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Randall Cobb Lets Loose on Some Fans (UPDATE)


Coming off a huge win last night over the Gamecocks, one might think that Randall Cobb would be happy.. One might think incorrectly. He has let loose on Twitter this morning and here is what he said:

To all the fans: loved seein Yall come late, love hearing Yall tell us we suck during the game, love that we have to play against our own fans too! Love that we can’t pack the house when we play the #10 team in the nation. It means that much more to me. I love my team! Brotherhood they got my back n I got they back. The rest of Yall can get ready for bball season! Don’t say u support n do all those things! Yeah I’m level 9 pissed… so deal w it! Not blaming all but Yall know who I’m talking abt- Yall know I love #bbn but something needed to be said

Now you know that I have a general policy of “there is nothing that will happen that will make me criticize Randall Cobb.” He is not only the best player, but the hardest worker and one of the finest people on the UK football team. However this was probably one that he would like to have back. There is a lot of unadulterated happiness out there in the UK fanbase today and Cobb is probably the most popular football player to play here since Tim Couch. No reason to let loose on the fans on a day like today. We all make mistakes in life, but I bet Cobb will wish he hadnt used Twitter as an outlet this afternoon.

We just won…no reason to be pissed today.

UPDATE: Cobb has deleted the prior tweets and replaced them with this one:

To all the fans that has been true to this program throughout the years. Yall deserved a win like that last night! Let’s keep it going!

Now thats the Randall Cobb that I know. Go Cats!

Article written by Matt Jones

360 responses to “Randall Cobb Lets Loose on Some Fans (UPDATE)”

  1. Chris

    How do you fit that much in a Twitter message?

  2. Cal Purnell here

    FREE ENES!!!!

  3. DaviessCounty CatFan

    I’m a basketball fan first, I’ll admit, but I’ve ALWAYS been a huge Randall Cobb Fan. I wish I hadn’t seen this.

  4. catfan4ever

    WTF, Randall… I just lost a lot of respect for him after that BS he just put out there. I hope he doesn’t mean that, bec that is garbage.

  5. Randomnist

    I don’t blame him for being pissed, UK fans do whine an awful lot when we aren’t winning…even when the team is trying their hardest.

  6. WildcatMountaineer

    This was stupid for him to do that. The student section was slow to fill. We were in the midst of a losing streak. And he comes out and blasts 5% of the fanbase? With as much love that BBN can bestow upon its teams, I hope for Cobb’s sake that this goes unnoticed and he doesn’t feel the wrath of the other side of the fan base. We’ve all seen what happens when the fans get unhappy – it’s not pretty.

  7. jerome

    i mean i love cobb but he shouldnt have said that. he knew coming into kentucky that we were a basketball first school i mean lets be honest guys we are. but that doesnt mean that there isnt true football fans out there that are die hard and support the team with just as much passion.

  8. Justin

    Cobb that is a complete punk move! First red lobster and now the entire fan base…

    I suggest he move along to the NFL where the fans always support their team (sarcasm)

  9. monkeybottoms

    i think he has take it down. i don’t see it. let it go.

    great win last night.

  10. David

    Well, Randall, if you weren’t the only player on the team that didn’t suck or actually try during the game maybe we would cheer you on and actually care. Your defense can’t tackle and the only plays you all run on offense are 5 yard outs. You make a statement like that and wonder why nobody cares about football around here. You just lost respect with a lot of people man.

  11. Truth hurts

    Our fan base can really suck. Glad Cobb decided to say something about it. A real fan that doesn’t give up on the team he is a fan of will not be offended by what he said.

  12. The Legend of Naive Cobb

    After watching UK lay an egg against a terrible Florida team and then hand two wins away to Auburn and Ole Miss, I reserve the right as a hard working individual who pays good money to watch football games to criticize and be upset with my team and what they do. Randall Cobb is the best player in a long time at UK and he needs to realize there are more people for him than against him. He just had a meeting with Cal on leadership, now he needs one on when to shut up

  13. mocha

    I bet this wasn’t part of Cobb and coach cals leadership meeting the other day.
    I love Cobb but this shows immaturity and very, very poor decision making.
    No reason to group all fans together and blast them.
    Lost a little respect for him today.

  14. RidgeRunner

    I hate reading it…but damn, the kid has a point.

  15. john4uk

    Thank the Lord for Randall Cobb!!!He gets’ it right.And our fair weather fans need to either get on the wagon or get off.Much has been said by true fans over the Neanderthals who boo ,leave eraly,and basically give up on their (?) team,and they have a right to be this way,but lets’ not trash Cobb for speaking his piece,after all,he has earned it.

  16. uk class of 2013

    I actually agree with him…being a college student that goes to all the football games, i see that most students dont really care about the football game itself, the go to socialize, get drunk, take pictures and half of them dont even know whats going on. It sucks and half the arena is dead too. But it has gotten better the last couple games.

  17. echo 1

    Did someone jack his twitter? He wins one of the biggest games in years and this is his morning tweet? If there is one player that UK fans have supported all year, it is Cobb. The dude is practically a football deity with the fanbase. I am going to pretend this didn’t happen and move on.

  18. JodyRay25

    I mean I get where he is coming from, and I understand that he is a kid still. Seriously though, why would you go after your own fans the day after one of our biggest wins ever? Randall Cobb is my favorite UK player ever, this is a big let down to me. Oh well, we all make mistakes, he needs to own up to this one SOONER than later though.

  19. Brink

    3. Why do you wish you hadn’t seen this?? What did he say that isn’t true?? I have season tickets and never leave the game till the clock reads 0:00, BUT you can’t say that about more than half of the people in commonwealth every week. Think about the arky game a couple of years ago. I was one of about 10,000 people left in the stands when we won that game. I have not lost one ounce of respect for Cobb over this.

  20. SexnNursinHomes

    kinda dickish. Randall may be the most beloved player since Couch, but he needs to step into my shoes as a lifelong UK football fan. and Jones is 100% right, I bet he will regret this one.

  21. Look out, fireworks!

    Of course, now that KSR posted it, it won’t go unnoticed. It’s sad that Cobb has reasons to feel this way about BBN. we love you Cobb!!!

  22. CatFan4444

    I was at the game and the fans were a little restless and some booing was heard after the defense came out and laid an egg in the first half..AGAIN. As well as some questionable play calling in the first half. I think what Randall was hearing about yall sucking was directed at the defense. They were getting slaughtered….until the 2nd half. I don’t know why this team can’t play D in the first half of a football game. Not like Scarolina is an offensive juggernaut. I just don’t know what is so hard about sticking your man on D. Wide wide open receivers is just mental lapses. Good week of practice Cats and Beat Georgia

  23. BA40

    Most people would never see this if you and Drew didn’t double post it. That is where the problem would be. He took it down and it would be a non-issue. Now it will probably be picked up across the state. Way to be the one to get Randall the negative pub guys!

  24. OwnThatShit

    Really?? Are you upset with Randall for lying about the UK fans or because it hits too close to home? Every word he said was spot on, even if it kinda hurts to read it. Did you see the empty seats last night? Did you see all of the fans in the parking lot last week while we tied another top 10 team late in the second half? Did you hear people calling for Hartline to be pulled last night during the best game from a UK QB in years?

    Sure, he might have harshed your mellow from the big W last night, but also just displayed why he is the leader of this team.

  25. RidgeRunner

    Usually it’s common for the one saying the truth to get some fuss…Randall is Right on for many of us fans who have fell into what he’s talin’ about. Be honest, guys.

  26. matthew

    It’s not on his twitter now.

  27. BA40

    He’s a great player and person, but he’s a college kid and sometimes emotions can get the better of them. Way to go Matt…

  28. mocha

    Dang, drews post went up and was removed faster than cob’s tweeds today

  29. Drew Franklin

    23.) People need to see it. I’m not going to act like he didn’t just throw a bitch fit on Twitter.

    Love you, Randall. No homo.

  30. Cobb is bashing the fans

    People pay a lot of money to see these Cats. People also travel and they did not tackle well. What does he want–for us to cheer for the first half tackling.
    or maybe cheer for the punt he muffed so bad.
    This really pisses me off

  31. GeorgeCostanza

    Any recruits that are “followers” didn’t need to see this.

  32. cblake78

    5% of the fanbase??? Come on now, most UK football fans are fairweather fans and you know it. Most UK football fans use football as a way to pass the time until basketball season arrives. They love to act like they’re true fans when we’re winning, but when we’re not doing so hot they either A.) care less or B.) blast the team for not winning. We’re a basketball school, that’s no secret…but don’t expect to be able to ridicule the football team (either actively or passively) and have it to go unnoticed by the people who bust their asses to try and make UK football relevant. I fully support Randall Cobb with this statement he made, because I’m not one of those fairweather fans who he’s referring to. If our football program had HALF the support our basketball program does then we’d be perennial contenders in the SEC East, no doubt about it.

