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Rupp Arena: Intimidating or Not?

What is the most divisive issue amongst UK fans at this time? Sure, some of you will take the “easy” way out and say it is our continued intellectual debate on our Coach Tubby Smith. But I dont think that is the true great debate of our time. No, the issue that virtually always elicits passionate responses in circles I circumnavigate is the question of whether Rupp Arena is a good basketball environment. Likely no issue divides Cats’ fans more thoroughly than this question and the age demographic is usually clear. Young people and those that sit in the top levels or dont have seats at all believe Rupp generally sucks. Old rich people in blue cardigans and others who dont like loud noises, think it is great. There is usually no in-between. After much internal debate, I have concluded that those wearing “Bedazzled” sweaters are dead wrong.

Let me initially be clear. When Rupp is rocking for a big game, there may be no better place to watch basketball in America. Kentucky fans are among the most knowledgable in the game, and their passion for basketball is simply unmatched across this country. When Rupp is stoked (think LSU in 90, Maryland with Steve Francis, Pitino’s first visit, Florida when they were #1), you literally cannot hear yourself think and the rumbling of such a large crowd can shake the rafters. Plus, there is a history to the place. As Bruce Pearl noted last week, when you walk into Rupp, it just feels different. There are so many great names in the rafters, the legacy of great teams haunts the air and the room has a buzz that is rare in any sporting venue in America. Rupp Arena on a good night is college basketball…..and on these nights, it can be magical.

But then there are the other nights, and on those nights, UK’s homecourt advantage continues to shrink. For your average game, Rupp can be like a tomb. The people sitting closest to the court arrive late, leave early (hate to catch the traffic) and are usually there for the social scene more than the game. The students are stuck behind the goal, sometimes not even filling up their section, and while some passionate kids are trying to get people going…..many are text messaging and waiting for the big frat party after the game. Often the cheers are polite and the applause is scattered and the stands are filled with people with the attitude that they are there to be entertained, not to be part of the action….and thus the atmosphere suffers.

Why is this? Well there are a number of factors that contribute to the current Rupp malaise.

(1). The lower arena is filled with people who have no interest in being loud fans. This has been a problem for years and will likely never change. The lower arena is filled with more grey than Tom and because most of the seats are given based on wealth and length of participation, the arena is filled with those more interested in the stock market and the newest wines available downtown than making Joakim Noah sweat. Whereas other arenas have found ways to surround the lower seats with rabid students, UK still has it filled with donors…..atmosphere is thus lost.

(2) The student section leaves a great deal to be desired. For many years, the UK student section was one of the best in the nation. Students lined up, camped out and waited for an eternity to get in the gym and make their voice heard. But then came a lottery and a new, easier system to get student tickets….the end result being that the fanatics were not rewarded, and the more casual student fan got into the game. Thus the fans the arena needs the most…..the chest-painted, voice-losing, website-visiting students are often shut out….and the sorority girl going to scout out her future rich husband is let in. Atmosphere lost.

(3) UK has done little to promote the atmosphere in the building. Whereas other schools pump music into the arena during breaks (such as “Jump Around” or those haunting techno beats) to get people on their feet, UK uses the same mediocre band to bore the crowd to tears at every timeout. Plus UK uses the breaks as a chance to bring Lee Todd, Joe B Hall and other “luminaries” out to be honored, thus deflating all involved and beginning the game again with a yawn. When complaining about this to a sportswriter recently, I was told, “the fans dont need music to get loud….they need some people to make some shots.” Maybe so, but a loud atmosphere and a rabid crowd helps make the game easier and can lead to more made shots. UK has shown no interest (beyond the opening montage to music which I think is great) in contributing to energy in the crowd…..and thus the crowd often has less than stellar energy.

All of these factors, couple with a sometimes spoiled Rupp Arena fan section, leads to an atmosphere that all too often, isnt worthy of the program it represents. I have been fortunate to go to all the major college sporting arenas in America besides UCLA. And with the exception of UNC (which is often the worst….although has gotten slightly better), UK’s is often the most dead. Whether it be the screaming dorks at Duke, the haunting “Rock Chalk Jayhawk” chant at Kansas, the Rowdy Reptiles at Florida or even lesser known arenas like Virginia, Wake Forest, Michigan State or Illinois, Rupp simply doesnt compete. Heck when I went to see the Bradley game a few weeks ago, the arena was ten times louder than that of an average game at Rupp…and that simply shouldnt happen.

The UK fanbase is the most rabid in America….period. Likely no other belief (besides my Appalachian populism) has led to more arguments in my life than defending that one. However Rupp Arena’s atmosphere is not worthy of the program it represents. The UK fanbase shows its true colors at the SEC Tournament, the NCAA and other road events where the true fans come out in droves. Yet Rupp is often dead. Something should be done to fix that. I am open to any and all suggestions, but for UK to get the homecourt advantage it deserves/needs, something needs to be done……before the blue hairs ruin the world!

And to remind you about a loud Rupp, try the Florida game in 2003:

Article written by Matt Jones

185 responses to “Rupp Arena: Intimidating or Not?”

  1. Syrus12

    What can UK do about it?

  2. Jon Eagin

    I agree with it all. What can UK do? They can suck it up and put students surrounding most of the court, if not all of it. Stop letting in donors who have actually MET the real Rupp control the bottom of our arena. I know there are several older diehards out there that sit lower level and cheer like crazy. I appreciate that and you deserve your seat, but when 90% of the people just sit there and you cant tell if they are dead or alive, then there is a problem. And unfortunatley, for those older fans who do cheer, you are going to have to get the short end of the stick if things are going to change.

  3. nepalibabu

    just half the courtside lower arena filled with students would be great…esp. behind the bench wherre we could heckle the visitors

  4. Jared19

    I dont think anything can be done. W/O the rich, UK would not play in Rupp. They pay a Big time price that us average fans simply cant pay. I wish that wasnt so but it is. I went to the UK v IU game and sit in the lower arena. I was given the tickets from a banker. With about a minute to go, my mother and I got up to cheer because it was a close game. A man behind us said “you guys have stood up and cheered all day, please sit down b/c you’re blocking my view.” How pathetic is that? UK basketball at Rupp (and this is not just under tubby, ricky p as well) is simply entertainment. People come to see a show and not cheer on the team. Like you stated in your article, people dont cheer unless UK makes baskets. Well, if the fans would get loud, then the other team has a better chance to get confused and turn it over which leads to baskets.
    This was the 1st year that Ive watched live UK games. Both were at most 10 rows from the floor. Sound exciting huh? Not really. When I went to EKU, the EKU vs Morehead game was much louder and a much better atmosphere. And like you siad Matt, this just shouldnt be

  5. grimmy

    I have went to UK games and would see as many
    as 6 people in their seats in the lower arena. Reading
    the newspaper. That is the kind of thing you do not see
    in the lower areana at Florida or Duke. But they pay the big
    bucks for the seats. So what do you do?

