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Quick Thursday Notes


Well, here I am.  Sorry to those of you who are real sticklers for routine and like your Matt Jones Thursday posts to break up your Wednesday and Friday Beisner posts.  I’m just as disappointed as you are, though, and I promise to make quick work of this.  I need to hit the sack.  Here are a couple of brief notes from a fairly action-packed Thursday:

 – In the process of his cross-state tour, Cal got in a couple of subtle Clyde jokes.  The first came at his appearance in Louisville, when he told the crowd that he wanted the job two years ago but following Tubby would have been tough.  “Now,” Cal said, “ya’ll need me”.  Then, late this evening, he posted the above picture with the one that got away from Clyde, Jeannine Edwards, who was apparently at the Women’s Clinic tonight.  It might have been innocent and simply titled “with our special guest at the women’s clinic”, but it was still amusing.  And I’d like to think it was intentional.

 – Also, while in Louisville, Calipari made mention of Big Blue Madness and said that he wants the event to be more about the players and not the new coach.  He said that UK has asked him to address the crowd this year, which he will probably do, but will not be doing so in the future.  On specifics of the event, Coach said that you can expect it to be all about basketball.  “We dont need rap songs or painted faces…I dont think they want to see the players dance..I think they want to see them on the court.” So, sorry to those of you that were hoping for a repeat of Bobby Perry’s rendition of “Party all the Time” or Shagari, Ramel and Joe Crawford (?) doing a RUN DMC impression.

 – And speaking of next Friday, UK released a statement today on the Big Blue Madness ticket situation and some of the criticisms of the process.  In the letter, the school said that the were “disappointed” that tickets ended up for sale online and that they would review the current distribution process in an effort to make it more effective in the future.  You can read the whole release here (at the bottom of the page).

 – Perhaps my favorite moment of the day, though, was at the opening of the luncheon in Louisville when Southeast Christian Church pastor Rich Shanks opened with a prayer that included wishing for a long, successful Calipari tenure and a random giving of thanks for Kentucky great Mike Pratt.  So, I guess I’d like to take this time to apologize to Mike Pratt.  I haven’t been giving thanks for you at night and I want you to know that it has nothing to do with you.  It’s all me. You are certainly thanks-worthy and I plan to rectify that situation moving forward.  I hope there are no hard feelings.  And to my unborn son, sorry.  Dad can’t concentrate for too long while praying and your spot just got taken by Mike Pratt.  When you get named an All-American and score 1,000 career points, we’ll reevaluate your prayer standing.

 – On today’s SEC coaches teleconference, Steve Spurrier was asked about the state of the Cats, The Ole Ball Coach said that “anybody in the country would be 2-2” after playing Florida and Alabama.  While this is likely just coachspeak and he has some stronger, less political feelings underneath, it was still somewhat a gesture of respect for Rich Brooks’ team.  I guess.

 – On the same conference call, Rich Brooks was asked what he thought of the early start time for some of his team’s games.  Brooks said that he preferred the noon start when on the road because “The tailgaters don’t have quite enough time to get well-oiled”. Win or lose, he at least gives out a good line every single time he steps in front of a microphone.

 – In an interesting non-UK story, Alabama linebacker Courtney Upshaw had domestic violence charges dismissed against him….thanks to the victim’s Tide-loving dad.  Apparently the father of the women involved in Upshaw’s domestic dispute is a huge Alabama fan that pleaded with Nick Saban after Upchurch’s arrest to not punish the linebacker and shouted “Roll Tide” as he and his daughter left the courthouse following the dismissal of the charges.  Ladies and gentleman, please do not compare UK basketball fans to Alabama football fans ever again.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned throughout the day as we get you all geared up for Spurrier and Co. and continue to build toward a very exciting evening next Friday.  See you in a few…

Article written by Thomas Beisner

32 responses to “Quick Thursday Notes”

  1. Secretariat

    First! Finally…wow, I’m a loser…

  2. UKSoCalCampus

    1- It’s ok it happens

  3. adaircam4
  4. WildcatScratchFever

    If you’re ever truly happy because you posted first, you should have your head examined.

  5. hooperstar54

    on the madness tickets…. its understandable that people are selling them, if others are willing to pay that much for the tickets then you can’t relle blame them for selling them. my problem with the whole thing is this…no offense to those who got their tickets on ticketmaster, but i believe if someone camps out in lexington overnight, stands in the cold from 3:30 a.m. to 7 am, those people deserve better seats than someone who wakes up at 6 am in their warm house and clicks a couple times. i understand not everyone can camp out due to work or other things, but if someone goes through that much trouble to drive to lexington, camp out in the cold, get no sleep, and stand in line for 4 1/2 hours, they deserve a better seat. i camped out and got upper arena, and i read on here that ppl got lower arena on ticketmaster. this should be something uk addresses next year.

  6. SagaciousMind

    Wow, puttin your love for a team over the fact that your daughter was victimized by abuse? Prime example of why some people shouldnt be allowed to reproduce.

