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Rick Pitino Made Nearly Twice As Much As Cal This Year

In one of the more surprising things I’ve seen in awhile, the USA Today put together a story comparing the total compensation for college basketball coaches this season and it didn’t quite provide the data you might have expected.  John Calipari comes in at third-highest paid coach in the nation, with a package totaling $3.9 million ($3.8 in university based salary).  That puts him right behind his Wednesday radio cohort, Mike Krzyzewski.  Topping the list?  How about Louisville’s Rick Pitino with a total compensation of a staggering $7.5 million, with $6.1 million of that coming from the school.  Pitino’s massive jump is attributed to a $3.6 million loyalty clause (hope he didn’t have one of those in his pre-nup) he raked in last July. 

We called him this morning to get his take on it, but #AnthonyDavisSaysShutUp.



Article written by Thomas Beisner

60 responses to “Rick Pitino Made Nearly Twice As Much As Cal This Year”

  1. FearTheSleeves

    That top picture is absolutely classic.

  2. Old man sleeping in lower arena

    Ricky P gotta take a poo poo? How do u have a penis and sit like that?

  3. Charles Barkley

    No wonder Sypher couldn’t resist, check those legs out.

  4. Jason

    Someone needs to tell Anthony Davis to shave his unibrow!!

  5. OneAndDone

    So if Ricky had earned his Salary while inside of Mrs. Sypher, he would have been paid $500K per second, not too shabby.

  6. Lunch Box

    ha thats a shame, highest paid coach in NCAA and you cant even get past Morehead State, Win an NCAA Championship after 10 seasons at a school, and you can not last longer the a few seconds with Karen Sypher.

  7. dhighdrated

    ah, so that’s the leg it went down…

  8. Mr Schwump

    Price of abortions going up next year.

  9. For reals

    Pitino looks like he just remembered that he can only go for 15 seconds.

  10. Rick P

    My hemmorhoids are killing me…

  11. Blue Chip

    7.5 million, wow, just wow. Worst investment anyone has ever made. This makes Enron investors not feel so bad.

  12. AnthonyDavis'Unibrow

    I am one with the Forehead!

  13. The Barber says

    Somebody please tell Davis to cut that Uni????

  14. Quick Fiftino

    Wow, Ron Jeremy doesn’t even make $500K a second….

  15. Boyd Baker

    I think there’s an intimidation factor to the ‘brow. I say keep it.

  16. jason

    just got this email.

    Twas the night before March Madness

    Twas the night before Madness and all through the land,

    Not a team left unshaken by Jorts and his band.

    The posters were plastered on locker room walls,

    In hopes that a meeting would not soon be called.

    When down there in Tampa arose such a fuss

    The whole team from Princeton was sent to the bus!

    Then several days later as if right on cue,

    The Cats sent ‘em packin, those Mountaineers too!

    Then Cal skipped his way to the New Jersey shore,

    For a meeting they said was the Cats final door.

    But Jorts had a plan as he threw the ball in,

    And it bounced off a chest and the Bucs couldn’t win.

    Living large were the Cats’ Mr. Knight and his crew,

    Then came the Tar Heels with Houston in view.

    “Take Three” from the corner said ‘Dre as he shot,

    And then Carolina knew Houston was not.

    Now Final Four Dancing, it has been a while,

    But Cats and their fans, it don’t matter the miles.

    Be lookin’ for Kemba, his Conn artists’ too,

    The Cats will be bringin’ its defense for you.

    On Brandon , on Lamb, and on Jonesy too,

    Got Miller and Jorts, and they’re bringing the crew.

    Now Liggins and Vargas then go to “The Hood”

    The seeding they gave us was much less than good!

    So See you in Houston now Mr. Calhoun,

    And practice real hard cause it’s comin’ too soon.

    The team you will dance with, they just woke up late,

    But they’ll have ‘em laced up, they want Number 8!

  17. Capnmonkey

    UL is saving a ton by not having to pay him bonuses for NCAA tournament wins, I’d call it a win-win.

  18. dhighdrated

    Davis’s unibrow is the least or our worries. let it go you idiots. post pictures of yourself so we can tell you what to change about your appearance.

  19. Blue Chip

    Pitino is basically a one man Ponzi scheme.

  20. Nintendo

    Calipari has a post season record of 13-1 so far in his first 2 seasons here at UK.

  21. Antoine Walker

    Hey Rick, can I borrow some cash?

  22. Computer Blue

    Another quickie exit, Pitino is worth every penny!

  23. NBA league pass

    18) thank you. If you are male, and contine to comment on another male’s looks..well.

  24. Grammar King

    Do you think no one has talked to him about shaving his brow before? Obviously he sees it as his trademark and makes him unique. Let it alone.

  25. DeandreDNA

    Man, yall shut up – I love the Davis uni. I dont care if he has purple hair, just keep swatting shots.

  26. steviesdroppedtdcostmeagrand

    pitino made 42 times as much as the coach who knocked him out of the NCAA tournament. thats crazy

  27. Justme

    Thank you #18. Very well said.

    And the Pitino loyalty payment is a one-time sum so that’s a bit deceptive. He doesn’t get that much every year.

