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Karl Towns will announce decision on December 4th

We already know the 2013 class will be epic, but what about 2015? Karl Towns, the 2015 phenom, will announce his college decision on December 4th, according to a statement from his athletic director to the Herald-Leader. The news comes as no surprise to CBSSports’ Jeff Borzello, who alluded to it during his early signing day live blog earlier today:

11:19 a.m.: It’s not signing day for class of 2015 prospects, but @gadyca has a question about Karl Towns: Rumor has it that Karl Towns will commit on Dec. 4th. Where do you think he’s leaning, and why so early?

We’re hearing the same thing regarding Towns, and yes, it’s very early. Towns, though, has been recruited at a high level for a couple of years now, and he could be tiring of the process. With that said, would we be surprised if he postponed his decision? Not at all. Kentucky is the leader right now, as Towns has a great relationship with John Calipari from the Dominican Republic national team. Florida and Duke are chasing.

Come on down, Karl.

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31 responses to “Karl Towns will announce decision on December 4th”

  1. Coach K

    He attended DUKE’s midnight Madness.

    I can teach him to foul and flop and cry to the ref’s – and get away with it.

    Did I say flop?

  2. Alamo_CatFan

    Perfect, still time to poke duke in they eye. Take that – poke!

  3. Alamo_CatFan

    or…did he decide to attend the winner of last nights game?

  4. AZBlueCat

    Towns can’t on December 4th, he can only verbally commit.

  5. AZBlueCat

    Can’t sign that is.

  6. RYNO

    Why people be stealing my name! Ugh, so frustrating. I will ban myself so others will not ruin my ksr cred

  7. Narsty_CARDS_#L1C4

    Seen him play, kid is mediocre at best. LOUISVILLE’s class next year will all at least speak english, while also being better basketball players than the thugs UK will bring in. FACE IT, yall got lucky with one once in a lifetime player in AD, and won a ship. WONT HAPPEN AGAIN, MARK My WoRdS. #L1C4

    BTW, have fun in the Music City Bo…Nevermind, I forgot UK doesn’t have a football team

  8. hellcat

    Does Forde dislike the Wildcats? Also, it appears he is a “little loose in the loafers”.

  9. Justin

    Kid is going to FL, great relationship with former gator Al Horford and his dream is to be a gator.

  10. Yngvie Malmsteen.

    7-They might speak English but you can’t. Crawl back in the ditch you call home.

  11. knightynight

    He’s here for sure.

  12. Archie

    Is that cards fan joking? They’re talking abot this class as potentially one of the best ever. You all signed a JUCO transfer that Memphis didn’t want and a couple of no names.

  13. ONRY

    You can tell it’s almost December. That’s when the Tardinals get hungry and start hopping
    around your back porch for crumbs. They’re cute little birds, really. But a group of ’em
    together can really be annoying. ‘Worse thing is the little poos they leave everywhere
    on the (message) boards. ‘Only thing I know to do is just let the Wildcat out for a while.
    I do love birds and in fact all of God’s creation. But I confess I feel relieved when that
    cat comes in with a few li’l red feathers still stuck around ‘is mouth.

  14. Badams

    7, thugs? Lol those kids for next years class are some of the most well spoken young men I’ve seen out of a basketball star. Also, dummy, Towns is 2015, not 2014, and he speaks English just fine as he has lived in the US a long time. Just stop hatin cuz Pitino can’t compete with Cal for those recruits, recruits that usually have no interest in Louisville. Btw, UK will 2 or 3 more before Lville will ever win another. MARK MY WORDS. Idiot troll.

  15. Paul in Frankfort

    Me thinks Calipari will be long gone by 2015. 🙁

  16. James K

    I’m not completely sold on this kid. Not all that quick, and doesn’t look like he can jump over a game program.

  17. Badams

    Also, he is the #1 player in his class. Your bitterness cracks me up.

  18. kes

    december 4th does not bode well for the cats.

  19. I. P. Freeley

    Paul in the fort, worry not young fella.

    Once CAL departs, KENTUCKY reloads with Rick Pitino.

    What’s funnier is if, in 2015, Petrino is at the KENTUCKY Football helm.


    lol at the frustrated UofL fan.


    jay z b’day and he commits big coincidence

  22. adam

    He will choose UK on the 4th. He will also be moving to the 2014 class.

  23. danny korb

    i just hope we play duke in the ncaa. dukes a big flp anyway. coach k has no class

  24. wonder

    how long until towns reclassifies to 2014

  25. FakeArtieLange

    @24 – This spring

  26. JustSayin

    #22 is correctomundo. Kid is moving up a year and is tired of all the coaches contacting them. We need to pay Antigua whatever he wants because he is really helping with some of these recruits.

  27. Hoptownsbeast

    Dec 4 is my birthday. That would be a nice present!

  28. billy

    Just seconds after the tip K started talking to the referees. Only a weak mouse of a referee-man would be intimated by a person like him.

  29. billy

    Calipari is getting a little early.

  30. Bobbum man

    Allows plenty of time for planning of ur big blue madness dance

  31. coldspringmike

    Coach Orlando took Karl under his wing during the whole DR National team tour. Coach “O” has more pull than a Al Harford. Karl will be a Wildcat.