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Shabazz down to three

Dave Telep is reporting that Kentucky, UCLA and Duke have emerged as the leaders for Shabazz Muhammad. “I’m considering five but there are three that (standout),” Muhammad told reporters at media day today in Chicago.  Kansas and UNLV are still in consideration but are on the outside looking in.

In case you missed it last night, Shabazz confirmed that he’ll announce on April 11.

Come on down.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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47 responses to “Shabazz down to three”

  1. catinhat

    Jay Bilas just wrote an article called “How to Beat UL” But it’s on ESPN Insider. Any paying customers want to psot the scoop?

  2. catinhat


  3. Hey

    Save these articles for NEXT tuesday. You know, when the town has been burned in celebration

  4. I Say

    We have got to be the favorite

  5. Final Fours

    HUGE. its has to be either us or UCLA. Duke is already loaded with guards next season

  6. B-Real

    I like Shabazz, hoping dearly that is ends up wearing Wildcat Blue. I heard him talk for the first time last night, his voice sounds a bit like Dave Chappelle doing a white guy impression.

  7. I Say

    I was more worried about Kansas than UCLA

  8. Han

    What are the odds Noel announces before him?

  9. Old Guy in Lower Arena

    He’s going to UCLA.

  10. I Say

    Tony Parker is not going to UCLA, if you read that article about him it sounds like he’s going to Ohio state. I say this because I think the only way shabazz ends up there is if him Anderson and Parker want to play together, I don’t see it happening though

  11. mjwgolfer

    April 11 is my birthday! I would take that as a present. BBN 4-Ever!!

  12. ksrdude

    too much of a potential for extra baggage with this one

  13. I Say

    He’s not going to UCLA.

  14. REAL BLY

    He only plays 1 season….UK would love to have him, but who cares??? 1 season!!! Why all the drama?? JUST PICK A SCHOOL!!!!

  15. Blue Bayou

    He’s announcing the day after the deadline to declare for the NBA. Until recently, I didn’t think he was coming to UK, but now I think we get Shabazz and Nerlens.

    By the way, Nerlens is playing in New Orleans on Sunday in the All American Championship, along with Willie Cauley, Derek Willis, and the Harrison twins. If you are going to the Final Four, you should be at that game. It starts at 2:00 at the UNO (University of New Orleans) Arena on the north side of town.

  16. Cking98

    At first I thought bazz was going to be a Bruin, going with Parker ans Anderson, but now I am not sure. It’s possible with MKG looking more like he would leave, we could get Bazz, & Noel. We desperately need Bennett’s muscle, it’s very important that we get some muscle.

  17. MC Royals

    NCAA violations will follow this guy. If he ends up here we will pay for it for years after he leaves.

  18. DuckFuke

    I’ve heard that Duke is where he’s choosing…

  19. Another Perspective

    If Cal wants him, Cal gets him. Point blank. Period.

    In other news, I watched an interview with Darius Miller on Courier-Journal website. I cracked up when he said that Anthony Davis is “arguably the best player on this team.”

  20. Thefakerichiefarmer

    Be we know he can’t shoot the 3 like me!

  21. UKBlue

    If everything UK isn’t enough to land him, looking at the new Wildcat Lodge where he will lay his head should seal it. UCLA is LA, but he won’t be that big of a deal in LA or get the love in Cali that he would at UK. In LA he has to compete for air time against the Lakers & Clips, plus everything else in LA.

  22. Cam newton

    I’ll take MKG over him any day! Noel will be a wildcat and MKG will come back. When MKG decides to come back BBN will be saying shabazz who?

  23. Han

    12) Every time one of you shows up, I’ll remind of this:

    Wall – misdemeanor and AAU baggage; Cousins – behavior baggage; Bledsoe – grades; Kanter – foreign pay; Jones – couldn’t decide between us and Washington; Davis – allegedly shopped; Teague – almost went to Louisville

    Those are just the ones who come to mind immediately. Only Kanter didn’t get to play. If Cal listened to the worryworts and trolls, we’d have never seen any of those players in Blue.