  33. Jake_GOCATS

    I agree with everything Cobb says. Slot of fans of Kentucky are not fans at all, only when they’re winning. I love the Kentucky football team more than anything, and I like the football and basketball teams equally with the other sports. Go Big Blue!

  34. UPSCat4080

    ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THE MEDIA/BLOGS BLOWING CRAP OUT OF PROPORTION….WAY TO GO GUYS!!! It is a great thing that you are attempting to draw negative light on a frustrated football player….our greatest and most beloved one at that. (Golf clap—-Golf clap)

  35. RidgeRunner

    Some of you guys would have hated Cawood Ledford. He spoke the truth too.

  36. OwnThatShit

    Kinda dickish? Really?
    Instead of asking him to step into your tortured shoes, maybe step into his. This is a kid who spurned his hometowm Vols to come here and take us to two bowls that we don’t go to if he says in East Tennessee. He does everything humanly (and non-humanly) possible to lead this team, doing things I have never seen before (and he is barely halfway through his career), and he looks up to see empty seats and boos? Tell me, in those 20 year old shoes, how would you feel?

  37. Jeff C

    I think Randall Cobb is the heart and soul of this team. He cares for his team and winning for UK. Twitter only permits 140 characters per tweet so I don’t see how the alledged quote from Cobb is real. In watching UK football for over 45 years he is one of my top 5 favorites….he has heart!!

  38. Patrick

    The upper deck was thin. Too thin for this team, this fanbase, this offense. It was not what I would call disgraceful, but it’s MUCH too fast a slide back to a day when fans cared much more about their commute home then supporting the team for 4 quarters. I think Randall deserves to be upset, but I think he needs to let Joker or someone else at the athletic department make the statement. Maybe something from the coaching staff or AD staff that says, benignly, “The players are happy about the remaining fans’ support, but a little disappointed at the thinning ranks by second half.” Probably wouldn’t be nearly as passionate as Cobb’s tweet but, maybe a smarter play considering.

    Hell, the guy nearly got his head knocked off going for a 2-point conversion…I’d be pissed too.

  39. Cigar Guy

    Damage control already beginning:

    rcobb18 Randall Cobb
    To all the fans that has been true to this program throughout the years. Yall deserved a win like that last night! Let’s keep it going!

  40. echo 1

    No, most UK fans aren’t “real” fans. That is why UK football fans travel as well as any fan base in the country. That is why UK fans fill 75% of the stadium in bowl games for a 6 or 7 win team. Yeah, you guys are right. Our fans suck. If you want to see fair weather fans, check out Tennessee’s board. UK fans have endured decades of mediocrity and yet, we are still here representing better than fans of consistent winning programs.

  41. football sux

    He’s got a point. But on the other hand, UK football fans are long suffering and over the years have been conditioned to believe the worst will happen and it will be embarrassing. Even after rare SEC wins like yesterday, there’s still a feeling that it was just a fluke and we’ll revert to form next week…because, let’s face it, that’s what we’ve always done. Cobb’s rant might be just the sort of thing some fans needed. If nothing else, it shows he and his teammates want to win even more than the fans. That hasn’t always been the case at UK, in case anyone needs reminding…

  42. Justin

    Didnt hit home with me, thats why im pissed. Just becUse some fans yelled and left early he attacks all. Complete punk move! How about he celebrate with the ones who havr stuck by him amd the team. Leadership my ass, this baby talk from a player who everyone respected. Very petty on his part…

  43. Kyle

    Who does he think he is. After sitting through so many games and seeing us lose for years and years and years, how can say this. You have to earn the respect of the fans. Winning 1 game doesn’t make everyone assume we’re gonna win all the close ones now. If Cobb was older and had seen UK football years past, I don’t think he would feel like this.

  44. RidgeRunner

    Randall…thx for letting it out my man! We needed to hear that and you had the balls to say it.

  45. stan

    Dear Mr. Cobb,
    you play football at the University of Kentucky. Im not sure if you know this but the University of Kentucky is a BASKETBALL SCHOOL! Do you know why it is a basketball school? Because in order to get excited about football we need a win against a top 10 opponent or some other upset. Do you know why? Because most games the football team plays are upset games because the football team sucks! We all know in a normal year the basketball team will compete for a title or at least have a shot at it. We all know the football team will NEVER have that shot and will have to be satified with a meaningless bowl game if it has a “good” season. So Mr. Cobb, DEAL WITH IT!

  46. catty

    mmm, maybe Cobb is just using this as his “chip on the shoulder” He has said that he plays better when he has a chip on the shoulder. After such a big win, and all the accolades, maybe he lost his original chip.

    Just my spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down!

  47. Suck it Up!

    One thing Mr. Cobb. We are UK fans and we pay to watch
    you as well as the defense. Do we get half our money back
    when the defense fails to show up like they did the 3 games
    prior to this one?
    You are at Kentucky and we hold our teams responsible to
    perform at a high level. You do just that, however the
    guys on defense who’s backs you have need to suck it up and
    play at the same level. No excuses here babe, if you don’t
    give the effort in football or basketball you will hear about
    it. That is the nature of UK Sports. Have a nice day.

  48. cblake78

    #40 — Going to all the away games & bowl games is great…but booing the team you supposedly “love” and ridiculing them while you’re there negates their so-called “fanhood.”

  49. OwnThatShit

    Cheer for a muffed punt? Really??

    The kid just took a cheap shot to the face that left his bell rung, and instead of taking his time to get back into the game and make sure he is ok, he comes back to try to make a play to help his team. Never said a word to an official about the (illegal) hit, just strapped it back up and went to work. Oh yeah, I think I remember him making a play or two later in the game that may have influenced the outcome. And you want to boo him because you had to pay for tickets and drive to Lexington?? Tool says what??

  50. Patrick

    UPDATE:Now I don’t agree with that either. It’s what he said and felt at the time. Let it stand and he can say that he’s calmed a bit and has more perspective, but it’s kind of obvious that he was asked to remove it. This is real life, we say some things we mean and some things we didn’t and a lot in between. It wasn’t going to tear the fanbase apart. Frankly, poor second half attendance is worse than his tweet. I think something needs to be said about it (in more than 140 characters).

  51. WhiskerBiscuit

    Truth hurts doesn’t it?

  52. cblake78

    #45 — It’s because of idiots like you that things like this happen…what a tool.

  53. afidler

    Good job Franklin. You censored my comment just because I wrote, “And you’re perpetuating it even more ‘publicly'”

    Glad that if we don’t write what you wanted us to say you just click ‘delete’.

  54. Yo Believo

    He might have gone overboard with this, but in a sense he is right. Nobody gave us a chance in this game. A lot of people left at halftime to beat the traffic (or so I was told) and the team was about to get booed if we did not get that third down(the drive when King got his 2nd TD). Clearly Randall is just riding on his emotions after the big win last night, this is a spur of the moment type thing. He is a college kid and this stuff happens all the time with them. He is a fiery competitor and that’s why he is our leader. No need to fret about it. We should feel no different about him than we did before. We love you Randall. Go Big Blue.

  55. wrecked my bike

    That was a tough hit to the head he took last night, maybe it scrambled his egg for little bit. Sounds like he recovered pretty quickly though. Forgive some dumbass fans for being dumbasses, Randall, and you get forgiveness for being impetuous.

  56. DaviessCounty CatFan

    19.) I said I wish I hadn’t seen this because it makes me see him in a different way then I had before. I want to see him as “Bill Brasky-Cobb” not this guy.


    Mr. Cobb needs to understand that the fans have ownership in all of UK Athletics.
    Many people spend thousands of hard earned dollars each year to buy tickets, over priced parking permits, K FUND donations, and travel a lot of miles- pay for hotel and other incidentals. Even pay for your teamates education.
    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
    I’m not angry that you called everyone out. Your pissed, stay that way, it will make the team more hungry for victories. Hovever, you are young and don’t yet understand the sacrafices of our fanbase. Many fans can’t even afford to go to games any more because the UKAA is demanding too much money for the product on the field.
    Good luck the rest of the season. THANK YOU FOR GRACING US WITH YOUR PRESENCE. Ohhhhhh! FREE ENES

  58. RetireChucks44

    Cobb speaks the truth and people get pissed.

  59. Red Lobster

    Better do what he says..! My nurples are still purple..

