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Shaughnessy Strikes Back


I wish I could give this the time it deserves, but I am sitting in an Applebees in Dunkirk, New York, trying to get to Syracuse by 5 pm. In case you havent seen it yet today, Dan Shaughnessy responded to my column on him yesterday with a Boston Globe column in rebuttal. I wish I could give it the detail it deserves and if Kentucky wins tonight, maybe I will try to do it tomorrow. But what is clear is that he is as elitist as I had presumed and he addresses virtually none of the points I made in the article. Instead, he takes the easy way out and makes fun of the spelling of UK fans who wrote him to complain. That is easy…I have a number of angry Cornell emails and guess what…they have spelling errors and are full of the same vitriol coming back. He didnt deal with the issue and instead used loaded, elitist language…which is what I originally accused him of yesterday.

I actually then received a call from Dan today and he was very pleasant on the phone. We talked a bit about the points and he specifically contended with the racism charge. I asked him if the same column would have been written if the (predominantly white) Duke team had been playing Cornell. He said it was a fair point and we then moved on. I thought it was good of him to call and the conversation was awkward at first, but then fine. I made my points again and while he disagreed, he was polite and complimentary towards the site. I still think he is an elitist (and told him so), but I also give him credit for doing what many will not…take the time to address their critics head on. I told him that if I had a radio show, I would want him on and he said he would of course do it. For now, the Shaughnessy stuff is done from my end.

But the day keeps getting weirder. Apparently my sportswriting and radio hero Tony Kornheiser talked about the article on his show today. I havent heard it, but I must say that if Mr. Tony blasted me, it would be hard to handle. I hear he generally agreed with me, but if you listened, please let me know.

On the way to Syracuse…this stuff is all moving to the side now, because its time to get going. As Demarcus Cousins said, this is basketball, not a spelling bee. Cats roll.

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. soup

    Live Blog with Shaughnessy would be epic. I’ll look around for the Kornheiser bit.

  2. buk

    Kornheiser said, ” This Matt Jones guy seems really cool. I would love to be best friends with him. And his hair is awesome.”

  3. slappy

    Interesting to see that he called you. Wouldn’t have predicted that. Good job, MJ.

  4. Pokey Chapman

    By the time this basketball season is over you may have your own radio show.

  5. SomedudeCRo

    Well done MJ….

  6. Supa-D

    he looks like Sid the Sloth from Iceage

  7. scott in ATL

    KSR continues to be the BEST UK site for information and some of the weirdest/funniest stuff EVER!! Thanks for all the continued laughs and UK news!! GO CATS!!


    He still looks like a old strung out opie taylor. But give credit where it is due, at least I can halfway respect(not agree) with the man htat is carrot tops alter ego.

  9. tim

    doug gottlieb just “100% guaranteed” that UK would LOSE to Cornell tonight. what a db.

  10. CBS Camera Man



    9. gottlieb and bobby knight are white players are awesome people. You have to look past them!

  12. Wall2Cousins


  13. Forthesakeofeducation

    Gingers have no souls…

  14. tired_uk_fan

    Gottlieb is a certifiable idiot! I listen to his ESPN Radio show, merely because it gets me fired up, and his BS is almost unbearable sometimes. Yet another reason why we all should hate the World Wide Leader.


    9. gottlieb and bobby knight are white players are awesome people. You have to look past them.

  16. SomedudeCRo

    Gottlieb must have some multiple personality disorder or something… this morning on sportscenter, he and lavin picked the cats, though lavin said he is pulling for Cornell so he wouldn’t be the only one seed to lose to a 12.

  17. halfcourtshots

    Gottlieb is also the guy that said there was no way that Wall was coming to UK after Bledsoe committed. Then he got ticked off when people called him out for being wrong.

  18. buk

    Im really glad that Gottlieb said that.
    Now he will look so foolish when we put a Wake Forest-esq beat down on Cornell.

  19. soup

    Listening to Tony Kornheiser talking yesterday with Bob Ryan and I’m cringing whenever they say NCAA Twounahmont. I’d kill myself if I actually talked like this people. Give me the twang, thang.

  20. Webster the Dictionary

    Jesus, quit using IE6 and switch to Firefox already. It has a built in spell check feature that would have forced this d-bag to come up with something relevant.