  6. Wildcat1973

    UK is 398-49 in Rupp Arena, according to Jon Scott’s site.

    That equates to a winning percentage of 89%.

    I understand where you are coming from with your arguments, and I often wish that the environment would be more “active”, but its hard to argue with the results.

  7. Karl Hungus

    as a person with lower level seats, i admit not being very loud a lot of the time. to me, though, it’s hard to get fired up when you’re watching the offense put on a dribble clinic for 20 seconds per possession. i cheer/yell as loud as anybody else in the joint when the play warrants it or for a big possession but i find myself bored all too often.

  8. Malone

    It’s bullsh*t. When I was a student I took this complaint up with the assistant AD and he informed me that they were in the process of rectifying the problem. He mentioned that trips were being scheduled to schools such as Kansas, Duke, UNC, etc. to see how there seating was arranged. After that year they put us behind the glass(moderate improvement). Why can’t the student’s have the whole lower section behind the benches and give the blue hair cardigan sleepers the opposite lower arena?

  9. Yep^

    The guy to the right of the S is in a bunch of pictures of the Erupption Zone this year. He is a hardcore UK fan.

    Second from the left on a previous blog entry:

  10. Jon Eagin

    I have never been bored watching UK play. Not in the 90s and not now. Every possesion I get excited and nervous. I don’t know how people say they are ever bored. I’m sorry, but that is simply a lack of passion for the team. Every possesion you should be up cheering for the defense. There is no reason to ever be sitting and NOT cheering! I just dont understand it. Im tired of the “I’m bored” “Its not exciting” excuses. Find another team if you are just there for your own amusement. Karl, I’m not attacking you. But you made the same comment I have heard a lot recently and I am just tired of it.

  11. Kentucky Reign

    Karl….I think we’re related. Please be sure to remember me in your will.

  12. Wildcat1973

    Under Coach K, Duke’s record at Cameron Indoor is 318-48, for a winning percentage of 85%.

    Again, UK’s winning percentage at Rupp Arena is 89%.

    Are we really going to improve UK’s winning percentage by moving the students? UK has had better results at Rupp Arena than Duke has had at Cameron Indoor (under Coach K), and Cameron Indoor is supposedly the best environment in all of college basketball.

  13. Jerry Tipton is a Hack

    I love UK basketball as much as anybody, but the way the university deals with the tickets are pathetic. Fans are usually louder at SEC tournament games than at Rupp Arena. Even though there are less, they’re waaaaaay more vocal. It’s something that has been going on for years and sadly, will be like this for some time. Good job on the story, Matt.

  14. TheDude

    I can’t imagine any drastic measure being taken to fix Rupp, like removing big $ to fill lower arena with students.

    After five years of screaming it, I still contend that one game a year should be played in Memorial and students get EVERY ticket. Any leftovers are opened up to the general public. If for no other reason simply to show what KY kids could do in Duke/Florida-like conditions.

  15. Eazy

    Matt said: “Young people and those that sit in the top levels or dont have seats at all believe Rupp generally sucks.”

    When there was serious discussion as to whether Kentucky should build a brand new on-campus arena a few years ago, a local news outlet — I can’t remember which — conducted a poll of UK fans to determine what they preferred. Shockingly, they found more young people wanted to keep Rupp Arena as Kentucky’s home court, while the older folks favored building a new arena. I don’t know how scientific the poll was, however.

    I, in my twenties, love Rupp Arena and felt then we should keep Rupp. Now an ancient 27 years of age, I’m leaning toward a new arena, not necessarily because Rupp lacks that home court advantage, but more because I feel UK should play their games on UK’s campus. The obvious side effect would be that more students would have access to tickets, which is good.

  16. Jerry Tipton is a Hack

    Wow! That video brings back some fond memories. I think we could have a team close the team in that video IF (big if) Lucas sign, Patterson signs, and Morris returns.

  17. Eazy

    By the by, I was fortunate enough to attend that Florida game in ’03. Outside of monster truck rallies, that had to be the loudest Rupp Arena has ever been. I didn’t sit down the entire game, and I was completely exhausted with five minutes to go because I was cheering so hard. Amazing experience!

  18. Wildcat1973

    I went to the Michigan St.-Illinois game at the Breslin Center back in 2005, the season both of those teams went to the Final Four. It was extremely loud that game, and was a great college basketball environment, but it didn’t come close to the atmosphere at Rupp Arena when we played Florida back in 2003. I was literally deaf in one ear for about 2 weeks after the Florida game. I’ve been to Metallica concerts that weren’t that loud.

  19. nick

    what a game and a team. I MISS those days.

  20. chitowncatfan

    First off… GO BEARS!!!

    Second…. How much do you guys really want to change the situation? This website is really beginning to pick up some steam right? So how about all of us true fans write (by hand) to the AD. (Hand written letters carry more weight) And be sure to mention that if this situation is not rectified that you will no longer be giving UK that Anonymous donation check each year. I mean we can either bitch about it and watch what happens, or we can at least try to make something happen. You would be surprised what you can do using this method.

  21. Bob

    Hey if you’re going to the florida game and your sitting in the upper level wear white. UK is passing out shirts to the lower level and the sides are going to be white and the ends blue. Since UK isnt giving any out to the upper level we are trying to let everyone know in the upper level to wear white so it will go with the rest.

  22. Eazy

    If by some slim chance we defeat Florida in Rupp this year, I beg those in attendance to not rush the floor in celebration.

    We still have that much pride left, right?

    Probably a moot point anyway.

  23. Seymour

    How can anyone actually say that they were bored at a UK ball game? Mad, disgusted, unhappy, frustrated, exhausted, and a dozen other things, but they are lying when they say they are bored.

  24. Dan

    I agree with you #10. If people are bored and want to be entertained then find another team. You don’t go to a college game to be entertained. You go to support your team and let the other team know that it’s your house! And just sitting there in your high dollar seat reading a newspaper isn’t supporting your team. UK hasn’t done anything to make it better either. From player introductions to time outs it’s all boring. Both the fans and UK need to do something soon. When the players complain about not liking to play in Rupp because the atmoshpere is stale then you really have a problem!

