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Rick Pitino Doesn’t Care About Your Legends Teams

*Mar 13 - 00:05*

“Bullit East is that way.”

Earlier today Rick Pitino met with the press to discuss his teams trip to the Bahamas, but tropical weather wasn’t the only topic discussed.  As you would imagine, with the rumors of a UK Legends game going down on the Louisville home court in the Yum! center, some reporter was bound to ask Rick how he felt about it. According the the Associated Press, Pitino said all the right things… but he didn’t necessarily feel them.

An excerpt (from this article in the Washington Post):

“That’s a public facility, it’s our homecourt during the season, but obviously anybody can go in there,” Pitino said. “Lady Gaga can go in there, or the Dominican team can go in there.

“None of that is any of my business. We’re just concerned with Louisville first, we’re not concerned with anything any of our competitors do. We don’t pay any attention to our competitors except when it’s time to play them and I really mean that sincerely.”

“I know nothing about that,” Pitino said. “I haven’t followed it, somebody just asked me about it for the first time this morning. I know nothing about it.”

But “it’s no different than Villanova or West Virginia, or anybody else playing there. It’s a free country and the KFC, last time I checked, was part of this country.”

The KFC may be part of this country, but it didn’t stop Louisville from preventing UK playing there during the regular season.

And can somebody make Lady Gaga an honorary coach?

Article written by Will Lentz

40 responses to “Rick Pitino Doesn’t Care About Your Legends Teams”

  1. Bleu Hair

    Yea but did you know that Crum was going to coach ex-UK players on your home court Rick? hahahahahaha You guys should hear fans’ reactions here on sports radio in Louisville, it is a meltdown. They’re turning on poor Denny, really showing their true nature, which is that of thuggery combined with an inferiority complex combined with a line beard.

  2. Blank Madness

    So, KSR you do have some kind of coverage planned on these two games. right?

  3. travis

    Was the Louisville first reference planned or convenient spur of the moment product placement?

  4. NCAA is pathetic

    I ran into Rick Pitino the other day in Loserville and spoke with him briefly. Our ocnversation only lasted about 7 seconds. …………

  5. TruBlu

    “We” don’t pay any attention to our competitors. . .Pitino must have a mouse in his pocket.

  6. WildcatsDominate

    This is the biggest load of crap.

    “I know nothing about that,” Pitino said. “I haven’t followed it, somebody just asked me about it for the first time this morning. I know nothing about it.”

    You’re telling me that your biggest rival is setting up an exhibition where it’s coach brings in an international team of NBA stars to play against your rival’s NBA alumni in your BRAND NEW ARENA and you don’t know anything about it? Please.

    He sounds like a middle school boy who’s just had to give up his room to a sibling.
    “Yeah, fine, anyone can sleep in my room, free country right? Why don’t you just use all my stuff, I don’t care, no big deal to me!”


  7. ukslamdunk


  8. hmmm

    Oh man please sell yum out…

  9. SexnNursinHomes

    Rick could have named anybody, but he names Lady Gaga? haaha

  10. Big Blue 66

    KFC Yum….uuhh hey Rick, uuuhh, you know we are losing our ass on this “no UK” thing….and uuhh we thought, well Cal thought…..uuhh you know, Mr. Calipari thought since the game doesnt have any ties to UK, then your bs strangle hold on the Yum center wouldnt hold up

    Rick….there is no freaking way Calipari is going to bring in a pro team to play the UK pro alumni in MY yum center

    KFC Yum……uh, well, Mr Calipari said so….so thats the way it is…..I mean, you and jurich may own a small section of Louisville, mainly the area that cant afford to come to the yum center but you know Mr. Calipari, he kind of runs and owns the whole State….sometimes even more than that when he hangs out with Lebron and Jay Z and stuff and oh by the way….I think Denny is going to coach the UK team….so go F yourself rick

  11. Football Man

    Coach Cal would have handled it so much better. I never thought it would ever be as good as Pitino’s run, but I was wrong…. Cal get’s it!

  12. blitzedanddazed

    Ricky Three Stacks is pathetic liar. No other comment is necessary.