  21. John Wall for President

    This website needs to invest in spell check…Too many misspelled words and terrible grammar. It’s very hard to read, but don’t worry, this post will be deleted in 3 minutes.

  22. tim

    12) calm down! i know. but i’m predicting a 28 point victory.

    16) it appears i misunderstood him. he just said he was reading a text from someone. glad to see we can get a quick response like that on national tv.

  23. matt

    9, some place we can listen to that online?

  24. slappy

    Actually, almost as interesting to me as any of this……

    Is there some kind of secret media white pages where they can all go and find each other’s numbers? How the heck did he know how to reach you? Weird to me.

  25. sethicus59

    20, opera is better

  26. Wildcatgal2

    Now it’s Skip Bayless turn to play the jack ass role. Watching FirstTake this morning and when Ryan ??(forget his last name) from the Pittsburg Steelers says there is now way Kentucky loses this game and jokes that it’s not good for college basketball, Skip looks at him and says “You can’t handle the fact 5 white guys could beat 5 black one and done’rs (sp??)”…On any other arena this type of statement would result in a crucified for these remarks, but for some reason here, it is okay? I understand his need to “sell” this game and aspect of David and Goliath, but what does the color of these kids have to do with it?

    I sent my thoughts to ESPN in an email, hopefully others will be as bothered and do the same.

  27. in the know

    If it is the Tony Kornheiser Show

    will have the stream as soon as it is available.

  28. Boogiesboxershorts

    21- thank wii cann’t spelle…wii playe basseball..thiss ainte know sppellin be…BAM…CATS BY 20

  29. Going Comando

    21, they DO delete a lot of posts.

  30. gammaCat

    Those who are politically conservative have to deal with elitist media every day of their lives and this is a exactly how they treat those who differ with them in ANY way whatsoever!!!

  31. Wildcatgal2

    *no* way Kentucky loses

    would result in *Mr. Bayless* being crucified

    I don’t need spell check, I just need to slow down…

  32. Matt Jones Radio Show

    Matt – Surely we are about to get something worked out, right? The fans want the show!

  33. BigE

    America is rooting for the most elitist grouping of basketball players and fans ever to advance to the sweet 16. Cornell may be an underdog in basketball but that is the only avenue unless they are competing with a Harvard or Yale grad…or even Columbia in any other non-sports related competition.

  34. Morgan Scott

    Enes Kanter, number 8 trending topic on Yahoo! ahead of Glenn Beck and Nuclear Arms

  35. fire rickpitino

    Dan and matt could be brothers, dougie just loves to read emails from pissed off cat fans, when I see him in indy I will throw a john wall in his face and run out like I did prick at louisville gardens a couple years ago

  36. BGame

    Great job Matt!!….all worth it to see Dan actually waste his time to make a response article. Now make sure everyone responds
    back to him after UK stomps Cornell and see if Dan writes a post game article.

  37. JMBlue

    I also noticed that Dan didn’t link Matt’s original post in his rebuttal to Matt, whereas Matt linked Dan’s. I guess KSR is not important enough to link, but is important enough for him to write two articles in subsequent days about it. Again, elitist.

  38. in the know

    The Tony Kornheiser Show is also available in iTunes

    iTunes Store> Podcasts > Sports & Recreation > WTEM,

    but it appears to be on delay as well

  39. UKclam

    Since we are talking about elitism, I would like to point out that Cornell is universally considered the easiest Ivy League school to get into. It has the largest undergraduate enrollment, and thus it’s average admission numbers are significantly lower than the other Ivies. This is why the Andy character from The Office is a Cornell graduate: in the world of Ivy-League TV writers, it is a joke that Andy is so proud of something that people in their crowd view as common.

  40. golf clap

    39 – nice

  41. Dr. Scratch

    Matt, I think you should have nailed him down on whether he even understands what racism is. Because it’s pretty clear he doesn’t.

  42. fire rickpitino

    Hey matt, I know they couldn’t handle paying you(because jurich hates you) but please take that dumbass adam(I’m still a virgin and have a std and a crooked head)neff spot on the radio

  43. UKcat29

    Matt Jones is becoming a national celebrity in pissing people off. I love it!!


    Bottom line is, folks outside of this area barely pay attention to hoops, most of the educated UK fans could run cirlces around the talking heads that get paid to spew nonsense…

  45. dcgirl

    Apparently The TK Show will re-air at 7pm on 980 … This might beat the posting of the podcast.

