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Season Never Ends Tuesday News and Views


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A few tidbits on a late night:

(1): I spent a good part of tonight doing some filmwork for at the UK student lottery and one thing was abundantly clear…the UK fanbase is energized. Memorial Coliseum was packed with students utilizing the lottery to try and get tickets to see the Cats play against Louisville on January 2. As we interviewed various students in the line, the crowd kept growing and one person familiar with the process told me that it may have been the largest crowd for the event in many years. This follows a general buzz that we have seen throughout the fanbase since the North Carolina game that suggests the basketball program is back as the #1 priority on most Kentuckians’ minds.

(2): Of course the next step for the Cats is the game on Wednesday against UCONN in New York. There are a number of subplots in the game, but two have stood out to me over the last couple of days. First, is the statement by Stanley Robinson, in which he called Demarcus Cousins an arrogant player and suggested that his talent wasnt deserving of his arrogance. Cousins surely knows about the comments at this point, and it will be interesting to see if he uses them as a positive or a negative in the upcoming game. Also interesting to me is the fact that this game puts two coaches against each other who really are not fond of each other. The Calhoun-Calipari rivalry is long and bitter, and may be a bigger display of dislike than the more ballyhooed rivalries with Pitino and Pearl. Enjoy this game, because my guess is that we wont see a regular season matchup between the two programs again for some time.

Some fans are already ready

(3): Good news for football continued, as Randall Cobb was named First Team All SEC today by the AP, in the “utility” player category. This slot is usually reserved for the player that does it all on the field and Cobb certainly fits that role perfectly. While Cobb was the only first team member, Sam Maxwell, Derrick Locke and Corey Peters were all named second team All SEC, showcasing the depth of UK’s talent this year. Going into the year, it was assumed that all awards would come to Trevard Lindley or Micah Johnson, but due to injuries for both, other players stepped up and won the awards. It showcases how the talent is much more spread out now in the Rich Brooks era, than what we were used to in the past.

(4): A quick shout for the news of yet another football commitment, Brice Laughlin of South Carolina. The Defensive Tackle orginially committed to Ralph “Refrigerator” Friedgen and his change represents yet another positive step in the recruiting game from Joker Phillips and the UK staff in recent weeks. Just a couple of weeks ago, the 2010 class looked relatively barren and there was open questioning as to what the staff was doing and whether its vaunted “new” strategy of going after top targets would be a bust. But now a few days later, three 3 star or better commitments have come on board and some other top guys are looking UK’s way. Joker and company may be pulling another rabbit out of the hat.

Everyone is doing the Wall Dance

I leave in the morning to head to New York City for the big game against UCONN. I will be doing the occasional report from the Big Apple, but the crew here will be holding down the fort over the next two days. Stay tuned for all the news and the comments tomorrow from Calipari and Calhoun…they may be better than your regular run-of-the-mill pre-game coach comments.

Article written by Matt Jones

38 responses to “Season Never Ends Tuesday News and Views”

  1. mocha

    Randall Cobb is the answer to CJ Spiller.
    CATS win by 8 in the Music City.
    Jones – please remind Drew to have my Red Bull ready at the podcast.

  2. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    Nice calendar

  3. jlee62279

    Can’t wait to party it up in the big apple!!

  4. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    Calhoun asks for some assistance on the bench. He will need it. Watch your back Cal.

  5. gowildcatsgo

    According to this guy, not only will the season end, but it’ll end against Indiana! LOL!

    I’m all for a little trash talking, but shouldn’t you have at least some game to back you up?

  6. GoCats2

    I sure do miss going to the lotteries for tickets. Those were the good old days. I would like to give a shot out to my friend Trish from Louisville who would go with me on Sunday mornings and get a ticket so I could sneak my dad into the student section. Thanks Trish!

  7. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor


    My friend just posted some pics on facebook of her and some guy dressed in blue and white and posing for the camera. I looked closely at the guy and I was like “HOLY CRAP!!! SHE’S WITH KIGE RAMSEY!!!!”

    So i got really excited and clicked on the picture so that i could leave some cheesy comment. Fortunately, before i did, i read the caption. “Me and my date at Jesus Prom!!”

    I’m now crying with laughter.

  8. mattearley

    hey matt

    there have been several references to Cal’s rivalries with pitino, pearl, and calhoun throughout the preseason and early season, however, unlike pitino and pearl, there has been very little written about the background of calhoun and Cal’s “dislike” for one another.

    can y’all elaborate a bit? maybe put katie martin on the job…

  9. BPsycho

    #8 Put Beisner on teh job and watch him blow this bi*** up with laughter

    just watch

  10. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #8–You left one out. Look at the video at #4. I remember that happening. Look how young Cal is.

  11. ukwildcatwildfan

    This is a video of Calipari in the Memphis locker room after there win over Nevada to get in the Sweet 16. Pay attention around the 0:40 part. Sound familiar?

    “I knew we would win. As soon as I heard Seth Davis picked Nevada to win, I knew we were fine. He picked the Germans in WWII.”

    When Cal comes up with a catchy phrase it seems like he sticks with it (“they think they poop ice cream”). I was just watching random basketball/Calipari videos and saw this, it made me laugh.

