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Quick Wednesday Hits….


Its been a long day, so lets do this rather quickly. Did some leg work and got the latest on the two recruitments that will haunt me for the rest of my life…..Patterson and Lucas. Here is how they both stand….

(1) Spoke first with Patrick’s mother who told me that “people who think Patrick has made a decision do not know what they are talking about.” She said that Patrick still changes his mind from week to week and that even she isnt sure where he really wants to go. The plan at this point is for Patrick to play in the McDonald’s All American game next week here in Louisville and then narrow his list to three schools soon after, making a decision the second week in April. She said that Kentucky has contacted Patrick a number of times and that he is still considering all six schools on his list. She said Patrick is in no hurry and is “willing to wait until the end before he decides.”

I also asked about the story that she had texted Patrick to ask if it was true that he had committed to Florida. I wondered if that meant she knew that this was a possibility. She said that wasnt it at all…..she said she wondered if “Patrick had said something to someone to appease them that may have been taken out of context.” She did not think that Patrick could have conceivably made a commitment to the Gators.

(2) As for Jai Lucas, he said tonight that he is planning on making a decision soon after the McDonalds Game. Right now he is just waiting to “let things play out” and hopes to make his final decision known very soon. He said that watching Kentucky in the tournament made him see where he could fit in with the Cats and their need for a player like him to play the point guard position. Lucas said that he has no plans to make his decision while in Louisville, but “you never know.”

There are your Patterson and Lucas updates after the harrowing events of the rumor mill today. I honestly have no idea what Patrick Patterson will do, and I am not sure anyone else does either. I think UF is probably in the best position, with UK slightly behind but Duke and UVA are more in the mix than most would like to believe. As for Lucas, I think it is much less open, but the events of the next couple of weeks will make things much clearer.

Will it ever end? I sometimes wonder. But at least we will have Mark Coury, who blog reader “Conley” told me was on television after the Kansas game in an interesting scenario. Apparently a local television station was interviewing Bradley in the locker room following the game, while in the background Coury was seen eating a hamburger. Play on Mark Coury….play on….

Article written by Matt Jones

109 responses to “Quick Wednesday Hits….”

  1. UKFanatic

    Was there no Quesadillas available for Napoleon?

  2. Katdaddy

    OMG, that is hilarious, ROFLMAO. I wished i could have seen Napoleon chomping down on that burger. Could be a burger king commercial in the making. lol

  3. Anonymous

    i’m obviously reading between the lines here, but to me, it sounds like jai will be at uk next year if tubby is here. patterson- i have no idea.

  4. cyeast97

    It would be much easier to put him in a McD’s comercial. Just throw some yellow suspenders on him.

  5. Daniel

    Matt, since you are my biggest fan it seems, I wanted to let you know that the production for the sequel was delayed a week.

    The last thing we need is to get caught reading our lines again.

  6. Bobby Adkins

    I agree Mickie D (and I’m not talking UK Lady Kats) is better than Burger King for commercials and taste. I hate “the King”. Whoever buys those playstation games is crazy!

  7. killer45

    how could anyone possibly want to go to duke with all the players they already i have, i mean come on.

  8. Daniel

    Why would anyone want to go to Duke?

  9. killer45

    well dude they have 10 burger boys coming in already this season like every other year.

  10. Big Hit

    Yeah i really dont understand that either. If Tubby doesnt land this kid and he ends up at Duke with the already loaded roster i will be at a loss for words.

  11. ukiwildcats2007

    The question is…. How exactly did Coury get that hamburger? You have to assume it was in the locker room for a good 3-4-5 hours..

  12. Daniel

    i was being sarcastic. There are 3 schools/teams I hate as much as the Cubs/Yankees: Duke, Louisville, and North Carolina

  13. JKW1974

    For some reason, I think Patterson and Lucas both will enroll at UK. I think Lucas is far more into it than Patterson, but that between Jai (who will) and Mom, Patrick ends up in Lexington.

    Of course, I also think Morris stays in Lexington for some reason…..

  14. Big Hit

    I would rather have Morris back than either of them.

  15. JKW1974

    Good list, #12. Of course most of those may be considered as evil minions of the darker side of the universe.

    The Cubs are just funny, and placed on earth to amuse Cardinal fans…….

  16. killer45

    i hate duke worse that uofl and unc just because of coach k, however i am really starting to hate florida really bad.