  60. Sparks

    It’s not as simple as you all suck… It’s that we KNOW they can win games, and sometimes we are just upset that they aren’t playing to their potential.

  61. chris

    He is correct just deal with it and move on. I personally sit near the tunnel and heard them getting cursed by fans as they went in for halftime. He is the only reason we are competitive he can say what he wants it would piss you of as well.

  62. Goldust

    Remember the name……Goldust!!!!

  63. echo 1

    48 – Uh, you are painting everyone with that brush. I don’t boo anyone. However, go to any stadium in the country when a team is playing poorly and I promise you that you will hear the same thing. UK fans represent very well for a program that has been average at best for an eternity. I will stick my neck out there and say that no other team with a similar history to UK football gets more support. Not one.

  64. Uk All Day

    Yea you all are idiots who are arguing with what he said… He’s 100% right!! Hell even on this site we didn’t put a freaking football post up til like 3.. And we were playing a top ten team.. Some of you need to own the fact the your just as fairweather fan as the cawds you make fun of!

  65. WhiskerBiscuit

    He said he wansnt blaming all of y’all…… those of you that are pissed, must be the ones feeling the heat.

  66. CatSmitty

    While I love this site for all things UK there are times when you can be very Tiptonish. I vote to take it down, but wait, this isn’t a democracy!!!

  67. BBNfan

    One would think his first Sunday morning tweet would have been a shout out to Sanders for recovering the dropped punt.

  68. Late Comer

    Randall, I’ve just learned to show up at the same time as the UK defense – 2nd half. It saves me a lot of heartache. Get made at them too.

  69. Catfan4

    He’s right. I sat in the second row right behind the defensive bench for the Auburn game. There were three guys sitting in front of me and every time the D would come over all they would do is yell at them and tell them how bad they suck. They yelled at Steve Brown and the coaches also, which was a very strange interaction because Brown made eye contact with them multiple times and just shook his head. I confronted them about it at halftime and they, of course, got very defensive. “I paid my money” they said. So I asked them if paying their money entitled them to make a bunch of kids that are 18-22 years old miserable. They finally did chill out and enjoyed the second half without being a bunch of jerks. If I was on the team I would be pissed also. These kids didn’t sign up to have a bunch of old, fat, out of shape d-bags tell them they suck. Cobb said something that I think Joker should have addressed long ago. I wish he would blast the student section also.

  70. ukbballdoinwork

    Can’t pack the house? The only really open areas were the upper corners of the stadium, but besides that I thought it was packed. Odd comment to make.

  71. Cobb is bashing the fans

    The point was not to get on Cobb for his mistakes, but much of the game was not worth cheering for. Everyone makes mistakes. Players and fans.
    Its not great idea to bash fans for getting their late, or the basketball teams success, or whatever.

    The point is not do the fans like Cobb. Everyone loves Cobb.

    But let’s be honest. This was an extremely stupid move.

  72. uk class of 2013

    he has a point…i wish UK wasnt JUST a basketball school. I wish people cared about the football team too, especially since we have made it to a bowl game 4 years in a row

  73. SexnNursinHomes

    40- is on the money. For a non-football school, UK supports its football team better than ANY NON-FOOTBALL school in AMERICA.

  74. Patrick

    Matt, do you really believe he took that tweet down without any prompting? I find that hard to believe.

  75. OwnThatShit

    That is the nature of UK sports?? Really?
    So if a 19 year old kid misses a tackle then they deserve to be booed and ridiculed instead of supported? If Hartline goes 32/42 instead of 42/42 there should be chants to replace him? If the defense struggles in one half then plays WAY above its head for the second (and decisive) half, you should be able to ask for half your money back? Or should you be charged a substantial douchebag tax when you originally order your tix and be forced to leave at the half and replaced by a real fan at every game?

  76. KYCatAttack

    I hope he doesn’t end up playing in a tough NFL town like Philly, Cleveland, or Chicago when he goes to the next level if our fans have pissed him off that badly wait till he sees how these fans react when the going gets tough. Our fans have supported UK football through the years of being in the SEC cellar and a win against SC is definitely a step in the right direction but definitely doesn’t make us SEC contenders. Every football fanbase professional or college will let the team know how they feel when they are playing poorly and UK’s fanbase is no different. Also when the product on the field isn’t a winning product it is hard to expect people to spend their hard earned money on overpriced bleacher seats to watch a team that is losing when you can tune into ESPN 2 and watch it from the comfort of your sofa on your big screen HDTV. Poor move by Cobb IMO but I still love him.

  77. Patrick

    Love Randall, random commit, move along…nothing to see here.

  78. SexnNursinHomes

    Name another basketball school who supports their football team like we do? Nobody can answer this question.

  79. Jacob

    Those of you who are pissed off by this are probably the ones he was talking to, and if you notice, he isn’t calling out all the fans, just those who suck. If you don’t stay til the end of the football games then you can be a basketball fan all that you want but don’t you call yourself a True Blue fan. True Blue means supporting every team every time. Yeah we have a history as a Basketball school but Randall and Mike are doing everything they can to bring football to the same level. So show them they same respect you show the ones on the hardwood, these guys try just as hard

  80. SouthBeachWildcat

    I love Randall Cobb and we should all give him a free pass on this statement. With that being said, for any fan that has withstood the Curry, Mumme, Guy Morris, Rich Brooks, and Joker Phillips era, you are true football fans. The early 90’s was a complete mess yet we still filled the stadium. After the Mumme/Couch glory years came probation, yet we still filled the stadium. Our greatest success is getting bowl eligible, yet we still fill the stadium. Our fanbase has a lot of work to do. Sometimes our loudest cheers are when we have the ball 4th and goal and our quarterback is trying to call an audible. Sometimes when our defense has a third and long I am up cheering my loudest……….some jackass behind me is telling me to sit down. Sometimes we do the wave during games and hit around beach balls. We have a lot of work to do. But I question that there has been a more loyal fan base in the nation the past 20 years with what this program has endured. Just my humble opinion.

  81. CatSmitty

    Who reads the paper??? What was I thinking? Asking a lawyer to take the moral high ground. Sorry Matt but some things are best left unsaid.

  82. Raymond Montgomery

    To all of you who bitched about Coach Brooks and Coach Phillips and Mike Hartline and all these kids who work their asses off all year in the weight room to compete in the toughest football conference in America, and to all of you who light up the sports talk lines and offer up opinions on subjects you know nothing about –

  83. Bluegrass_girl

    y’all need to be honest…he’s right…quit being babies for gettin called out

  84. echo 1

    70 – 3 guys, huh? That justifies calling out tens of thousands of people? I am done with this topic. Cobb regretted it obviously, so I am moving on. Once again, no football team in America with UK’s record gets more support from fans in my opinion.

  85. Patrick

    Can’t name one because there is NOT ANOTHER BASKETBALL SCHOOL LIKE THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY. Now….really, who cares. Randall blew off some steam…..cleared his head….and said, “oops.” It’s ok….we all say dumb things occasionally.

  86. tdogg4033011

    65) Preach on … didn’t bother me one bit about the comment, the truth hurts sometimes.

  87. C'mon...

    While Randall is 100% right about the fan base, and there is no amount of rationalizing (used to losing, pay good money, need to get on the wait list at red lobster, etc.) that will justify their general behavior toward the team in tough times, he obviously regrets making the statement and took it down. KSR should do the same, and not make a mountain out of this molehill.

  88. Cobb is bashing the fans

    #77, 78, 79 very good summaries of the entire morning.
    this pisses fans off, we do love football despite Cobbs opinion, and we really want to move on from this PR mess by the team’s leader

  89. Justin

    The problem is UK fans support their team through thick and thin. Maybe noy all but the large majority. Cobb will be gone after this year, and wont have to struggle to watch a team win 6 games, and prior to cobb being here he didnt know what uk fans go through. But somehow, uk continues to fill the stands and travels really well. Maybe he needs to be a fan of uk football for 20 years!

  90. OwnThatShit

    So your defense of our fans is now we support our team better than Duke. Really? Are you saying that the only way a NON-FOOTBALL SCHOOL can keep booing and negative comments from happening is just to be completely apathetic?? That your only choices are apathy or negativity?? That if we have a good basketball team the football team should be happy that we show up at all and that we boo because we care??

  91. John McClane

    I bet he didn’t talk to Coach Cal with that dirty mouth.


    @ 36…..UT NEVER RECRUITED 18.

  93. OwnThatShit

    It sounds like you want Cobb to sit back and ‘take his medicine’ like a man, absorbing your ‘contructive (criticism) booing’ but are extremely sensitive when that spotlight is directed back on you because you ‘paid my money!!’.

