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Quincy Miller and UK Done


Today on our radio show, we had Evan Daniels of and he confirmed what had been rumored for some time, specfically that Quincy Miller and UK have essentially parted ways. Daniels said that the reason for this parting is half Anthony Davis and half the relationship that has been built between Brian Clifton and new UL Assistant Basketball Coach Tim Fuller. I will go even farther than Evan and say that when Brian Clifton (John Wall’s former AAU coach) became a huge part of Miller’s recruiting process, UK exited stage left. John Calipari and Brian Clifton dont like each other and Wall came to UK despite Clifton pushing him in another direction. The recruiting folks (both nationally and locally) cant say that because they dont want Clifton mad at them, but what do I care…he can get in line.

Now Miller is likely leaning Louisville and Daniels said that he might even commit to the Cards on his visit this weekend. It would be Pitino’s highest ranked commitment ever at Louisville and one of the bigger coups that he has pulled off while there, especially considering that we are just post-Sypher trial. And when UL friends brag about getting such a player, remind them that it took (a) UK taking a player ranked one place ahead of him and (b) the Cards hiring a “shoe” agent…something they used to criticize UK for (even though they had never actually done it) last year.

A good get if it happens for UL…and the picture above can grace the Erruption Zone when he comes in a Cardinal uniform.

Article written by Matt Jones

41 responses to “Quincy Miller and UK Done”

  1. bigbluedude

    his loss, he will labor in obscurity for his year or two in 15secondville

  2. BigRudy

    Hopefully he finds what’s best for him. The kid is super confident and skirts the line between confidence/arrogance, but more power to him. He is a very good player- when I found out he was on sweet on UK a while ago, I was pretty excited. Oh well, our class is still ridiculous

  3. My Big Enes

    He said he wanted to be hated. UofL it is.

  4. tdogg4033011

    3) Hated?? just in Kentucky …. anywhere else UL is irrelevent !!!

  5. echo 1

    3 – Indeed. Mission accomplished Q. Something tells me UK will be OK in 2011. This is a good get for Pitino. I honestly don’t think I could look at Pitino without laughing if I was an 18 year old kid. Seriously, how can anyone respect him? Sure, his ability to coach wasn’t on trial, but man, his self-respect sure was and he was convicted.

  6. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    It’s his loss for sure. Before Cal had better options with Jones and Davis locked down, he had an opening, even with the major question marks around him, to be here. You snooze, now you go to little brother, or Baylor.

  7. Bluejuice

    I think UK stopped recruiting him when they heard the rumor that Clifton was “shopping” him around.

  8. My Big Enes

    4. Yes, but where else could he go and be MORE hated than UofL?

  9. Bluegrasscat22

    Good call on that last sentence Matt, I have a feeling that photo will follow him around his entire career if he ends up at UL.

  10. uk-Believe

    Hahah. Lousiville taking UKs leftover. But seriously, a good get for lousiville and I wish the kid the best whever he goes!

  11. gameday

    8 – in Kentucky nowhere. If he wants to be hated nationally Duke

  12. WestWorld

    From an earlier article in USA Today:
    “Fuller counts several NBA luminaries, including Boston Celtics star and Louisville native Rajon Rondo, among his friends. Fuller and Rondo even worked out together shooting jumpers in a high school gym the night before Game 7 of the NBA Finals.
    Rondo spurned his hometown school and opted to play for Kentucky. Fuller’s goal is to make sure the best players in the area don’t slip through Louisville’s fingers again.”

  13. Scutaro

    I love you telling Clifton to get in the hate line Matt. Funny stuff.

  14. Cliver

    If he goes to Louisville, I sure as hell don’t wish the best for him. Otherwise, whatever. Kid kind of seemed like a turd anyway. I’m glad Cal’s going for talent AND character, and not just talent.

  15. Daniel Orton

    I told Q miller to commit to Kentucky but he turned my own line on me and said “I can’t motherf*cker!!!”

  16. Quincy Miller

    Coach Pitino told me to hurry up and make a decision! He is always pushing me to hurry up! He said he could have pulled the trigger in no time. Sometimes, I don’t know what he’s talking about.



  18. Quincy Miller

    Maybe I should place a call to the Jamaican basketball Association and ask them how Pitino made another top-5 recruit, Samardo Samuels, into an NBA lottery pick.

    oh wait..

