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Rotnei Clarke Gets His Release


Well the saga looks to be over.  As we recapped last week, Rotnei Clarke wanted out of Arkansas perhaps even earlier than the rumors that John Pelphrey was getting fired began.  When Pelphrey was officially let go, Clarke asked for his release but was convinced to wait and see who the coach would be and if he fit with his system.  Rotnei did, and then again requested his release one week ago.  However it was initially denied, and neither new head coach Mike Anderson nor the Arkansas Athletic Director would return Clarke’s phone call.  However, it looks like cooler heads have prevailed, as the word out of Arkansas is that Rotnei has been freed.

So the question now begins as to where he will take his talents.

Rotnei was a super star at Arkansas, and after sitting out a year due to the transfer, will have one year of eligibility left.  The last two seasons he averaged 15 points, including a 26 point monster game against Kentucky.  Many of you would like to see Clarke in Kentucky blue – and I won’t lie, I’m a fan of his as well.  Kid can straight up ball.  But one of his concerns with Arkansas publicly has been about being forced to play a more up tempo game with Mike Anderson, and his skills (while great) don’t necessarily translate well to the dribble drive offense. I have no doubt that if Calipari decided Clarke would fit well with Ryan Harrow in the back court, he would flourish.  But I find it unlikely that either side would heavily pursue the other.

Another possible destination (and this is strictly a hunch, no inside information,) could be to Texas Tech with Billy Gillispie. As you remember, Billy recruited Rotnei back when he was at Kentucky but both decided to go their separate ways when Clarke wanted more time to make a commitment and Billy pressured him a bit for an answer.  However, up until that falling out, Clarke had been a big fan of the program and Coach Gillispie, the style of play would likely be one he would fit well in (so long as he would stop shooting so much.)  But the reality of it is, he will most likely go somewhere that will have no UK ties and effectively end me caring about him as a player.  So somewhere like Oklahoma.

Where would you like to see Clarke?

Article written by Will Lentz

59 responses to “Rotnei Clarke Gets His Release”

  1. tomas


  2. MattCash

    I NEVER want to see Rotini at UK. Period.

  3. Norm

    Looks like a Notre Dame or Purdue guard.

  4. kyeric

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him end up at Kansas. There is playing time for a guy like this to excel.

  5. wakecat

    Morehead State. Come on, I would cheer loudly in their 2012 first round game against little bro

  6. OneAndDone

    I know it won’t happen but I would welcome him. He would get looks all day in our offense, and the kid has a mad quick-release. (That’s what she said?)

  7. Blue Virus

    2- seriously?

  8. Culver

    Clarke has always reminded me of Patrick Sparks.

  9. C-A-T-S

    Coach K is probably jizzing himself right now

  10. Ghost of GJ Vilarino

    He’ll end up growing out his hair in his year on the bench at Gonzaga.

  11. wackityschmakitydoo

    REally? really? REAlly? really? REALLY?

  12. bigbluemaniac19

    according to alot of oklahoma state fans, he could very well become a cowboy. seems to fit the system well. plays exactly like the cowboys sg now keiton page

  13. Doug

    He will be a Zag at Gonzago..

  14. rotnei

    I don’t want Rotnei Clarke anywhere near UK. I am pretty sure that CAL agrees and that he wouldn’t take Clarke either. He is a gun that plays horrible defense. He is basically a cancer.

  15. Doug

    Rotnei could play in the dribble drive. he can get his shot off and has proven many times can get to the rim, while not a great leaper he is adept at getting his shot off quickly against taller players.. he could play for Calipari. you all make too much of athleticism.. while VERY important, Rotnei is not unathletic, which seems to be said about EVERY white kid. Heis very crafty and would be a double digit scorer for Cal. The liability would be on Defense as we man to man mostly and you cant hide in that situation…

  16. Doug

    Louisville is in the picture too…

  17. Maxwell

    One of the better 3 point shooters in the country. One of the better players in the country? Probably not. But an amazing shooter. I’d love to see him in Blue and White.

  18. Tbc

    Jarrod polson is/will be as good as him

  19. Buckets

    Cats will need anyone they can get after the expected mass exodus after this season.

  20. Le Sigh

    Rotnei, great game, awful name. I like the kid’s skills, but I don’t see Cal taking him because of the SG talent in the 2012 class. Plus, national pundits would cry that Clark would be a one-and-done player at UK.

  21. Baker

    Would love to have him at wku. He would really help the basketball program get back on it’s feet

  22. tdogg4033011

    19) In Cal I trust, he will lose alot don’t get me wrong …. but he will also RELOAD !!!
    Who’s to say Teague or Gilchrist and maybe Lamb wont be back for another year?? Truthfully
    I didn’t expect Lamb or Jones to be back this year ….. I’ll never worry about talent as
    long as Calipari is at UK.