  94. Bert

    #32, did I just read that the only thing stopping us from being perennial contenders in the. SEC East is support? Seriously? You mean the facts that there is little to no home grown talent, no real tradition of excellence, average facilities, and the fact that we are in the toughest division in college football aren’t what’s stopping us? I’m glad that now I know that all we’ve needed all along is just some more fan support is what’s stopping us from becoming the next Florida or Alabama. And good job by some of you guys for blaming KSR for what Randall Cobb decided to write. Kudos

  95. Jason

    Way to go KSR, he obviously wishes he could take it out of public view, but you take that option away.

  96. CatFanJohn

    Well i don`t blame Cobb at all. He has always played his heart out for bbn and to hear some fans saying those things im sure hurt him. A true fan will stand behind their team through thick and thin no matter what, take the good along with the bad.
    And i think that now our football program has a great future.
    We have got to remember that these are young kids playing and they sometimes wear their emotions on their sleeve.

  97. SexnNursinHomes

    86- point proven. I took it a little personal, no doubt. because after sitting through an 0-10-1 UK season, then a few more 5-6 seasons, then get a 9-3 peach bowl, then go back to 5-6 and then 6-5, then get Curry and we actually couldn’t win more than 5 games. I sat through every home game for 20 years until I moved to florida. some of ya were still shittin your diapers while UK was crappin’ it up.

  98. cblake78

    We can’t account for how other football fans @ basketball schools support their team because we don’t know…how can you say we support UK football more than UCONN, Duke, Arizona, Kansas, North Carolina, etc. fans support their football teams when you have no evidence backing that up?

  99. OwnThatShit

    They did recruit 18…just a little too late so 18 stuck to his word and came to UK. And where would the fortunes of these two programs be today had he waffled?

  100. Chris

    I’ve written and rewritten my response to this at least five times in an effort to not get my comments deleted for profanity. In an effort to save time, I’ll just sum up my response like this….

    1.) Cobb is right, and most UK “fans” who attend games are total idiots that have no clue about football.
    2.) To Stan (#45) and others saying that UK is a basketball school…guess what idiots, we can be both. POS’s like you are part of the problem with football at this school.
    3.) As I’ve learned in the past, UK fans have extremely short memories. Next time Cobb scores a 50-yard touchdown again, you people saying “you lost a lot of respect” for him will be all on his sack again. Just by saying that you lost respect for the best damn player on the team for saying that proves his point…you are a basketball fan, STFU when talking about UK football, and wait three weeks for basketball season before you open your mouth again about UK sports.
    4.) For those of you saying he’s lumping all UK fans in together, try some reading comprehension morons. He directly said “Not blaming all but Yall know who I’m talking abt”. Damn, I knew that we had a lot of fans that didn’t actually GO to UK, but I was hoping that you could at least read.

  101. BravoBigBlue

    Randall can say what he wants to say to the fans, he has earned that right. But I also have the right to say what I say about the football team. And some of the players on this team do suck. In particular, #24 and #41 on defense. They played like they were trying to throw the game last night. Did you see some of their so-called tackling? The Cats won in spite of them. And Steve Brown? Get your ass back up to the box so you can see what’s going on on the field and make adjustments before half-time, for crying out loud.

  102. Kent Gregory

    Agree 110% with the kid. I have nerver understood why fans can’t be there before kickoff and stay until the end of the game. If you have other things better to do, go do them and let fans go to the game. Those kids bust their butts to win. A true fan supports them throughout.

    As for the students not being there. Go attend another university. Those players are contributing to the quality of education that you’re getting. What are you doing?

  103. patkycat

    Whether you agree or not,he’s a great kid,I’m tickled he’s 1 of ours…Go Cats!!!!!!

  104. Jonathan

    I agree with Cobb here and if I was him I would feel the same way. For a player who plays his heart out every week and to be told he sucks when things aren’t going good I’d be upset too. Now look at it from his viewpoint because he can’t really tell how we all feel, he only knows what he hears and we are screaming and yelling negative things at him and the team what do you think he’ll think?

    He said things he should have not made so public, but for all of you blasting him for this, its only our own fault he is saying this now, so give the kid a break.

  105. Chris

    102 – Their names are Burden and Bailey. Only three more weeks to basketball, right?!

  106. SexnNursinHomes

    91- just saying that as a lifelong UK fan that has sat through MANY unproductive seasons and rooted them EVERY game, that I thought it was a little rude to call out the fans. I know who was referring too, but he didn’t say that. he was referring to all the fans.

  107. Kyle

    #96 Not KSR’s fault. If he wanted it out of public view he shouldn’t have done it in the first place. Terrible decision. The fans he’s mad at and talking about, they don’t follow him on twitter. No point in doing that.

  108. jetblue

    Cobb is right. The truth has some of you all butt-hurt.

  109. OwnThatShit

    @98 Since it sucked to watch Bill Curry it is OK to bash Randall Cobb?? That since UK struggled while Randall was still playing with Legos (although probably better than other kids that were bigger than him because he built Legos with HEART), it is ok to leave at halftime and boo these kids?

  110. Chris

    107 – Learn to read……”Not blaming all but Yall know who I’m talking abt”. It’s right above for you to see…quit trying to change what he said to fit your agenda.

  111. btowncatfan

    After reading many of these comments, I think Mr. Cobb had a point. Many of these fans need to be called out.

  112. HackRichards

    Cobb is absolutely 100% correct. Those boys have played their hearts out each single week and been in every loss except Florida. Then to put up with the shit that our baby fans dish out…

  113. catamongtigers

    Cobb has EARNED the right to tweet anything he wants…that being said, I am happy he went for the new tweet…Shows more leadership

  114. Justin

    Cobb calls out a portion of fanbase and it is ok? Uk fans call out portion of uk football team (defense). Im sorry randall im not following your logic. Fans support the team but also voice opinions of said team.

    Cobb- there are critics in life, get use to it! I dont care that he got mad, but what he is doing is the same thing he is mad about

  115. Ukylover

    He made a mistake, realized what he did and took it down. Why do you need to post it for everyone to see? I love KSR but I think this was a bad move.

  116. Phat Jones

    Those of you saying, “I wish he hadn’t said that” are probably part of the 5% he’s talking about. Otherwise why would you be offended? I you are part of the 5%, like he said, man up and deal with it.

  117. SexnNursinHomes

    110- i wasn’t bashing Cobb. where did you get that? hahaha I just thought it was rude after winning beating a #10 team. that’s it. case closed

  118. BlueMike

    He’s right and I’m glad he said it. Even KSR did this by not having anything here about the game, going up against the #10 team in the nation and there were no posts about football, just post after post about basketball practice. Now I know that big blue madness is a big deal, but come on, it didn’t deserve to completely dominate the site the way it did. Cobb was right and those of you who disagree with him and are offended by what he said – well, the truth hurts doesn’t it? He called you out and you don’t like it.

  119. repsol-69

    for all of you dissing Cobb because of how he and probably the entire team feels about the support they get you can deal with it, as he says. ‘YOU’, as a fan, are not out there giving everything you have just to be let down and discouraged by your own fans. so, shut up. i agree with you Cobb…now keep this momentum going!

  120. Kyle

    #111 He didn’t change anything to fit his agenda. It was a series of about five tweets. The ”Not blaming all but Yall know who I’m talking abt” part didn’t come till about 15-20 mins or more after the first few tweets. So for a while, he was blaming ALL the fans.

  121. Purdue Grad Student

    Might not have been the best time or medium, but Cobb is right. A lot of fans have been definitely guilty of fair weather fandome. Most of the people who are mad about this are probably the same fair weather fans he was mad at…

  122. SexnNursinHomes

    111- you’re right, i should have read it better.

  123. OwnThatShit

    If Cobb pulled a TO and threw his teammates under the bus (like many UK fans do), ranted against his coaches (like the ‘fans’ do) or just left when falling behind by 18 points (like…well, you get the idea) would that in any way be acceptable? Oh wait, he never ‘paid his money’ so that won’t work. It is amazing what $40 buys you in today’s economy…

  124. Burly

    #40 spot on…Cobb made a very poor decision. He needs to apoligize for his words. I mean you are 1-3 in the conference…had lost 7 straight home SEC games and was getting killed again. Be thankful anybofy comes to your games.

  125. Patrick

    For those who are upset….relax, basketball is just 3 weeks away. For those who don’t give a #2 like myself…..Georgia is next Saturday night. GO CATS!