  25. goonies24

    that video almost brings tears to my eyes…that is what UK basketball is all about…the effort, the fans, everything…rupp somehow needs to be like that for every game because rupp arena is simply not home court advantage ne more and there is no excuse for it…

  26. Adub

    Number 21, it doesnt matter anyway. Aside from the students, the lower arena wont put on any shirts they give out. It’s a lost cause.
    I’m of the opinion that you clear out one of the side lower arena bleachers and make it standing room only. Just that very lowest level. The best one would be behind the benches, since that is what is seen on TV. That is only going to be 100-150 seats, then you start bumping people back. If they are real fans, they will pay it. If they wont pay for being moved back 5 rows, to heck with them.

  27. warrior_SW

    # Karl Hungus Says:
    February 1st, 2007 at 11:54 pm

    as a person with lower level seats, i admit not being very loud a lot of the time. to me, though, it’s hard to get fired up when you’re watching the offense put on a dribble clinic for 20 seconds per possession. i cheer/yell as loud as anybody else in the joint when the play warrants it or for a big possession but i find myself bored all too often.

    Can I have your tickets?? Please?? I’ll cheer.

  28. SoCal Will

    Matt, I am going to say “not” but then neither is the team. By the way, Pauley is not either, and even this season you can buy tickets the day of the game for most everything except USC. I caught a little bit of the Duke – UVA game tonight, and the thought occurred to me that PP may be as badly needed as a life preserver by Coach K as by Tubby. Duke is definitely not intimidating on the road….

  29. Tim

    I was at that Florida game. One of the loudest.


    this is off the subject but Matt, please check this video out, i think its tops of all videos yet played on here,

  31. theOtherside (Catlanta)

    The problem is simple…..When we all realize that we ARE NOT FANS OF A COACH and realize that not only do the players wear the name on their chest, then Rupp will rock again. We (the fans) have the ability to take this team that we have here this year and HELP them win; not want them to win, or even hope they win.

    How would you feel if you were on the court knowing that 50% of the people on the floor were (a. expecting to barely win or (b. hoping we lost. I would be lacluster, and not one person here would be different.

    I have been to 7 games in Rupp this year, and that’s from Atlanta.

    I do it for Kentucky……

    C – A – T – S……… know what’s next.

  32. Craig

    That video shows what a Tubby Smith team can be. I just wish the players the last couple of years played with that much passion. Apart from Bogans that wasn’t a team of burger boys, and they were as good as any team in the country. Sure does show how important chemistry on a team is.

    I love being at Rupp, but I barely make it to a game a year. It certainly could use a little more crowd involvement. Money talks though.

  33. krmonty

    All i KNOW is that it’s depressing watching a game like that and the atmosphere and the way that team played. It honestly made me want to cry and i had tears to my eyes b/c i really do miss having a team that can dominate and put a show on as good as some of our teams have done in the past….as far as seating, just get box seats for those who wanna donate big money and don’t wanna cheer..

  34. Chris

    I am going to the Florida game and I refuse to sit down and shutup! The old bitch behind me can get over it too!

  35. Mountaineer

    “Kentucky fans are among the most knowledgable in the game”. Really? The knowledgable fans must avoid the message boards.

  36. Dr. Bob

    My father has had season tickets since 1960. You guys crow about ‘tradition’ at every opportunity yet forget how you achieved it. Yes, he sits there with his blue sweater on. He’s earned the right. Many of you have earned NOTHING.

  37. Dave

    The situation won’t change until they move to a new arena and can move the big-money folks into luxury suites (where they would rather be anyway). It’s a shame because whenever I’ve been in the upper arena (that is, every time I’ve gone to Rupp), I’m always surrounded by people yelling their heads off. They’re also folks who rarely get to go to Rupp so they enjoy the experience.

    But I’ll also agree that the play has a lot to do with it. That Florida clip is proof that Tubby’s system can produce exciting basketball, it just doesn’t happen very often. Basketball doesn’t need to be played at 100mph to be exciting, but the last few years’ teams have had no intensity or chemistry. They’re some of the most boring teams I’ve seen in 30+ years of being a fan.

  38. TubbyCAT

    Very well said Matt, one of your best arguements yet.

    #35, I agree w/your assessment whole-heartedly!!!!

  39. T. Walters

    You misspelled “socialism”. It’s not “p-o-p-u-l-i-s-m”. No one should have better seats than anyone else.

  40. Gray Temples

    I go way back to the Memorial Coliseum days……when the student section started at Row 7….and took up one complete side……I was one of those who got there early….usually in the first 10 in line….and we had our own unique fraternity……yes, Memorial rocked…..and, even then we would be upset about the passiveness of the gray hairs sitting in the first 7 rows…..

    Matt, you did a good job of articulating the issues…..this will not change

  41. ChillPill

    “No one should have better seats than anyone else”….Absolutely brilliant statement…I guess that means one row of seats at an equal distance from the center of the court all the way around. Everyone else watches on TV at home?

    The bashing of lower level ticket holders is really getting old; they are a convenient target. Wake up and realize the K-fund contributors for football and basketball are the ones that serve as a large portion of the financial impetus for the athletic department for all teams. Stop to consider what the University’s athletics would be like without that financial support.

    Other schools reseat their arenas every year based on contribution levels. Some schools require contributions from every ticket holder or sell ticket licenses. If you want to be there live, you have to deal with the reality of the business of college athletics today. You may not agree with it, but either choose to participate or not—period. Either write the check or close your check book and hush.

    The cliché: Put your money where your mouth is fits perfectly here. Stop whining and complaining, do some side work, come up with some extra bucks, contribute, and EARN the seats.

    That may be unpleasant, but that’s reality.

  42. philmckracken

    Tubby needs to show this team that 2003 FL vs. UK game. The excitement and level of play in that game was the best I can remember for a game in Rupp. That same thing could happen this year when FL visits, but the team has to come out fired up, aggressive and leave it all on the court. The fans will cheer, even the blue hairs, but they have to have something to cheer about. Unfortunately, this team rarely gives them that level of excitement. I really think if Tubby was a good motivator, he would show them this tape and challenge them. “Do you want to come out and do what this team did? Do you want the fans to bring down the house? Then come out focused, aggressive, play unselfishly and execute the game plan and it will happen!!”

  43. the rza

    Matt you are absolutely right. This is very important to the because recruits want to
    play in an environment where the crowd will pick them up and get them excited on off nights.
    I can’t believe that 23000 people can be so quiet. i went to the UNC vs. UK game in chapel hill
    and it was better than Rupp, although there is still work to be done and they are addressing it.
    The only thing UK has as an advantage is the introductions, and after building that excitement
    the game is all downhill. Patrick Patterson said it the other day, that Duke improved it’s standings
    because of the crowd. Moses was blown away at OSU. Uk better do something if they want to keep up
    and land some recruits. By the way, Roy Williams has UNC officials working to install light dimmers and
    indoor fireworks because it impressed his players, so they will have that soon. Change must come soon.

