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Shabazz Watch: “Kansas has a real shot.”

Kansas and Missouri played one of the best games of the college basketball season over the weekend, and unfortunately for Kentucky fans, Shabazz Muhammad was there to take it all in. It was an official visit for Shabazz and it was one that left a lasting impression on the recruit and his family, according to his father, Ron Holmes.

“Kansas has a real shot, definitely,” Holmes said after the visit. “They did a great job.” [Zagsblog]

The schedule gets even more exciting for Muhammad, who is scheduled to take an official visit to Duke this weekend when the Blue Devils host North Carolina. Holmes said he’s interested to see how it compares because he was “very, very impressed with Kansas.”



Article written by Drew Franklin

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73 responses to “Shabazz Watch: “Kansas has a real shot.””

  1. Bo


  2. Cliver

    I’ve never had a good feeling about our chances with Shabazz. Just don’t think we’re going to get him.

  3. t dog

    Its becoming more and more evident that Shabazz will not wear the Kentucky name across his chest this fall.

  4. Jimi Garden of Eden

    Ain’t over till it’s over…have a little faith in Cal…

  5. Mr. Obvious

    If the kid doesn’t even schedule an official with us… he’s not coming. Sure he was here last year..but if he was “feeling” UK… he’d want to use one at UK

  6. Realist

    Why don’t we just assume he’s not coming? Then if he does, it will be a nice surprise. We will still be Kentucky whether he makes the best decision of his life or the worst.


    it is my belief that this kid is more and more like Xavier Henry…….and will probably be @ KU or UCLA….but…he will falter @ getting better and not develop without Cal…. it is simple….. If you want an NBA “CAREER” you go with CAL and if you want drafted and to ride a bench in the NBA…you don’t……simple as that. May be a good kid…but if he doesn’t want to earn what is next…he should look elsewhere. CAL MAKES YOU EARN YOUR DEVELOPMENT!

  8. Clint Torres

    Will do all quit worrying??? Gee-whiz. Do you really think his Dad is going to say, “the visit sucked (like Karen Sypher)?” No, he is going to be positive and continue to build suspense around his son. Quit being so naive.

  9. Walter Sobchak

    I’m fine with Kidd-Gilchrist, Poythress, and Goodwin as our wings for next year.

  10. Sand

    You guys are just plain silly.

    Of course he was impressed with Kansas. Did you expect anything else?

  11. BFrey

    Two words: Xavier Henry

  12. Wildcat Mafia


  13. Eric K

    With him or without, the CATS we be just FINE!! GO CATS!!

  14. Guck Foodman.

    10. Kansas is definitely a top 5 program and therefore somewhat impressive. It’s just not “hot” anymore.

  15. barn

    vitale’s website has been crashed for an hour now thanks to bbn

  16. believeblue

    Calm down…..when Kansas goes out early and we are hanging banner number 8, the Kentucky Effect will do what it’s suppose to do.

  17. Wu Tang Financial

    #7 totally agree. Anybody with that amount of talent that doesn’t want to come to UK either A. doesn’t want to work as hard as Cal will make him work or B. is overrated, just like selby and henry. Either way, I trust Cal. I would rather have Noel anyway. MKG is coming back I bet, and I know I will get hammered for this, but if we don’t win it all, I could see Davis coming back. I think Lamb comes back and TJ needs to come back because he has killed his draft stock this year. These guys really seem like they are having fun playing together and really enjoying the college experience. Oh, by the way, I think Teague comes back and he will be dynamite next year.

  18. Zeke

    # 5 – Am I missing something or did he not take an official to UK for BBM? He will be impressed with every visit he makes and then will make a business decision in the end and be gone in one year. No worries here.

  19. zyds escobon

    #7 Yes, I know Cal gets kids to the NBA probably better than any current coach, and yes, I’d like to see Shabazz at UK. But geez, believe it or not there are actually hundreds of NBA players that DIDN’T go to UK, and also never played for Cal. It is possible, just possible, that a player can go elsewhere and have a fine career and make big NBA $$. Yes, there are other coaches that can develop kids too. Shocking I know.

  20. kybigblue

    Teams like Kansas, Duke, etc. have good basketball programs as does UK so yes he is going to see a lot that he likes at each school but that doesn’t mean he won’t end up at UK. Give him some time to digest what he has seen and don’t go by what is said after he has just make a visit. He still has to wait to see how everything works out at each school, etc.

  21. best1978

    #16 you are right. Hang #8 and all will fall into place.

  22. NotInsertNameHere

    @17 – You will get hammered. Anthony Davis will not be back at UK even if they lose in the first round.

  23. Doc

    Shabazz is our number one target and numerous sites including the bleacher report note uk to be the leader for shabazz and Noel. There is a good Chance for Anthony bennett as well. We are the premiere school for top flight talent and the most popular in the nation. I am more confident about our chances than anyone else’s . This is the BBN

  24. Drew Franklin's Beard

    #16 I hope your right. Is UCLA even going to make the tournament?

