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Robert Morris’ 3,056 capacity gym

(From Robert Morris’ school website)

Here’s a picture of the gym Kentucky will be playing in on Tuesday night. The gym fits 3,056 people.

Article written by Ally Tucker

I once successfully requested "The Wobble" to be played 6 times at one wedding.

78 responses to “Robert Morris’ 3,056 capacity gym”

  1. mccat

    We played in a hotel conference room with Billy Clyde….

  2. Roman

    Aww! That’s adorable!

  3. Oh please

    Barnhart should have his effing a** lit up for not providing staff to permit us to play this as a home game at Memorial. Completely embarrassing.

  4. Mike H

    3056, can’t we get that many people in the restrooms at RUPP?

  5. klassact32

    who cares

  6. Monte Ward

    You play in a High School Tourney u play in High School gyms!

  7. Steven

    A small venue for a small team

  8. RevYoda

    Seems like we could have borrowed from Transy, G-town, K-state or any number of H.S.gyms and kept it a “home game” while seating just as many people as Robert Morris.

  9. Katdaddy

    Fitting for this year! I wouldn’t walk across the street to watch this group.

  10. help

    ksr…give a great bracket contest with two tickets to next years final four as grand prize…we need to have something to make this tournament fun

  11. BroncoBarry

    Why couldnt this been played in another gym in KY,ex.The Civic Center in Frankfort

  12. Big O

    Enough is enough. We have hit rock bottom. Out of here. See you all in October.

  13. Jerk

    Ok Now It’s official, we are the laughing stock of the whole fxxking country. Man can we be anymore lame than this shxt!!!!!!!Although it’s to good for this bunch of losers!!!!!

  14. Will

    Maybe this will remind them of their high school AAU games. Oh wait, they’ve played like they are in one all year

  15. wickedgood

    robert morriss lost at arkansas 79 -74 played them tougher than we did.we must shoot well or this could be gardner webb oh no!!

  16. Heart ache

    Starting line up harrow stein Goodwin poyshit mays….. How’s that been doing for ya cal

  17. Steve

    This just in: Nelson Co High School says they will host the 1st game of the NIT for Kentucky free of charge. Gym Capacity 4,000.

  18. 1/2

    Empty or half full is what that gym will be.

  19. CalistheMan

    Cal is now the only coach to take 3 different teams to the NIT. Way to go!!!!

  20. Dax

    Marshall County’s gym is available, seats about double that…….

  21. Roman

    12) Lol! Rock bottom? We won last year’s CHAMPIONSHIP. Until the month of March ends, we’re still the reigning champs. I suggest you YouTube the Gardner-Webb game before you say “rock bottom”.

  22. Hubs coca

    Because Kentucky didn’t bid to host. Don’t have the staffing to handle NCAA Tournament hosting demands, spring sports and a short-notice NIT game.

  23. Jwall11

    Lets make a statement on the court and in the stands!!!

  24. Why not

    Why not play in Louisville at freedom hall???

  25. Ridge Runner

    I hope they run us out of the building. Want this season over.

  26. Bear

    Like playing in that banquet room in Mexico except our team sucks

  27. Bushrod

    Robert Morris………..really? Freaking embarrassing.

  28. Ukalum

    We should’ve rejected the bid instead of playing at Robert freaking Morris.

  29. HawkD

    1) We played in a conference room with Cal in his first year

  30. Matt Jones

    My anal cleft is throbbing.

  31. TopCat

    The NCAA will not let a host city host NIT game the same week. It has nothing to do with not enough staff. Come on guys be smarter, do you think that UK would not want to create a game at Rupp or Memorial if they were allowed?

  32. Will

    Starting lineup should be 1) Polson 2) Mays 3) Hood 4) Wilcher 5) Caulie-stein

  33. Hicks

    Let’s fly Robert Morris down and play on the blue courts. I have a feeling we are a great playground team. Reality is we were an average team who lost our best player and projected number one pick at the time and it caused us to go from a 8 or 9 seed at best to a 1 seed in the NIT.