  12. kingsham

    12——first, i see the similarity but i don’t think it’s the shizz that wall does…..2) that song was so god awful i couldnt make it through the whole thing (made it through 3/4) to see if the shizz people did the wall…but anyways, can I have three minutes of my life back please…

  14. kingsham

    sure…u can have it back…frankly…i dont care what people call it, but there are quite a few people that are like…please stop calling it the john wall dance…but JW didnt do the whole dance…but thats where the flexin part came from

  15. tdogg40330

    it was rumored on the message boards earlier in the year that this is the game that we break out “new uniforms” any word going around about it now??


    fair enough. seems logical.

  17. hooperstar54

    boogie knows what robinson said…

    Facebook status yesterday-
    DeMarcus Boogie Cousins: wen i walk around dey frown, ….den wanna dap me dwn…den i wen i leave dem bustas tlk abt me like a clown …but ion give a f***…aint gon let up …btw …wats good stanley robinson! lmao

  18. gossie21

    8. The Cal/Calhoun rivalry stems from Calhoun refusing to play UMass once Calipari started getting better players. Calhoun was fine to play UMass at first because they were terrible right when Cal was hired. But once UMass had the talent to be competitive UConn refused to schedule them.

  19. Drew Franklin

    I’m driving to New York by myself (from Lexington) and have no idea what the hell to do when I get there. Anyone got some advice on getting down to MSG? I don’t need any advice on partying so save your tips. I just need to get around New York. I’ve never been.

  20. tdogg40330

    19) just dont get robbed ……

  21. tdogg40330

    and if you do get robbed, let them have everything but your tickets to the game ….

  22. Drew Franklin

    21) That won’t be a problem because I don’t have tickets to the game. Or money.

  23. CalifCatFan

    I’ll ride with you to NYC. But you have to pick me up in California first.

  24. whackamo

    I was getting my oil changed yesterday and was reading the November issue of Golf Digest when I read that Kentucky’s own Kenny Perry won the Payne Stewart Award. I know this sites love of Kenny so I thought someone would run with this and give Kenny the post he deserves. Go Kenny Perry

    GO CATS IN MSG beat the fighting Jim Calhoun’s

  25. Davender Fan

    Question about the picture of the kids: didn’t The Smirk recruit #9?

  26. BravoBigBlue

    If Cousins plays against UConn like he has just about every game so far this year, it will be tough for us to win the game. At some point, he’s got to get control of himself. Otherwise, he’s going to be known more for his behavior than his talent. No one can change that but himself.

  27. ukaltheway

    19) I lived in NYC for years. If you’re staying in a hotel in NY they will probably have guest parking and I’d leave my car there and take the subway or find a cab down to the Garden. However if you are not staying in the city there are parking garages all over so finding a garage in the 33rd/34th St. area will not be a problem. Getting out afterward might be something else though. Be prepared to pay $20-35 for the garage space. In this case my advice would be to park somewhere in the 50’s or 60’s(Streets) and take the subway (#1 or #9) train down to Penn Station at 34th St. – get off at that stop and follow signs to the Garden. Despite what people think New Yorkers are friendly and will help you with directions. Good luck!

  28. ThatsAShame

    Drew: If you arrive today you might find a spot on a Tuesday street cleaning street. Some streets have no parking on certain days, however, today street cleaning is suspended. Many NYCers do not pay close attention to this. Thus you can readily park for free on a street with Tuesday street cleaning.

    How’s that? See you at the game.

  29. Blue World Order

    4 SEC East teams in the top 25. Kentucky being good makes everyone better…

  30. MIDDAY

    Is that Nina Hamm holding the calendar?

  31. tyleryoungjj

    Somebody help the lady in Times Square, she has a person stuck in her purse.

  32. CAnTuckeeBoi

    King Sham….. I have seen the Shizz before unfortunately given that the guy is from Louisville and it is popular amongs white gangsters who cant dance. It is absolutely positively not even close to John Wall’s dance. The flex is like a flex in the mirror, there is no movement on the flex… may sound silly but thats the way it is. Only people from the Ville that like that clown are trying to take away from John Wall’s glory….

    Hi Hater I see ya…..

  33. Thomas Beisner

    Drew, here’s your horoscope for this trip: You’re gonna die.

  34. KSR Spy

    #32-I agree. That looks absolutely nothing like the John Wall dance. John Wall has more rhythm in his little toe than that guy and his entire family. Just another Louisville fan trying to make themselves important. What a shame.

  35. tdogg40330

    33) DAMN

  36. bcat

    Anybody know where to get some UK gear in NY before the game? Also, I’m sure someone, somewhere has danced that dance before…but it’s the John Wall Dance now, so deal with it!

  37. dchagy

    #26–Very, very good point. If Cousins has any thoughts (and we all know he does) about going pro, he needs to learn how to control himself and his temper. If not, someone’s going to take his head off and hand it to him. I think it’s just a matter of him maturing, but if officials get wind that you’re going to cry every time someone looks at you crosseyed, that’ll only make it harder for him–and easier for refs to call fouls on him.

  38. Getcha Popcorn Ready

    36) I think there will be some UK gear avalable at the official pre-game party=Jack Demsey’s, 36 West 33rd St.