  25. Birdman

    Agree with 17. And not as obvious, but teague, lamb, and jones will not be back either

  26. Wildcat49

    Keep Kidd Gilchrist and bring in Noel

  27. Gilchrist on D

    I would love to have this kid, but I knew when Bazz’s dad said he would consider moving to Kansas with the family that it didn’t look good for us. I kind of wish that parents weren’t allowed to comment on their kids thought process.

  28. Old man sleeping in lower arena

    I know Shabazz is good, but he is not a huge game changer. I’m happy with what we got. If we get him ok, if we don’t oh well. Not everyone is leaving people and the class will add 1 or 2 more recruits. It’s all good people. Like someone said earlier I think this kid his more Xavier Henery in him than MKG. Give me Noel with what we got and lets play ball.

  29. barn

    ad still trailing by 180. vote at

  30. Raazoul

    Actually I think he’s just playing politics. Isn’t Tyshawn Taylor a Junior? You think Bazz is gonna come in to sit behind a Senior Taylor? Taylor is putting up 18-20 a game, you cant put him on the bench. Fact is, Bazz knows he can come to UK, not worry about carrying an entire team, then go top 3 in the NBA draft. Don’t let the talk fool you, he’s gonna be wearing UK Blue.

  31. Eric K


  32. michaelr

    Agree when kids say they “enjoy” visit it doesnt mean Im committing on spot… Shabazz dad said same about So Cal visit as well! Think he is going there? Still plenty of time for him to decide and Thomas Robinson will be gone…and Bazz wants chance at championship! Uk fits bill just getting away from UCLA and playing with his buddy Kyle Anderson

  33. hmmmmm

    Yes … he was impressed, but I think the NBA is more impressive to him 🙂

  34. Rixter

    To me it’s like being offered an all expenses paid trip to either Aruba or Daytona Beach, you look at the literature and say ‘I was very impressed with Daytona’……

  35. Chris

    If I was Shabazz or his father, I would say all the exact same things. Kansas provided him with a very good visit, gave him the VIP treatment, he saw a great game. What is going to say? This just doesn’t tell you anything — he is or is not considering seriously Kansas – you’ll never know from these comments. And, by the way, what is “serious consideration” anyway?

  36. NegativeForNoReason

    Never even wanted him….Everyone knows left handed basketball players rarely make the impact of right handed player. What do Lebron, Kobe, and MJ have in common? Right handed players. What do Shabazz and my 12 yr. old cousin who shoots 6% from beyond the arc have in common? You guessed it Lefties.

  37. Mack

    I don’t think Henry was overrated, he was forced by his Mom to play where she wanted him. Had he been a CAT he would have developed, she just didn’t want to let go. Maybe Shabazz’s parents will not place their agenda ahead of their son’s future.

  38. Walk the plank/KSR friendly bookie

    I think it’s clear he’s not coming here.. I never ever had a great feeling about us getting him.. I hope we have one of our studs stay and we get Noel and maybe one more…

  39. Give'em Hell Cats

    IF MKG comes back i dont give a damn what Shabazz does

  40. symphonist

    36) – Isn’t Terrence Jones left-handed?

  41. Walk the plank/KSR friendly bookie

    36. Lol

  42. Wu Tang Financial

    #37 Henry was terrible in college and mediocre at best in the NBA. He didn’t want to work as hard as Cal would work him, that’s why he didn’t come to UK. Same thing goes to any top level player that has an offer to UK and turns it down. They just don’t want to put the work in it takes to play at UK, simple! Like Cal says, its not for everybody.

  43. NegativeForNoReason

    40 – Terrence Jones is left-handed by choice. Huge difference.

  44. wildbuck

    42? cmon, cal recruited him to memphis, and was interested in bringing him here. we need to quit downing kids simply because we think they are not coming here or because they choose to go somewhere else.

  45. worried

    I was worried about this. the Ole Miss game was underwhelming by any standard, especially the crowd excitement, and to make it worse, he gets a gret KU – Missuouri game

  46. Old man sleeping in lower arena

    I’m not saying he sucks. I’m just saying I like our class already and I would rather have Noel. If we get him ok of not oh well

  47. kyrobman

    19) In one year is the key.

  48. Old Guy in Lower Arena

    Today: I don’t care if we get him.

    Signing day: I knew we’d get him! He’s the greatest!, or

    screw him, he’s overrated…good riddance.

    Pick your answer now.

  49. KSRisaWorkKiller

    My God people ~ I love Cal as much as anyone but he’s not the only coach in the country who gets guys to the NBA. Kansas is a great place to play and Self is a helluva coach. You act like the only guys he recruits are like Selby and Henry. The kid will make the best choice for him and much of that will have to do w/ location of the campus. Remember – he’s a 18 yr old kid. Deciding to move cross-country b/c UK might be a tad better program and Cal a tad better coach might be a difficult decision and have absolutely nothing to do w/ his willingness to work hard.

  50. zyds escobon

    #45, Noel was at the Ole Miss game. Unless I’m mistaken, Shabazz was not.