  34. Jerk

    Man #21 if this ain’t rock bottom then I sure don’t want to see it!!

  35. Ryan Harrow

    This works out well for me. I’m thinking about transferring to Robert Morris. Will make it a recruiting trip.

  36. holysheepshit

    This is bizzaro world.

  37. Heart ache

    Time to start looking. The kid from butler would be good for us. He has no outside influence from the nba

  38. Ukalum

    This is just embarrassing. We will lose at Robert morris

  39. Bigbluenationbigredmachine

    BBN could easily fill that gym 10x over.

  40. Kenny

    Staffing problems? Sounds like Mitchy boy has egg on his face once again… how embarrassing!! Hire some freaking people you morons in the UK athletic department!

  41. Rockin Ron

    Next year at this time we’ll be celebrating a National Championship-NIT Championship-National Championship sandwich and all will be well with the BBN. As frustrated as this season and these kids have been we need to support the Cats and Coach Cal.

  42. Porcini's table #2

    Hey 12, don’t bother getting back on that bandwagon next October you low life scum bitch. We don’t need your wagaoneering ass. As a matter of fact all you non UK fans kiss the underside of my left testy. Go root for UVEL bitches!

  43. Lakesidecatsfan

    High school gyms may hold more, but their courts are 10 feet shorter.

  44. RCB

    I am a diehard lifelong UK fan. I will cheer for the Cats wherever and whenever they play. I do not understand, however, the choice not to play at Memorial. I was looking forward to seeing a game there (this was the only positive in playing in the NIT). I’m sure UK could find people to staff Memorial. Playing at a 3,000 seat gym is ridiculous. Nevertheless, Go Cats!

  45. ticket holder

    Smart move Barnhart with the NCAA in Rupp and us in a side show. The national media would make a big deal about it. Hope we do well. I know some people that don’t get to see the Big Blue might got to see them in Memorial.

  46. BK in Scottsville

    Commitee hoping to create a story AND keep people in Lexington for the NCAA tournament. Lol…What better way than to find the smallest gym in college basketball

  47. Bob

    If you are a true fan you do not root for you team to lose. That makes you a fair weather fan. If you can not get behind this team regardless of the circumstances then you need to move on and find another team to support. If you want to see rock bottom go back to the end of the Sutton years. That’s rock bottom. This is a bump in the road after a great three year run that ended with a national championship. Get a grip people!

  48. blueblue

    I know I’ll be watching ESPN on Tuesday at 7:30. How many other true fans are out there?

  49. Branjo

    The trolls are out in full effect tonight…..

  50. Ukalum

    41) rockin Ron,
    No one cares about the NIT. I want these “kids” to do what they do best and quit. Quit the game, quit uk, quit college and let us win a title with actual athletes.

  51. U will

    #42 agree with u. The above posters r a bunch of whiny biatches! Do u fools not remember the bcg years? How loud did u cheer about 11 1/2 months ago and now u jump ship. Wussies

  52. Lakesidecatsfan

    Definately gonna keep bleeding blue and support this team til it’s over. Can’t just get mad and go home, that’s not a TRUE fan!

  53. Al Purnell here....It's GOOOOOOD

    Seriously all you just turn your backs because of a bad year…WOW I see what everybody who busts our asses about being a UK fan is all about…..You asswipes suck….MAJORLY. Screw you bastards, don’t comeback and jump on that wagon when we’re kicking eveyone’s ass next year. I’ve been a fan for over 50 years and guess what……YOU SUCK!!! Go CATS!

  54. kentuckyrules

    All the ‘Cats fans either wanting us to LOSE or not taking the NIT bid: why don’t you just root for L’ville then? Might as well with that attitude, we DON’T WANT YOU THEN!