  126. ausitn kign

    well randall tell the rest the team not to suck and i might come support you

  127. Typical UK Football Fan

    I’m just going to sit here quietly until third down, then I’ll do a bit of cheering. I don’t really care if we’re on offense or not, I’m still gonna cheer no matter who is on third down. After that play is over, I’ll sit back down again until the next third down.

    And don’t even get me started if we decide we’re gonna go for it on fourth down! I realize that it’s an important play and we need a first down, but I’m still going to cheer my ass off to damage any hope that we have of hearing the QB when he’s calling the play!

    Well it’s the third quarter, better leave now to get a jump on traffic!

  128. nashvillecatfan

    There isn’t a school in the country where the fans would be excited and selling out the stadium when 0-3 in the conference. Dude needs to get some perspective. He’s great and it was a great win, but quit crying and play football. Nobody is obligated to shell out their hard earned cash if they don’t want to. Be thankful for the fans you have and stop acting like an overentitled punk. Go Cats.

  129. DandoRocks

    Cobb realized his mistake and took the tweets down… maybe you guys should take this post down so as to not add fuel to the fire.

  130. mattcat68

    Cobb has given 100% every game he’s played at UK. He scored the winning TD last night. He’s earned the right to vent. It has to be very frustrating to lay everything on the field, every game for three years and hear the same old complaints (is it basketball season yet).

    The problem with venting on a social networking website is that everyone sees your frustration. I really think Cobb is attempting to make fans look at things differently. We have to if we ever want to change the stigma that UK is a basketball school only. I think Cobb was trying to man up and be a leader like he is with his teammates. I respect the guy for straight up saying what he thinks and not holding back. That’s what leaders do. Whether we agree with his thoughts or not, you have to respect that he was man enough to speak his mind. As long as this kid keeps playing his heart out for this program, I will keep listening.

  131. Chris

    #121 – But since the post that I was responding to was only 5 minutes ago, all the tweets were posted by then, right? In that case, should I just assume that he can’t read, was changing it to meet his agenda, or is just plain stupid?

  132. Chris

    #121 – Nevermind, he stated that he didn’t read it fully….problem solved

  133. Section 133

    Sorry, folks, by Randall is largely right. The students (that actually come) are largely drunk and view the game as asocial event. To many season ticket holders are more interested in their tailgates than the game itself, leading to late arrivals and early departures. And yes, it is ridiculous to your own team or players. And finally, why must so many people tote this “UK is just a basketball school” crap. When you say such, you are making the same argument that a Tennessee or Alabama football coach would make about UK to a football recruit.
    Oh, and “Friends of Coal” suck.

  134. Chris

    #129 – Calm down, basketball season is only 3 weeks away…and obviously there’s nobody on that team who acts over entitled…..right? RIGHT!?

  135. Patrick

    Awesome post dude. I have to admit you are one of the best at speaking truth to reality. Keep up the great work!

  136. oldbluedog71

    Be ready to play, play the whole game, play every play, and play like the next play is the last play Cobb and company. Learn when to keep your mouth shut. Support this team through all the sucking years and then you can criticize.

  137. Jake_GOCATS

    I agree with what he said about the fans. Our football fans are pitful, most (not including me) only follow when they are winning. I was at the game last night and it was over capacity (67,955). The crowd was crazy at the end, but what he said needed to be heard by all of Big Blue Nation, because if you can’t enjoy the team at their worst, you should not be allowed to celebrate a big win like this.

  138. WildCobbSalad

    He can say what he damn well pleases. The team was publicly booed so he can publicly address that.

  139. Chris

    #134 – Perfect comments. Thank you from Section 212

  140. mattcat68

    Could Cobb possibly have a concussion? He seems to be displaying post concussion like symptoms, amplified anger and irritability.

  141. West Endzone

    Agree #134 (Section 133). Could not have said it better.

  142. Cawood2Cal

    You can tell that no player has given more of his heart to the team than Randall Cobb. I love the man for what he represents — purity and love of college football.

  143. gcat4496

    He speaks the truth. We all have a tendency to be negative when we are not winning so we start whining. The best way to cure a negative fan base is to win and that they did. This team is in a tought spot. In the SEC you are playing top 20 caliber programs every week and UK is just below that. So we need some breaks to beat the better teams. Last night we got break after break. USC commits TO after TO, Cobb scores on a busted coverage.. etc. Fianlly the FB bounced our way. This team appears to be a 2nd half teams. The past two games we have our scored to top 10 teams 41-6 in the 2nd half.

  144. asdfasdf

    half the fans in this comment section proved exactly why Randall Cobb was (sadly) right!

    I just wish he had not said it for recruiting purposes

  145. guest

    agreed w/ 139.. i don’t blame Cobb for calling out the boo birds out there.

  146. Chris

    137 – I’m sure that you have “supported” the team so much over the years. I’m sure that you have donated money (earmarked for football, of course) graciously and that you are one of the most lively fans in the stadium each week. We all thank you for your great “support” of UK football, and I’m very sorry that you had to be inconvenienced by the team not performing to your standards over the years. Please continue your “support” of UK football in the future.

    If you don’t like his comments, please stop “supporting” the football team. Nobody will miss you. I promise.

  147. nashvillecatfan

    136. I can’t recall off the top of my head any of them criticizing the fans. That’s a good way to lose the ones that you do have. Nothing good can come of that.

  148. El_Duderino

    LOVE Randall Cobb for his twitter statement!! If you can’t understand what he is expressing, then you’re not a University of Kentucky FAN. I LOVE UK, but would also punch our basketball fans in the mouth. Get that?

  149. cats1068

    Although his comments maybe right, the timing of the comments is what’s head scratching. You just beat the #10 team in the country and your comments are bashing the fans? Really? I would think you’d be very happy especially after being so close that last 2 weeks. But he has the right to say what he wants but what a lot of people fail to realize that for everything we say there is also room for people to dispute and not agree with it including this post. KSR reported it and I’m glad they did. It’s not like KSR went around digging and snooping for the comments. It was on Twitter, for crying out loud. A world-wide, social network that everyone has heard about. I understand frustration and he is a kid. And we all know the stupid things that we did and said when we were kids. I’m sure he’s regretted what he said but what said is said and it’s time to move on.

  150. Sethicus59

    For everything he does for us on the football field he has every reason to call out the BANDWAGON fans that are punks and only support kentucky when kentucky wins. NOBODY likes fairweather fans. certainly not the players.

  151. e pip

    wish he didn’t tweet this, he comes off as a punk….

  152. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    Don’t see anything he said as incorrect factually, but I do agree with the timing of it being bizarre. Seems like he wised up and will live to fight this battle another day. Go Cats.

  153. Chris

    151 – Exactly….nice work

  154. catcrawler

    Randall was talking to the FAIR WEATHER FANS. Those that bitch and moan about everything possible but don’t support these hard working guys if they fail to win.. I’m glad he said it and I hope that some of those idiots he addressed will look in the mirror sometime–

  155. Was at the game last night

    I know the simple fix to this entire problem! Put Cobb on Defense next week, and if he can actually tackle someone then he can say what he wants… But until then I will be upset when we miss tackles and give up huge plays! i paid very good money for my season tickets and i’m allowed to feel the way i want to at games! I never booed, but i sure did say damn that sucked a few times!!

  156. nashvillecatfan

    #135 – You calm down. My post didn’t even mention the basketball team. My point is that you’re going to be perceived as a punk any time you criticize the fans no matter what sport you play. If a basketball player does it, they’re going to be looked at the same way. I think the UK football fanbase is better than any other in the country where they have had a similar level (or lack thereof) of success.

  157. miamiwildcat


  158. Drew

    I though the crowd was great last night. Randall, how about taking your frustrations out on your defense that can’t make a tackle to save their life. LOST A LOT OF RESPECT FOR RANDALL COBB AFTER READING THIS!

  159. AmazingLarry

    Cobb is right on the money. Most – not all – UK fans are fair weather fans when it comes to football. After dropping its first 3 SEC games, most fans thought “oh, here we go again,” and started thinking about basketball season. I had friends texting me last night after UK finally got the lead. They sarcastically asked how I thought the Cats would blow it this time. It’s sad to admit, but the comitment of the UK football fanbase does not compare most other SEC schools. Randall Cobb has every right to be upset.

  160. Justin

    All the holier than i fans are hilarious. Cobb is a great player, and noone boos him, they boo the defense or playcalling. However im a loyal supporter and hardcore fan, whay gives cobb the right to call me out. If fans leave so be it. Thats their choice, but it was my choice to stay and support. Now i the happy ones not them.

  161. BigNick

    Everything he said was the truth. Our fans don’t show up until the middle of the first quarter and our student section is a pure joke. I have been a season ticket holder for years and that’s the way it has always been.