  17. Daniel

    Yea, after this year, they will officially be the worst team in a full century. It’s a shame that Soriano signed with the Cubs because I really liked the guy.

    I am optimistic that we get the both of them and get another top 10 class.

  18. Daniel

    I hear ya, 16, about Florida especially while Noah is there but it’s hard for me to hate Donovan since he was an asst. coach at UK.

  19. YankeeCpt (Jay)

    I don’t care if I read the same thing over and over, NEVER STOP POSTING! This stuff is like running out to the mailbox everyday in search of your tax return!

    Keep posting! every hour if possible!
    You keep me comin back for more
    Go Big Blue!

  20. ukiwildcats2007

    You don’t have to hate Florida much longer, I solemnly believe they will not be good next year. Especially, if famed Patrick Patterson comes to Kentucky. If we get Patterson and Lucas, I will personally buy a beer for every UK fan on this board…You know, I’d buy Patterson and Lucas a beer as well, but I think that is illegal and would probably violate some NCAA regulations…

  21. Daniel

    Could Florida pull an LSU and go from first to worst?

  22. Bevcat

    I keep waiting for you to report that Patterson is a slight UK lean, but it always the Gators. Still hope Momma has a strong influence in PP’s decision. If Morris stays and Jai comes, PP will come too. UK would be a top contender next year. Go Cats!

  23. JKW1974

    As a native of Central/Southern Illinois, I come from an area split evenly. The fact that we have been able to be fairly friendly. Soriano will most likely do ok, but I don’t have much faith in their pitching. Not that the Cards have great pitching, but who does?

    I do think we get both, and we do have a good start on the next class which should pick up some steam this Summer. And no, I am not an “apologist” as is accused sometimes…I actually think a change would be good for all concerned. However, I am not so blind as to be unable to give SOME credit to Finney being in to organize this thing a little…..

    Thank God it is Spring!!! Baseball is soon to be upon us, and the harshness and darkness of the Winter sports season to be forgotten with the first crack of bat against ball…….

  24. Conley

    The 90’s gave us Hulk Hogan and the “Saying your Prayers and eating your vitamins.” The 21st Century has now brought us Mark Coury and his saying your prayers and eating your “Coury Flurry” Burgers.
    I am telling you Matt, I am considering Marketing the “Coury Flurry” Ice Cream Sandwich. It has ALOT of potential as does Coury’s drop step “Flurry” move that he is developing for next year.

  25. YankeeCpt (Jay)

    I think:
    Tubby stays
    Randolph Morris stays and UK gets Patterson and Lucas.
    Along with a slew of new asst coaches!
    I loved teh Derek Anderson thought! That would be flat out AMAZING!

    Dump Tubby? Replace with Pat Riley? HOLY CRAP! that would be a shock that would spark the Bluegrass Nation.

    Nothing like starting the rumors that spark our offseason!

  26. Daniel

    In recent weeks, I will say that this and Deadspin have been visited more frequently than the political blogs on this pc so yes, Matt, keep it coming!!

  27. Wes

    Is it me or can anyone picture this exchange?

    Hobbs: Mark, give me some of your tots.
    Curry: No, go find your own.
    Hobbs: Come on, give me some of your tots.
    Curry: No, I’m freakin’ starving! I didn’t get to eat anything today.
    Hobbs: [kicks the tots]
    Curry: Ugh! Gross! Freakin’ idiot!

  28. bigsky

    What does this have to do with George Bush’s second very lame Attorney General?

  29. Florida

    20, 21 Wishful thinking for sure. Two five stars, two four stars add Patterson and it is a monster class. PLus Speights will be a monster at Center – easily an all-American candidate in a couple of years. Florida will be inexperienced next year (except at PG) but they will have some amazing pieces with lots of scoring capability. Like Noah and Horford, Speights is gonna prove that sometimes a 4 star is better than a 5.

  30. Jacob Adam Brooks

    I’m continually amazed at how some of you think Florida will magically be bad next year… 1 or 2 of the curent juniors are almost for sure staying. Brewer is probably gone, but Green’s staying and Horfords parents are trying to get him to stay as well so… if those two stay, you’ve got 2 SEC first teamers plus a top 15 freshman class this year followed by a probably top 10 class in 07… how in the world do you think they’re suddenly going to be bad.

