12. TJ

    We have good signees, could land a couple more and not counting transfers and jucos. We will compete!

  13. barn

    hope bazz don’t go to dook

  14. devastation, inc.

    12, you realize we have the #2 class?

  15. Cat fan in Gainesville

    Can’t blame Shabazz for staying close to home. Good luck to the kid

  16. barn

    i wish ucla all the worst

  17. TJ

    Shabazz needed his shots, Cal doesn’t run like that…

  18. Al B. Sure

    Shabazz wants to go to a bad team so he can be a star. He pretty much said it. Oh… #14, ESPNU said that UCLA bumped us down to #3 when Shabazz picked them.

  19. GrumpyOldDude

    Kyle Anderson looks stoned…..sure he’s not going to Cuse?

  20. TJ

    Shabazz fail…

  21. TJ

    Gotta understand people…our current Cats have not departed yet. That factors into these kids’ decision

  22. kyrobman

    Bazz doesn’t want to share the ball, so decided to go to UCLA.

  23. Paducah Fan

    Congrats to Shabazz for getting it over with, had a feeling he was going to stay out west and play along side Kyle Anderson. 21. You are right, none of our current players have declared for the draft and that factors into these kids decisions.

  24. LeftField

    Next time we should pay more $…

  25. barn

    this entire 90 minute show is devoted to only 2 recruits making their decision?

  26. Kelly J

    Hey…we are all disappointed but lets not trash the kid…it don’t do us or our recruiting any good to trash some kid… Bummer he didn’t choose UK and if we lose Nerlen…so be it…I’m am sure Cal will put a good team on the court next year…

  27. kyrobman

    We need all #BBN to show class and just unollow these kids if they don’t pick us. Please don’t blast them and give us bad pub.

  28. Left Out

    #24-How original your post is…NOT! Get lost you Cretin.

  29. Bill

    @2 I use Firefox for my browser with the AdBlock plugin, and I never see any ads during liveblogs

  30. GrumpyOldDude

    25 – ESPN knows when they have a captive audience…..

  31. bill

    Cal can coach, im not worried. Bazz may want to be oj mayo 2.0…its his life let him live it

  32. Syrin

    UCLA ?!?!?!

    BWHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!

    So much for wanting to compete for a championship, or develop your game. Long Beach St., Creighton, St. Louis were ALL rated ahead of UCLA. Duke I could understand, but this guy just wants to jack up 30 shots a game and never make the tourney. Think his coach, desperate for talent, will bench this guy for bad shot decision like Cal would? How about lack of hustle of the defensive end. Cal would have made him work too hard and made him be a TEAM player.

    People. He didn’t stay “home”, unless by “home” you mean some place 800 miles away.


    I’m feeling kind of sick, but I’m sure I’ll look back on this day and laugh when we hang #9 next April! No worries! In Cal we trust!

  34. WhiteMonba

    Not going to get Noel his mom wants him to go to Georgetown and he said his mom helped him with his choice! That’s why Cal mentioned Willie Cauley, and seemed down, he knows!

  35. best1978

    Boring show

  36. GYERO

    Might as well end the live blog before it turns into a pity party! We are already sounding like Louisville fans! “Next Year”

  37. shawty

    damn, i was looking forward to getting a shabazz t-shirt from fan outfitters…

  38. Keep Your Chin Up

    There are a ton of coaches that would love a lineup that includes Poythress, Goodwin, Harrow and Wiltjer. If anyone else comes back it makes this a top 5-10 team. If Cal gets a commit from Noel, Bennet, Jefferson, or that Origami feller we are top 1-5 team.

  39. gottodoit

    Would hope the NCAA (and, of course, the media) continues to probe whatever concerns it may have had about the amateur status of the newest UCLA signee.

    I really am relieved by his decision. I’ve watched him play and heard his dad interviewed. He will not subordinate his game for any team. I wish him the best.

  40. Nerlens Mom

    Do people really think my son will be better than Anthony Davis? Really? Seriuosly? Just saying.

  41. Crotchie

    Kentucky will get a penalty

  42. BEAVIS606

    D2 coaches would be the only ones that would love to have our current line up for next year…

  43. Butthead

    42 Really, really? Come on man. Have a little faith.

  44. killaD

    why cant i post in the live blog

  45. Thatsrightisaidit

    Ya’ll saying stupid things like “Im worried Cal has lost his edge” are nauseating. We will be fine. If these two guys dont come here, they dont belong here. Shabazz’s ego is so big he thinks he can go to UCLA for one year and take it back to its glory days? That sounds like a player that is selfish and motivated for and by self. Not our kind of player-you saw this years team-you think he would have played unselfishly like that? If Nerlens comes here, awesome. If not, in the words of our fan Jay Z, on to the next. To immediately jump to questioning Coach Cal and all that? Makes you look like straight up fools.

  46. Mama Nerlens

    Mama Nerlens gets what mama wants…G-Town it is.

  47. GrumpyOldDude

    41 – You really think they’ll make us play 4-on-5? Otherwise, you’re an idiot.

  48. Dikembe's Finger

    Boy….my gut says Nerlen’s is going to G’town. I can just picture him in their uni. He’s like a throw back player..even has the look.

  49. flo

    UK hat in the middle. But why is Gtown hat different style than they other two? Gtown hat has straight bill which is the style…oh my

  50. flo

    Yes…loving the hair. Thank you Nerlens. Come on down.

  51. joshdhoward

    Bobby Petrino thinks Shabazz made a bad choice!

  52. flo

    Can’t wait till Bazz tries to drive the line on the Eraser.

  53. m4ff3w
  54. Richard

    Check must have cleared for Noel :/

  55. Real Cats Fan

    Yesss! Nerlens Noel will be a Cat next year! He needs to keep that UK logo shaved into his hair all year!

    Got anything to say, Richard Cranium?

  56. Bobby

    Dear 8 pounds 6 ounces baby Jesus, new born, not even spoken a word yet. Thank you.

  57. Cry Richard

    HaHAHa Cry Richard cry Richard

  58. kfund

    Got the one I wanted.

  59. Real Cats Fan

    Get that weak ass sheit out of here, Richard! BTW, that’s what Noel will be saying to Siva, Smith, Blackshear, et. al.


    Hell yes!


    Oriaki next?????



    I LIKE THE GUY ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. mlvei

    We got the guy we wanted – would have been icing to get Muhammed – Cal will get at least one more great recruit – he is a recruiting genius, the absolute best!

  64. kyrobman

    Shabazz who?


    Grand Slam Richard

  66. kyrobman

    We have offense, Davis proved what defense will do.


    53 – Thanks for the picture, since we weren’t able to see him spin around in his chair!!!

  68. Tanner

    Fear the Fro

  69. Bobby Knight's shrink

    With NOEL in the fold, Oriakhi should be a cinch now….


  70. Richard

    Eh who really cares. It’s baseball season!

  71. Looking for 9

    I hope Brian Long appreciates this!

  72. barn

    think bennett. he’s still out there and just waiting to see what this year’s guys do at the end of the month.

  73. MooseKnuckle

    Richard, you’re an ass but I kinda like you. At least more than HooHoo. But that’s not saying much. Stick around, this site gets stale without some friction and drama.

  74. erniecat

    Go Cats!!!!!!