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Recruits Being Told ‘Five Are Going’

While we still don’t know the future of the Kentucky players, apparently our recruits have an idea about it.  Whether they are being told by their connections to the team, or by the coaches, according to Jody Demling the general assumption among recruits at the McDonalds All American game is that ‘five are going.’  Yes, your math is right, that includes both Bledsoe and Orton. Obviously we don’t know if what they are hearing is accurate, but it does legitimize the rumors, at least.  Here is the link to Demling’s report.

Also, while you get ready for the Women’s game tonight (and their chance to record the first UK Hoops final four,) check out this video of UK Hoops singing the fight song.  Never have I fallen this quickly in love with a group of women that I haven’t had to pay a cover to see.

Article written by Will Lentz

109 responses to “Recruits Being Told ‘Five Are Going’”

  1. boogie monster

    you have to pay a cover? Seriously?

  2. HoustonWildcat

    I wish this eased the pain of the guys loss…Well it doesn’t.

  3. Hugginssweatsuit


  4. Monster Mash

    But what 5? Are those the 3 seniors plus 2?

  5. Hugginssweatsuit


  6. Sick

    This makes me want to puke….. Great job Cal, I hope you reload..

  7. KRS-ONE

    6- What makes you want to puke? Go cheer for Duke

  8. BoogiesHeadband

    No, I think he means 5 early entries plus the seniors. Which would be 8

  9. Ukworm

    So that’s Stevenson Harris krebs wall and Patterson?????? That’s five guys going

  10. Monster Mash

    Sorry, I read the report, he says underclassmen… maybe “John Harrellson” decided to turn pro like Jay Bilas thought.

  11. Sick

    KRS… just the fact we are losing the guys…. puke in a good way i guess…
    don’t wanna see the guys go

  12. Ummmmmm

    OR this could mean that Stevenson, Wall, PP, Krebs and Ramon are leaving and cousins is going for POY. Did the article mean “going” as in to the NBA or as just leaving UK?

  13. Bobby A

    So Mr. Knight. “We?” I like your style young man. I like your style!

  14. ladylove

    the ones in the warmups in the video are our walking wounded….

  15. ladylove

    Lentz.. how is that, I have never had to pay a cover in my life!?

  16. Rolo

    Orton? Huge mistake. Huge. I know there is a fear of a lockout next year, but 4 points a game and you declare. If he goes, he will make Randolph Morris’ decision look solid. Bledsoe isn’t ready either, but Orton? I sure hope someone talks some sense into him or he can enjoy a long career in the Turkish League. We get Enes Kanter and they get Orton.

  17. ESPN sucks

    The days of “Senior Night” are over at UK. Coach Cal recruits the best of the best and there’s no way we’ll have many more four year players under him. I’m so glad we’re back to being great again and I just hope Knight and the others commit to UK and carry on the tradition.

  18. ladylove

    btw.. baylor women beat duke last night.. so that is one less duke team still in the NCAA

    baylor’s womens coach and m demoss both are former La Tech ladies..

  19. Pat Pattersons Fro 08'

    how long before Bledsoe and Orton end up in the D-League? The smart money says before X-Mas. They need more time in college.

  20. BigBlueFan

    I’m excited about next year no matter who stays or who goes. But I would love for them to come back!

  21. Rolo

    Again, Orton?

  22. grote

    Don’t think anybody knows exactly how many are leaving. If i were the staff, I would give that figure (5) to the recruits and hope they sign. recruiting tactic and nothing more.

  23. KnightsDreads

    I hope Brandon cuts me off if he goes to UK

  24. bluebloodedgirl

    I can’t fathom why Orton or Bledsoe would jump this soon. Especially Orton. He’s got great potential but needs to refine it in the college game, not the league. I seem to remember his father saying before the season that he wouldn’t be a one and done player. This makes me sad all over again =(

  25. SagaciousMind

    I really dont get Orton leaving. Marvin Williams did that for UNCs 05 team and even tho he plays for the Hawks, you dont hear much out of him. Orton really should stay a year because I can see him gettin sent to the NBDL. He needs another year at least under Cal. And even if Orton comes back, thats Kanter and Orton…you know Harrelson wont see the floor much. So Leslie and Jones can still come aboard.

  26. Men are superior

    Women are allowed to play sports?