    Donovan is not Tubby, Donovan gets recruits every year to replace the talent he’s losing and IF he gets patterson they will probably dominate us next year. I hate florida just as much as the next guy, but you all wishing they’ll suddenly be bad is not going to make it happen. They’re not going to just give up the SEC East, we have to take it, and to do that we have to bring in some talent.

  31. Aaronedge

    After PP made the academics comment regarding Duke on Matt’s radio show, I marked Duke off of his list. PP may want to play basketball at Duke but he does not want to go to school there. UVA may be in the mix, I truly have no idea. But I agree with an above poster that if Lucas commits to UK, then Lucas and PP’s parents will make UK a very desireable place for him to come. I am being cautiously optimistic here, but I think we have Lucas bagged and that PP is at worst a 50/50 right now.

  32. Crow

    Ah, the ubiquitous goiter of George Lucas. Why hasn’t a trusted assistant ever whispered in his ear to stop trimming his beard so high?

  33. waffaties

    Patterson and Lucas…Patterson and Lucas. They may turn into great college players. We may have Patterson for one year, and he’s probably gone.

    So let’s say we wait until after the GLorious Golden Arch Show, and don’t sign either one. What then?

    If these kids still can’t make up their mind, then, offer the ones that can. If kids like Pettigrew and the PG from (Scott County?) want an offer and can’t get one, they will go to some other school, and hauunt us in the future.

    IMO the only thing that kept Stevenson out of the lineup, and world domination, was 20 lbs of muscle, and experience.

    After we waited for commits that didn’t happen a few years ago, we had a senior class of WU, BP and Sheray. Two years ago, it was Carter and Williams.

  34. Crow

    Does anyone believe even if we get Patterson that he will be as good as Morris was last year when we lost 12 games? Where is the “improvement” going to come from, folks?

    Jai Lucas. We get him, is he going to be better than Rondo…. you know, the guy we lost 13 games with the year before? Wake up and smell the losses, people.

  35. Duke Vitale

    #27 That is hilarious. I can’t believe he only got like $1,500 to do that movie.

  36. Anonymous

    Did Coury have onions on the hamburger. You know what they say about guys who eat onions on their burgers?

  37. CCHblue

    Crow, Rondo played with BP, ST and Woo and a much less experienced Morris. Plus he did not have Meeks (no slight to Sparks). I’d say the talent surrounding Jai will be a couple of notches up, so it is not apples to apples.

  38. Can't Get Right

    Thanks for playing #29. I love it when Gator fans visit UK blogs to
    talk basketball. You can run along now, I hear Tebow is warming up
    on the practice field. 90% of the Gator Nation have no idea who
    Patterson is along with your boy Speights.

  39. Des Moines Rugby

    The posters thinking that Lucas and Patterson will solve our problems are living in a fantasy world.

  40. AMH

    #39 Your posts for the most part make me believe that you are emotionally depressed,
    and/or are seeking acceptance you never had as a child.

    You need a hug dude, or at least some good prescription med’s for your condition.

  41. Clay

    These two recruits are going to wait till after they get out of Ky to announce. I can’t blame them some of our idiot fans could do anything!

  42. KYCraig

    #39 – Why do we recruit then? If Freshmen don’t solve problems?? Do you not think that UK needed a big, strong PF to hit the boards…ala Al Horford? How about the turnovers down the stretch in many of the close losses? Jai Lucas was born to play PG. I look for him to have the impact next year that Ty Lawson had this year @ UNC.

  43. Tim

    39, what do you know? I watched a team that all year struggled from the PF and PG positions. Upgrading the talent there will help.

  44. Michael Clarke

    #12: I like your style.

  45. Papel_Hygienico

    If Lucas has paid attention at all while watching the Cats, and I suspect he has, then he will realize that this team is his best possible fit. It’s the one place where he could likely start from day one and honestly make a five or more game difference in the record. Especially if Morris is back, the Cats are only a point guard away from being a top ten team next year. That was what cost them nine of their twelve losses this year.

  46. Papel_Hygienico

    33, you are correct about the class four years ago having major misses, though remember that Shagari WAS a top 50 recruit coming in.

  47. bwb

    #40 instead of berating #39 why dont you give us data to confirm that Tubby can and has done ANYTTHING wiht burger boys? #39 is correct,they may make us better,but they will not make us elite,they will be freshmen,and I see what Tubby does with freshmen.

