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See? This is why we can’t have nice things…

There are three simple rules everyone in Big Blue Nation should follow when making fan videos in the basement:

(1.) Don’t wear makeup.

(2.) Don’t wear a wig.

(3.) Don’t make fan videos in the basement.

Emphasis on No. 3.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

55 responses to “See? This is why we can’t have nice things…”

  1. The King

    Proof some people should not breed.

  2. ThunderCat

    Why did John Short dress up and make a video?

  3. Who cares

    At least it’s not another Wiltjer video.

  4. ConfusedDukeFan

    Dukies stop using drugs.. drugs are bad mmmmmK.

  5. Freethrow

    Sign this guy up for the next Batman movie. Now folks, give me a title for that movie???

  6. Beelzebub

    That guy gives me the creeps.

  7. Mr. douglas

    I don’t think “The Joker” is supposed to sound like Mr. Haney from Green acres.

  8. Behind Enemy Lines

    7) Spot on!

    “Genu-ine, immitation, lunatic”

  9. rondo?
  10. dano

    Thought that was Karen Sypher

  11. CatomicBomb

    Haha, that was great. You all do know that was Bobby Petrino, right? The real Joker for our next coach in waiting! ?!?!

  12. WildcatByTheGraceOfGod

    OK, this is truly creepy but genius at the same time.

    I really think we’re getting ready to see something happen at UK that is maybe on the verge of UK football turning the corner. I think the dull roar of the fanbase for years has really really started to become more of a loud rumble and could because lots of screaming for a change. I hate it for Joker, he’s a great guy, but obviously it takes more than that to put a winning/competitive team together at UK.

    I don’t know the right guy, I just know MB is feeling the heat and as Joker’s seat heats up MB ears and email is getting blown up!

  13. DerbyDemon

    I’m sure Heath Ledger has rolled over in his grave by now. Pitiful; just pitiful.

  14. B-Lord

    Fred Rogers doing a Heath Ledger Joker impersonation.

  15. kyle heavy

    I just wanna know how he got those scars.

  16. Cory

    Haha this is my cousin…I posted it on ITV and the UK scout site for him.

  17. BuD LiGhT

    Exactly the same type individual that would break into a theater in Aurora, Colorado. Sick dude, needs professional help.

  18. anthonydavisarmpit

    This guy really needs to be checked out by the popo before he goes on a shooting spree. He really creeped me out. Please stay in your basement.

  19. Poco Chang

    holy cow. anybody that thinks UK can’t hire a coach better than tuberville or nutt has their head up the local media’s [censored].

  20. Cory

    Easy guys. Its intended to be like the Dark Knight movie Joker. Which is, creepy. His house doesn’t have a basement and he’s sorta normal…at least not someone who shoots up a threatre. The coach is named Joker…its satire, relax.

  21. wildcat sue

    I could not even watch that whole thing, it was wayyy too creepy.

  22. Bob Loblaw

    “Southern East football”?

  23. WestWorld

    I think he’s Mr. Roger’s evil twin.

  24. Goon

    I love how you can hear the intermittent sounds of silverware clinking on plates as his family eats dinner upstairs.

    “Mommy, where’s Daddy?”
    “He’s downstairs.”
    “Is he okay?”
    “Just eat, sweetie. We’re going to Grandma’s.”

  25. Sean

    This wouldnt be as creepy if the crazy guy in colorado didn’t shoot up that theater…I think all Joker (batman variety) home made youtube videos are just a bad idea.

  26. Bulldawg

    I think this dude is definitely the “foot stabber”

  27. Mike

    It’s Alan Cutler. I can see through his disguise

  28. Jimi Garden of Eden

    Actually not bad…for a whack job…could be used for a tackling dummy…

  29. CATwoman

    WTF was that?!

  30. Bozo the clown

    I’m not gonna lie. I kinda likes it. HONK HONK

  31. Tim

    I really expected this to be Jacob Kiper.

  32. fish on

    i think its brilliant… great impersonation of heath ledgers joker from the dark knight (if u didnt know this then you wont get it btw). But listen to what he’s actually saying… not bitchen, whining or complaining but a very good summary of the state of the fball program rite now, with a little contrast vs the bball program. and i love the ending where he says he’s “available” with the maniacle laughter… good job dude!

  33. Lori M

    Absolutely brilliant.

  34. Jax Teller

    24 for the win. Brilliant.

  35. BigC

    I actually thought it was pretty good. He had the voice down.

  36. This guy

    Im pretty sure this guy is a PIKE at uk

  37. Chris

    Is that Katman???…………Anybody remember him?

  38. bradley

    Mom im done with my segment!

  39. vincevaughn

    Ma!! Meatloaf!!! We want it now!!!

  40. jay

    Is that Creed from The Office?

  41. Cory

    Not any of the above theories. Follw him on Twitter as @BlueNationClown gonna do weekly installments he says…if this is your kind of thing.

  42. bluebeard

    somebody needs to arrest this dude.

  43. Coop

    This guy is comedy gold, I wish only that I wasn’t laughing about my Cats.

  44. South Carolina Tim

    Now we know what Billy Gillispie has been doing. This guy looks stress free. Must be Billy.

  45. ok so

    The fact that this guy is in possession of this wig and face paint makes him a creep. Stop embarrassing your family members, other UK fans, and yourself.

  46. tubby

    Matt fag jones and fairy meiners give each other bjs in the lpt showers

  47. ko

    Ok, so you guys post a video on your site from a competitor that you guys feel a little threatened by. Let all your viewers/fans start to follow them, smart move from the guys at kysportsradio. great video JJ.

  48. CardsFan

    I’m not sure which is worse, this guy, or Youtube’s Number 1 Kentucky Fan. This guy is nuts, and Youtube guy was an idiot. 0-2 on fan videos.

  49. Joker blows


  50. Cory

    Yahoo Sports has this up now. I helped make this viral haha.

  51. bgblue

    He is a good actor. Very good. I wish that make up could be a little better.

  52. Linda

    Clowns keep me awake at night. I watched it AGAIN!

  53. OH gal for UK

    Can I just say I’m a little scared to go to Midnight Madness now? Actually, I’m afraid to be on campus for any UK event…I guess I’ll take my chances, but I’ll bring my mass and some steel toed boots.

  54. The High Priest

    It’s Matt Jones on bath salts.

  55. bob

    Idiot, is who that guy is.