  24. Cam newton

    But shabazz will do great where ever he plays best of luck to him but I just don’t see him coming here if MKG comes back, but, theres always a chance that an agent gets to MKG’s ear and starts talkin money that’s the only way he’ll be leavin but I don’t think so. GO CATS!

  25. Cam newton

    Who cares about this anyways? Let’s worry about this season first. And after we when it all then let’s start talkin recruiting!

  26. caliparty

    MKG is gone. after the tourney is over he will be a lock for a top 5 draft pick probably #2 after Davis. He is gone.

  27. Troy

    Want to be the 12th pick in the 2014 draft after barely making the tourney every year with your skills not improving at all, and the thugs running the team? Then commit to UCLA.

    Want to win, improve, get exposure, play in front of the most loyal fan base on the planet for a national championship and be a top 5 pick in the 2013 draft? Then commit to Kentucky

  28. Drew Franklin's Beard

    MKG is gone If he is a top 5 pick, which he will be. Cal wont let him stay if thats the case.

  29. uklaw95

    If he wants to be certain he will be declared eligible, he should pick Duke.

  30. kentuckyjeff

    Now that UNLV is kind of ruled out He’s going to be a Wildcat. He’s got game and no way he’s going to sign with Duke nor UCLA with Calipari there. Role on Cats !!!

  31. kentuckyjeff

    #1 that has to be the easiest scoop in the world. line up Davis, MKG, Lamb, Teague, and Jones in front of them.. and for good measure add Miller as the 6th man and don’t forget to add the 1 3 pointer Kyle will throw in as well lol….

  32. Zack

    shabazz is a two guard and wants to play two guard why would MKG coming back affect shabazz, in the very very rare instance that MKG does come back i think him and bazz could share the court.

  33. Han

    26) Yeah, even if MKG wants to come back for more school and more college life and practice, Cal won’t let him pass up top 5 money. He’s stated many times that he’ll listen if you’re top 10 and want to come back to improve, but if you’re Top 5, you take the guaranteed money for you and your family and finish your education later. The risk of medical problems, off-court issues (not a problem with MKG, I’m sure) and other factors, like a down year, are just too strong.

    Still, if somehow he decides he wants to come back and won’t be swayed, I don’t think Cal would lose his voice trying to argue.

    32) Yeah, we’d start Harrow, Bazz, MKG, Poythress/Bennett/Wiltjer, Noel/Oriahki/Cauley (slashes depending on future commitments and Wiltjer’s improvements). Also, either Bazz or Goodwin is probably going to handle point, essentially, at times, unless someone turns out to be a solid point-forward or point-center.

  34. Marcus L. Owens

    Does Teague come back?

  35. I Say

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Anthony Bennets name mentioned on KSR, why is that? It sounds like Cal is recruiting him fairly heavily.

  36. emlang08

    #33 Poythress is an exact replica of MKG

    And You have to start Goodwin in there somewhere!

  37. I Say

    IF shabazz comes Archie would be splitting playing time

  38. catfan65

    I think he loves Ratface because he told Shabazz everything he wants to hear about how they will use him. But Duke will suck next year with Cook, Curry, Thornton, Dawkins, Kelly, Gbinije, and the worst Plumlee, Marshall, why would he go there? UCLA strikes me as more of a threat, but Shabazz keeps talking about style of play as a factor and can you imagine that he wants to play Howland-ball. I think he is waiting on confirmation that MKG is not returning and once he see Nerlens put on the UK hat, he hops on board the #9 train.

