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Shabazz Muhammad will be at Big Blue Madness


Shabazz Muhammad told that he will attend Kentucky’s Big Blue Madness this fall. It will be an official visit to Lexington for the #1 overall player in the 2012 class.

If Kentucky is going to steal Shabazz away from the West Coast, there is no better way to do it than to bring him in for an official visit to Big Blue Madness. No other program in the country can compete with the extravaganza that is UK’s first practice of the season.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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37 responses to “Shabazz Muhammad will be at Big Blue Madness”

  1. the Dr says..

    now that’s sick!!!!!!!!

  2. Cal

    I got this, y’all…

  3. Skippy


  4. knightynight

    i don’t know if i have a good feeling he will come or not, but this is definitely a good sign…why wouldn’t he after this?

  5. StratCat

    I freaked when I read that.

  6. GoCats2

    CAn someone make sure the commenter from a couple of threads ago who said we didnt have a chance at Shabazz sees this?
    This is fantastic. This is going to be an amazing year. Imagine how much fun recruiting is going to be after we hang our 8th banner this year!

  7. knightynight

    What is the difference in an “official visit” and an “unofficial visit”?

  8. ColoradoWildCat

    KA KA KA KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. WiLdCATfan4life

    when is BIG BLUE MADNESS does anyone know and when do they tickets come out, so I can take off work to go get them.

  10. Kwildcat

    awwwwsome baaaaaby!!!!



  12. sexington ky

    SPORTS BONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hopkinsville Shawn

    #7. To my knowledge the main difference is an in official is paid for by the player visiting and an official visit is paid for by the school. I’m sure there are other small differences as well?

  14. bung

    Thank goodness we have Rupp Arena….

  15. knightynight

    9) if i’m not mistaken, it’s always on october 15th…

  16. WiLdCATfan4life


  17. Harry Dunn

    It will be Friday Oct. 14th.

  18. Captain Obvious

    #7 A player can only take 5 official visits where everything is paid for by the school. The school flys them out and picks up the tab for everything.

    A player can take as many un-official visits as they like but they have to pick up the tab on them

  19. Charlie Thong

    No way I’m going to be there also

  20. kyfan

    does anyone know when you can line up to get madness tickets

  21. go blue

    Who all else has said they will b there for big blue madness

  22. 1stkatman

    This is going to be the best MM since the John Wall brand hit campus. The best one prior to that one, IMO, was in 1995 for those guys that won the ’96 NCAA Championship.

    What an exhibition those guys put on!

  23. EloysBeard

    We gotta get John Wall, Boogie, Drake, Jay-Z, etc. in the house for BBM. No way Shabazz could turn that down. He is tight with Wall already as it is.

  24. YearyCat

    I hope they announce the time sooner than what they did last year, I have to put in for time off a week in advance. Camping this year is going EPIC……

  25. the cat 24

    I honestly think that just signed his letter of intent to play for John Calipari and the University of Kentucky. Big blue madness is gonna be wilder than ever and I can’t wait for shabazz to feel the lov from the big blue nation

  26. FlashOfBlue

    Shabazz Muhammad…clap clap clapclapclap

  27. big mike

    Great news! Just don’t tell Tipton. He’ll make sure that the NCAA starts investigating the minute the crowd begins chanting the kid’s name.

  28. Incalwetrust

    We packed the tent and headed to Memorial as soon as we heard. We’re the fourth tent in line, only 43 days until the free food starts coming. !!!!!! GO CATS

  29. Marcus L. Owens

    Finally some solid recruiting news. That’s two Dejuan Coleman will be in the house too and I believe TJ Warren. I’m sure Cal will try to get the Harrison Twins and Neol in Rupp too.

  30. WKyPT


  31. blue ink

    Muhammad journeys to the promised land !

  32. Jeremy F.

    This headline instantly made my day 100x better!!

  33. Marcus L. Owens


  34. Marcus L. Owens


  35. K in Cincy

    If he did say that then he is truly an idiot. Do you have a link to where he said that?

  36. blue ink
  37. blue ink