  13. Catsantonio

    Still managed to work in a “Louisville first” reference…….and last time I checked Louisville is a part of this country so lay off

  14. Mr Schwump

    BTW, same goes for Crumb that went 30 years ago…kiss my ass fart-blossom.

  15. Guck Foodman

    “Louisville First” is ghey.

  16. Cat fan in TN

    L’ville wanted to have a UL legends game, but didn’t have enough “legends” to fill out the roster….Louisville, there’s no superstars here

  17. WestPointCard

    Sniff sniff. My ghetto commuter school is owned completely by UK

  18. catinsc

    Took him longer than 15 seconds to answer that. Louisville first!

  19. jefres


  20. jefres


  21. Section32

    Got an extra SINGLE ticket to the game in Rupp Section 32 (behind Kentucky Legends bench) if anyone is interested send me an email with offer

  22. bmt22033

    Watch the video from the press conference. It’s great! The reporter asks him this question @ 1:41:

    Reporter: “Coach, I want to ask you about another exhibition game. The Dominican National team is apparently gonna come to…”

    Pitino: “I know nothing about any of that”.

    Since leaving UK, Pitino has apparently become somewhat of a mind reader. He knew nothing about it but he didn’t need to let the reporter ask the question before he said that he knew nothing about it?

  23. SexnNursinHomes

    20- Dear jefres,

    Wow, you’re idiot.


    Jerry from 3rd Grade Special Ed.


    It looks like Pitino wears makeup.

  25. Helvete

    Hey, Bullitt East has two “T”s in it. My brother graduated from that school and was part of their last Top 10.

  26. Roland

    Hope Pitno wasn’t wearing that White suit when he said that. B/c he soiled his pants when he heard the news. Brown stains, (shades of Rupp) is hard to get out.

  27. The Real Hambone

    dang… i will regret this and already feel slimy for saying it, but you are dead on #23… ewwwwwww!!!!!

  28. joe

    i loved u when u were at the best team in college but i love it even more when u have to eat our dust because u left us hanging go big blue

  29. ThrobnThor

    Aw come on Hambone… u gettin soft dog…LOL

  30. Roland

    How does Karma taste Pitno?

  31. BigAlSharpton


  32. Hoosier Wild Cat

    I will be at both games. Who cares about Pitino. He is old news. Since he left the cats he has been on a down hill slide. The last legends the cards had were Dr Dunkenstine and before that Wes Unseld. I bet 80% of you don’t even remember Wes. We could take 8 players from Cal’s 1st two teams and beat ALL of the past U of L “Legends”. I go back a ways. I was at the game in 58 when the Fiddlers won it all. GO CATS The Cal era is awesome!! Best since Rupp.

  33. UKGoBigBlue

    The most important thing Matt said all day & no one has picked up on; if the Yum Center is really losing $900k a month, since the tax payers are on the hook, that’s really really really bad for all the tax payers in Louisville. Wonder why no one in the media is talking about this?

    Everyone connected to UL never fails to show their delusion.

  34. blitzedanddazed

    Yum Center is losing $900,000.00 a month. What a freaking joke! Louisville reminds of a person that buys a nice car but can’t afford the insurance/gas to drive it. What an embarrassment to the entire Commonwealth.
    Oh Yeah — #20—Answer your damn phone–It’s Curtis Shaw you dumbass!

  35. pay attention

    “The KFC may be part of this country, but it didn’t stop Louisville from preventing UK playing there during the regular season.”

    if you read and/or listened to the presser you’d have heard its UL’s home court during the season…UK wanted to play there during the season……which is why you cannot play there during the season. simple explanation.

  36. Trublupopeye

    Pitino to Cal- Since you went and did what you did I’m not going to tell you who colors my hair! Ha take that!

  37. Trublupopeye

    Pitino to Cal- Okay you’ve done it now. I’m not telling you who colors my hair!

  38. Trublupopeye

    sorry computer breaking up!

  39. Cleveland

    36-38…eat a muscle relaxer.

  40. CSR

    Another Louisville post? Surprising.