  44. Just Wow

    42. Maybe Billy D will use the same tape as motivation. I fully expect both teams to come out focused and aggressive and playing team ball.

  45. AMH

    I love Rupp Arena.

    We do, however, need to get with the times. The first thing that I would do in Rupp,
    is to change that antiquated hunk of jumbled crap over the court, and get a modern
    NBA type set up for sight and sound.

    I also agree with Matt about the music etc. We need to get the crowd thats
    willing to move and scream motivated with the right type of upbeat music. Furthermore,
    it wouldn’t hurt to get a celebrity or two each year to make a surprise half-time
    appearance to pump things up.

    It’s all in the mindset of the marketing and PR folks.

  46. ricdix

    Thanks for the video. Good times, good times.

  47. carolyn

    Those of us who sit up in section are always rocking! I agree that the students should be given the areas behind the benches. There is no atmosphere like Rupp. If our team can stay close or take a lead on Florida on Feburary 10th, it will be rocking again, trust me. Even the old timers get fired up for the big games. Fans like me get fired up for every game.

  48. Corndog Mason

    THAT’S BECAUSE WE’RE BORING!!!!! Isn’t this the most obvious reason? Come on, seriously.

  49. Appalachian Wonder

    I have been saying this for the past several years…Rupp is no longer a dangerous place to play. Fans complain that the coaching staff and team don’t measure up to UK standards…well, the fans in Rupp do not either. They do a great job with pregame – a good mix of college and NBA atmosphere, but the timeouts are lacking in excitement…however, the fans should be jacked up about what’s going on during the game regardless. This isn’t horse racing…it’s college basketball…bring on the madness.

    I do disagree with the assertion that UK fans are “among the most knowledgable”…this is ridiculous…just listen to the call-in shows or read the message boards. Just the way our fans treat our head coach has gotten them a reputation around the country as a bunch of re-re’s who think you make a net by tying holes together. I have increasingly become ashamed of my fellow “fans”, but my love for the Cats is unwavering.

  50. KBIT

    Everyone talks about Duke and how loud Cameron Indoor is,but their gym is small,tiny compared to Rupp,with mostly students. If Rupp was done that way,just let all the students have the seats,but with the knowledge that you have to cheer,and cheer loudly,Rupp would be that loud also. But,look at all the revenus and BIG MONEY that would cost….and that ain’t gonna happen.

    Maybe Rupp should put a clause in the ticket holders agreement….something like…..
    ” By buying this ticket and being a season ticket holder,you agree to therefore stand every time the student section stands,yell every time they yell,scream as loud as you can,every time they scream,ue at least 10-15 remarks a game strickly at the referees after terrible call’s against us,use at least phrases yelled out to oppsing teams coach,and at least 12 or 13 to opposing team players about how they stink,and we are going to stomp them like the little bug’s they are. At this point,you have to use at least 2 remarks against the opposing teams family,something like “Your Mama” or “Your Daddy”…or maybe, I’m your Daddy !! LOL

    Failure to comply with these guidelines will get your season ticket renewals pulled immediately,and said tickets that you have already purchased will not be refunded,but be distributed to a fan worthy of ful-filling these obligations’ ! We,the staff will be reviewing game,fan seating tape immediately after every game,to see what fans are fulfilling these “fan responsibilities”
    Thank you…Rupp Staff for a Rowdy Rupp !!! LOL

  51. Clay

    That was a Tubby team that knew how to defend and pass the ball. The difference is the players but I know who recruited them. I think we will be just fine the rest of this year and the future.

  52. Patrick Patterson

    Cameron Outhouse Stadium is small and old, but exciting. Rupp is big, historic, but boring.

  53. Appalachian Wonder

    I will say this…when Rupp was built, teams had never played in a building that big. Now, with preseason tournaments and such, it is not as intimidating a building as it once was. Still, a better atmosphere could reclaim that intimidation.

  54. metrueblue

    Money talks. That’s it, pure and simple. Until that changes, the fan situation won’t.

    I’ve attended games at Rupp since it opened. I’ve been a season ticket holder since that time. The atmosphere has clearly changed…for the worse. The
    students are the second class citizens when basketball tickets are concerned and as long as the money is flowing from the boosters, UK admin. will not be
    bothered a bit by that fact either.

    Utlimately, the product, the team on the floor, the style of play, etc., is the ultimate cause for the decline. As much as I admire Tubby, the state of UK
    basketball has slipped during his tenure. The excitement is waining. Add to this the fact that I must now pay $108 per ticket more for my tickets next year
    for upper level seats, well, as Roy D. Mercer would say, “I’m working on a pretty good mad right now!”

  55. Appalachian Wonder

    I disagree that the atmosphere is Tubby’s fault…Rupp was as rowdy as a graveyard when Pitino was here too, unless somebody hit a three or made a dunk. Other than a couple of games a year (i.e., LSU in 90, Kansas in 91), Rupp was no better under Ricky.

  56. Cats1125

    The games are no longer fun, because like you said, Kentucky no longer tries to pump up the fans and everything
    is only yawn worthy. The problem isn’t only at Rupp, because the Cincinnati and Louisville site games don’t
    come close to selling out. Mostly has to do with Pitino taking away the players-fans interaction before
    the games. I remember the first year Pitino was at Kentucky everyone at Rupp would hold up the 3′s, yell,
    and scream. I went to five games that year and four of the games, the whole crowd did the wave. I believe
    those days are long gone and will not come back.

  57. Duncan Cavanah

    First, the students are Kentucky’s least loyal fans. Many of them only attend games during their years in school and really contribute nothing to the athletic department. There are plenty of seats for them, and much more good seating than there was in the past. It seems incomprehensible to me that someone who has had seats for thirty or fourty years would be forcibly moved so that a student could have a seat closer to the floor. As to the game environment, I agree with Matt that Rupp is great on big game days and lousy for mediocre to bad games. However, I will put to you that this is the case everywhere. (With the possible exception of Duke.) For instance, if you ever see a midweek game at Florida where they are playing someone like Ole Miss or Auburn, you will notice that the reptiles are not so rowdy.

  58. Paladin

    Great post Matt and very important too. Things need to change.

    One idea: Remove the endzone student section and give the students the first 7-8 rows on the opposite side of the bench, lower arena. Still courtside but not as prestigeous(?) as being behind the bench. Who cares, we want to up the volume, right?!? If we take a hit financially, so be it.