  51. Doris Day

    Que sera sera. I’m so damn giddy with the Cats right now, I just don’t give a effin flyin’ flip. I’ll let Cal and staff worry about it. They get paid a little more than I do. I’m sure Shabazz will be great wherever he goes. Wish him the best in whatever he decides…..

  52. Bleed Blue

    Many of you forget that Shabazz wants to play SG in college, but most college are recruiting him to play SF, like Kansas and Duke, but Cal the first in-home visit with Shabazz said that he was recruiting him as a SG and that’s what put Kentucky over the others. I still believe the decision will come down to UK, UNLV, and UCLA. I think if we get Noel we get Shabazz because he said he wants to go to a team that is going to challenge for a nat’l championship,which if MKG comes back we will be the front-runner for.

  53. Jeffc

    This is like it was with John Wall and Cal got him.

  54. UKFAN

    17. 42. Do you know anything about basketball? Anthony Davis will not be back next year, nor will the others you named of. Henry was pretty good in college much less terrible. I am a UK fan, but I dont think henry didn’t come here because he didn’t want to work? He wanted to play with his brother and a lot of other factors. You should never be allowed to post nor talk about basketball ever again.

  55. JediKnight

    I try to look at the situation in this manner, there could possibly be 7 open scholarships for next year’s team. Miller and Vargas graduate and I don’t see any way Davis and Jones stay. There are some question marks about the other 3 spots. I would lean heavily towards Lamb leaving especially if he has a great tourney run. While I would love to have MKG on next year’s team, the reality of the situation says he goes as well. Teague is not clear cut in my opinion. I think Teague would benefit another year in the system to improve draft status. That would leave 6 open spots for Goodwin, Poythress, Cauley, Noel, Bennett, and Muhammed. However, if MKG or Lamb stay, Shabazz is off the board, which to me, would not be a big loss at all. The two key people to get will be Noel and Bennett. We need those two more.

  56. UKFAN

    49. Your right, if a player don’t come here it don’t mean he got paid or didn’t want to work. There are other programs out there besides UK. Cal is a great coach and took us from the NIT to the elite eight within a year. But people there’s other programs out there that players would rather play at.

  57. UKFAN

    43. Jones is left handed by choice? Are you serious? His freshman year he had trouble going to his right? I mean some of these post are so dumb they are funny to read.

  58. oatsee

    His loss!!!!

  59. Mr. Obvious

    I never thought we’d get Shabazz but I didn’t think it would be Kansas who might get him. We have a great team set up for next year. We need to get Noels and Shabazz will be nothing but an afterthought.

  60. Damon Stoudemire

    Hey 57 I been tellin terrance to go left since he was a baby. He was born a righty.

  61. Paul Schmidt

    everyone calm down..I expect UK gets Shabazz and Noel…

  62. Gimel Martinez's Mustache

    If KU were good they would’ve beat them by 15

  63. UKFAN

    My buddy goes to kansas and sent me a picture of him and shabazz said he shit talked on Cal pretty well…count him out if he doesnt like the coach

  64. NegativeForNoReason

    57 – Apparently your sarcasm monitor is on the fritz. Look at my post before that, most of my post are stupid for a reason. It is much more fun to see the responses. I want him to come here and would love to see him play in blue.

  65. Holy-Thumbs

    Who gives a SH** if MGK says he is coming back. I would take MKG over Shabazz any day. However, if Shabazz decided to come to UK I would welcome him with open arms.

  66. UKHoopshysteria

    #63 Where was the picture taken? Posted an attachment for us to view. BS BS BS

  67. pete

    why do all the black players have different names than their dad’s? Like why did MKG add Gilchrist on his name?

  68. Bleed Blue

    At Pete, MKG’s fathers last name was Gilchrist he died when he was younger. He added Kidd to his name to honor his uncle who was a father figure in his laugh and died the day he signed his loi to UK.

  69. Bleed Blue

    I meant Life I hate auto-correct.

  70. Dar Helmet

    Negativefornoreason is hilariousfornoreason… I am right handed by choice. And I would add the great Larry Bird, Dan Issel, Dirk Nowitski all… It’s safe to say Shabazz has no chance of contributing. lol.

  71. pete

    Dang I was hoping to rile someone up…I guess you all are too nice today.

  72. fatkidineastky

    #19 wow…mathematically it seems u r right…duh!!! not one inference was made that only UK puts player son rosters…..duh! it was likening him to xavier henry…..whrer his skills were not maximized in a short period of time….then him choosing to go to nba and sitting on a bench. Look at it this way…..if Drew Bledsoe would have went to Kansas….would he be where he is today? Or would he be D League? Remember this kid is most likely a one and done…..and if u r one of those…..MAXIMIZE YOUR SKILLS….Coack Cal does that…..Do you think if Selby came to UK….we would not have seen his name higher in draft and him hitting boxscores more often than not.

  73. fatkidineastky

    one more item..BILL SELF IS A GREAT COLLEGE COACH…..But Cal gets his players ready for NBA better…..and a factor is they come in with ultra talent can overshadow others..Deandre Liggins, Josh Harrellson, Daniel Orton….he and his staff assisted these kids in reaching heights in a year or two that no one expected