  162. miamiwildcat


  163. big blue john

    thamel is gonna have a field day with this. but unfortunately cobb is right these jackasses that sit behind the bench talkin trash to the team during the first half like that need their heads beat in as far as im concerned. when the team is struggling like that the last thing they need to have some old fat guy sittin behind them tellin them they suck (ironic eh?). in those kinda situations, if you cant find something positive to say to help get them goin back in the right direction then keep your damn mouth shut.

  164. CatSmitty

    Some of the fans treat the game with little respect. Partying in the parking lot till well after kickoff, booing the team and worst still booing individual players, leaving at halftime, etc. etc etc.
    But for every one of those kinds of fans there are 10 who have stuck it out over the years, football fans at a basketball school. Mr Cobb called out the bad fans. The fanbase should have the courage to do the same. Let em know what you think when they behave badly and the atmosphere at the game would improve dramactically.

    For those of you who say that you paid your money and have a right to boo and behave badly, well I paid my money and listening to your big mouths is a real buzz killer. Next time you act like that, look around, because the next thing you see might be a big fist zeroing in on your nose.

  165. a smart fan

    yea tht is true almost ky fan is just basketball fan cobb is a beast hartline has stepped his shit up a whole lot but he still needs to work on his deep pasin but hes gettin pissed cause all of the bs fans tht hate

  166. nashvillecatfan

    somebody please tell me another fanbase that has a similar level of support as uk football and that have a similar level of success. you can’t. the only fanbases that are better are schools with consistent top 25 teams. fairweather and bandwagon fans are everywhere, not just in the state of kentucky, so are aholes that act like jerks at games.

  167. Doc LOLliday

    I think its funny that people defend the bad fans that boo by saying they paid money and blah blah. He earns his right to complain about the bad fans by doing WAY more than paying money to go get drunk in lexington. He sacrifices his body year round to train and make himself better to help his school. And to please the fans. So ANY person, good fan or bad, complaining and saying they lost respect are hypocrites. Just for the sheer fact that you know people degrade these teenagers/young men but somehow get defensive when they get called on it. And just because you are AT the game doesnt make you supportive. Like someone else said…id venture that AT LEAST 25% of people at the game are there for a social event. All these “True Fans” that ive talked to at games that have suffered these loooong hard years dont know anything about football. The older fans are usually the worst and the first ones to be like “We are UK we suck we will screw it up. Put number 12 in(cause once again they know nothing, like the names of players. BTW 24 is Burden and 41 is Bailey)

  168. bluesince66

    The inexperience of youth. I guess Randall’s good enough now to trash the fans that pay for everything. He’s right if you can’t support them in a positive way stay away, that’s why I gave up my season tickets several years ago. Call out the fans that still come and you’ll have even more empty seats. I understand how he feels, but don’t put it out for the public to see. If it hadn’t been for my wife I would have watched the second half of Ohio State and Wisconsin after our defense gave their usual first half pitiful performance what did he expect to hear leaving the field. Long time fans of UK football probably have more of a problem with it than fans that came on board in the last 7 or 8 years. I’ll always be a UK fan and hope for us to someday be a power, but after watching for 40 some years I’m not holding my breath.

  169. Jake_GOCATS

    159. Who cares? I’m glad you did because that means you are a fairweather fan. The only people who would be upset with his comments is the audience he is referring to.

  170. Chris

    157 – Fine, then perceive him like a punk. He’ll still leave UK as the most popular player since Tim Couch and everyone will still go nuts every time he makes an amazing play. My point is that everyone is throwing around a lot of terms like “lost respect” and “punk”, but when it comes right down to it, you’ll still cheer for him as long as he’s here because he’s good. If it was a lower-rung third stringer, it would be different. But it’s not, it’s the best player on the team, and UK fans will ALWAYS support the best players, because winning trumps just about everything.

    And trust me, I’m completely calm. I’m actually giddy that someone on the team finally said what many hardcore fans have been thinking for years.

  171. Doc LOLliday

    “However im a loyal supporter and hardcore fan, whay gives cobb the right to call me out?”

    He wasnt calling you out if youre a true and loyal fan. He even said it wasnt to everyone. And he has every right to call fans out. They claim they have the right by paying money. He sacrifices so much more to put a good product on the field. Shut up

  172. John

    Randall is a young man, who plays with great emotion. Everything he said was true. Regardless attacking or calling out your fans or even a portion of your fans is very risky. I for one have a great deal of respect for Randall and am so very proud he chose to be a Wildcat. Part of coming to UK is developing and maturing off of the field, this is part of the process. I for one take what he said in stride but I obviously there are those who are taking the emotional outburst of this exceptional football player and young man personally. That is a choice and they are entitled to it. I choose to let it slide. My message to Randall is continue playing for yourself, your teammates and your coaches and you will never be dissipointed. Never let the choices of others negativley impact your approach or define your success.

  173. asdfasdf

    If you have lost respect for Randall Cobb because of this, you are an F-ING IDIOT

  174. BravoBigBlue

    Well, I’ve been frustrated with this year’s team and I’m not going to backtrack just because a player criticizes the fanbase, including me. And I guarantee you there’s a lot more than 5% of the fanbase that’s displeased with this year. Would it be better if only say 40,000 “true fans” showed up every week, instead of 65,000 – 70,000? I don’t think so. I remember one Vandy game that I attended during the Curry years where there were only about 20,000 fans there. The crowd was so small you couldn’t even hear the boos. Is that what you “true fans” would like to see? Don’t hurt yourself patting yourself on the back. Oh, and “you know who you are”.

  175. Chris

    167 – “Support” is garbage. I think you mean people who “show up” to games. Check our annual football budget to see just how much “support” we have for our football program.

    In order to support the football program and be a legitimate threat, people have to put their money where their mouth is. The facts show that UK fans do NOT do that.

  176. Scratch

    I read all this and I agree with a lot of it. We have endured a lot of bad football. What we have now is a contender. If you play, you are going to make mistakes. I think everyone would agree Cobb is the real deal, he gives everything he’s got and try’s to get the best out of his teammates. So before you run him out of town, try to walk a few miles in his shoes. Max effort and you hear s__t from the crowd, makes you feel loved.

  177. Justin

    Docloliday…so to help the team out we should only fill 25% of the stands with cheerleAders. If u are not cheering the whole time u are not a good fan?

    Has cobb ever been to a bball game? Noone cheers, fans leave early, players get booed, ect. Get off the soap box cobb, its not just uk football!

  178. nashvillecatfan

    171 – Chris is giddy like a schoolgirl. What a hardcore fan he is.

  179. Chris

    174 – Oh no, what in the world will Randall do now!? You publicly stated you lost respect for him and called him an idiot! I’m sure he’ll be crying in a few years when he has millions of dollars and you’re still working at the convenience store.

  180. Chris

    174 – Misread your post, sorry!

  181. Chris

    179 – You got it….what exactly do you do to “support” the team?

  182. Jake_GOCATS

    175. I would rather have 25,000 true fans come to games than 60,000 to 70,000 that are too lazy to even know the names of players and coaches.

  183. nashvillecatfan

    176 – Why would you measure support by the budget? The fans don’t decide the budget. It would probably be more accurate to gauge it by revenue smart guy.

  184. wldctky

    Cobb needs to get over himself… it’s UK football, nobody cares!!! the only reason anyone goes to the games is because there is NOTHING else to do in Lexington on Saturday nights!!!

  185. Sam

    (1) He’s telling the truth. It pretty much was like he said it was.

    (2) Despite what you may have heard, telling the truth isn’t the ideal thing to do in all situations.

  186. Sethicus59

    184 lol yes they do. a significant portion of alot of teams budgets come from boosters. retard.

  187. BravoBigBlue

    168 – Beleive me, I know their names. I chose to refer to their numbers so that everybody would know who I was referring to. If you watched the game (and I assume you did since you are a “true fan”), you saw how 24 and 41 were missing tackles all night long. I’m serious when I said it looked like they were throwing the game. That’s how it looked to me. Do you think that is far-fetched because nothing like that has ever happened?

  188. mike watts

    Just solidifies the fact that he’s gonna enter the draft to me… I first read this and I was pissed as hell, he has a point, but damn Randall not the time or the place son. I’m one of those guys who tries his best to not say a bad word about UK PERIOD, but our D has been awful. It’s easy to see why people were down about our team. I don’t know, what kind of true UK player/fan will take the time out to bash the one thing that nearly everyone in the state takes pride in and loves? (basketball) I try to love both the same, but deep down I would rather have another banner in Rupp than a SEC east championship in football (realistically the goal for a while at least)… Just not good decision making Randall.