  39. DuPont

    1) Bilas article

    1. Take care of the ball and make the Cards play 5-on-5: Louisville is looking to generate offense off its defense, force turnovers and play ahead of your defense to get easy baskets. Against the Cards, your offense is the first and most important part of your defense, and your offense has to help your defense. You cannot turn it over or take quick or bad shots and let Louisville take it for a touchdown. And when you beat pressure off the dribble, be aware of Louisville’s backflow pressure. The Cards like to run through the ball and back-tip it. Just because you have dribbled past pressure doesn’t mean you have beaten the defense.

    2. Force Peyton Siva to finish: Siva is one of the fastest and most dynamic players in the country off ball screens, and he has the ability to get into the lane and make plays. Sometimes Siva will take it too deep and try to make the home run play. You have to stay with shooters and force Siva to make tough finishes at the rim over size. You cannot bail him out with fouls or help uphill and allow him to find people for dunks or open, step-in 3-point shots. You cannot leave Kyle Kuric or Chris Smith, the two guys who can get hot from 3-point range, open.

    3. Don’t settle: Louisville allows opponents to shoot just 30 percent from 3-point range, in part because opponents settle for jump shots, which are often lower-percentage shots. Against the Cardinals, you have to penetrate the defense, keep a man behind the defense and attack the gaps without just settling for the first shot or for jump shots. And you have to attack the offensive glass to get higher-percentage second shots.

    4. Rebound: To beat Louisville, you have to limit the Cards to one challenged shot. If you allow second shots, some of them will be 3-point shots. Louisville does a great job of getting 3s in transition and off offensive rebounds. Often a team will think its defensive possession is over, only to give up an offensive rebound and watch Louisville kick it out to a shooter stepping into an uncontested 3. Those can be deflating. Of course, Louisville will give up offensive rebounds, too. The Cardinals are rated among the bottom third in Division I in opponents’ offensive rebound percentage, giving almost 34 percent of missed shots back to the opponent.

  40. J-Daddy

    Shabazz isn’t stupid…He’s waiting until the 11th for a reason. To make sure Cal has a starting spot for him. I’d be extremely shocked if he goes anywhere else, the kid has UK written all over him & his game. MKG is gone, he’s a lock to be in the Top 5 and honestly, as much as I’d love to see him come back, he’s stupid if he does come back to UK and passes that money up. I’ve watched ‘Bazz play some AAU ball, he’s a freakin man playing with boys out there….He’s 110% f’n legit.

  41. Zyzz

    #38 Did you know that what you are talking about is limited by your false sense of reality? Maybe if you studied just a little bit harder while in school you wouldn’t be blinded by these fallacies that have cast a cloud over your judgment. I once knew a guy like you who had everything he could ever want but in the end it meant nothing, because he never knew his true place in the grand scheme of things. I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life but, honestly buddy I think it’s time you stepped down off of your high horse and looked life square in the eyes

  42. Tennessee Wildcat

    My recruiting predictions are for Cal to bring in Noel, Bennett, Shabazz and maybe one more player to be named later.

  43. I Say

    @42 Oriakhi?

  44. gcat4496

    My Dream. We blowout UL & Whoever is next for #8. All underclassman announce they are coming back for seconds. And then Noel & Shabazz commit to play in Lexington. Next year we shoot for 40-0 with an average margin of victory of 30 per game.

  45. gcat4496

    On the other hand, I can’t blame any kid projected to be a top 20 or 10 pick to go. The Anthony Davis scare in the Baylor game is a prime example. You can go from lottery pick to Greg Oden real quick with a serious leg injury.

  46. Rupp-will-kick-yo-a$$

    bazz!!!!! UK is the only program in the country that will ready you for NBA….we all know that. You will be a rock/rap star here!!!!! Pull the frickin trigger.

  47. Dave Ball

    I thought UNLV was the only true challenger to UK for Shabazz…hmm…UCLA is there (IMO) simply out of respect for Howland being there for so long…but no way he goes to Pac 12 (where players go to not get on TV or play meaningful games in March)…so it comes down to Duke vs UK…hmm…go Cats