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Rick Loves Gorgui, Has Trouble Putting It Into Words

Peyton Siva has gotten a lot of the credit for transforming his game over the past few weeks and helping lead Louisville to the Final Four, but the improvement of center Gorgui Dieng has been equally as critical to the Cards’ success.¬† On today’s Final Four conference call, Louisville coach Rick Pitino talked about Dieng’s importance and talked about why he’s enjoyed having him in the program:

“African kids…they are a pure joy in terms of the humility and the starvation to learn.””

I bet he’d take that wording back.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

71 responses to “Rick Loves Gorgui, Has Trouble Putting It Into Words”

  1. ktmiln2

    You can’t make this stuff up

  2. BIllDozer

    I honestly do not think it is a big deal considering Dieng is actually African. Reaching here.

  3. Digger? I hardly know her.

    summer show idea: have a contest where callers have to guess if rick said it or not. i think you have enough retarded quotes to actually make it a little hard.

  4. ktmiln2

    2. Do you not see the African-starvation joke?

  5. Wu Tang Financial

    African, starving, I see the correlation to where it might seem like an awkward choice of words, but a slight reach I guess

  6. Digger? I hardly know her.

    2 – rick had some poor choices of words. “african” and “starvation” in the same sentence. but i agree. would’ve been funnier if rick slipped an AIDs reference in there.

  7. Azubuike's Bicep

    Who needs trolls to make your program look stupid, when your coach does a good enough job of doing it himself?

  8. BIllDozer

    #4 & #6….went right over my head…I do see it now…sorry

  9. East KY UK Fan

    Poor choice of words. I’m just amazed that Pitino has finally developed a player while at Louisville.

  10. BIllDozer

    I somehow missed the starvation the first time

  11. cal's blue balls

    Is anyone worry about the big east curse we have every year???
    AND this year is loserville…so that may be telling

  12. Point blank period

    bahahahha dear god he just keeps saying the wrong things hilarious what an idiot

  13. Rod Von Hugenschlong

    RP was a perfect fit for UK then and he’s a perfect fit for UL now. He was cool at UK and a joke at UL.

  14. strange brew

    Pitino didn’t say AIDS because of his choice with women, he may be tested later this week for them.

  15. Joe

    This is not worth a post. Nothing but a poor choice of words. Not a big deal at all.

  16. Bruce Pearl

    He’s got weapons…big African weapons.

  17. Kats Man blue

    Oh my!!! Ricky!!!

  18. sally struthers

    for as much as a cup of coffee, you too can have a center for your basketball team

  19. uk3k

    he also said his player from the middle east was exploding with excitement

  20. UKfansNKY

    Oh boy, has Ricky lost it he just has not been the same since he left the REAL KENTUCKY TEAM, that would be UK!!!
    In touble with his wifeeee and the Law, now this, and looks as if he has aged about twenty-five years!! GO CATS!!!!

  21. WWMKGD

    15 – thanks for your opinion but stories don’t have to be deemed worthy by you in order to be posted. the rest of us think Rick saying idiotic things is hilarious, so if you don’t like it, too bad for you!

  22. UKBlue

    Expect Rick to insert his foot into his mouth a lot this week. Rick has to be sweating like a hooker on nickle night; people talk about the pressure being on Cal & UK, this week could either pull Rick out of the hole he’s been in or totally be his last hurrah !! The pressure is also on Rick !!

  23. Don

    Dieng emailed me and said if I send him my name, social, and banking information, he’ll wire me funds from African Development Bank to my account as sole survivor of a relative I never knew I had.

  24. stud status

    Ricky P loves dark monster weiners.

  25. mary

    I think it was more of a case of poor word choice than anything else but this really sounds like something Jerry Tipton would say.

  26. catinhat

    16 – hahaha, that was awesome. Yeah, we’ve got weapons . . .

  27. SBear

    he has a way with words

  28. knightynight

    8- Edelen, is that you?

  29. Mike Ranney

    Am i the only one to notice how UofL’s fortunes changed against Florida when Siva went out of the game? I’ve been saying all along that he is their weakest link. He plays so out of control and turns the ball over incessantly.

  30. Nashville Kat

    Next Rick will be saying he wants to hold UK to 15 seconds of spurtability.

  31. Mudcreekmark

    19) Now thats funny I don’t care who you are.

  32. Denny Crum

    Dieng is a good kid. I use to send him 8 cents a day when he was a child.

  33. Mudcreekmark

    That wasn’t as bad as what he said next.”These African kids are so fun to coach with their little swollen bellies and the flies swarming around them.”

  34. CatfaninCbus

    This guy just can’t get out of his own way. Next we should expect a comment about a woman just relaxing and enjoying being raped if its inevitable…..oh wait, that’s another asshole!

  35. Denny Crum

    @ 34

    Rape is never funny.

    Banging a woman on a table that’s not your wife, classic.


    Humble starving African? What? And I guess the Asians are really smart!

  37. Ricky P

    “That Gorgui… he swats the basketball like it was a malaria carrying mosquito flying around his tent.”