  48. tls

    #34 .. LUcas can shoot and Rondo can’t .. that will make a huge difference.
    Carter, Stevenson, Stewart, Meeks, Harris ALL better than what RR had to work with.
    Only Sparks was a strength last year with RR. PP is not good enough to be a one year player.
    He will play at least 3 years wherever he goes.

  49. JBOY

    i think people should start to give some props to AJ Stewart, hes a baller but has been forgotten by the wildcat faithful due to patterson. show the man some love, he could be a good one. also IMO we need jai more than we need patrick, although both would be tits. aw yea

  50. ricdix

    @ ukiwildcats2007 I’ll be looking forward to that drink.
    I also believe we get JL and PP. Its a win win for everyone.
    Morris will have to decide if he wants to take his game to the development league and play in front of nobody for chump change. Or stay and raise his stock by playing for an improved coaching staff and teammates. Not to mention that he will be a huge media focus next season.

  51. gvillecat

    long time reader, first time poster.

    As a long time UK fan who now finds himself in Gainesville, Fl, the last 2-3 years have been painful. With that said, noone should feel like we are out of the woods yet. Horford, Noah, and Brewer are gone. Taurean Green played himself into coming back for his senior season. Speights is legit, Werner will be a decent, Powell and Mitchell are very athletic but are unknowns. Add a top 10 recruiting class (with or without PP) and the Gators are not going to disappear. Trust me, this is NOT Gator love, its the truth.

    I agree with 49 that AJ is a talented, athletic kid. Dont forget about him.

  52. catman2004

    JBOY dont know nothing he is probally some bum that is a wanna be fan!

  53. Pete

    #47, bwb: Yeah, Tubby doesn’t do anything with freshman. I bet Meeks is pissed that he was the first off the bench and only named a freshman All-American, and that Jasper was irritated by all those starts he got this year.

    The notion that Tubby won’t play quality freshman is as much a misconception as the notion that he is a control freak that won’t delegate responsibility to his assistants.

  54. Papel_Hygienico

    53, Good point, and Tubby has started freshmen point guards two of the last three seasons!

  55. UKWildcat831

    I was lookin at a UK poster that had all our championship banners on them and noticed that out of the last six decades ending in 8 we have won 4 titles (’48, ’58, ’78, & ’98). Hopefully, that means we have a 67% chance of winning it all next year and I’ll take those odds….I guess its obvious that I’m trying to find some optism about next season huh.

  56. catman2004

    #55 haha good point

  57. TubbyCAT

    Tubby has a history of playing freshman as long as they are willing to play defense, look at his history and you will see that.

    I really feel AJ Stewart and Mike Williams are going to be very good recruits, Williams is better than most fans on here give him credit for. AJ Stewart is a baller, a winner(STATE CHAMPS), and he is a great kid! Ramon Harris is going to surprise people also, this barrel isn’t as empty as some people want to portray it to be.

    IF, and it is a big, IF! W/Morris back and if we get PPAT and Jai(I think he is our’s to lose), or Jai and another PF I think this team/program is a lot closer to being great then we realize.

    We all know recruiting has been turned up a notch w/Finney back on board, at least making contact and un-officials much earlier than the past. W/Draymond Green, possibly Kenny Frease, and then an Ed Davis, Malcolm White, or Kevin Jones, plus Darius Miller possibly. That would be three straight very good incoming freshman classes. That is all anyone can ask for!

  58. TubbyCAT

    We need more of that optimism, #55!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. DAMtheluck

    Desmond Allison, Gerald Fitch, Chuck Hayes, Keith Bogans, Jason Parker(etc…) are also equally disappointed that they didn’t get the opportunity to play significant minutes during their freshman campaigns as well….

    Shame on Tubby…He hates Freshmen

  60. Han

    57) Well said, and I agree with you, but unfortunately, this year was supposed to be so much better than last one. We returned Joe and Morris, had Bradley stepping into the point, had Perry looking magical at Big Blue Madness and the BW game, and the only real weak spot was going to be the 4, with a hopefully finally healthy Sheray. Add in Carter with a year of experience, Woo for some solid minutes, and the big upside of the freshman class…well, most of the guys didn’t live up to our expectations this year.