  19. uk-rican

    i just hope that tim fuller dont steals 2013rodney purvis from uk


    So Matty. You’re supposed to have a meeting with the HL today, yes?
    Let us know how it goes. My continued subscription is riding on it.
    They continue their blackout, I cancel my paper.

  21. Boogiewoogie

    He might reconsider after he sees how awful Louisville is going to be this year and the “fan support” they show their players. Dumb move, Q. Look elsewhere if you want to be known.

  22. Big Dave's Moustache

    Thank GOD!!!! Now hopefully he will sign with Loserville and we can boo the dog snot out of him and the filthy cards when they come to RUPP>

  23. Mitch McConnells Jowls

    I want him to end up at UL. I always love watching Ricky 3 Stacks’ highly touted recruits languish and not develop, then get drafted in the 2nd round. Quincy, your turn!

  24. Talented

    This kid will be in the league regardless of who he plays for, and will go first round. You’re an idiot if you think otherwise. However, even if he drops 30 on us when we play the Cards, he’s still going to get smacked down like the little brother he will always be to us. Confident/cocky is pretty funny when it’s your own player, but I have a feeling if he becomes a Card he’s going to be the player we all love to hate. So if that’s what you want, Miller, you picked the right school.

  25. Flippy23

    The dude looks like Steve Urkle…..

  26. Flippy23

    ….and yes, he is a mouthy little sh*t……they say you can’t be around him for more than a few minutes without wanting to stick your finger down your throat…..

  27. DJO

    Samardo Samuels was Pitino’s highest rank commitment. Gatorade POY and #1 on Scout rankings.

  28. SagaciousMind

    27, thats what I was thinking. But if Miller was smart, he’d take notice of that and realize it took Samuels 3 years, undrafted and only picked up by the Cavs cuz James went to south beach. Either way, it’ll be fun watching Anthony Davis block all this shots. They say Davis is one of the best defensive players ever with his 7’4 wingspan. The game next year just got more interesting. But i’d rather him go to UL than Duke…love watchin those NC schools lose top talent out of their own backyard.

  29. WhiteKongDong

    I just don’t see him ending up at Louisville, especially after they suck it hardcore this year. Baylor just seems more logical if he is going to leave the state of North Carolina.

  30. NBA league pass

    I hope he does goto l-ville, otherwise the games are going to be boring by halftime, and that is my favorite game of the year.

  31. just saying

    Miller will get to see Rupp next year. just this time he wont like it!!

  32. KentuckyWildBoy

    Remember when TMZ came out with that article a few months ago saying NCAA was interested in the relationship between a player and an agent? Supposedly they were looking into the relationship between Clifton and Wall because Clifton use to be an agent and helped with the Reebok deal.

    Obviously nothing has come from that report but remember how UL fans were ripping Clifton and Wall and saying we were going to get nailed by the NCAA. Now they all love the guy.

  33. sortleader2

    We wish the kid well.

  34. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    I enjoyed the Evan Daniels segment a lot, Matt. You’re better on the radio than I thought you’d be — you sound like a pro. Keep up the good work.

  35. SagaciousMind

    32, Wall did have to repay money and set a couple of games. UL better be careful with Miller then. Would hate to see them get nailed and have to forefeit a whole season…on second though, no I wouldnt haha it would be hilarious cuz they all talk about Cal and UK and it would be happening to them. And in this case you really cant say, well Pitino didnt know cuz he does know Clifton.

  36. Cliver

    See if Evan Daniels will step in for Alex Kline.

  37. Bigblue88

    I watched the Elite 24 dunk contest and Quddus Bello was also doing the John Wall dance. Looks like UofL’s getting a bunch of Cats fans.

  38. Dennis Smith

    Slick had better do well by Quincy or he is toast. fact is, I can imagine the scenario where Ricky starts the “He is not ready” chatter towards the end of the season in hopes of intimidating him to stay another year.

  39. John Wall

    37, Time for me to fess up. That’s NOT the “John Wall” dance. I actually stole it from a Louisville rapper when hanging out there. Lexington was so lame, Cincy is dirty and I had to go some where else to chill. I picked that up while I was there.

  40. Lexylovesbigblue

    Miller, Its your loss. UK is what’s up!! So go on to Loserville. Have fun..
    UK is hwere it’s at and its where you win!! UK2K!!!

  41. Lexylovesbigblue

    JOHN!! Lexington isn’t lame!! Thats my home, MAN!! Love it to death!