    If we’re consistently selling out Rupp, then it just makes sense to build a bigger arena, right? Ask for private donations… UK fans are dedicated.

  59. Jason

    Last night I watched a soccer game live from south america on FSC, the fans for each team and we are talkinf 10′s of thousands sang the entire game. You can’t really tell what they are saying but who cares it is crazy. That is the common thing for soccer fans to do, I think if all of Rupp sang the UK fight song it would be awesome. The words could be run across the screens at all times, and who cares if everyone is together, do you know what 24000 people all singing at the same time would sound like. Imagine watching that on TV.

  60. Lexie's Dad

    I agree # 37. Luxury suites can be a big part of the solution. I also agree with # 36 and feel that luxury suites could actually be more accomodating to older fans – easier to get to, easier access to restrooms, etc. (no sarcasm intended).

    I’ve only been to Rupp twice, both times in the nose bleeds. Both times I honestly felt self-conscious for standing and yelling during games (at least at times) because not many fans were screaming and standing.

    I also remember these same criticisms of Rupp during the Hall, Sutton, and Pitino eras, so it’s not a new problem.

  61. Smokey Pearl

    Tubby will fix it.

  62. TLH2003

    It also makes a difference that roughly 90% of UK alumni live within 3 hours drive to Lexington.
    On the other hand, roughly 10% of the Dookies alumni live that close, the rest go back to their
    mommies and daddies to get spoon fed in the Hamptons or jerk off a Kennedy somewhere in the

  63. DogStar

    #1 and #3 go hand in hand. The older folks in lower arena seats do not want loud music blaring at them. They would complain to high heaven if the music was loud during timeouts.

  64. Han

    31) You’re making the kind of argument all the idiots at Commonwealth make. “We’re going to lose anyway, so why make noise…”

    Players have said countless times that when the stadium/arena is rocking, it gets them pumped up. You see them on the floor/field waving their arms up and down to get the crowd jazzed. You see them after a dunk or TD screaming and pumping their chest toward the crowd.

    Yes, fast/exciting play gets fans cheering for a few minutes, but no game will be nonstop action. However, fans can cheer nearly nonstop. There’s nothing I hate more at a UK football game then when there is a 3rd and long on D and I’m screaming and clapping and non one else in my section is. I want to hit those people for not helping the team, because in football, that’s the most crucial down for your team.

    If you want to just be entertained and cheer when something neat happens, watch the game on tv. If you want to participate, do so, no matter how the team is playing.

    –And UK fans aren’t “the most knowledgeable”. We’re perhaps the most self-entitled fans. We think we’re the best fans because we have the best historical program. And on the road, we show up in droves to defend that tradition. But at home, we only cheer when the team does something spectacular. Unfortunately, that forces the team to be spectacular, or all of the fair weather fans come here and go on talk radio and bash the coach for playing plodding basketball. Because they don’t want to support a team unless it wins by 20 and has undefeated seasons. It’s not worth their passion otherwise.

    And please God stop bringing out math teachers and insignificant award winners to kill the passion. The most jazzed I have seen Rupp lately was when they brought out the football team. Why? Because that’s something fans want to hear about. Yeah, I know the success of the basketball and football programs (20,000+ people in one place with some interest in UK) provides a good place to reward with attention people with academic accomplishments, but it quite simply has nothing to do with the game and kills the crowd excitement. Do that stuff at halftime, then right before the teams come out for the 2nd half, get the crowd pumped up with highlights from the first half or the season. It’s not hard, and it should be the duty of the program to support each game.

  65. corporate autocrat

    Rupp intimidating? Loud or not, Rupp is always intimidating for the other team since our record is 398 – 49 there. And if they don’t understand, then they need to be told about it. Paint their locker room with it.

    The loudest game by far that I’ve attended was the 1990 LSU game. The reason that game was ear-blistering loud was for three reasons: 1. The fans were pissed from some of the comments LSU coach Dale Brown had said. 2. We were the underdog. The Kentucky Boys and Derrick Miller vs. Shaq and Chris Jackson (Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf). 3. We decided to take charge.

    All you need to make Rupp loud is adversity and a chip on our collective shoulders. The key is attitude. Believe you can OVERWHELM the opponent; not just cheering to support the team.

  66. R. Smith

    I wish people would stop trying to turn Rupp into Cameron.

  67. Appalachian Wonder

    I agree with #65…in order to be a great atmosphere, you need to be more about overwhelming the opponent, nut just cheering the home team when they do something good. The fans need to decide to be a factor. But I don’t think the season ticket holders really care to be a factor.

  68. Smokey Pearl

    #66, things do change over time though. Just look at how our program has changed in the last 9-10 years.

  69. David

    I have been to many games in Rupp but the 2003 Florida game hands down is the loudest game I have been to. Rupp should be a place that every team who walks on the court should not be able to hear each other call out screens but its not and because money talks never will be. I think a decent compromise would be to open up the other side of the court(across from the Erruption zone) to student seating as well that way you have students on both ends of the court.

  70. David

    #57 have you ever been a UK student. I have and the students I know are much more passionate fans than anyone else in the arena. IF the rich blowhards want to keep their seats let them get up and cheer in the student section.

  71. payne

    I agree completely. Rupp can be great but generally is not. Teams that go into to Rupp are definitely not as overwhelmed and scared as they used to be. I think part of this is that UK has not been as dominant as in year’s past so teams go into Rupp expecting to win or at least to have a chance to do so.

    On another note, you should have mentioned the Kohl Center in that list of lesser known arenas. The cheeseheads up here get LOUD. Also, “Jump Around” is best for football games before the 4th quarter.

  72. Pete

    As with most things in life, the answer lies with the person in the mirror.

    Every fan that enters Rupp Arena has the choice to yell, whistle, scream and clap or to remain quiet. You can do all those things while seated, so you don’t even have to piss off the old lady behind you. And, I have found that when I do these things in a non-crazy, non-annoying fan manner it is contagious and it causes more people around me to pick up the idea and make some noise as well.