  27. ace883

    I guess I see this differently, first off, I don’t think Bledsoe and Orton will end up leaving, they may throw it out there but I doubt they get high enough spots to leave…

    Second, if all 5 actually do leave, I don’t see it as a bad thing at all, the reason is….WOW…could you imagine what recruits will think if they actually see 5 players from UK going pro in one season….man, we will have to beat them off with a stick….there won’t be a player that won’t want to play for Cal….I personally think it’s a great way to show recruits what a future they could possibly have at UK……
    What a way to showcase your talent…..I also think this is what Cal is thinking as well….he said he wants the best of the best…what better way to get them…

    It would also show that Cal not only puts point guards into the pro’s….
    Long term, some will stay, some will go…and we over a period of time build an experienced team and send a couple up to the league every year..
    Dang that would be just awful….wouldn’t it (sarcasm)

  28. Cat Fan

    college rule in basketball should be the same as football. Its only fair

  29. SagaciousMind

    Yeah but if gettin the best of the best only gets you to the elite 8 and one year with them all, then its totally pointless. We need some players that are gonna stay at least 2, 3 years because having to rebuild chemistry like they did this year may not work every year. Some players may not get a long as well as this group so its good to have a lot of experience and not 6 or 7 new players every year.

  30. SagaciousMind

    27, if men are superior, then why is this country in shambles? pretty sure men had a lot to do with that.

  31. Men are superior

    Who lets those women out of the kitchen?

  32. Men are superior

    31. Hillary Clinton is to thank for this country being in the shape it is in.

  33. SagaciousMind

    32, that’s probably why you are single and set home watching star trek eatin microwave dinners every night

  34. ESPN sucks

    24: Grow up dude. This ain’t 1954 anymore. That’s how he likes his hair so who really gives a crap?? Knight is an AMAZING basketball player and it would suck to see him come into Rupp (on another team) and go off for about 40 pts while you sit there and cry over his dreadlocks!!!

  35. Dude Perfect

    I think the one and done rule will change soon

  36. SagaciousMind

    hillary clinton had nothin to do with it…her husband; however, did.

  37. KyReds

    Dont forget that we lose 3 seniors & 2 wall & patterson! Probably but 3 seniors for sure & Ppat!So who does that leave & who does that mean stays?

  38. GoCats2

    #26 You know who is hearing a lot from Marvin Williams? The bank. He makes 7.5 million a year. Randolph Morris, his teammate, makes 900K a year averaing less than 4 minutes a game. That is why you go, no other reason, period. I agree Orton and Bledsoe need at least another year since they both will be the focus next year but the money is impossible to pass up.

  39. asdfasdf

    AGAIN — why wouldnt Cal tell recruits this? who wants to go to a school where 5 underclassmen get drafted??!! EVERY talented kid who wants to be in the NBA one day.

    dont worry about it, I am sure Cal told them this, and I would expect to still see Orton back after ‘testing waters’ for a small bit

  40. Men are superior

    These women should be at home preparing a home cooked meal to prepare for her life as a homemaker and mother.

  41. KnightsDreads

    Yeah but I look skanky and no other UK basketball players wear them. Courtney Fortson…nuff said.

  42. Male and Proud of it

    33: LMAO!!!!

  43. KnightsDreads

    26 he may make money because he was a top pick. my point, he is not the star of the Hawks and never been an All Star

  44. ESPN Sucks

    42: How’s the weather down there in Pikeville anyway??

  45. SagaciousMind

    Yeah thats all I meant about Williams…anybody in the NBA makes bank

  46. Korean Tacos

    Here’s who we know are leaving
    Those we assume leaving
    Those we’re unsure of

    That’s 8 total. “5 leaving” would, to me, mean not all those guys are going.

  47. Cat Fan

    Good luck to the Lady Hoopsters. They are fun to watch and play full court BBall for the entire game.

  48. Dude Perfect

    I think all these guys leaving for the draft possibly because of a looming lockout will only benefit us with this next class. They might feel the need to stay. All is good my friends all is good. Should be a fun month

  49. ESPN Sucks

    Brandon Knight: If you read this site, please know that Kentucky has its share of rednecks (poster #42 for example) just like any other state but they all live under rocks down in the hills. Therefore come to KENTUCKY and don’t worry about the rednecks because they don’t even know where Lexington is. Just ask Big Cuz and Wall and the others. KENTUCKY truly loves their players.