  189. Doc LOLliday

    178- exactly. If something goes wrong and i start hearing you say stupid crap like “OMG put in Newton Hartline is terrible (even though hes throwing up good numbers, which has happened multiple times this year) or you are some drunk idiot who just yells and blah blah blah. You are a bad fan. Just showing up does not make you a good fan. Just because you have been coming to games for 20 years and dont know any names of players and show a lack of football knowledge, you are not a good fan.

  190. nashvillecatfan

    182 – I attend a lot of games, spend a lot of money on tickets, and sometimes travel a pretty good distance to get there. I never boo the team. I have done this my whole life. You may be more hardcore than me. I don’t know and don’t care. I just don’t appreciate you calling me out tough guy.

  191. Chris

    176 – LOL, the fans can 100% determine the budget moron. Are you serious!? Let’s try to do the math, k?

    More K fund donations earmarked for football = Higher football budget


  192. Rob

    As many good things as he has done for UK, I didn’t even bat an eye at his comments. Living in Ohio, I see how fickle fans can be, the Bengals and Reds have very few fans when they are crappy, but with a few wins…fans come out of the woodwork. UK is no different, we have some great fans that follow us through thick and thin, but a ton who are only there to cheer on a team who is winning.

  193. Look out, fireworks!

    I love this idea of ‘ownership’ some of you ‘fans’ have over the football team. What will it cost me to drive to your home or work to tell you how bad you suck and boo every mistake you make? $35? Oh, and you’re not allowed to say anything negative back to me or i will just boo louder, because I will have ‘ownership’ in you.
    This is stupid that some of you think the fans are above the teams! Just don’t waste your money going to the games and let more of us True Blues have your seats!
    Love ya, Cobb!

  194. Chris

    191 – Well then I will take you at your word and say “thank you” for your support of the football team.

  195. Doc LOLliday

    188 – my apologies then, and yes I did see. Bailey and Guy both just throw shoulders at people and try to land big hits and whiff. And Burden has really been underwhelming considering he was supposed to be stepping in as our shutdown corner. But i dont believe for a second that they were actually trying to throw the game. Just a lack of discipline…or skill IDK. But sorry for being…an a**

  196. nashvillecatfan

    192 – yeah, the k fund donations earmarked for football also equal higher revenue. unbelievable…

    the k fund donations aren’t the only source of football revenue and definitely aren’t the only deciding factor in determining the budget.

    do you really think the fans 100% determine the budget moron? 100%? are you serious?

  197. big blue john

    To all you freacking morons who wanna go on about “well i paid my money to be here ill boo whoever i want.” NO sorry it dont work that way. you may have your 100 dollars or so for a ticket, but 70,000 more people who paid their 7,000,000 dollars says sit down and shut up or get out

  198. SexnNursinHomes

    My opinion, every person that took time in this comments section to give their feelings shows they are true fans. fwiw

  199. scrapinfificat

    I would like to point out that no one is forced to purchase tickets, travel to Lexington or to road games, pay for lodging or meals. If you do these things it was your choice and as a adult you know that in every game their is a winner and a loser. This is the chance you take when you chose to attend a game. I was in Lexington this weekend for both Madness & the game. We had a third ticket to the game that was not used you don’t/won’t hear me complaining. While you may take exception to what Randall said or the way he expressed his disappointment in the some fans he has every right to do so – Mr. Cobb is guaranteed freedom of speech. If you are offended by what he said then before you exercise your freedom examine why your are affected by his tweet. Did he step on your toes, make you uncomfortable about your actions? It is very poor taste to boo or name call the team you claim to support. I noticed that the fans in the stands appeared to be lukewarm to the team until plays began clicking in the 2nd half. I know that it heartbeat thing was made fun of on this site but stop and think about what that would sound like if 60,000+ people are making that sound – our guys know what it means, it pumps them up. To the opposing team is it a eerie distraction?

  200. Kige's Trainer

    The timing is perfect. Fair weather fans come out of the woodwork after a big win, which illustrated to Randall perfectly how they are. The last two weeks, the fair weather fans booed and left early never to be heard from again. Also, maybe he felt like he had earned the right to speak up after a win. Deal with it fair weather fans!

  201. Confucius

    THE KID HAS A POINT! Its hard to be offended when he speaks the truth. Some fans, football and basketball, really do suck.

  202. Cinderella

    Randall is a great player, and a wonderful person. BUT he needs a little perspective and maturity on this situation. Compare UK’s game attendance (and the almighty football ticket, suite and merchandise income) to ANY OTHER TEAM WITH OUR RECORD … over the past two years, ten years, twenty years. UK football fans are incredibly loyal and incredibly long suffering. One big win a year, or every two or three years, doesn’t completely erase the memories of all the other games.

  203. tyrus

    bad move cobb. if you feel it and state it then own it. backing off of what you wrote is being a wimp. now on what you said, when you were recruited, did you not know anything about uk football fans? there are a small percentage of uk fans with tickets to a game that show up late or not at all. that’s the way it is and will always be long after your (cobb) career at uk has been over for years. you are one of the best to have played football for uk but when that ends, fans will forget you. just like fans are trying right now NOT forget that you’re young and immature so NOT to get upset or take personal your statements.

  204. BravoBigBlue

    I have no problem disageeing with anyone on this post. Randall Cobb had a right to voice his frustration and so do fans. That’s the way it works. It just seems to me that eventually Kentucky fans get blamed for not being perfect. It’s happended before in football and basketball. We’re unrealistic, too demanding, whatever. But in all honesty, until last night, this team had not done a thing all year. Beat a down Louisville team and two patsies. Lost three SEC games where the team only played a half in each game, if that much. That is the truth. And if you want to criticize me for stating the truth about this team, so be it.

  205. nashvillecatfan

    football revenues for 2010 were budgeted to be 25.7 million. k fund donations for ALL SPORTS were estimated to be 11.85 million. we have a lot of financial geniuses on here.

  206. Randall-is-Right

    I agree 100% with Randall, and I’m not the LEAST bit bothered with him voicing his opinion. He, and the others, are playing their guts out. True fans would support through thick and thin as long as the effort is there, and it is.

  207. nashvillecatfan
  208. J.T.

    Leave the kids alone!

  209. Doc LOLliday

    Also i find it funny that some people are calling him immature…really? When you are surrounded by 30-50 year old men and women cursing at teenagers who have ALOT more invested in the game than the losers in stands screaming at them. You really want to stir up a fuss about this one thing he said when you see much worse at games every weekend. Really? Notice i didnt say you were the ones doing it but you are the ones surrounded by it and i never hear anyone chastising these adults. So who really is the immature one here? A young man acting as his age and emotions would predict or 40 year old drunkards ridiculing said young man?

  210. Justin

    Kige trainer…do u think florida fans are giving players hell? Do u think arkansas fans are coming out of the woodwork? Happens at every school. Cobb needs to realize this and just play football.


    If our best player doesn’t feel 100% supported by the fans, then somebody should say something. I see both sides to the argument really, but Cobb is a once-in-a-generation (maybe once-in-a-lifetime) player at UK and this is the best team we’ve had here in quite a while! Without Cobb, who is this team? Don’t knock the guy, that’s how he feels, and like he said, deal with it. He’s worked his ass off (along with the rest of the team) to give us a first class football team, and he’s feeling unappreciated. Who’s fault is that? He could’ve given up last night, but he didn’t. And that was for us.

  212. Doc LOLliday

    “That is the truth. And if you want to criticize me for stating the truth about this team, so be it.”

    Good point, which is why nobody should be upset at Cobb for his comments. If they are going to play the “I have the right blah blah” card, then he does too. So everyone needs to move on and get ready for Georgia. I’m sure Cobb is after his emotional outburst

  213. me

    Yes he’s right, it is basketball season!!! Woohoo Football sucks! I guess he don’t realize when a team loses they are not good and one win doesn’t make a season/career. This is BASKETBALL COUNTRY, doesn’t he know that already?

  214. Ron Burgandy

    I feel like this is the time I accidentally said “Go F&^% Yourself San Diego”

  215. Crappy Fans

    So you work hard and pay for your tickets… wow great accomplishment, these football players take 12-15 hours of classes every semester then spend 6 hours a day at practice and then get back their apartments at 10 PM and still need to study their playbooks and for their classes. I get just as pissed as Cobb does every single game when I hear the boos and the “HARTLINE SUCKS!! I WANT GILLESPIE!!” or whatever they say.

  216. Synnre

    Complaining that people showed up late? I showed up before the defense did.

  217. soup

    I guess Cobb may be a Wildcat, but this shows he’s still from Tennessee…..

