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Randle is down to three schools, “at the most”

Julius Randle’s recruitment is winding down and he told today that only a few schools remain in consideration. Randle’s list still includes five schools — Kentucky, Florida, Texas, Kansas and NC State — but, mentally, he is “down to three at the most.” 

The UK staff was VERY confident in landing Randle a few months ago, but Kansas and NC State have made a huge push here in the final weeks.

A decision should be announced sometime within the next month.


Article written by Drew Franklin

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27 responses to “Randle is down to three schools, “at the most””

  1. NotSoFast


  2. Willicious Blue

    Wonder if this Julius enjoys Werthers Originals…

  3. Momma says

    Kansas 🙁

  4. hmmm

    i’m surprised its not been mention that Patrick Patterson got traded to the Kings today

  5. Smart Ass

    4) trade happened last night 😀

  6. It has

    4) It was on here yesterday. Boogie, Chuck, and PPat all on the same team. For now…

  7. MemphisCat

    Randle knows what is best for him and his career and his quest for a NC.

  8. Don Corleone

    I want Randle more than Wiggins.

  9. Pikeville25

    Texas or Kansas….Kansas leads.

  10. UpDown Stuff

    I’m concerned….. He has the basketball upside down just like Archie and Ryan in this years starting lineup photo and you know how that is working out….

  11. Wildcat49

    Has everyone seen this kid play, he is the beast we have been looking for all year. With the guards and frontline shot blockers we have coming in next year, he may be the missing piece.

  12. UpDown Stuff

    OK, OK I’m overanalyzing…. but seriously, is it next year yet?

  13. Roland

    Randle’s ONLY choice is, does he want to be a STAR among others? or A STAR with Other Stars?

    Big difference.

  14. markky

    Randle over Wiggins= INSANE!!!

  15. Sam

    8: I find myself agreeing with you. Julius Randle’s “beast” quality is something we need. I think he’s got the killer instinct. He’s very, very aggressive, and yet plays under control. I think he’ll do very well in his one year in college. Andrew, yes, he can jump like Michael Jordan, but I don’t characterize him as a “beast”. Great, yes, but w/o the ferocity I like to see.

    But, why not get BOTH. If I could choose, though, I think I’d take Randle because of the competitive zeal he possesses. I must confess though, I don’t really know these kids. They seem like wonderful recruits to me. They both would be stars for their one year in college.

  16. The Gambler

    #10 … lol

  17. kentuckyrules

    15: Gordon over Randle IMHO…Gordon seems to be even more competitive. Notice he went UP in rankings recently?

  18. STEVE!

    Don’t forget about Marcus Lee. How can a guy average 29 rebounds a game without being a beast?

  19. I Say

    17 Randle has been sidelined all season with a foot injury

  20. Bobbyperrysucks

    He’s going to kansas. If you visited phog allen and then went to rupp. You would go kansas too! Rupp arena SUCKS

  21. brain

    He’ll be a Cat.

  22. Worried

    What if Randle and Wiggins both end up at Kansas. And then what if they get Gordon too(not sure who Gordon’s considering). Would we really have THE best team? We thought we were going to have a great team this year. How our incoming freshman will play is completely unpredictable, Poythress and Goodwin prove that point.

  23. Yessir

    It isn’t insane to want Randle more than Wiggins. With what we have coming in, Julius is what takes us to another level. We need a consistent inside scoring presence and someone who can drag the opponent’s big men away from the basket. Yes, Wiggins is obviously the top prospect and any team would gladly take him but Randle completes the puzzle.

  24. MadTex

    Let me see….

    1. VMI
    2. Eastern Mennonite College
    3. Sullivan University

  25. coldspringmike

    Gordon, Gordon, Gordon.

  26. james

    Randle to Kansas, Wiggins to Kentucky and Gordon to Arizona. I kinda hope randle doesn’t choose us don’t get me wrong I would love to have him.. He would be a dominant player.. I just think it affect wiggins decision a little bit. I know they dont play the same position and wouldn’t have conflict with playing time just think that it would push wiggins to elsewhere..

  27. ryan

    22. You are the reason the world sucks