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Rupp Arena Named The Third Loudest in America


As part of its College Basketball Season Preview (hat tip to Anthony Wireman), ESPN has listed the ten loudest arenas in college basketball. The list (which is part of a premium article that you cant read), is below and is actually fairly well done in my view. I have been to four of the top five arenas (never been to The Pit, but definitely want to go) and I would probably rank them exactly as ESPN has done. Allen Fieldhouse was part of our CBS tour last year and is an amazing building that can get CRAZY loud when the fans are worked up. For my money, it is the best place to watch a college game that I have attended. Cameron Indoor is second because of the small size and the close proximity to the court for the students and Rupp comes next because of the sheer number of people who get loud for a game. Rupp should be #1, but so long as the bedazzled sweaters are down low, it wont quite match the intensity of the top two.

Also, major props for including Pitt and Oklahoma State, two arenas often forgotten. I would probably throw in Wake Forest and Michigan State as two arenas I have visited that can burst the eardrums during the right setting. The one missing? North Carolina, which has the worst “noise to fan interest” ratio in the country. For a program with so much history, the games there might as well be played in a library.

1. Allen Fieldhouse, Kansas
2. Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke
3. Rupp Arena, Kentucky
4. UNM Arena (The Pit), New Mexico
5. O’Connel Center, Florida
6. Peterson Event Center, Pittsburgh
7. Bramlage Coliseum, Kansas State
8. Assembly Hall, Illinois
9. Gallagher-Iba Arena, Oklahoma State
10. Matthew Knight Arena, Oregon

Article written by Matt Jones

45 responses to “Rupp Arena Named The Third Loudest in America”

  1. deer boss

    Racer Arena used to rock and roll back in the 90’s before they moved to their new place.

  2. terwilliger

    o’connell center? lmao… that place is a morgue.

  3. He Hate Me

    If it wasn’t for the 80 year old geezers that sit on their hands the whole game, Rupp would be number 1.

  4. josh

    free Enes

  5. N2theBlue

    If the sound levels mentioned were taken last year, it’s no wonder the Smith Center wasn’t on the list. Their home game attendance was only 4 figure.

  6. fish on

    i went to ky game at arkansas in 97 and it was way loud… until we beat em. think it was the game after derek anderson got hurt. my buddy and i had his inlaws season ticket 10 rows up… we were told not to come back

  7. Tobias Funke

    Racer Arena would be #1! RSEC is nice and big but doesn’t have the rumble that Racer Arena had. I did love playing pick-up games in there after it was abandoned and left for the volleyball team. Just a really cool, old, bowl arena with wood everything (floors, seats, benches, etc).

  8. Cody

    How can Matthew Knight Arena be on the list when it hasn’t even hosted a game yet?

  9. Wong A Long Long

    I wonder where Commonwealth ranks in football arenas? Probably not very high, at least not until we get a head coach that at least one other team in the SEC would hire.

  10. Popeye Jones

    Racer Arena will always hold a special place in my heart.

  11. Old Blue

    8- my thoughts as well

  12. butlerdelt

    #8, I was thinking the exact same thing.

  13. Wong A Long Long

    Does Duke have a Cameron Outdoor Stadium?

  14. Sir Charles Barkley

    Noise is turrible.

  15. Get'em Cal

    O’Connel Center? WTF? They couldn’t sell out non UK games in the middle of back national championships.

    If only the first 15 rows all the way around the court at Rupp were for students… Damnit. Put the blue hairs in luxury suites and the students around the court.

  16. Escape Goat

    I’ve seen Diddle arena at WKU get pretty ridiculous at times.
    They should do a mid-major version of this.

  17. football sux

    Agree on UNC being a library. I’ve been to many games there and I swear they spike the soft drinks with valium.

  18. Escape Goat

    Rupp arena would win the “arena that looks the most like a giant warehouse” award.

  19. LondonKnights

    Whoever put this together for ESPN must have been at Rupp the night of the Calathes free-throws.

  20. SagaciousMind

    I just dont see how you can compare Cameron Indoor to Rupp Arena. You cant compare places that are 8,000 to 24,000 difference. If UK was still playin in Memorial, it would no doubt be louder than Cameron. But, Rupp isnt always as loud as it should be. When they build a new arena, they need to find a way to put the students closer to the floor and keep the season ticket holders happy.

  21. KentuckyRLD

    I guess I wasn’t at the O’Connel center on the nights when it was exciting. There wouldn’t have been any noise at all if it weren’t for the UK fans. Can’t believe that dump would make the top 10.

  22. Wong "A" Long Long

    Is it possible Louisville is not on this list?

  23. KSR1080Fan

    18) WhereWeHouseGreatness

  24. A.R.'s Cats

    I’ve said the very same thing the Blue hairs and Rupp way back in the late 80s. Once went to game a good friend gave me, the tickets to Vandy game, while sitting among the Blue hairs was was told to sit down and have a little respect for everyone around me. I thought AYFSM? Did I?….. NO!!!!!! Go Cats FREE ENES!!!!!!!!

  25. Wong "A" Long Long

    Off topic but who do you prefer from the list:

    -Rick Pitino
    -Mike Krzyzewski
    -John Calipari

  26. Wong "A" Long Long

    How about this list? How’d you rank them?

    -Derek Dooley
    -Charlie Strong
    -Joker Phillips

  27. CowboysFanOfTheDay
  28. FreeEnes

    on another non-UK note, Wade Phillips just got fired.

  29. Jimmy Buffett

    I want to log in. How do I create a username & password for WordPress?

    …… wastin’ away again….

  30. Bored@Work

    19) I was there that night…almost passed out from yelling so much. It was probably one of the better games I’ve attended

  31. GoodLord

    24.) You’re such a tough guy!

  32. Matt C

    I was privileged enough to get 2nd row floor seats for the Pikeville game only to have two small gargoyles in the third row ask me to sit down repeatedly and then left with 13 minutes left in the 2nd half. Fear for your lives if they drive home from these games.

  33. PortlandCat

    I graduated from University of Pittsburgh in 2004 and the Peterson Events Center was never really loud then.

  34. CliffFrankLou

    Ahem….where were the majority of the empty seats for the two exhibition games? The student sections. Save the whining about blue hairs.

  35. KY defense for Heisman

    What a joke….We don’t belong on that list. Its like a nursing home from the floor – 20 rows up.

  36. Wong "A" Long Long

    post me

  37. Wong "A" Long Long

    or me

  38. Rolo

    Just think how loud it would be if those people bordering on a coma in lower arena did something.

  39. CG III

    Get rid of the old gray hairs and add more student section in the lower arena and we could be #1 on that list.

  40. Daggumit Larry

    I can give you the top 11. All SEC arenas when Kentucky comes to visit are loud and obnoxious. Agreed?

  41. Mad Men fan

    The old NC State Reynold’s Coliseum was LOUD. So is Memorial Gym in Vandy.

  42. SECOnNotice

    Depends on what you mean by loudest. Ours is definately not the most consistently loud, but I imagine that its best moments rival anyone’s in the country.

  43. Scout

    Yes, rich ta-tas must go. Also, create a section for ex-players. Some of them end up with tickets at the top of Rupp Arena. I also think the tickets on the floor are ridiculous. A little kid would be killed by Cousins, Vargas, et al slamming into them.

  44. Coach Fifteeno

    Loserville games are almost as loud as my restaurant table hijinx. But its only loud for 15 seconds.

  45. Scott

    The Spectrum at Utah State should be on here. New Mexico as the only mid-major stadium is RIDICULOUS, but not as ridiculous as having matt court at 10 (I go to oregon, even!)

    here is utah state (