  55. Lakesidecatsfan

    Winningest program in history. If your a true fan, you want these guys to get as many q’s as they can. They all count!

  56. TopCat

    Guys are you sure we are not talking about Football/Joker/Mitch??? All this negativity needs to stop. Go find another team to support! We don’t need you supporting the team. All you do is make our program look bad. If you are a troll and just trying to get us upset, well we have Eight Banners hanging and will be looking for #9 next year. True UK fans-relax and enjoy what we have coming in and stop making us look like we are ignorant. We are UK!!!

  57. Judi Cole

    It’s like going back to high school! Embarrassing finish to the season. How about all those teams that got into the NCAA that didn’t deserve it???

  58. Lakesidecatsfan


  59. 3cats

    no one was going anyways!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Michael

    Mitch Barnhart should be ashamed. He has totally embarrassed the Big Blue Nation even more by hot providing staff to use Memorial. I think people would have volunteered to at least help to keep the wildcats here in KY. Way to go Mitch!!!! You stink!!!

  61. Michael

    We will be the laughing stock of the country for not providing people to host KY in the NIT at Memorial.

  62. Class

    Seriously? Seriously? If you have nothing better to do than dog this team, then just don’t say anything. Buncha bandwagon UK fans on here if you ask me. I mean, yeah, this season hasn’t been ideal in the least, and yeah, I’m freaking upset about not being in the NCAA tournament, but don’t act like this! I’ve seen 5 year olds with better sportsman ship than ya’ll! Maybe its from being a Cinci Bengal fan my whole life that has taught me that sometimes you lose… it sucks, but you gotta go on. Lets just keep calm, and keep supporting the Cats. As the saying goes, Win or lose I still support the Cats. Act like you have some class and grow up! Jeez!

  63. wallinscreekcat

    #43 yes regulation high school gym floors are 10 feet shorter but alot of high school gyms have full size college floors installed.

  64. Al's IndiCats

    You know this is the first time I’m embarassed about being an UK fan from reading some of these comments. If your a TROLL well you do waht TROLLS do, SH!T in your hand and play with it, but man if you’re a UK fan and your actually saying this…..GO root for IU or Uvel or UT they deserve your loyality UK doesn’t.

  65. get a life

    61. Do you really think so? Try finding a story about the NIT on ESPN’s website right now. It’s not there, because no one other than the teams involved in the NIT actually cares. This will all blow over, especially once some of this year’s top seeds start losing in the next week or two….then once the last few recruits make their decisions that will be all the headlines.

  66. Rae

    Boyd County Middle School has a bigger gym. And packed more people in to see Andrew Wiggins than in that picture.

  67. Curt

    The negative comments about Cal are ridiculous this time last last year he was great. To turn on him is just plain stupid. Read between the lines.

  68. ASf345

    about the size of one of Archie’s previous AAU games.

  69. Michael


  70. Al's IndiCats

    Let’s take the hand we’re dealt with and take this puupy all the way to the end. Reguardless where we play we can crowd every venue no matter where we’re at.

  71. Jared

    Stop taking the Cal hate comments seriously. It’s either trolls from other teams, trolls for UK just looking to get a rise out of people who take things too seriously, or retards with ODD.

  72. BigBlueKermit

    71) This is true. Let’s all just ignore the crazies. This sucks but things will be a lot better soon. The BBN has been blessed and we will continue to be blessed…well, starting again after this yr!!

  73. 3cats

    # 61 we already are!

  74. wickedgood

    this will separate the real fans from the fake only win we win crybabies support the cats and coach cal and hope these back biters cheer for someone else

  75. Buie

    My high school seats 5,500…

  76. Buie

    This will be a sell out since we are everyones superbowl. Big L coming UKs way. Whens football start???

  77. ALostTexan

    The Northside YMCA turned down the opportunity to host the game.

  78. Bobby Knight's Shrink

    By the way, what has happened to the “DRIBBLE – DRIVE ” Offense…lol ??