  46. BellBoy

    I think it is Matt’s Middlesboro elitist attitude toward Bell Co. that has allowed him to spot this guy’s imperfections so easily.

  47. Joey P

    Matt you should join the afternoon underdogs if you could keep yourself from killing Vinetti.

  48. tired_uk_fan

    39) Very nice. Good point. Cornell is to the Ivy League as Eastern Kentucky University is to State Schools. And before you go balistic on that comment, I went to EKU. Go Colonels!!!

  49. NE elite libs suck enus

    I’ll give the guy credit for calling you, but that’s it.

  50. crazy


  51. fearnloathing

    I hope he blasted your racism claim. The elitist stuff is absolutely correct. Everyone knows that people from the Northeast are elitist. However, throwing around claims of racism is not something you should have done over one little article and not knowing anything about the writer who wrote the piece. I think what you did was simply irresponsible and overreaching for a national audience, which you promptly received. I think you are guilty of a lack of understanding on the issues you wrote on and sadly have now, whether intentional or not, brought the history of racial inequality this state and the UK basketball program certainly has had to the national forefront. Here is a situation where you allowed your desire to be a “personality” hurt the program that I have no doubt that you love.

  52. soup
  53. GOD

    He makes fun of the spelling of some UK fans but then doesn’t capitalize my name. Dan and Doug G are both tools!

  54. sethicus59

    matt just posted on facebook that hes going to debate with Shaughnessy on the raido at 1:20 and the link is gonna be on here

  55. Bobaboo

    48) Funny and true. A friend of mine was accepted to EKU with a “4” on the ACT. Not a 14, a 4.

  56. UKCatFan2010

    Tell me this does not look EXACTLY like Dan Shaughnessy!

  57. fearnloathing

    53. You show your lack of education. For Christians God is always capitalized but for atheists or people speaking of a god, a creator or watchmaker god (think the Greeks/Romans ect), god is not capitalized. I do not know what context he was speaking but I would not critique grammar or spelling in the future.

  58. Doug "shorts-on-backwards" Gottlieb
  59. Mang

    9. that’s weird because b/c Gottleib just picked UK on Sportscenter this morning. I guess if you pick both teams, there is no way to be wrong.

  60. WoostaMike

    Matt – what a sucker. The KY fans who fell for Shaughnessy’s line are all a bunch of suckers. All you’ve managed to do is make his head bigger than it already was. Idiots. Go Red.

  61. Johnson City

    All you need to know about Gottlieb:

    After signing a national letter of intent with Notre Dame, Gottlieb was their starting point guard during the 1995-1996 college basketball season, starting all but four games. During Gottlieb’s freshman year at Notre Dame, he stole credit cards from a roommate and fraudulently charged over $900 to those cards; subsequently, he was expelled from the team and eventually convicted of misdemeanour fraud.

  62. Bobaboo

    57) Judging from your last two posts, I think you and Dan would get along very well. In fact, I am becoming quite suspicious that you are really him.

  63. nybrasky

    As I said yesterday, all Matt wanted was attention and ego boost. For his sake, I’m glad he got it. If I was Shaughnessy I would have ignored it because Matt’s argument was a complete reach and just screaming for attention.

    I won’t hate on anyone for reaching for their goals, but anyone who read yesterday and has followed Matt over the past couple years (and especially the last year) it should have been obvious that it was not to back up poor little Kentuckians and our b’ball team but to further Matt’s agenda of being somebody and trying to make a splash. I just wish he was man enough to leave the comments that didn’t 100% back him up like the real “somebodies” do.

    Matt, perhaps you should lay out your aspirations to your loyal KSR followers so they don’t feel completely used and abused when you move on to bigger and better things, because if yesterday’s post proved anything it’s that there are a lot of people who follow your every word without their own thoughts and will likely feel like they did when Pitino left (which is sad) when you move on — which is clearly your goal (as it should be).

  64. GOD

    57, it was meant in fun! you, are now included with Dan and Doug! My education level is just fine, in fact I would say it is above average. If you want to become a teacher more power to you, but please save it for the classroom and not a message board

  65. drew uk t

    55. how does that even happen? a 4?

  66. NKY4UK

    9) It wasn’t Gottlieb, it was an email he read from a listner.