    That said, like you, I am already seeing great things for next year. 😉

  61. wildest cat

    MORRIS will be gone UK will not be good
    wait and see TUBBYS worst year yet to come.

  62. T Svoboda

    Anyone else thinking the family might be pressuring PP into UK a little bit, having realized how difficult it will be to pack and move to Gainesville/Durham? They always said they would move where he went to college, but that’s easier said than done. I think that’s our best chance, otherwise, I think he goes UF.

  63. Gimel Feldhaus

    #57. Mike Williams is yet another 7 footer project that wont work out like Woo, Carter, Shegari.

  64. catman2004

    #59, it takes time for most kids to learn how to play the game first. they have to learn from the upperclassmen. not every recruit is a kevin durrant right out of HS. Experience+Talent=success

  65. Patrick

    I would go to UK but I am afraid I may not get enough PT with the talented forwards on the roster. The burger kid seems primed to make waves at UK next year. I do think my buddy Lucas will go to UK though. Jasper just cant shoot the ball.

  66. Clay

    Did you guys know TCCAT was a Travel Agent! Laugh my ass off!!

  67. lexslamman

    Lots of chicken-littles in the fanbase lately. The sky’s not exactly falling – the ceiling may have been lowered by a foot or two (ie: expectations and results are dropping) but the program in and of itself is still healthy and productive. It doesn’t need to make a final four (or even the NCAA Tournament) each year to still be a benefit to the university. Most of the people who are making such a big deal over the reduced level of success never even went to UK – or college in general, for that matter.

  68. Han

    63) How many times have you seen him play? Just curious, since you’re so sure he won’t work out here.

    Who needs McDonalds All Americans when we have an American eating all the McDonalds in Coury?

  69. ricdix

    Before its too late, props to the Senior class. I personally will remember Thomas as the warrior he was his freshman season. (Its a shame he was later challenged with medical issues.) Bobby, for peaking in March and Woo for being….. well, Woo. I wish them the best of luck.

  70. TubbyCAT

    I feel the same way #69, props to those 3 seniors for also taking the ridicule of a un-realistic fan base. they represented themselves and the program very well, we need not forget that!

    I just got a gut feeling that this is about to start looking up pretty soon!

  71. Des Moines Rugby

    I find it hilarious that posters that have a different opinion (read negative view of the program) are somehow depressed and miserable in life compared to the unabashed positive posters. This is a tried and true political tactic. Rather than debating the veracity of the post attack the poster. No wonder our program is going downhill.

    #67 I graduated from UK in 1984 and I can tell you that many of the alums are not happy about the current state of the program.

  72. Aaronedge

    #65, I’m sure PP knows that he will be playing over Perry Stevenson. This is a talent issue. I love Perry as much as the next guy, but I’d rather have PP.

  73. Des Moines Rugby

    Good to see the Tubby Super Friends out in force today. They’ve already put last season behind them and are starting to already put a smiley face on next year.

  74. Jake Ryan

    #49: “i think people should start to give some props to AJ Stewart, hes a baller but has been forgotten by the wildcat faithful due to patterson.”

    …and the fact that he’s ranked 138th in his class.

    #73: No kidding. I can’t wait for September, when Tom Gray will forecast a 28-4 record and a Final Four appearance.

    These people crack me up…

  75. Kyle Mann

    I have a feeling we aren’t going to land Patrick Patterson. Duke and Florida are much more stable situations with, most likely, a better chance for success. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if I were a recruit, I don’t think I would want to step into this situation at Kentucky.

    The overwhelming feeling is ‘maybe these recruits will save Tubby’s job.’ Would you want to play your college basketball in an enviornment like that? Tubby could be much more stable than we know in terms of job security; I could be way off.

    My point is… these recruits aren’t going to fix what has gone wrong recently. The hole may be a bit too deep at this point.

  76. R. Smith

    Patterson didn’t have to watch UK all year to know his role. Bobby Perry and Sheray Thomas are seniors. He’s known for several months he is the only PF of significance still out there.

    What more can you offer the kid than an empty front court?