    But, “the most knowledgeable fans in the country” do need to learn a few things about cheering:

    (1) you support your team no matter what;
    (2) you make more noise when your team plays defense than when your team is down three with two minutes to play and they are bringing the ball up the floor on offense;
    (3) you NEVER boo your team’s players;
    (4) you ALWAYS boo a bad call against your team (and when Rick Pitino is announced as coach of the cardinals), you DO chant “air ball, air ball” after an opposing player shoots an airball (and if there is any doubt, it WAS a bad call and an air ball), you laugh when the students chant “Bullshit, Bullshit” but you do not shout them down because they are only young and stupid once – and if you are over 20 you DO NOT join in because young people need good role models;
    (5) you DO NOT become panicked and raise the tension level in the arena when your team uses more than 25 seconds of the shot clock, 3.5 seconds of the in-bounds 5-count, misses a free throw, or turns the ball over – although it is permissible to CALMLY join in a crowd count down of the shot clock’s last 5-8 seconds for team assistance purposes only;
    (6) you do not yell “SHOOT” when Woo gets the ball beyond the three point line, unless the game is well out of reach (only in favor of UK) in which case the rule is reversed;
    (7) you do your best to remain seated when the person behind you stays seated – although this rule becomes null and void when a UK player hits a “dagger” three or steals a pass for a breakaway dunk or when any team ranked 10 or higher (or from Lousiville, Florida, North Carolina (not including High Point), or Tennessee) comes to town;
    (8) you should avoid telling someone to sit down or keep quiet because standing and cheering always trump sitting and not cheering – although this rule is not mandatory and has less applicability if you, or your guest, cannot stand, in which case you are allowed to calmly explain the situation and ask for courtesy, (and if the person making the noise is one of those obnoxious Vandy fans from a few weeks ago this rule is completely reversed and mandatory);
    (9) you clap along with the fight song every time it is played, unless you are in the restroom or eating a hot dog; and
    (10) you stand, if able, when the big K flag comes out at the under 8:00 timeout or when a “Y” personality is in the house (who always, regardless of prestige, gets a wild ovation), and, in a close game, you then cheer non-stop following those events until the game is decided.

    Go Big Blue!!

  73. ben

    matt, you mentioned the opening montage in the article. They usually play that “right here, right now”
    music (the two women that sit in front of me sing along hahaha), but for a couple games, they went to
    some intense, Wagnerian classical shit that was totally awesome. Both those games, the crowd seemed to
    have absolutely no idea how to react to what they had heard. Why stick to the lame hip-hop track, when
    we could use some wild viking shit? Any thoughts?

  74. Mike Hancock

    Matt you are right and I would love to see a change, but I doubt it will have anytime soon. Thanks for the video. Wow!
    Bogans, Fitch, Hawkins, Hayes, Daniels, Estill, Barbour. It seems so long ago.

  75. _

    I love that video. That was one of the most fun games I ever went to. Watching it now gives me chills.

  76. Corndog Mason

    Rupp “is no longer dangerous” because our TEAM is no longer dangerous. Clear connection, fact, not opinion. Otherwise we would be a Top 25 team.

  77. JKW1974

    First of all, I must admit I have never been a fan of Rupp Arena. I know we win there 89% of the time. That is not the issue with me. I was a student there in the mid 70′s, and was there for the dedication game when they gave ‘ol Adolph his Lazy Boy.

    I have ALWAYS thought it was a horrible place for basketball, and should have been on campus. I still think an on campus arena is a large part of the answer to the problem. How can Duke, Kansas and etc afford to put students down low? Most likely because they actually own the place and don’t just rent it. Plus, guess where they do the practice sessions?

    Just a thought on all that….

  78. blue2u

    There really are a lot of old UK fans who have had season tickets since the 1950s. And they are getting older every year. I don’t see how you take those seats away from people who have been so loyal to the program and pay so much to support UK. Guess what folks, if you are 70-80 years old you are NOT getting up and yelling. Sure, we can wish those folks would give their tickets away but it ain’t happening.

    The things UK can do something about are the student lottery and the timeouts. I agree that a ticket lottery for students is stupid. One reason the Cameron Crazies are so crazy is because the casual basketball fan never gets in. The real superfans are the ones who will camp out for tickets.

    The timeout situation is ridiculous too. Especially when the opponent has called a timeout because UK is kicking their ass, the fans need to stay fired up and keep that pressure on.

  79. Ethan

    Anybody ever been to Phog Allen? I wouldn’t mind seeing a game there sometime. Whenever they are on tv it looks like the place is crazy, more so than Cameron even. But it’s tough to tell just from tv.

  80. kentapolis

    Couldn’t agree more with this article. Painfully obvious if you watch much college ball. Will say Michigan is much more boring though.

  81. JL Blue

    Two things: First, Matt, my man, you have GOT to stop using the word “literally” so liberally. You’re using it wrong almomst every single time. Unless you ACTUALLY could not hear your own thoughts, which is sort of scary.

    Second, the folks who think that the team’s job is to pump up the fans and the fans’ job is to get loud ONLY WHEN THE TEAM DOES WELL are exactly the problem. No major college arena in the country is quieter at TIPOFF than Rupp. OUr folks can’t even stay loud for the first three minutes?!

    I think the team plays so poorly at Rupp precisely because the fans are sitting there waiting to be impressed rather than screaming and waiting to be impressed. GET OFF YOUR FAT ASSES. I would wager 1000 bucks that if the Arena could stay loud for the first five regulation minutes of every game, the wildcats would (a) shoot better and (b) jump out to bigger early leads.

  82. John

    I would wager that 25-30 percent of the people in the arena have no idea who that night’s opponent is.

    It always has amazed me that a lot of folks in Rupp can sit there and not even change expression…it’s almost like they are so uptight that to utter a simple “way to go” would condemn them to a fiery afterlife.

    The marketing people SHOULDN’T have to tailor the halftime/time outs to the season ticket holders. The game is being played BY students FOR students. Tell the old folks to bring cotton if it kills them…or buy the tickets, mark them up, sell them to younger folks and stay home and watch Matlock.

  83. Han

    80) I’m with you. Rupp is almost always silent right when the game starts, with the fans waiting for UK to go on a 10-0 run before they get excited. People don’t even cheer that loudly when the players are announced. It takes that kind of excitement to pump up the home team and intimidate the visiting team. Yeah, a great team helps, but even a horrible team can get pumped up and overachieve if the home crowd gives them a real home court advantage.

    Time after time, upsets occur because the underdog is at home, and the crowd gives them an extra boost. the crowd isn’t loud because their team is Top 25 and a favorite. They’re loud because they want their team to win, and they’re doing what little they can to help.

    Visiting teams will be more intimidated if they’re facing a 30-0 UK team than a 12-18 team, but if Rupp were rocking with 25,000 screaming voices, I think it would make a big difference.

