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Saturday Morning Sausage Links


Call me crazy, but there’s more than just one whole hog in there…

– Are the rumors of the Kanter family suing the NCAA picking up steam once again? (big article, hit ctrl+f and search Kanter)

– The Magic beat the Wizards, as John Wall gets ejected due to two technical fouls. previews tonight’s UK-UF battle in Gainesville.

– Florida fans ask, “What’s wrong with Tyus?” Clearly they do not read the Bible, or they would know about Kelvin Sampson getting his phone hair cut off.

– 4-Star (but soon to be 5-star) recruit Chris Walker will attend today. He lists UK as No.1 on his list, with UF right behind. UPDATE: Chris Walker will not be attending because of his ankle injury last night via twitter.

“Can’t make it to the florida kentucky game gotta #treat my ankle.”

Everyone wants to talk about Brandon Knight and Kenny Boynton being friends and former rivals. Also, I hate Kenny Boynton.

Bonus video for joining us this morning: (watching Anthony Davis play basketball never gets old)

Article written by Chris Thomas

30 responses to “Saturday Morning Sausage Links”

  1. Ryan S

    It sucks being up this early.

  2. Chris Roush

    Wrong link to John Wall’s game….That game was in October.

  3. bung

    Hoods good

  4. The cat

    Florida fans are embarrassing themselves right now, this game day looks boring. No energy at all.

  5. matthew

    Correct link for last night’s Wizards game:

  6. Claw

    I’ve seen enough gator chomps to last me all day already on espnu. I hope we destroy them this evening…and Bilas needs to grow some hair on his head.

  7. Charles Jude

    I know this is unrelated to the above article but did anyone see the news about Larry Drew II leaving UNC. Those UNC fans must be awfully wild to have ran off a player. I wonder if the media will bash UNC fans for thi the way they mercilessly bash the BBN. Go Cats. Stomp those Gators.

  8. TCBMan

    Anybody else see the news about Larry Drew II leaving UNC. He apologized for not meeting the high standards of UNC fans. I wonder if the media will bash UNC fans the way they mercilessly bash the BBN. Go Cats!! Stomp those gators!!

  9. Claw

    Drew wasn’t getting the job done and lost his starting position last month, It was a coaching decision. Don’t think fans influenced the decision.

  10. reedwizard

    Totally love watching Anthony Davis play on these vids, but man, there’s no one near his height or skill level in these clips. I surely hope he does this against top flight players as well.

  11. Jezz

    10- Still, he’s always so smooth and impressive. He makes everything look so easy. I think he will be a huge star.

    I can’t wait to see him against top level competition at the various HS all star games.

  12. Big D

    Should be the only full house of the year for the Gators. But yeah it looks a little sparce for the game day crew. Wonder who the officiating crew is for tonight’s game ? Could make a difference.

  13. tuggerman

    sue baby sue!!!!

  14. Claw

    Watching those Florida fans on Gameday screaming and going crazy. They’ll be so worn out and hoarse by tipoff that they’ll be lazier than SexnNursingHomes after a group session in a Thailand house of ill repute.

  15. andy

    Here is to hoping the kanter family will sue mark emmert personally. He is a Pos president. I will gladly donate some kanters to sue that ass wipe

  16. Computer Blue

    7 & 8 – I doubt it since they don’t have Jerry Tipton writing for their local paper.

  17. ukchampion

    redundant use of the strike-through text. get it together new guy.

  18. iCe
  19. Esteban

    10) no one is near his height because he is 6’11…and what kinda ballhandling skills does this guy have to not let those smaller guys steal the ball from him?? probably a better ballhandler than BTI’s mom

  20. willdcat1

    If the Rivers kid gets top-rating, it will mean ratings are meaningless. Does Rivers dominate both ends of the floor the way Davis does? 6’11”, w/ ball skills? Can’t wait for this kid to get to UK…and about UNC – between Barnes & Drew, the elitist pgm is taking some hits these days. What a shame…

  21. Big Blue 66

    4. Florida has embarrassed themselves and the SEC, just watched a couple of minutes of gameday and the dont have hardly anybody there, filled two sections in the lower arean behing the announcers and thats it, pitiful

  22. Big Blue 66

    and to add insult to injury, there are BBN fans in floridas gameday, wow, BBN is literally everywhere

  23. Florida Fan

    UK is getting their 6th loss tonight. Suck it queers.

  24. J

    Anyone else think Davis and Durant have similar skill set?

  25. SexnNursinHomes

    14- haha! about to open a beer and guzzle it in your honor my good man

  26. load testing

    6’11” running the break, making crossover dribbles, hitting outside shots – this player is exciting. #24 – I do see distinct similarities. Davis has an advantage because he has several years experience as a guard before he hit that growth spurt. Awesome!

  27. Kentucky Fan

    23. Only people who comment like that around here are steers and queers buddy and I don’t see any horns.

  28. Hoss

    #19- Zing!

  29. BukakenNursinHomes

    25) Beer, the perfect breakfast food. However watching all those rowdy rednecks in FL may cause me to go straight for the red wine in the enema bag

  30. I can't see the comments