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SB Nation calls Pete Thamel out

Pete Thamel — yeah, that guy — wrote a piece on Nerlens Noel a few days ago that basically accused the star recruit of being in contact with some of the many agents who are trying to get close to him. Like anything else Thamel does, it was came off as a malicious attempt to stir up trouble.

Well, one writer at SB Nation, Andrew Sharp, noticed Thamel’s unprofessional journalistic ways and wrote a piece critiquing his article on Noel. One part that sticks out to Kentucky fans is when Sharp goes at Thamel for bring up Calipari’s agency, who doesn’t have any contact with Noel:

Of course, Thamel doesn’t stop there.

He takes thing a step further and wonders aloud on our behalf:

…he is probably one of many agents and their associates who are trying to become involved with Noel’s recruitment. … Whether Sullivan or C.A.A., which also represents Kentucky Coach John Calipari, will become a significant factor in Noel’s agent recruitment is not known.

“Will the agent with no ties to this player somehow steer him to Kentucky? WHO CAN SAY.”

It’s the sort of circumstantial, connect-the-dots McCarthyism that can stain a reputation. Not of the New York Times reporter passing this off as reporting — he did a “great job” on the “sad, bizarro world” — but of the 17-year-old kid who’s apparently never spoken to the agent.

Give it a read and then pat Andrew Sharp on the back if you ever see him out.

And remember, the media is full of dirty tricks:

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

32 responses to “SB Nation calls Pete Thamel out”



  2. Beavis

    Worse type of ,,,,well I was going to say journalism but that would be a stretch. I mean he even has his peers calling him out. After all,,,,he is giving them all a bad name. Not worth reading but you do have to wonder about his motivation.

  3. TheDecker

    I wish another journalist had the balls to investigation one of their own. There’s some psychological reasoning why these so called journalist make their duty to stir the pot. Or it could be that Thamel is a douche and he spent all those years being stuff in lockers and being picked last in kick ball.

  4. Floyd The Barber

    That kind of writing gets him hits…and that’s what the boss wants!

  5. Cat's Balls

    Coach Cal gets an honorable mention from Esquire Magazine in their “Best Dressed Coaches” article.

  6. alaeotus

    Pete Thamel is trash. Anyone giving him credence, or failing to scorn him, is thus acting foolishly.

  7. ktmiln2

    Just read a tweet saying Mike D’antoni is out at NY, don’t know if it’s true yet or not.

  8. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    That’s like saying “even though Noel has never heard of, much less met, ‘chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door'” one has to wonder whether that internet comment poster will steer him to Kentucky”!!!

  9. ktmiln2

    The tweet is from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, so there’s that. @WajYahooNBA

  10. bmack

    Thamel’s a hack. Everyone knows that. The NYT may be the “paper of record,” but its sports writing is bush league.

    And it’s true, D’antoni is out. Hopefully the Knicks will hire a full-fledged replacement before our tourney run ends (with the cutting of nets, I presume).

  11. Union Farmer

    The ridiculous part of Pete Thamels tactics are that he is a big Alabama Football fan. Paul Finebaum has him on his show all the time. I wonder why he never finds any dirt on all those 5 star football recruits the Tide keep bringing in. I’m sure they’re not all squeaky clean. Sportswriters like Thamel and Pat Forde that are agenda driven deserve to be horse whipped.

  12. RYNO

    Not me who said this in the comment section, but in case this guy/girl came from KSR, KUDOS for summing up Thamel when you said this: “Pete Thamel

    is a Syracuse grad…does he spend any of his time commentin/writing about the sick and twisted program at his own alma mater?? no..he has some vendetta towards UK (perhaps stemming from the 96 final)…Enes Kanter gets barred from college basketball, but still attends UK and goes to class (because, as he stated time and time again, he wanted an education)…but Josh Selby (who takes money from former Syracuse star Carmelo Anthony’s agent) gets a slap on the wrist and ends up going to class up until his Kansas team gets bounced from the NCAA’s…Thamel is now trying to ruin a kids reputation simply because he has UK listed on his recruiting favorites (much akin to what was done to Anthony Davis last year by the Chicago Sun-Times), all the while ignoring his own alma mater’s shortcomings….perhaps Thamel could run a piece on why Syracuse has now lost Fab Melo to academic issues, or perhaps why they turned their collective backs on drug-testing their own players (or at least ignoring the results)…nope…Thamel would prefer to fabricate than to actually report…and the sycophantic miscreants posing as his peers who cheer his vitriol should be shoveling someone else’s manure for a career…Thamel is biased pure and simple”

    Dead on my good man- dead on.