  28. Scott

    “Loyalty Clause” Ba Ha Ba Haaa

  29. Justme

    I meant to add, still he is obviously way overpaid.

  30. Jeff Foxworthy

    23)……then you might be a redneck.

  31. AD's Eyebrow

    Y’all need to shut the hell up, I’m here 2 stay. Deal wid it!

  32. Sypher's suck dumpster

    Pitino is working on a new tantric exercise to keep that man gravy in there a little longer.

  33. BobbyKnight'sChair

    Who cares what Davis looks like. The man can flat out ball. I used to be pretty good myself until Bobby threw me and I’ve never been the same since 🙁

  34. Rich Brooks

    Guarantee that unibrow will be crushing sorority row next year!

  35. Jesus Christ saved my soul

    Rick Fifteeno has stated several times that his time has passed him by, that he is no longer enjoying the game of Basketball etc etc etc. Yet Loserville continues to shell out this kind of money. LOL. Keep him there, we enjoy pounding the dirty birds year in and year out.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  36. Han

    I’m going to play my nerd card here after seeing that picture of Davis.

    I know a lot of jackwagons rag on him for his eyebrows, but in that picture, you notice they kind of raise up like a Vulcan’s from Star Trek.

    What are Vulcan’s best known for (besides the elf ears and green blood)? Logic and superior strength/physicality to humans.

    Logic — showed it with the Louisville rejoinder.
    Strength and agility — obvious

    I can’t wait to see teams have to make first contact with Davis next year.

  37. Coach fifteeno

    I’m thinking in that pic that Cal owns my candy$$ now.

  38. WildCobb Salad

    Rick really looks like he’s trying hold in a big wet one.

  39. NotTheSlickistRick

    28) That’s what JoAnn said

  40. Coach Pitino says

    From Rick Pitino new book excerpts. “Once while coaching up north, I once had a photo taken of me while siting next to then up and becoming coach Calipari. All of a sudden he cut a rank SBD fart. It was just down right nasty, and well I guess the photo catches my expression just perfect, Really Just look at him,… he loves the smell of shit”.

  41. Kanter Banter

    I’m not a mathematician but I would think UL is getting ripped off. Thats a lot of UNIVERSITY based pay for a 1st round loss and a eternity of off court jokes.
    I would think that with all the base salary they are paying Slick Rick plus the hush money, I mean salaries to the employees of the university that he has on payroll they would expect more. More bang for the buck if you will.

  42. Some name

    I’m more interested in the guy in the background eating an invisible sandwich.

  43. Jesus Christ saved my soul

    Pitino should retire and move to Puerto Rico or somewhere. I get tired of reading and hearing about him. He is a used up, has been and it’s time for him to turn the program over to someone who can actually represent Loserville in a positive manner….. Wait is that possible?

  44. Plain Truth

    Just glanced at the picture, was that one of those before and after ads.

  45. duhville cat

    Ha! That pic is awesome! Sticky Ricky’s face looks like a puppy that just piddled on the carpet….. I bet that’s what Karen saw at about the 16 second mark.

  46. UKGoBigBlue

    Rick looks like he has got to let one rip.

  47. Walter Sobchak

    42) hahahahaha

  48. Checks Pool Room

    I talked with a guy from Louisville and he said that Ricky P. next year will be his last!That Dick Vitale is retireing and Pitino will be takeing his place on ESPN.Also so for what its worth Billy Donavon will be the coach for the Cards.Not sure if I belive that but the Pitino to ESPN sounds like it could happen.

  49. CarolinaCatFan

    And just as expected Colin Cowherd is ripping John Wall. He called him immature and said he will be more Marbury than Magic. I know its been stated before but this guy’s a total tool. What’s the guy supposed to do, let a guy that’s a foot taller throw elbows at him? I don’t usually listen to him, but where I live in NC sports radio is terrible. He’s just trying to rattle BBN’s cage to drive ratings, but seriously how does this guy get a national audience?

  50. josh

    hey Rick dont we have a state budget deficit? Help us out with some of that unearned money.

  51. Rick's Collar

    I like to bacon!

  52. Eugene M

    Please anthony get rid of that UNIBROW!

  53. Jacocat

    I hope Ellen dont see pic. of who Cal. is hanging with. She might just kick his ass.

  54. bluekze

    Of course Wall’s immature. He’s 20 years old. Cowherd’s an annoying weasel. I’ve tried listening to him, but there’s not much substance. It seems like he builds his show around being a jerk, insulting people and disputing whatever the popular opinion is on anything.

  55. Han

    A microwave cooking your Big Mac
    Rick Pitino
    And Colin Cowherd’s upcoming tv show.

    Envelope please.
    Things that will be finished in 15 seconds

  56. JP

    #52 Why you so concerned with how a fella looks?

  57. Bigcat76

    Is Pitino trying to hide a boner or what?

  58. Dennis Weaver

    42) I seriously just laughed out loud in my cube farm.

  59. Flippity flap

    Love that pic of Cal and Pitino. So fitting for right now… Cal lovin every minute of it and Pitino lookin like he just ate some bad sushi. Guess that’s what losing to Morehead St in the 1st round does to you.

  60. CA UK Fan

    Sounds like UK got a bargain!