  77. J Guess

    I didn’t know Coury was a “burger boy”

  78. Calicat

    At the end of 2004 Penn State football (one of the programs with the most tradition in the nation) was 4-7 and 27-36 over the previous 5 years. The fan base was calling for Joe Pa to retire because he was out of touch and played a “boring” defence focused style. In 2005 two highly touted freshmen recruits (who were close friends and kept in touch with each other during the recruitment process) decided to go because they say places on the team where they could fit in and wanted help inprove a team with such a rich history, and save an embattled coach (who has a history of not playing freshmen).
    PSU went 11-1 the following year (their only loss coming in a last second play against Michigan) and beat Florida State in the Orange bowl to get a #3 ranking at the end of the year. Last year they dropped off a little, but still went 9-3 and beat SEC #2 Tennesee (SEC #1, Florida won the top game you might remember) in the Outback bowl.
    Joe Pa doubters shut the hell up, the program got back on track, and we’re looking to contend for a BCS game again next year.
    That first part sound a little bit like UK hoops? It’s meant to. To all you naysayers out there who just want to bitch and moan, call the coach wothless, the recruits chumps, and have ZERO optimism out there, I’m sick of hearing from you. Change can, and does happen. Let’s hope it happens next year for UK hoops.

  79. TubbyCAT

    AMEN, #78! Well SAID!

  80. Pete

    Agree, #78. Not to mention the fact that PSU looks a lot better for giving Joe Pa the chance to turn things around, and that the Joe Pa legacy reads a lot better because of the last two seasons.

  81. MMfiji

    Just to point out…the ” Tubby Super Friends” is an attack on a specific group of posters…you’re not much better are you?

  82. Daniel

    78, Amen!!

  83. bwb

    It’s always next year with some,so when is “next” year suppose to come? I have been waiting since 1999.

  84. Crow is an idiot

    And a dumb redneck like the rest of the Dynasty Defender hicks that think they serve any purpose but whining like abused house wives. Leave the state, go to Mississippi where you belong.

  85. Des Moines Rugby

    #84 Another ignorant post from a poster attacking the fan base.
    Do you feel better? The last time I checked I wasn’t the one getting paid $2.5 million for running a basketball program that was producing mid major results.Save your insults for someone that cares about your opinion.

  86. This is so wrong...

    #85, then I take it you are one of them…Heres a hint. Get an education, get some teeth, and get a job.

    Last time I checked Kentucky was making the highest revenuue in the country from basketball, Tubby should be paid the most… And how is what the man makes any of your concern? This isn’t the alumni’s money, almost all of it comes from endorsements. The only reason you are concerned about his money is because you are making 7.35 workin for LeeRoy’s fencing company. Im so sick of the STUPID HICK faction of UK fans trying to bring UK down.. MOVE TO MISSISSIPPI. YOU ALL SUCK. GET A FREAKING CLUE. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO TELL YOU.

  87. Des Moines Rugby

    #86 Another person using insults. You seem a bit angry. Maybe some therapy will help you.

  88. Gimel Feldhaus

    #68. I have seen him play twice in person and my cousin is a sophomore in the same high school conference aas Williams and says he is not very good for his size and people in the area couldnt believe UK signed him so early/. They say he is a big time project. I hope it works out but lets face it, Tubbys track record sucks with developing project big men.

  89. Crazy Bastage

    DMR-I’m not angry and I can see you’re a piss ant.

  90. Norrin

    Rugby is just a raging ragger. Ignore him and his ilk. They’re not worth getting mad about.

  91. ricdix

    @ Gimel Feldhaus – Tubby’s bigs that have been projects have typically been left over late additions. The story is we got Williams early before others discovered him. Lets just hope this works out.

  92. Gimel Feldhaus

    I hope so, ricdix, i hope so.

  93. Des Moines Rugby

    #89&90 Sorry guys you are just mad that I don’t follow the party line on here. I’ve been watching the CATS for 40 years and there is definitely a problem in Lexington.
    You believe Tubby is the answer and I don’t. It is really that simple.

  94. Because you're a redneck

    Let me get a kleenex for you to whine bitch and moan the next 3 years because Tubby isnt getting fired… Just whiiine and moooan some more. sniffle sniffle..

  95. I'm Just Sayin

    89,90&94 When Tubby gets hired at Tulsa again you can all go follow him there and find a blog so you can kiss his a##. You can call anyone who disagrees with you a redneck or ignorant or whatever. I wanted Tubby to go this year but momentum looks like it will save him for one more. But after next year’s inevitable huge, embarrasing failure we will finally be rid of him and we can stop having to listen (or read) self-righteous, pompous, immature hate spewers like you.