  38. CatfaninCbus

    @33 – I almost spit tea out thru my nose when I read that one…..hilarious!

  39. 15 Second Poster

    “Starving” kids playing in the Yum! Center round all that fried chicken….just damn cruel, Ricky.

  40. Kyle Kuric

    Who is Dieng? They “all” look alike.

  41. VERY Funny

    #30…I should be more careful reading this stuff at work…I laughed out loud at that one!

  42. UKFanInCincy

    African Kids…..

    Who says that??

  43. Anthony Davis Armpit

    @33 – Not very classy of you. It isn’t the kids fault. Don’t make fun of them.

  44. It worked out anyway

    Ricky P on Kyle Kueric…”Who knew Kyle was going to be this good? When I recruited him, it was only for the purpose of banging his mom, Katie, at an Italian restaurant of her choice. Imagine my disappoint when I found out that was a differect Kuric (Couric)”.

  45. Seriously?

    It’s no secret: Gorgui is from Senegal, Africa.

    But, wow, Drew. You continue to demonstrate that you do not deserve a job. Expert journalism. Leave it to a Kentucky fan to continue to demonstrate that they see race in everything. Maybe you should ask Matt before you post anything for now on.

    Race card, UPS, and Bob Knight.

  46. jacocat

    #15 My guess is it would be different if Cal had said it.

  47. Mudcreekmark

    43) Lord forgive me and may God bless the little Pygmies down in New Guinea.

  48. Seriously?

    Comment section vs. Rick’s comments. Drew should make a post about some of the trash littered above.

  49. CatfaninCbus

    @45 – no one said anything about race you dumbass, but if you can’t see that what quickRick said was in poor taste you really need to have someone read you the newspaper once in a while.


    What’s worst? That or calling someone a bleeping “mexican idiot”. Hahaha!


  51. tjay

    this site really reminds me of Fox News and RP is Obama

  52. HOF R. Pitino

    To whom it may concern:

    I like black people, especially the Africans.

    (the news of my extra-marital activities haven’t become known on the other side of the world)

    HOF R. Pitino

  53. Cats

    45.) Your dumb

  54. Boo

    Boooooooooooooo. Who cares!

  55. Hmmm

    Yea, no one here stereotyped a specific group of people. No one did that. None.

    I guess you gotta suck up to Rupp.

  56. lexslamman

    Wow, Rick, really?

  57. Rick Fifteeno

    show some class guys, starvation isn’t funny, think I might go to porcelinis to solve my own

  58. Anthony Davis Has A Posse

    Jesus, Rick. But I guess this is from the guy who equated teams leaving the Big East to infidelity.

    Even without the “starvation” part it is terrible. He is assigning a trait to a whole people based on his experiences with a few people, which is called stereotyping. It is inappropriate and condescending.

  59. BravoBigBlue

    Rick should have said that Gorgui was starving to get the 2-for-1 specials at Porcini’s.
    In Gorgui’s case, the 2-for-1 would likely last longer than 30 seconds, but who knows.

  60. BravoBigBlue

    50 – I think that Big Dan was proven correct on that one.

  61. GoCats2010

    They see me trollin’


  62. Wwmkgd

    50 so if a white person is an idiot does it make it racist to say “white idiot”? We aren’t saying Rick’s quote was racist, we are laughing bc it’s just stupid. Starvation to learn? Wtf does that mean? He’s starving to learn? Other Africans are starving for food which makes this quote even more idiotic. Nothing about race, you moron. White moron, black moron, Hispanic moron, Asian moron, or whatever kind of moron you are.

  63. Bradley

    No Rick, they’re starving…to death.

  64. Rixter

    This isn’t even Rick’s worst choice of words this weekend, I think the ‘they’ll have to put fences up on the bridges’ statement tops this one…but stay tuned, anytime the guy opens his mouth he’s to insert a foot.
    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”

  65. PoorChoiceOfWords

    He might as well have said ‘I like coaching Africans, cuz those boys can really run fast and jump high’!

  66. mike

    Nothing here, if thats all you got to post about I would just go back to sleep.

  67. Heshimu Evans' 2nd Grade Teacher

    Stereotyping at best. #62 – Hispanic is not a race.

  68. JohnnyRed

    Please get a life. First, the reference to “African” denotes that Dieng is from AFRICA – which he is. No different than Calipari refering to Kanter as being “European” – nor sure if Calipari ever did, but I dont think he would be ridiculed had he uttered those words. Second, trying to turn the phrase “starving” into some type of mistake by Pitino is a far fra reach.

    UK fans – not satisfied to have the best talent in the country, they have to fabricate things about other teams to feel good about themselves. What a miserable existence.

  69. Willis talkin bout..

    Loves me some KSR.. but this post, and the comments that followed, perfectly illistrate why people hold the sterotypes about KY that they do… just sayin. Go Cats!!!!

  70. Brooke K

    UK – 77
    Lou – 62

  71. Avalanceman

    Kentucky 73 – Louisville 64 UK National Champs over Ohio State!!