  7. SagaciousMind

    5, agree about the seats part. I saw some ppl camped out and got upper level and I’d be pissed if that were me. As for sellin them, I’m against it. If you cant go and want to sell them, for a low price, just make up whatever costs u are out if u camped, understandable. But I am sure plenty of ppl got tickets for the purpose to sell and that is in kinds of ways messed up. Some ppl really wanted to go but cant bc they didnt get tickets and cant afford hundreds to go. Selling free tickets is just wrong anyway.

  8. Secretariat

    2- More often than I like to admit, lol

  9. C4LisMyH3R0

    Leavin Friday at noon to Columbia from Lex, going down there to represent! Hope there is a bunch of people comin with me! P.S. Big Blue Madness is in 8 days, wow

  10. daddy43040

    Am i the only one who dont like the whole no rap music or dancing thing?Is madness just gonna be a scrimmage between blue and white from now on?

  11. bige

    Hartline made a pass at Upshaw’s girlfriend….but Upshaw intercepted it. whaa whaa whaaaaaaaa

  12. I'm Just Sayin

    11 But he apparently still graded out at 86% for the attempt.

  13. DoctorJ

    Ahem. It’s “y’all” Tom, not “ya’ll”. I think even Calipari knows how to spell it.

  14. UKNation

    How on God’s green Earth do you take up for a football player rather than your own daughter.
    If that was my daughter I would be in the hospital for trying to kick his butt.
    Given that I am 5’6″ 157 lbs I would be own the wrong side of the beatin, but I’ll be
    dang if I pick a football player over my daughter, even if he plays for UK.

  15. dhwildcats10
  16. terwilliger

    #6 what are you, busta rhymes?

  17. crazydave4

    14)easy to say for football here, but just how big of a ball fan????

    Just kidding….truly jacked up priority system.

  18. Big Blue KY

    I have a teenage daughter who is in college and I tell you what..if that had happened to husband, her biological father and my son, would be in jail for whipping his a@@! No if and or buts about it!! It wouldn’t matter who he was or what team he played on…

  19. Big Blue KY

    That dad from Alabama should be in jail for being an idiot!!

  20. board@work

    According to the Deadspin article, SHE slapped him. I would be appalled if there was evidence
    that the football player hit her. It appears that the proper responses were made in this case,
    including the father defending the footballer. Should he defend his daughter for slapping someone?

  21. wildkatninja

    ROLL TIDE right across my daughter’s face, OUCH!!!

  22. Big Blue KY

    20) You are kidding right? Since when is it ok to do what the player did to a woman…Maybe you should read this link then come back and tell me why it was ok for a LINEBACKER to do what he did…AFTER she had walked away….Have you never heard that men should NEVER hit a woman…unless she has some type of weapon…Make sure to read what the police report said…

  23. Paul Crewes Bookie

    Jeannine Edwards is kind of a strange case. Sometimes she looks cute as a button, but other times, not so much. Am I the only one who feels this way?

  24. Paul Crewes Bookie

    #15, that article refers to coach as “JIM” Calipari. Ahhhahahaaa.

  25. Carlisle1974

    #23 I’m with you on this one…but more often than not, I likes me some Jeanine.

  26. MEWH

    The only way to solve the Madness debacle is to have the camp-out lead up to Madness. Let the crowd camp out starting the wednesday of Madness weekend. Distribute the tickets around 8am the morning of Madness. This gives the crowd time to go home and clean up before the event that night, and alleviates selling the tickets on stubhub. I tried to get tix on-line, and have camped out in the past. It is a special thing to go to Madness, and people it’s not asking too much to come to Memorial the morning of to get in line. Ticketmaster has screwed me twice, so I’d rather wait in line and have contact with a human.

  27. dhwildcats10

    24. Yeah I saw that and was like WTF??

  28. Cuz Cousins

    The girl, Kendall, that charged Upshaw went to Bob Jones High, in my city, Madison AL. This doesn’t surprise me a bit. It does sound like he was just restraining her because she was hitting him in the face though.

  29. meeksppatshow

    What I don’t understand is the fact that there is a team of about 10-12 scalpers, how come these guys aren’t busted and removed
    from Rupp or Commonwealth ? I see the same ones OVER and OVER…. Get a real job instead of ripping people off for
    tickets.. Then you go to craigslist and see the same email addresses and phone #’s over and over… Get a life fellas

  30. BigCatDaddy4263

    Does this “A” hole mean “John Calipari” and not jim, who is jim and where did he come from???

  31. bhtxcatfan

    Right on and well said #18. As a father of two daughters, I would do the same thing.

  32. Big Blue KY

    For the few that have said that, the player really didn’t do anything to his this that came from the police report…this occurred after she had slapped him and WALKED AWAY..

    Sgt. Rusty Romine of the University of Alabama Police Department reported in court documents obtained by the Press-Register that he SAW
    Upshaw CHASED DOWN Grzyb and he then “grabbed (Kendall) Grzyb by the back of the neck and hair with his right hand and pushed her downward in what appeared to be an attempt to push her to the ground.”

    If there is a guy on here that thinks that it is ok to CHASE down and do this to a woman…especially if you are a LINEBACKER…then you need help…IMO r-his-own-daughter-in-lovers-quarrel