  13. Uh-oh_

    Fire up the rumor mill for the haters. Dantoni to resign from Knicks. Coach Cal to NYC? Uh oh…

  14. snap

    Why can’t these kids and Cal take these talking heads and their employers to court?

    How great would that be?

  15. RYNO

    13) It would be beyond bad timing if they had intentions on going after Cal. They won’t wait to name Dantoni’s replacement until after the season’s over- HEY KSR! DO WE REALLY HAVE TO SEE COACH K’S UGLY RAT FACE ON HERE EVERY TIME I WANNA READ A NICE UK BLOG POST!?!?

  16. UKGrad83

    Love the tweet – wish the young man good luck wherever he ends up.

  17. Open your eyes

    More “shock-jock” journalism that will continue as long as you fall for it.

    It only works if you get riles up about it and promote it. When you promote it people read it, they get irked off and they tell someone about it and so-on-and-so-on.

    You keep falling for it.

  18. CliffFrankLou

    And members of the media scratch their heads as to why they are among the least trusted professions

  19. 44 Stitches

    Look at Nerlens Noel dropping some Tupac lyrics. Nice big fella.

  20. barn

    why worry. this kind of crap comes up every year at this time. rikky pee has probably got that job sewed up anyway

  21. kybigblue

    Noel didn’t have any trouble figuring out what type of writer Thamel is. Good for him.

  22. REAL BLY

    Thamel, Digger, Snottlieb, Bob Knight, Seth Davis…….


  23. Beatle Bum

    Whether Thamel is taking bribes from a booster of a competitor of UK to write lies about UK and its recruits is not known and may never be known. One has to wonder why he seems so zealous in his pursuit of UK and Calipari, but if that is the result of unethical payments is only speculation, at this juncture.

  24. Tbone

    I wouldn’t wish physical harm to anyone regardless of how devious and twisted they conduct themselves. That said… Id sure love the lead roll in a complicated plot to deliver his comeuppance resulting in his total demise both personally and professionally. He’s just a bad person. Karma B!tch. It’s coming.

  25. tyrus

    I got to think the majority of the top recruits have made up their mind which college they’ll attend weeks ago. IMHO, it’s I want to be the last to annouce my choice mentality. Mix in the “I like the attention”, especially from the BBN even tho I (S.M.) ain’t going there. I want the time reduced by months kids have to decide on their choice. MTC!

  26. Stan

    I Agree #24, to hell with pete and jerry.

  27. KCK

    Props to Noel for quoting a 2Pac song from 1996 in his tweets. Kid has good taste.

  28. OldRzaGza

    PAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only God Can Judge Me NOW!!!!

  29. Burnsj

    Maybe thamel needs the flatline in the song. He needs to be banished to writing the comics with the imagination he has.

  30. Bulldawg

    Pete Thameltoe!! U need to check yo self befo you wreck yo self, fool. Cube

    “Only God can judge me” is my favorite 2-pac song of all time…Noel is already one of my favorite frosh for UK next year. He will be a Cat. Ironicly, I think articles like this may steer him towards UK rather than away…GBB!! Thanks Petie

  31. Chris

    KY actors George Clooney and Jennifer Lawrence (X-Men – HUnger Games) are also with C.A.A.! It’s therefore so obvious that there must be a connection with UK….EVERYBODY FAMOUS IS REPRESENTED BY CAA!

  32. Linn

    esquire said pitino has the most over rated sideline in america…