  23. alan cutler's fart

    Um. Seems to me that Liggins shut him down. I’d like to see him, Renardo Sydney, and Jared Sullinger all play for Louisville. I guarantee Kentucky would score over 150 because none of those guys play any D.

  24. Lincoln Park

    Pass, no defense.

  25. Bill Curry

    The Patrick Sparks comparison is a good one from above. He’s a similar player but with a much more consistent stroke than ol Sparks. Both of them are a liability on defense I’m afraid. One thing is for certain; Clarke has an excellent overseas career ahead of him. That’s not a diss, his game will dominate over there. Hell, last time I checked Sparks was avg 15 or 16 ppg and shooting 45% from 3 over there.

  26. Jerald Tipton

    If we don’t sign him I will play the reverse race card.

  27. No Rotnei for UK

    He’s just not that good. People get overly impressed by one-dimensional shooters. Yes, he does that well, but he does nothing else well enough to play on a Calipari team.

  28. duh

    consider me a polson believer. i think polson will play a significant role in his junior and senior seasons. rotnei is a doucher.

  29. Theghostofbillspivey

    Send em to alabama, with Anthony grant

  30. .


  31. alan cutler's fart

    And can we get some eye candy on kstv? Hell, I don’t care if the girl can talk well or knows anything about sports, just put her in a tank top and mini skirt and I guarantee ratings will triple.

  32. Theghostofbillspivey

    28>>> I am right with you. Polson just needs a consistent outside shot. He can get in the lane on anyone, 2013 I see him getting his shine on


    rotnei was the razorbacks the last few years….id take him as a back up and a shooter to fill the void of the exodus that will happen after next year

  34. Theghostofbillspivey

    Just changed my mind. Kansas has scholarships n is need of his skill set

  35. rotnei

    I’m sorry but I hate it when people say they trust CAL. You can like him or love him, but why would you trust him? People used to say Trust Tubby and Trust CBC. Now it is Trust Cal. Some of you just have issues with trust.

  36. tdogg4033011

    35) would 3 #1 recruiting classes in a row have anything to do with it?? I believe so ….
    IN CAL I TRUST !!!!!

  37. Coach Cal

    Ill take Rotnei on my team if he would like to join us!!! The only thing that concerns me is how he would take it riding the bench behind my top rated recruiting class all season. If your not a 5 star prospect you wont start! and if your a 3 start prospect you wont play.

  38. ricky 3 stacks

    He can get some PT here in Loserville. And I can last 15 seconds longer than before…..30 whole seconds.

  39. Coach BCG

    We are Texas Tech, not Rotnei Clarke Tech

  40. Other thought

    Maybe he follows Pel down to Gainesville?

  41. jeastfwb

    I think he will end up playing under Travis Ford.

  42. LByrd

    If UK added Clarke, they would, along with Teague and Harrow, have the world’s smallest backcourt. Approximately 15′ total, in heels, worth of guards. I don’t care what height they are listed. All three are midgets.

  43. PillowTalk

    Why are we talking about this?

  44. RidgeRunner

    He’s a crazy lookin’ lil focker, but hell I’d welcome him if Cal says come aboard.

  45. RidgeRunner

    43…Oh, well let me say this…umm….eh……..well…..ya see…….oh hell, I don’t know.

  46. ThatFan

    Georgetown College!

  47. westernhillspg

    Why not get him at UK?

  48. Rockfield, KY

    He looks like he would play for Ok State. Doug Gottleib would be thrilled! Then steal his wallet.

  49. TreyDay

    I say he lands somewhere in the Big 12. It’d be funny if he went to Missouri after everything with Anderson.

  50. Jorts the BWK

    As long as he gets rid of that faux-hawk (maybe a Patrick Sparks buzz cut?), I think he would be a great addition at UK. We will need a lights out, experienced jump shooter with Lamb eying the NBA.

  51. EyewearMan

    I would love to see him in KY Blue, but I think Ok. State will land him.

  52. Unboltedharp

    Hawaii, so I don’t have to see or read about him anymore……

  53. UK429

    I would definitely not want to see him at UK.

  54. SweetTeaMob til I DIE

    18. AAAAHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! God, I hope you’re joking. Rotnei Clarke is twice the player Polson will ever be. I would gladly embrace Clarke into the Blue and White.

  55. Dakota

    I want to see him get his wwe title back. No? Then How about MIZouri?

  56. Ira Tatum

    OK ST, says the Magic 8 Ball.

  57. spookykim

    Mug shot on the 6:00 news. Douchebag.

  58. MJ4UK

    Gillispie would have to let him know real quick that they are not the Texas Tech Red Rotnei’s. 🙂

  59. Carl

    What kind of name is Rotnei?