  67. Bobaboo

    65 – I don’t know, but I saw it with my own eyes. Yes, it was a 4! He had to take remedial courses in nearly every subject. He took 3 remedial classes in Math alone. He actually didn’t start accruing semester credits until his second year in school. To his credit, he made it through EKU and has a good career. The 4 is funny, but I respect him for sticking with it. Happy ending.

  68. NKY4UK

    9 & 16) It wasn’t Gottlieb, it was an email he read from a listner.

  69. GasCan

    @63 Jealous?

  70. jukr

    Kornheiser actually did agree with Matt’s position. Today is Feinstein day on Tony’s show and initially Feinstein no-showed TK. Tony brought up the issue while talking about Feinstein no-showing him and said he really had wanted to talk to Jr. about it. Later in the show Jr. called in and they discussed the issues. SURPRISINGLY, Jr. actually agreed with Matt somewhat. Jr. has a column in the Washington Post today regarding the game and it can be read on the Post’ website. Jr. agreed that there was definitely a racist element to the coverage and talked about how much the Cornell players would like to play basketball after college. Essentially, Jr. was saying that the coverage is unfair to UK and has a racist component, but that it is also unfair to Cornell. It was somewhat frightening to me that when Jr. was done talking I actually agreed with him.

  71. Blukz

    gross..please don’t post his picture again.

  72. actually

    there was a time in the not-so-distant past that Northern Ky University didn’t even require an ACT/SAT score to enroll/get accepted

  73. MattJonesJr

    This morning ESPN, Doug and Steve both picked KY to win, so “9” unless you have a link you are just stirring the pot. I doubt DG would do a 180 from his pick on national TV.

  74. JollyRoger

    Kentucky will embarrass Cornell like Dicaprio does to this snobbish family:

  75. fearnloathing

    nybrasky–> you sir are wise and correct.

    For all you loyal Matt followers I suggest you mark our words because they are clearly correct. I in no way begrudge Matt for this because he deserves it, but I HATE the cult of personality and will try to enlighten people all I can when I see it in action, as it clearly is amongst some of the less… enlightened readers of this blog. This is still the best place for UK news but I do not have to agree with everything that goes on here and I think that Matt would agree deep down with that viewpoint as it is an important part of any liberal’s thinking.

    GOD…you did not say it in jest. You are simply trying to cover up looking foolish. While I an not a teacher the world needs more of them and less people like you who refuse to be educated.

  76. Mojo Wilkins

    If Ivy League schools were anywhere near as good as their massively inflated reputations claim, then how do you explain Washington, DC? Our capitol is full of officials who were almost exclusively educated in the Ivy League, yet they have an across-the-board level of incompetence that you would be challenged to match on the campuses of any public institution in the country. In fact, the Senate alone is reason for both Harvard and Yale to lose their accreditation, don’t you think?

  77. punchem

    These Boston guys obviously didn’t go to Cornell!

  78. AllyOOP

    Matt Jones just got bitch slapped. Now come back to KY so I can bitch slap you again.

  79. Dan Shnaughnessy

    Im a dickhead :/

  80. BCO

    Matt those guys were total assholes to you…And what was the whole “Come on down to Boston, we’ll have some guys show you a good time…(snicker)”. Was that some kind of lame threat disguised as a pun?

    Id have gone all Bell County on those sons of bitches. Friggin snobs, they need to have their teeth punched in one good time…

  81. BCO

    Matt those guys were total assholes to you…And what was the whole “Come on down to Boston, we’ll have some guys show you a good time…(snicker)”. Was that some kind of lame threat disguised as a pun?

    Id have gone all Bell County on those sons of bitches. Friggin snobs, they need to have their teeth punched in one good time…

  82. JewFro


    This guy makes me want to drive to Boston and give him an ole fashioned Beef Stew!

  83. SadStateofArrairs

    I can’t believe the negativism towards a sportswriter who was obviously writing tongue in cheek. Of course if you can’t get this sarcasm you must be a Jeff Foxworthy!

  84. BigBlueFan

    Some lady from Kentucky just brought up great facts against them and they stooped to calling her a hillbilly and a hick. They also said to “cue up the banjo music”. Classy.

  85. asdfasdf

    who gave Brian Scalibrini a writing job!!!!!??????


    I bet he got beat up a lot as a child.

  87. mynicknamestinks

    I listen to the podcast of TK the orange man himself, but alas I won’t download it to my Ipod until I get home from.. sshhhh WORK!

