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Richie Farmer pleads not guilty, asks for trip to Cancun


This afternoon, Richie Farmer pleaded not guilty to federal charges of misuse of funds during his tenure as Agriculture Commissioner. Earlier this week, he was indicted on four counts of misappropriating government property and money, and one count of soliciting property in exchange for a government grant.

Farmer, who faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine on each of the five counts, will be free until his trial on July 2. However, he did have the nerve to ask the judge if he could go on vacation to Cancun to celebrate his girlfriend’s 40th birthday prior to the trial. Not surprisingly, the judge said no.

Oh, Richie.

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42 responses to “Richie Farmer pleads not guilty, asks for trip to Cancun”

  1. Mack

    Judge, why won’t you let Richie play? Very sad.

  2. J

    First. What a dirt bag

  3. Nick

    Somebody needs to wipe that smug-ass smile off of his face (and people really need to stop saying “first” on this site)

  4. Bill

    Here’s hoping he actually has to serve prison time. I’m a state worker and I bust my ass day-in-day-out, haven’t had any kind of cost of living raise in years, am underpaid for what I do when compared with other states, and to watch this pile of pig shit do what he has done has disgusted me. Yeah, there are a lot of people in state government who abuse their power and privilege, but most of them aren’t so blatant and “in your face” with it as Richie has been.

  5. kes

    all of you hicks putting richie down are the VERY ONES that elected this un-educated imbecile. just because he played for UK. DISGUSTING!

  6. Duuuuuuude

    What a schmuck.

  7. ThisGuy


  8. Dayton Cat

    Bill, I think you need to get another job if you are that upset. I grew up in Frankfort and never knew a state worker that busted his butt working 7.5 hours a day

  9. BigBlue

    Come judge now that”s just mean! FREE Richie!!

  10. Wildcatsteeler

    They should do a Cancun Lottery in the state and let whoever wins goes with Farmers girlfriend. I’m sure he pre-booked it with our tax dollars anyway. We already paid for it, might as well let one of the taxpayers go. And the winner gets to screw the girlfriend like he screwed the state.

  11. Truth

    It’s a $1000000 fine.

  12. Jess A. Sayinn

    Back in the day, most all KENTUCKY fans supported Richie Farmer. Ditto in re Rick Pitino. Deep Appreciation. What they did for you is now forgotten? I submit that like many coaches before, and many a politician, they run afoul of the process. Only some get prosecuted. Richie likely ‘learned’ how to ‘politic’ the wrong way. But like many athletes, given things, he did things the way he’d seen it done. While that is not an an excuse, it is plausible.

  13. Dave

    Bill, your comment was pure gold! Kudos! And I really do think this stinker took corruption to a whole new level. Honestly, he was not even that good as a player (vitriol in 3-2-1…)

  14. Joe

    RICHIE!!!!!!!!!! Oops, wrong Richie.

  15. Jeffrey

    I actually own a vhs copy of the post Senior Day ceremonies from 1992. Kentucky doesn’t do post Senior Day ceremonies except for 1992 because that was Cawood’s last home game. Richie took the mic, still sweaty and in his jersey and told the crowd that Cawood was his hero. I will never forget that night, I was 19 years old and didn’t realize what KENTUCKY basketball meant.

    I know what KENTUCKY basketball means now. Richie has disappointed us all greatly. I sit here trying to imagine what Cawood would think of what has become of that Richie Farmer…

    Today I hope Richie sits and thinks the same thing.

  16. deez nutz

    Jess go suck off a horse. F U Richie I hope u fry

  17. YUP

    12- never thought about it but yeah that does add up. status quo carried to the next level

  18. 84Cat

    He looks like he has no idea what he’s facing. Sad.

  19. Gross

    Looks like Richie is growing himself a cum-catcher just in time for prison.

  20. Jared

    I had no idea a goatee could make someone look MORE nasty than a mustache. Bravo, Richie, bravo.

  21. carl spackler

    If Richie Farmer was a man, I’d punch him in the face….

  22. Todd

    So, Ritchie’s attorney thought that asking the judge for permission to party in Cancun was a good idea?

  23. Kevin

    I thought this Farmer SOB was unemployed and cannot afford to pay child support but can find the money to go to Cancun? I guess nothing changes with people who are as–oles. I hope this man goes to JAIL and I am a huge diehard UK fan and grad. He has disgraced the University.

  24. This Is It...

    Richie…Save your a$$…Switch parties …cry a little and say you were molested as a kid and the liberals will say you were framed…

  25. Dee W.

    5 – Richie Farmer holds a college degree in a field related to agriculture – that is not “uneducated.” He also carried Metro Louisville in both elections – not a place known to be “hicks.” He was no less qualified than anyone else running for that office…especially the second time around.

    That said, it isn’t an excuse for what he did. Something in his mind snapped during this second term that he could just do whatever whenever with other people’s money. It’s a sad story that has been the downfall of many in public office throughout history, no matter if they won office due to high name recognition and popularity due to being a former basketball player or not.

  26. T-Mac


  27. SadCat

    he stepped on his dick
    and tripped

  28. Wildcatsteeler

    @24 Impossible. He’s a true Con through and through. Like most Cons he probably doesn’t even think he did anything wrong. If he’d take a knee and swear fealty and kiss the Koch Suckers rings they would pay to get him out of this.

  29. Catindallas

    Richie should be cunt punt!!

  30. Bob

    #23, exactly. Maybe he’s still using some of that money he stole from the taxpayers.

  31. Mike

    Lot the crook up and make him pay for stealing from Kentuckians. The guy barely graduated and used his popularity to run for a givernment job he had no right to pursue. A good jump shot is in the distant past; what he has done is nauseating.

  32. Mike

    Lock the crook up and make him pay for stealing from Kentuckians. The guy barely graduated and used his popularity to run for a givernment job he had no right to pursue. A good jump shot is in the distant past; what he has done is nauseating.

  33. Ghost of Rupp

    I can hear the call in shows now…”Hey Cawood, Is Richie gonna to get out of jail tonight…”

  34. Bob the Replier

    How dare Farmer act like he is a Democrat.

  35. Musehobo

    Though there is NO WAY he should be able to go to Cancun, I have seen crazy stuff like that before. Knew a guy that was aloud to serve out a sentence on weekends. That’s right, he got to go home on Sunday nights, and came back to jail on Friday nights. This seems counter-intuitive.

  36. Larry

    Richie has to be Ralen Givens (Justified) brother.

  37. rixter

    This stupid SOB is truly delusional! He honestly thinks he did nothing wrong, feels like the Commonwealth owes him a living, he’s unemployed and wants to delay his hearing so he can freaking go on a tropical vacation with his gf??? Well, he must have some State Ag. Department money left over!

  38. catdaddyd

    37. He’s not delaying trial by going to Mexico. Judge didn’t want him leaving country before trial. Although these things get dragged out and delayed over and over.

  39. lawrence

    Hey Richie … watch out for your cornhole, bud.

  40. WOW

    Facing 10 years in prison after stealing from the taxpayers that put him in office, all with a shit eating grin on his face. What a disgusting ass hole.

  41. dave

    honestly, had richie used a pac or superpac, how much of what he did would’ve been “legal”?

  42. cats2010

    I actually know of Richies girlfriend, and there is no way in hell she is 40 years old. I am thinking late 20’s early 30’s but she is a looker.