    And again, people, quit blaming it on “boring” basketball. Or on a “bad” team. The UK football team this year was on a major roll, with a chance at a decent bowl, entering those 3 home games near the end of the year. We were probably going to make a bowl, and we did, but I was at all 3 of those home games, and I think the average attendance was 50,000 or so. Including senior day and the Georgia game. It was pitiful. That stadium seats 70. So don’t blame it on a bad team or boring play. Blame it on fans thinking the team owes them more excitement, and not showing up for the excitement that’s right there, and contributing to it.

  84. UKCATFAN888

    I have said the same thing for years. When alumni such as myself have to sell off a child to get a nosebleed seat once every 5 years, I am disgusted to walk in and see grandma being wheeled in and basically carried to her seat. Why ths %^&* is she there? TO BE SEEN. It is all about society in Lexington, and you are IT if you have a good lower arena season ticket. Grandma will go until she dies….She may have died while sitting there….Who knows? No response from her the entire game. When I was a student in the 80s, I always sat in lower arena seats. I can’t remember the section, but it was half court (31 maybe) and we never sat and we heckled like crazy. Poor old Hugh Durham always got an earful as did Robert Montgomery Knight. We even hung over the rails and heckled the other team’s players as they went to the locker room. We need that and more in the lower arena. Give the old farts half and let the students have half, or at least old alums like me to I can relive my youth.

  85. AMH

    It’s all in the placement. Move the gray haired old whisky sippers to the tiered
    sections. There is enough money in the 30 something UK fans in Lexington to sell
    those seats – believe me.

    The only other place that I see it even worse than Rupp is in Freedom Hall. And
    they are old AND ugly as hell.

  86. Eazy

    #79, good call, JL Blue, on the use of the word “literally”. Probably one of my top 5 pet peeves.

    “Tayshaun Prince is literally on fire.” –some dumb sportscaster

    No, he’s not literally on fire, you idiot.


    Matt hit it on the head. Rupp will never become that wild and crazy for one reason, all the UKAA wants is money. They don’t want wild college kids going in there and getting loud, they want millionaires giving them dollars. This I feel will never change, but yet it is because of these millionaires UK has what we have. Sold out 23,000 person arena every night, a brand new practice facility and many many other things. But when Rupp wants to get loud it can certainly be the loudest in NCAA, but atleast we get more people in the seats every night than everyone else. Face it if last year’s team was any other college by the half way point that arena would have only been putting about 12,000 people in it, but yet we still sell out every game. Don’t quote me on this but we may just be the only college basketball team that already has sold out tickets for the next 100 years because there are never tickets for sale through the UKAA to the general public, they are all gobbled up before hand.

  88. Eazy

    Kudos, JL, on your website. Visited it for the first time today. Pretty nice. The retro school logos literally made my head spin.

  89. kbtwentytwostang

    Rupp arena is a great place when UK has teams that play good exciting basketball. But after you’ve seen enough exciting basketball it’s hard to get loud for boring ball, unless there’s a big name opponent. I was a student at UK in the early 90′s, it was almost always loud, unless we were playing the sisters of the poor. It’s not the seating arrangement, it’s simply the brand of basketball being played.

    People that blame the seating arrangments must not have been around Pre-1998, because I can gauarantee that the blue hairs were there, and Rupp was still intimidating.

  90. kbtwentytwostang

    “I think the team plays so poorly at Rupp precisely because the fans are sitting there waiting to be impressed rather than screaming and waiting to be impressed. GET OFF YOUR FAT ASSES. I would wager 1000 bucks that if the Arena could stay loud for the first five regulation minutes of every game, the wildcats would (a) shoot better and (b) jump out to bigger early leads. ”

    May I ask how old you are?

  91. JL Blue

    Matt, I never said it was bad. The opposite is true. You do a great job. It’s why I just think your posts would stand out better without a word that adds nothing. It’s liekt he word “very” or the word “totally” … it’s totally not very illuminating. Don’t be so defensive. If I didn’t lioke your site — hell, love your site — I wouldn’t post here as often, of not more, than on my own. Chill, my brutha.

  92. JL Blue

    kbtwentytwostang, I’m 87.

  93. corporate autocrat

    No. It’s NEVER hard to get loud. Unless you want to be the problem.

    I’m not around anymore. I’m part of the Denver Broncos 12th man. We rip people new asses.

  94. kbtwentytwostang

    Then you might want to roll the memory back to 90′s, or even the games in the mid 80′s when Rupp was loud. I sure remember it being extremely loud, even when we were having a bad game. But really, who can get excited for 40 minutes of prevent defense. You can’t blame the fans for that, our own bench doesn’t get excited most of the time.

  95. corporate autocrat

    Wild Stang, you make your own breaks. Nothing is deserved.

  96. kbtwentytwostang

    “Wild Stang, you make your own breaks. Nothing is deserved.”

    Exactly, therefore you can’t blame tubby’s lack of performance on fans or ref’s or injuries. So it’s time to try someone new to see if they can depend less on luck and more on recruiting top players and employing a top system.

  97. corporate autocrat

    Regardless of how you twist it, if you’re a fan in Rupp, you have a responsibility to ALL the fans that are not to CAUSE our team to win.

  98. JL Blue

    Matt, sent you a note. Accept my apologies for being an English nerd.


    HOW BOUT THE DUKE BLUEDEVILS LAST NIGHT!!! like the saying goes, the next best thing besides a KY win is a Duke loss right?

  100. Intern

    correct my friend. correct indeed.

  101. Mswilcat

    Has anyone here been to a Ohio State Football game? It all has to do with traditions that involve the fans. ie..hang on sloopy, script Ohio, and tailgate areas. I went to the games for the event, not even to see the Buckeyes because I went to Kentucky. It was amazing and I didn’t care about the team. Also..look at some ML Baseball teams that constantly sell out and only have mediocre teams. I used to live a block from Camden Yards in Baltimore and they have the best atmosphere in the nation. Again, I loved going just for the music, funny videos, The Bird, the guys selling lemonade. It’s a total package and UK needs to look in that direction when they’re offering us a basketball product that may not live up to our expectations. Who here misses the little Boo Blue cat or Stilt Cat. Have you seen all the mascots at Arkansas? I laugh so hard watching that blow up razorback every year at the SEC. WE need new cheers..C-A-T-S and Go Big Blue are so traditional but something new and haunting would be nice for a change. Now is the time and it can be done.

  102. Intern

    It was only a matter of time before Duke got exposed as a “bubble” top 25 team. Carolina outta beat em by 20.
    #104, as much as I loathe Ohio St. and Buckeye fans in general, you’re exactly right. They’ve sustained traditions that truly emobody college athletics. But they still suck…

  103. Dr. Bob

    OSU? Been to a tailgate party at UF? No comparison. Plus, UF swamped OSU in baskerball and in football this last few weeks. They suck.