  88. Jdub

    You say he is an elitest and racist……. So that must mean he is a liberal as well

  89. Chad

    #9.. Why do you listen instead of jumping to conclusions. It wasn’t Doug that said that it was a text messager that made that claim. You are the reason why so many UK fans get a bad rap. You are probably one of the texts he has gotten that have been calling him names for something a texter said.

  90. Jon

    If you have an iphone and go to Itunes and get to Kornheiser’s podcast, it is up and it is the earliest from today. Listening to it now.

  91. billy

    Matt, how do you face your critics? I’ll answer for you- you delete any posts that disagree with you (see yesterday’s story for hundreds of examples)

  92. Careless Bear

    I think maybe we are reading a little too much into this stuff as far as elitist and racist stuff goes. the guy is a northeastern sportswriter who is writing a story of an underdog ivy league team from the northeast who is playing a number one seed, that IS no offense, full of one and doners. I’m sure if you looked back at many articles written in the past On KSR that make fun of the nerds of Vandy or the hicks in Mississippi, that would be something they could whine about if their skin was as thin as a lot of UK fans are. We all love our team and thats all that matters. Our writers talk smack about other schools, their writers talk smack about ours. These arent kentucky sportswriters, of course they are going to talk about our coach, the same way we would if cal had gone to Tennessee or Duke. I love the Cats as much as anyone, but sometimes we need to step out of our bubble and realize that not everyone is a UK fan.

  93. tim

    89) I’ve already addressed this. Yes, I looked up and watched him say that about cornell beating uk. I didn’t realize he was reading a text. He said it very seriously, and it blew my mind. So again, sorry everybody. I am not intentionally stirring the pot.

  94. tim

    And no, i didn’t text him.
    And yes, i still think he’s a tool.

  95. UKAlumnIndy

    Kornheiser podcast: — the UK/Cornell talk is with John Feinstein on the “March 25 2010 The Tony Kornheiser Show Part 2 (43:32)” podcast. I don’t have the time stamp but it starts about ~2/3 the way through.

  96. LJ

    92) I agree. When I read the article I didn’t think anything in the article was “racist or elitist”. When I listened Matt Jones on the Boston radio station the Boston guys made a good point. The story would have been the same if Cornell was playing Kansas or Syracuse. There are a lot of stories on this blog that are more stereotypical than the Shaughnessy article. That being said I am tired of the media jumping on the Cornell bandwagon, but I guess I would be doing the same thing if Cornell was playing anyone but Kentucky.

  97. John Mulligan

    I’ve been reading you guys for a couple of years now and have noticed you could use someone to proofread your compositions a little more closely. By current American standards they’re not bad but there are fairly frequent misspellings and the occasional bit of incorrect grammar. To me, ANY such error is embarrassing and to be avoided if at all possible, especially if it’s in a blog that tens of thousands of people see every day

  98. shawn


    yeah, shaughnessy is the racist around here…

  99. DavenderCatTheSequel

    97) you missed your period. you can take that however you want.

  100. shawn

    81. BCO

    relax there tough guy, i dont think thats what was meant by it…

  101. Trubba Maker

    Tried to make Shawnessy uglier with Photoshop. Cain’t be dunn!

  102. KY79syracuse64

    Why are we debating the spawn of Ronnie Howard and Elliot Gould? Go Cats!!!!! Looking forward to the spellng bee…’ll be a beatdown. We love Cuz.

  103. BCG's Shot Glass

    I’d be an elitist, as well, good sir, if I looked as retarded as you do.

  104. Paul Kelley

    You must remember Boston is filled with narrow minded intellectual inbred liberal left wing elitists that have never been out of their small circle of experiences so dealing with real Amercians is a stretch for them.

  105. GOD

    75, so now you can interpet what I mean??? you are simply amazing and maybe should change your screen name to God!!! “Refuse to be educated” so an engineering degree from Purdue and a masters from Michigan doesn’t make me educated? please define what you consider educated???

  106. ev

    poor guy – he’s a couple of freckles away from Gingerhood.

  107. BigBlue

    Matt why you even bother with this guy? Look at him the closest he ever came to playing sports was probably carrying a couple jock straps and handing out water.

  108. The original Carl

    There’s a reason that dude ain’t doing television…..

  109. lasik

    I’ve gotten a lot of good information on this blog. Definitely worth rading for future reference.