  50. ace883

    #30, I agree, but team chemistry is the coaches job, and I really believe that’s one of Cal’s strong points….it ends up being about accepting your role on the team…ask Liggins….Historically, Cal has not had but a few one and dones. Don’t really expect that to change much…But ain’t it great to at least be in the conversation again with the best players…I think you recruit the best and some will work out and leave and some will end up staying and becoming the 3,4 year players…I really think people got sucked into the 35-3 record this year….it really does take time to build a team…Cal said it would take a couple years…I really think we ended up being better than even he expected….
    We have a great coach, playing a great, fun style of basketball that showcases players talents…give it some time…they won’t all leave…it’s hard to say goodbye…

  51. Ronnie Coleman

    42: Google me (Ronnie Coleman). I’m thinking about growing dreadlocks and then I’m coming to your house to ask you what you think of them!!!!

  52. Korean Tacos

    Oh, I see Lentz left out the “underclassmen” part.

    Nice reporting.

  53. Kentucky hick

    we does kno were lexintun iz itz tha big o city..lord hep espn suks fer givin us ky folks in these herre hiiils a bade name

  54. GoCats2

    #50 relax dude. Although I agree with your point because I could care less how he wears his hair if he is averaging 30 points a game. Just because that guy wants him to cut his hair does not mean he is a “redneck”. Brandon’s mom is probably telling him to cut his hair too. My mom told me I needed to cut my hair when I was teenager and I am pretty sure she didnt live under rocks down in the hills.

  55. KnightsDreads

    I live close to Lexington actually. I love him as a player. Just not a fan of the hair. Like when Erik Daniels grew his out, even Pats fro last year. Just think long hair on men is stupid, black white purple pink. Im entitled to my opinion.

  56. feeeeez

    If I’m not mistaking brandon knight has braids. And who cares what kind of hair the kid has? if wall has braids or dreads I suppose you wouldn’t want him either. Jackass!

  57. Bi boi from KY

    Ronnie Coleman, I want to be in your big black burly, muscular arms…mmmmm

  58. KnightsDreads

    Walls coaches made him cut his off

  59. boogieman

    As a consolation to everyone leaving,Brandon Knight wears number 11, so we all wont have to buy new jerseys

  60. Laker Cat 18

    37. I don’t like to get too far into politics on this site, but I’d say Hillary did the majority of the work while Bill was in office.

  61. Addigity

    26)Marvin Williams is a starter for the Hawks and is a double figure scorer on a balanced Hawks team. He was also a top three pick in the draft. Choose another comparison.

  62. uberfan

    I believe this is just a recruting tool. I believe that there is five underclassman going to test the waters and that coach cal is telling his recruits that all five have a chance of being drafted. although i also believe that either bledsoe or orton or both will be back next year

  63. Perfect Patterson

    56. Grandpa?

  64. ace883

    #61…you meant to say orifice not office…right?

  65. uberfan

    why is everybody worried about having to replace one and dones every year? this was a special class. i don’t see four freshman leaving for the draft every year. besides look at cals memphis teams and you’ll see that he does also get good players that stay 3 or 4 years. cdr and dorsey for example

  66. catfan10

    matt, you should have left it at 5 are going.. there is no reason to throw bledsoe and ortons name in there.. with 3 seniors out, patterson, wall, cousins most likely leaving and dodson wanting to transfer due to playing time, there is no telling what combination of players they are talking about leaving.

  67. feeeeez

    Wall was the only definite one and done. The others were expected to stay around another year or so. This was just one hell of a class that lived up to the hype. There won’t be 4 one and dones every year.

  68. Rolo

    66 – I hope we do have 4 Freshman leave for the draft every year. It will indicate that Cal is getting it done. The law of averages dictates that a couple of banners will be coming to Lexington as well.

  69. Ummm

    If Orton, Bledsoe, Wall, Cousins, and Patterson go (the presumed 5) plus Krebs, Stevenson, and Harris gone then over 50% of the team will be freshmen. Hopefully the five includes the seniors instead of completely wiping clean the slate of sophmores (save for Hood).