  218. Doc LOLliday

    214 – idiot

  219. Slick Willie

    He souldn’t have said it but I agree with him. Some of our fans and so of you need punched right in the mouth for the way they have treated Hartline for example. I sit in the crowd last night and listened to people from all angles bitch nonstop about Joker, Brown, and Hartline. Their bitching didn’t stop until Cobb caught the final touchdown pass. Think about the game Harline played last night and then imagine how anyone could be critical of him for the entire game.

  220. Just saying

    I will resume watching UK football when Mike Hartline leaves. I don’t care if he had a “good” game last night or not, nobody should be subjected to watching despicable quarterbacking game in and game out.

  221. Stickman

    He should have directed some of his anger toward the defense. The marching band showed up before the defense did.

    At least it’s only football. Bring on the real sport and Free Enes.

  222. EastKYgal

    Most of you are grown men. Act like it. Grow up and leave Randall Cobb alone. This is a kid (emphasis on kid) that plays his heart out every single week and is full of passion for this team. I don’t think anyone can really argue with his points. I was in Commonwealth last night and people were leaving after the first quarter. The crowd did nothing to get behind the team when it was down, but celebrated as it made the comeback. Had the crowd been as loud in the first half as the second half, we may have seen a different team much sooner. AND SHAME ON EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT HAS LEFT NEGATIVE REMARKS ON HIS TWITTER FEED!

  223. Kwispy Kweme

    221) What? You must be “challenged” in the between the ears department. I was a hater of Hartline. I will gladly eat my words. Aside from two really bad throws, he’s been all-conference good.

  224. Kwispy Kweme

    And we gotta cut a 21 year old kid some slack. Expecially when he lays it on the line every week. He’s speaking to very vocal and ignorant minority.

  225. Randall Cobb

    Oops, sorry guys. I accidentally the twitter comments… 🙂

  226. john


  227. wildcats28732

    The truth hurts. However in the fans defense, until the University gets their act together to create an atmosphere in the stadium from the get go for these big time games (and all games), the fans will continue to be flat with no energy to get the team pumped up to start the game until the 4th quarter like the last two games. The student section is pathetic and is has been half full for the Auburn and USC games. Go anywhere else in the SEC, sans Vandy, and the administrations “get it” in terms of creating an in stadium atmosphere to get the fans into it for 4 quarters. Dont hate on The Legend!

  228. ADAM

    If anyone has the right to be mad at the fans it should be Mike Hartline.

  229. This is BS

    Yea…this pisses me off a lot. I’m a football fan 1st which is rare for a UK fan, but he doesn’t have the right to say this when you lose games you should easily win…see Ole Miss, Tennessee 3x and Vandy numerous times! If it’s like that, we don’t need you. And that sucks to say because I’m now going to have to change one of my animals names which I named after this douch!

  230. Kwispy Kweme

    Justin = Troll (or idiot) (or, more than likely, both)

  231. stevied

    Would he be saying these things if they had lost.

  232. anducallurselfsfans

    I completely agree with randall here, if people think they can talk shit about the team they say they love, then why cant he call them out, if your not one the fans who do this dont worry about it and if you are one shut the hell up and support your team.

  233. phc1210

    One thing I do know, for any fan who defends their right to leave early whenever the play is bad, to not show when the odds are long, or to beat the traffic home despite whatever the scoreboard says, I have a team you can get behind…the UL Cardinal football team. There’s tens of thousands just like you. Let’s be UK fans, not UL fans.

  234. Kwispy Kweme

    230) Leaders and passionate people say things they wish they could take back or keep to themselves. I’ll take Cobb any day of the week, warts and all.

  235. ShagOnSports

    I could not agree with Randell more… The guy behind me last night kept yelling Brown Sux and how come we never blitz… We blitzed 80% of the plays in the first half on defense… Brown has coached great D the prior two years and there is allot of youth and a talent drop off on defense this year… I am sick of the people that leave every week at half time or at the end of the 3rd Qtr to “beat traffic” of what ever their lame excuse is… There is nothing like celebrating in the parking lot after a huge win in football… Amen Randell, way to call out the fair weather fans (Granted it is not all of them)… As for the Hartline detractors my god you just do not know anything about football…

  236. allenjones

    Good job Randall. Why should people be able to criticize you but you cant say anything back?

  237. Kwispy Kweme

    Most of you guys that take umbrage with what RC said have probably never played sports and need to get a little thicker skin.

  238. Doc LOLliday

    230 – He has every right to speak his mind. What gives you the right to comment on them losing games they should have one. See what i did there?

  239. Diddy

    I also think Randall should take this time to bash the US Military, The Girlscouts, Easter, and puppies. I mean we just beat South Carolina and Spurrier.
    Dang it Randall, enjoy your life. This is ridiculous. It is Sunday, it is beautiful, you are the greatest football player in a decade at UK. There are beautiful women everywhere.
    You should be guiding us, not blocking us. We are McLovin

  240. Crazy Cat Lady

    I fully support and agree with what he said. Sorry he felt like he had to apologize.
    Matt Jones at the start of the football season was a pretty perfect example of the
    typical UK fan, covering it basically begrudgingly. As the season has progressed,
    it has pretty much been like “Thank god BB is here and we don’t have to think
    about FB any more.” This win changed all that. ‘Be interesting to see if anything
    changes, but I doubt it. Interesting too KSR at least trying to rally the fans
    by suggesting better music. God Bless Randall Cobb for suggesting better fans.

  241. dukeoflouisville

    I ask, why did he wait till they had a big win, to call out the fans.

  242. Diddy

    Maybe Randall Cobb is mad that he didn’t get to come out as The UnderTaker



  244. Just saying

    READ THIS SITE and you will see what he means. Every post following the Florida loss was about if Hartline needed to be replaced, if Brown needed to be replaced, and wondering if we would ever win another game in the SEC. The #10 team in the nation shows up in Lexington, on a perfect Saturday night in October,and UK is FOUR THOUSAND short of a sell out?? Just one night after 24000 show up for UKs basketball PRACTICE!!

    He has every right to be mad, and whoever (including Matt Jones) that wishes they “hadnt seen this”, needs to realize that UKs basketball AND football teams read this site. Its supposed to be pro-UK, but the football team has been BLASTED on here for three weeks now. I bet the team wishes they “hadnt see that” either!!

  245. Upper Section Student

    Maybe if it wasn’t so painful to watch some of the games that we seem to blow our load on, I would see your point, Cobb. You’re a great player and I’ll always hope we win but when you see the games from our perspective, you might understand why we aren’t contempt.

  246. Just saying

    230. You sir are exactly the fan Cobb was talking about. First of all THIS UK team has not lost to TNx 3, and Vandy many times. THIS UK team has yet to play Vandy and UT. Secondly, if a 19 year old kid, that is frustrated and says something, upsets you so much you need to change the name of “one of your animals” then maybe YOU ARE THE DOUCH.

  247. Aristotle

    Get a grip, people. Honestly. If a couple of semi-controversial (at best) Twitter posts can make you “lose respect” for Randall Cobb, then you’re part of the problem. Literally everything Randall Cobb has done since arriving on campus has been about respect – for Cobb himself as a player, teammate, student, and human being, and for Kentucky as a program. He’s earned his respect. What about you? What have YOU done to earn HIS respect? Bought a ticket? Taken a road trip? “Bled blue”? Give me a break.

  248. StratCat

    The people that are supporting what Randall did are nuts. He played a fantastic game and he deserves a lot of credit, but he needs to settle down. The first half of the game was abysmal, and prior to that, they didn’t do what they had to do to get the win. Simple as that. There was little to be giddy about until the second half of that game.

    We showed up to the game, didn’t we? The crowd was a big reason South Carolina got rattled, down the stretch, in my opinion. They weren’t giving the fans any reason to cheer, so the crowd was having a hard time getting into it.

    There are always going to be idiots that don’t understand what is happening, in every fanbase, and Cobb needs to realize this.

  249. Stewart Atwood

    I have no problem with what Mr Cobb said. He is telling the truth. I can admit thus because I am one of the ones he is talking about. I honestly could give a rats ass about going to a football game. I tailgate and go home. I may watch it on tv but chances are I find something else better to do. He is speaking the truth and the ones that are mad are just pissed because they don’t want to admit it. On October 15th each year, football becomes an afterthought. I am feeling no different today than I would have if they had lost. Basketball is totally different. After a big win I feel great for days. Aftrer a loss I go into total meltdown. I offer no apologies for who I am. I also understand Cobbs frustration with fans like me. Vent all you want Randell. But I will never change.