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Rich Brooks press conference notes

– Brooks said that Trevard Lindley and Derrick Locke will both practice tomorrow. He added that Lindley’s ankle injury was not a re-aggrevation of his previous ankle injury, which was promising.

– Throughout the entire press conference, Brooks stressed the importance of the Vandy game on the season, noting that the 39-38-4 record shows the competitivenewss of the rivalry and this game should never been seen as a “guaranteed win” for UK. He said that “perception and reality” are two different things with this.

– On Vanderbilt, Brooks said they have “a sound defense and give you problems with their offensive schemes”.  He specifically cited their young running backs and their offensive line for the way they’ve played.

– On the subject of Morgan Newton, he said that he is “light years” ahead of where he is against Auburn and that he has really improved in the mental aspect of the game. He elaborated by saying that the experience he’s gained this year has “advanved his progression a great deal for the future”.

– Meanwhile, on the subject of Mike Hartline, Brooks said that the staff would “have to judge and see” how he’s feeling. Hartline ran aroudn yesterday and last week and looked “pretty good”, but Brooks noted the difference between just jogging around and being able to move out of the pocket and pick up first downs. Brooks said the staff would not put Hartline on the field unless he is 100% ready to go and they would try to figure out this week as he started full practice.

– He was also asked about players saying they are still disappointed about the Mississippi State game. Brooks just simply said that it doesn’t do any good to think about a game when you’re two weeks removed and that thinking backwards is not what they need. He added that they would work to get the team in the right mindset.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

8 responses to “Rich Brooks press conference notes”

  1. EwCats25

    Is basketball here?

  2. BgallowayUofK

    I hope Hartline is ok and everything but I think Newton needs to continue to improve to be ready for next year.

  3. bnoe

    1) basketbawl season begins if we lose on saturday.

  4. SoCalCat

    I think there is a spell check option in WordPress. It lest I thunk soo.

  5. Burly

    LOL Hartline scrambling for a first down.

  6. gossie21

    Hartline would just slide 2 yards short even though he had a blocker in front of him.

  7. Cinderella

    Wow! Brooks has seen improvement in Newton since he has been on the field. Amazing. Imagine the progress we could have seen by now if Newton had been playing since the beginning of the year.

  8. UKfansNKY

    Yes, BBall is around the corner….but for Gods sake… bunch of “bandwagon” fans you can at least back the FOOTBALL Team too!!! Don’t get me wrong I love my CATS both BBall and Football and for that matter ANYTHING UK!!! GO CATS!!!!!!GO CATS!!!!