    We try to argue rationally, you just beg Matt to clean us off the board and throw darts. Well not much longer now.

  96. I'm Just Sayin

    78 The difference between Joe Pa and Tubby is Paterno ACTUALLY won championshipSSS with players he ACTUALLY recruited. He had a HISTORY of top of the line success. Tubby doesn’t.

  97. Crow

    More fan-hating posts attacking Kentucky fans as rednecks and racists on Matt Jones’ covert Duke site. What else is new.

  98. Norrin

    You guys are tripping. I don’t get mad at you guys anymore. You’re funny actually.

  99. Anonymous

    some of you dudes sure do love your opinions

  100. JimmyJoeJohn

    Just from observation, The Pro Tubby side is a little more ridiculous…
    In there eye’s you’re a bad fan unless you agree with them or thats how they come across.
    Everyone has opinions and their right to them. Labeling someone “Idiot”, “redneck”, etc.. because they have a differing opinion is at the very Least Childish.

  101. Anonymous

    both sides generalize too much

    and some on each side are bigger jerks than others

  102. Des Moines Rugby

    #100 So true. I never call people names that have a differing opinion. It serves no purpose and it usually is an indication of that you are losing the debate on facts, so they resort to gutter tactics. Honest discourse is what we should all want.

  103. JimmyJoeJohn

    #101 Greed, Thats why I said the Pro side was a LITTLE more ridiculous… both sides have their, umm…

  104. Norrin's a Sissy

    Maaaaatttttttt, there bad mouthing Tubby again, pleeaaaaassssseeeee can’t we geeetttt rid of theeemmmmmmmm!!!!!

  105. Jacob Adam Brooks

    I’ve never minded people totally loving Tubby, that’s their perogative… but when they treat us who don’t 100% support tubby every step of the way… like We’re a bunch of idiot rednecks who are bringing down UK, that’s when it bothers me… Instead of saying, yes… tubby has done some really bad recruiting and it’s led to the state we’re in.. .he needs to fix it… they blame the other fans saying that it’s our negativity that’s keeping players away. Then they go on to call any recruit we DO get the next coming of Michael Jordan… It’s frustrating when someone like me sees that the talent level at UK is definately not where it should be and on top of it I have all these other fans begging to get Pettigrew on the team and Saying Mike Williams is a helluva steal. That AJ Stewart is a major impact recruit…

    I don’t have anything against Williams, Stewart or Pettigrew, but with the state we’re in we don’t need to take Pettigrew. We need Rusher, Patterson, or Lucas and even it we don’t et one of them we need to save the scholly for 08. Taking Pettigrew will mean taking a kid only becasue we didn’t get the other kids we wanted and that’s how we got in this situation in the first place. Sims, Thomas, Woo, Harris and I think bobby perry too were all kids we got after our A-list guys didn’t commit… We need talent, if tubby can’t get it, then he doesn’t need to use a 4 year spot on a back up plan.

  106. I'm Just Sayin

    Good post, they’ll call you an ignorant redneck though.

  107. Lame duck tubby

    no, Han will agree with you all the while telling you that you’re wrong and that I should shut up and support tubby…… I thought we were just supposed to wait til the end of the season before we start complaining… now it’s the end of the season and we still can’t say much about the state of the program for fear of scaring off PPAT and AJAI… I don’t care what happens but it needs to happen soon. If we want to get PPAT or JAI Tubby needs to be endoresed if Mitch is just waiting to endorse tubby based on whether or not we get PPAT and JAI then they’re not going to end up coming here… and he should be fired sooner rather then later.

    We can’t say anythig negative right now because we don’t want to scare off PPAT and JAI since tubby made sure they’rea all that’s left out there…

    We can’t be negative after they go elswhere because we’ll scare off any backup plans

    We can’t be negative after that because the 07-08 season hasn’t started yet and there’s no point in being negative.

    We can’t be negative during 07-08 because we’ll scare off potential 08 recruits.

    We can’t be negative after 07-08 because we’ll scare off any backup plans for 08 etc etc etc

    There’s gotta be a time and a place to evaluate and say… hey… somethings not right here. Being positive all the time and acting like everything is honkey dorey isn’t going to solve all the problems…

  108. Des Moines Rugby

    If you don’t face the problems you can’t correct them. Being in denial isn’t going to correct this situation.

  109. Anonymous

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