  70. Knight Rider

    “We” could possibly have 8 players gone, Orton and Bledsoe could leave after this year because of the NBA salary Cap going into effect in 2011 season. This is the final draft without that cap, so the money would be better this year if they were to go in the 1st round. There is also the possibility of a strike for the 2011 season, I’m sure all these things will play a big part in their decision.

  71. GoCats2010

    67. read the article, it is 5 underclassmen, and Matt didn’t write it. There is a quote from a recruit in the piece

  72. From my sources

    Here’s a link giving the exact same info. It must be true.

  73. uberfan

    69- hey i would love to have the talent to send four one and dones every year too, but it just isn’t going to happen. it’ll be another 20 years before you find another fab five like this again

  74. cantstandthecards

    Please cut that hair.

  75. Shrunken Package

    61. I’d say Monica did.

  76. Bluecalizone

    Orton will go the minute,,the minute mind you that he sees a glimmer at the next level. I’ve said that from day one,,you can just read that from his personality. He has complained over playing time this year, guess he thought maybe he should be starting, who knows. Whatever he decides, I hope him great success, but I think he’s making a mistake.

  77. heartcooksbrain

    How bad is the NBA hurting to have a want for Orton? He’s done nothing but block some shots this year, isn’t a reliable scorer, and can’t shoot free throws. The NBA shouldn’t even consider him.

  78. wyomingcat

    Attn: All recruits please cut your hair and look presentable before you step in to Lexington, this is not UT and if you want to look like rif-raf then sign else where.

  79. David

    What about the fact that we have 3 seniors leaving? If that was the case we would have 8 leaving. Cousins and Wall are for sures and probably Patterson and Bledsoe, but there is no way in this world an NBA team is taking Orton in the first or second round…well maybe second round.

  80. heartcooksbrain

    Furthermore, speaking of an inability to shoot the ball, in order for kentucky to ever take the national title, they need to have somebody who can shoot. I love Kentucky and am a huge fan, but even I knew that sooner or later they were going to get snipped due to lack of consistent shooting. Wall, a great point guard and team leader, couldn’t shoot to save his life. Yeah he made some threes and a few jumpers but he was never seen as even a decent shooter. This team shot so bad that Patterson, the PF or C in some cases, probably had a realistic shot of leading the team in 3 pt fg%. I’m sorry to say it, but this team squeaked by inferior opponents quite a bit, and their talent couldn’t make up for their awful shooters to top a tough west virginia team. A lovable team, yes. A good team, yes. An overrated team? More than likely.

  81. Boggie Blue

    #79 – you are stupid.

  82. Concerned

    It’s kind of concerning to have possibly 5 NBA first round picks. 3 in the top 10 and not be able to beat a mediocre WVU team. Has one team ever had three players drafted in the top 10 the same year.

  83. demi

    good luck to the lady cats.i hate that the season is over. things are all up in the air. whose staying, whose going, whose coming. i may go crazy. i had a great time this year.what a bunch of guys. i think it would be so awsome if everyone of them stayed, even the seniors. just like nothing ever happend.

  84. scukfan

    Guys. I hope everyone noticed Caolina this year cause we are headed right down that same road for 2010 – 2011. Yeah ae are gonna reload with talented freshmen, but Carolina was loaded with talented freshmen this year. Look where that got them. There is no guarantee everyone will gel like this team and with no upperclass leadership….I’m just saying we should all prpare ourselves for a bit of a rebuild. But hey I guess if we do have a UNC type year at least some of those freshmen can stick around long enough to form championship caliber chemistry.

  85. NBAPotential

    NBA drafts on talent and potential, make no mistake, we were the most talented team in the country, but not experienced. Not many player is NBA ready in their 1st season. Carolina a few years back with May, Felton, Williams was the last team to have 3 in the lottery.

  86. Dreads aren't braids

    Dreadlocks are an ancient hair style as are braids. I doubt Brandon’s mother tells him to cut them because in cultures that exist, even in parts of KY, adults and youngsters alike have worn them from generations. Brandon’s braids are actually very clean and always in shape, they are not oversized like Courtney Fortson currently has or Rip Hamilton used to have. As for men not having long hair, that is mainly based on older caucasion american culture from WW1 forward. The military teaches efficency in all aspects of life, even grooming, and many brave young men kept their hair trimmed short for years during their service to our country and continued to their entire lives. Their sons and grandsons did the same because it became masculine and common place for men to do so. Many women did the same with long hair in place of short hair. White and black men alike have historically had longer hair though. George Washington? Biblical figures. Africans, even Asian and Native american cultures. Anyway this post has become incredibly long and redundant. Just realize that many young black men appreciate different styles for many different reasons, and though you may not like it they probably dont like how you dress or wear your hair either but they dont obsess over it. Brandon if you are reading this do whatever you want with your hair, as it is your hair. If I hadn’t started losing mine around age 25, I would still have braids.

