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Nerlens Noel goes down. Hard.

After his one-on-one game with Stone Cold Willow, Nerlens Noel went up for a dunk over a young fan and came down hard on his back. He’s fine, but I don’t think Cal is going to enjoy seeing this.

Please forgive my shaky camerawork. I, like everyone else, almost passed out when Nerlens hit the deck.


Article written by Drew Franklin

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51 responses to “Nerlens Noel goes down. Hard.”

  1. GangnamStyle

    I blame Willow

  2. bsquared

    I hope Brian Long appreciates that

  3. damnson

    so is he fuggin ok drew?

  4. Uh

    I’ll murder u all if he’s not ok. Update?

  5. blueswade

    Is he okay?!?!?!?!

  6. UKNation

    He is okay everyone, no one was injured!

  7. Shawon

    You can see that Nerlens is OK from Drew’s video just by how he landed. Poor kid in the black shirt…

    Unfortunately, we may have seen the end of blue court pickup at the campout with UK players.

  8. CaptObvious

    Clearly tho the guy is a significant notch below Anthony Davis.

  9. Hugger88324

    Stupid little kid took out his legs Where is his parents?

  10. Duh

    8) and so is everyone in the country besides 10-12 guys in the NBA

  11. Dem Cards

    lil kid push Noel around like that, Gorgui will break him in half.

  12. idiots

    it’s a 8 year old kid and it obviously wasn’t intentional… and you’re probably 30. leave him alone

  13. We Own Dem Cards

    Haha, good one.

  14. nerlensflattop

    Gorgui is a twig… he couldn’t break anything

  15. Dem Who?

    Who is Gorgui?

  16. This is weird

    Even last year with the Anthony Davis video.. I wondered why the players feel they need to get out with people like stone cold willow and little kids and try to dunk on them… We know they are super talented athletes or they wouldn’t be here.. But gosh that right there could have been disastrous injury for Nerlens… Don’t risk injury guys.. Reminds me of when Bret Boone played for the Yankees.. Or was it Aaron Boone heck I can’t remember..

  17. minton

    I thought I felt time stop for a moment today. This explains it.

  18. Flippy23

    Well…..that is probably the end of that…..

  19. OMG

    That dumbass kid must be a U of L spy in disguise!

  20. UK2k

    It was Aaron boone. Everyone chill. He’s fine

  21. Dear UL and IU fans, We are national champions; you are not. The end.

    Seriously, get your kid off the court. Then spank him until he cries.

  22. Dean

    The kids need to watch from the sideline .

  23. 44 Stitches



    I am a homo card fan…I am very lonely living here in my mother’s basement. She keeps trying to set me up on dates with girls but I like men. I am so sad and pathetic that I come on KSR and post moronic comments. Please forgive me for being such an a$$hole. I really comes from the fact that I am jealous of UK and have gone off my meds.

  25. Kcmunk

    Hello!!! We Show off @ 18 years old. I show off now @ 33. Too bad it’s only hitting a softball or golf ball. He is a kid. He’s prob playing pick up ball right now. Quit tripping on these kids. @ some point this season he will jump of a balcony or jump over a silverado. Calm down folks.

  26. #Rise

    Thank God the kid was there to somewhat break his fall.

  27. secretagent0014

    26) too funny

  28. J

    I hope that kid got wrecked…

  29. catcrawler

    LOL @26, Kids don’t belong on the court after dark.

  30. NYCWildcat

    The kid probably feels horrible. It’s not like he did it on purpose. That being said, kids shouldn’t be out there playing because it’s so easy for them to inadvertently undercut a player. Lesson learned.

  31. theSkinny81

    i wonder if that kids dad is the same guy who paid $199 to take his kid to see Anthony Davis, and got mad because he went to the Olympics instead.

  32. KYWilcat04

    You bumpkins are friggin blind. Kid never touched Noel . Noel just sucks. Shame on you losers for blaming that kid when he clearly didn’t touch Noel. You blind fat turds

  33. WestWorld

    This is why we can’t have nice things…

  34. Damn

    Hope this isn’t a sign for what’s to come.

  35. WISDOM

    The players dunk for the fans ppl … get your head right!
    That kid is an idiot but most kids are, so you can’t blame the kid. Sorry kids …
    It looks to me like Noel disregards his landing to keep his foot in the air and not hurt the kid. This is awesome of him. I think this likely shows that he’s been there before and knew what to expect / how to handle it / wasn’t worried about getting hurt. Which all are also awesome.
    His ball handling skills are a bit surprising to me.
    He looks very nimble and quick … he looks quicker than AD to me.
    He is not as wide but just as long and looks quicker … good combo for bball.
    He jumps up and way too far right … that makes the undercut mostly his fault IMO.
    These guys (the UK players) need to be smarter out there, they feel the kids bumping with them, don’t get undercut or twist an ankle!!!

  36. ThatsAShame

    33 – agreed. I love that line.

  37. tooblueforyou

    At least he didnt smash that little kid, good looking out nerlins

  38. 6xJimmy

    Is that kids name Bartman?

  39. HelloKitty

    You swagging way too low Nerlens!!

  40. bige

    Get that kid a football scholly! Best tackler on campus.

  41. Goodbyekitty

    Swagging too low? Stay in your lane white people.

  42. barn

    it was obviously flagrant and intentional. and what is a gorgui?

  43. AssholeDiCKfaCe

    That fro needs a cut to be more aerodynamic. He needs a Lamborghini cut.

  44. Bluebeard


  45. Physics Pants

    Although the kid could have had something to do with it, Noel’s body posture looked like he decided before the dunk to grab on the rim and swing up his legs. Since he missed the dunk he had nothing to hold onto, and his body momentum was already moving towards horizontal. This sort of stuff happens at pickup games all the time, yeah, but we may have seen the last of players vs campers games.

  46. sc

    i didnt see where the kid grabbed him, watch it slow, he never grabs anythin

  47. Carl

    The kid that undercut NN is lucky that this didn’t happen on International Talk Like A Pirate Day, we’d be stringing him from the yard arms. The ad hoc basketball has gotten out of hand.

  48. James K

    We could’ve have a Bartman situation on our hands, no question. That is scary.

  49. Wtf

    I heard the pycho music watching that

  50. UKBlue

    No more ever, no player should be out playing in this stupid shit.

    That kid needs to be busted right in the mouth. Imagine being the stupid ass parent, if Noel would have gotten hurt.

  51. GatorChomp

    He could land on that hair and bounce around for a week.