  104. David


    I totally agree with you about our players not performing well in Rupp. I think fans put so many expectations on the players that they tighten up and dont perform as well at home. It is the fans responisiblity to lift the team up therefore helping them to play with more energy and excitment.

  105. kbtwentytwostang

    David, when that phenomenon start happening at home? Cause I remember a ton of home wins, winning streaks at Rupp, and very few(until the last few years) losses to Vandy at Rupp. Wait, there were no losses to Vandy at Rupp before last year.

    Some people will blame anyone but the man in charge.

  106. Des Moines Rugby

    #109 So true. The posts here are a perfect example of that very
    thought process. I’ve been going to Rupp since it opened. Only now are the people crawling out of the woodwork blaming Rupp Arena for the teams problems.

  107. Norrin

    Our fanbase, or at least the ones that post on the internet, are the most disrespectful fans in the country. Tradition is built over decades and involves not only students but backers of the program that have money and clout. How do you crybabies think Rupp was built? By a bunch of 18-22 year olds? Only the ones who play on the floor. Each passing day I am more ashamed of our fanbase who post on these sites. If UK BB is your passion, and you back the team no matter what, this doesn’t apply to you. If it’s all about what YOU think and WANT, your a selfish whiner and you’re bringing the program down, not Rupp Arena or OTS or his players. Move the people who have been season ticket holders for years because they don’t cheer loud enough or want to stand the whole game? That’s not the way it works at Rupp, or in the real world, so you can forget about that idea. UK BB does not revolve around a bunch of self-absorbed internet posters belching up their BS daily, and I am happy it doesn’t.

  108. JKW1974

    Sorry 104, but as much as Camden is a great place to play and watch baseball everyone knows St Louis is the BEST baseball place and atmosphere in the world….

  109. S. Thomas

    If the fans would put as much effort into cheering, instead of booing, we would beat Vandy

  110. kbtwentytwostang

    “And again, people, quit blaming it on “boring” basketball. Or on a “bad” team. The UK football team this year was on a major roll, with a chance at a decent bowl, entering those 3 home games near the end of the year. We were probably going to make a bowl, and we did, but I was at all 3 of those home games, and I think the average attendance was 50,000 or so. Including senior day and the Georgia game. It was pitiful. That stadium seats 70. So don’t blame it on a bad team or boring play. Blame it on fans thinking the team owes them more excitement, and not showing up for the excitement that’s right there, and contributing to it. ”

    The football team is a bad example if you’re trying to make a point. We’d been horrid for 3 years leading up to this one. You can’t expect to get all 70K back with your first decent season. If you think about it, it’s amazing we get 50K considering how bad that product is.

    And this is comming from someone who was at every home but 2, and made the trip to the Music City Bowl.

  111. GTownJJB


    I’ve posted multiple times on this topic at TCP. The only way to create an exciting environment during every game is to move the student section to the first ten rows beside the court. In fact, it might not even need to be the first ten. Regardless, students need to be seated on the side of the court where they can be seen throughout the course of the game. As the seating situation stands currently, the students are a factor only during the half when the opponent is playing offense on the end nearest the E-Rupp-tion Zone, and the games that are televised lack the excitement of teams playing at other venues because students aren’t a visible part of the action.

    This isn’t as insoluble a problem as some have insisted in previous posts on this blog. We’re not talking about revoking the season tickets of some of the athletic department’s biggest supporters; instead, we’re suggesting a ticket trade with willing season ticket holders. Why not offer the opportunity to season ticket holders sitting 10-20 rows up? They’d benefit by being given seats closer to the floor within the current E-Rupp-tion Zone, and those who decided not to trade could be moved to one end of the current section on the side of the floor to allow for the rest of the seats to be form a cohesive, substantial student section. Surely our athletic department could come up with some sort of compromise to allow for the student section to be transplanted to a side of the court.

    Also, I like the idea of coming up with a new chant that would involve the majority of the crowd. I don’t know about singing the fight song as the game progresses, but it would be amazing to see some sort of chant created that the crowd could continue as the game goes on.

    Last, I agree that the current method of ticket distribution for students is resulting in some fans who aren’t as enthusiastic getting tickets, while diehards are left out in the cold. I’m not sure what can be done to solve this problem, though. Perhaps some sort of legal ticket scalping confined to the student body? I don’t know how that would be possible, or legal, but that’s all I’ve got right now.

    Oh, well. Keep up the good work, guys.

  112. Eazy

    #112, if the players would put as much effort into playing team basketball, instead of streetball, we would beat Vandy.

  113. kbtwentytwostang

    “Very well said Matt, one of your best arguements yet.

    #35, I agree w/your assessment whole-heartedly!!!! ”

    Stick around, I’m sure you’ll pick up some knowledge eventually.

  114. S. Thomas

    Stop booing me

  115. Dr. Bob

    #110, amen.

  116. Duncan Cavanah

    God help you when you get old and want to go to a game. Maybe we should just shoot everybody once they turn 65. Sure would help with the whole social security debate.

  117. You Know

    Man I loved that 2003 team!!!

  118. as is

    Matt, I wish your column could make into the Herald-Leader so that UK fans could finally point the finger inward and start questioning whether they are doing as much for the team, as the team does for them. Go Cats!

  119. Eazy

    That game was in color?!?! I thought it was tape-delayed on Channel 3 following the Tonight Show with Steve Allen.

  120. rr4cghhk


  121. Jay

    So, I am the S in that picture for the article. I have heard many of the same complaints that Rupp needs to be louder. I’ve also heard the lame and sorry excuse of “it’s not entertaining enough” or “I cheer when we’re doing good” or something to that extent. Guys, just the phrase “UK basketball” makes my heart flutter and gets me all riled up inside. So I cannot imagine why going to an actual game and seeing the actual players take on an opponent (no matter who the opponent is) would not get you excited! Now the SEC has a rule not allowing the students to be anywhere near the opposing team’s bench, so that rules out another e-zone at the opposite end of the court, but I still think the student section should be a lot bigger.

    At the same time, the student section is not all what I hoped it would be coming in as a freshman. My first game being in the Erupption Zone we were playing Miami of Ohio for the first game of the season. I came in thinking it was gonna be wild and crazy, but I found myself wondering if I was the only person in Rupp Arena who was really into the game. Now I’ve been part of the “Front row crew” in the E-Zone and I’d like to think I help make it crazier (along with other people, of course), but I’m still not satisfied. Neither are the players. Ask them and they’ll tell you for themselves. THIS is Kentucky basketball! We need to be louder!!!

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