  87. asdfasdf

    79 sucks


  88. Rolo

    79 = Louisville Troll

  89. EternalOptimist

    Does “5 are going” mean that there will be 5 open spots? Meaning Razor, PSteve, Krebs, Pat, Wall leave and the rest stay?

    If 5 were going to the NBA the scouts should be saying that there will be 8 open spots….

  90. Concerned

    There is a large talent gap between UK and WVU, we may be better 1-7. It’s just kind of concerning the way we executed. At some point you have to stop shooting outside shots and try something different.

  91. Concerned

    BTW, I understand the NBA drafts on potential, but this team had a lot more than unfulfilled potential.

  92. SagaciousMind

    62, look at how long it took for Marvin Williams to become what he is now. It didnt happen in a year or two.

  93. Concerned

    Yeah, I get that potential is important to the NBA. But, comparing Williams to Wall, Cousins, and Bledsoe is a stretch. Wall and Cousins are All Americans along with Pat, we all know is a great power forward.

  94. Concerned

    who we know is a great 4 man.

  95. LadyCat

    We lost not because WVU is better, but because we couldnt shoot and couldnt hit free throws. Wall and the other guys nailed when they said why they didnt win. As for Brandon’s braids, I’ve seen pics where they werent always clean. And also as a 24 year old female, I still dont think guys look good with long hair…very few exceptions.

  96. Dreads aren't braids

    Yes but what background do you come from? Many, many, many black women love braids.

  97. Dreads aren't braids

    Personally I shave my head, but so many act like their way or what they like is above all other opinions.

  98. Dreads aren't braids

    You should definitely travel to Florida some time, there is a much larger number, percentage wise and straight up number wise, of black people there, as well as people who wear braids, braid hair, and like braids.

  99. calismyhero

    The article says 5 undersclassman are leaving.

  100. Wa11 Street

    Attention Card-anal fans. Yes, you are probably gay.

  101. Wa11 Street

    Isnt Patterson considered an underclassman, even though he graduated?

  102. Faulk

    Is it possible that “5 are going” means 3 players and 2 coaches. Wall, pat, boogie, coach antigua and coach strickland?

  103. catfan10

    i think patterson should stick around. i love him as a player and what he has done for the program but i think he should stick out college as long as he is elgible because he could leave here as a God with a title possibly and he can still work on his skills. i think no matter how much we love him we still realize he needs work because he isnt nba good enough yet. the only thing we have seen him be able to do is shoot 3’s and right handed hook shots. he needs to develop putting it on the floor because he hardly did unless it was bad teams. but i dont blame him for going. its hard to turn down the money even though it will be there next year

  104. lefty

    5 UNDERCLASSMAN is what the artical stated.

  105. Brian in Shelbyville

    So what is a realistic time frame when we KNOW who is going and who is staying?

  106. real ky  fan


  107. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    Bad move Daniel. I recognize, they are your freshman friends. But rationalize your own life. Huge mistake… He could have been special.

  108. ukmilz

    They didn’t get the job done in college. Except Patterson (and probably Wall), they should all have returned for at least 1 more season. Here in KY they are kings. I was at UK 4 years and wish I was there for 10. Once they get to the Artest Gangsta League, it will just be a job. As rookies, vets with long arms, like Tayshaun, will shut down guys like Bledsoe. If Cousins wants to talk about getting hacked, wait until Rasheed Wallace slaps him around. They will play day in, day out in front of 20 people, on crappy teams like the Nets and Warriors, which has a fan base 1/3 the size of KY (if that). The likelihood of a career ending injury from college ball is almost non-existent (Kenyon Martin), plus they can get an insurance policy, if that scares them. Since 8 guys will be gone, I guess I better stretch, Coach Cal needs me to at least fill Krebs spot.