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Putting the “Super” in “Superstitious”

One of the greatest lines from one of the greatest shows.


Today is the day.  Some people have already started calling the play-in games the “first round”, but those people are stupid.  If my bracket isn’t due, then the tournament hasn’t started yet.  Now is the time things start going down.  So of course, with any good competitive event, there are certain superstitions that could get involved.  Many famous athletes have their own quirky anomalies that help them to get through otherwise nerve-wracking events, like Bjorn Borg’s trend-setting “lucky beard” or Jason Terry’s nocturnal cross-team dressing, and fans are often little different.  Whatever the reasoning behind it (reinforcement vs. extinction, etc.), there’s little doubt that superstitions have pervaded the realm of sports, and I see no reason for March Madness to be any exception to that.

In case you don’t have any superstitions, or were looking to add some new ones, here are a few ideas to get you started (feel free to add more ideas in the comments):

-Pre-game lunges (ala KSRCollege’s Ally Tucker). All it takes is 3-4 around ten minutes before tip-off. Simple.

-Prepare a fruit roll-up by folding it four times into a small layered rectangle, then eat it.  I actually do this one.  It’s weird, and I don’t like people watching.

-Listen to Stevie Wonder’s “Superstitious”, or Kenny Loggin’s “Highway to the Danger Zone”.

-The always-classic “don’t change your underwear” if we’re winning games.

-If you don’t wear underwear, a) gross, and 2) don’t start now.

-Sit in that seat you always do when game time rolls around.  You know, that one that has the stain and smells like dead mushrooms and cheeseburger meat.  Who needs lucky charms when you have a lucky chair?

-Shoot an albatross.  Oh, WAIT, no don’t do that one.  Whew, close call.

-Borrow Jason Giambi’s gold thong. (Again with the underwear…)

Whatever your tradition is, now’s the time to start.  If you don’t have one, might I recommend picking one up?  Just something minor; a small gesture to symbolize that you’re doing your part to prepare, or even “will” the team to win.  Spirit fingers during free throws are an acceptable start.  Really anything you think of will be fine.  Just please don’t start drinking your own urine. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say that, but you never know.  But apart from that, let the games, and their superstitions, begin.


Hidden Gem Alert: Check out this clip on CBS Sports about the 16 best teams in the history of college basketball.  If it’s already been mentioned, it’s worth mentioning again.  You may hear more about this as the day goes on.

Article written by Corey Nichols

35 responses to “Putting the “Super” in “Superstitious””

  1. East Kentucky Infidel

    Here we go!

  2. Ridge Runner

    My superstition is not to start one. Just sit, watch, stand, holler, etc… In no particular order.

  3. bung

    rebound/fast break…score over 90 in all 6 games…we win…

  4. bung

    they asked adolph if he wore the brown suit every game because he was superstitious…he said heck no, it’s bad luck to be superstitious…

  5. ukman98

    i would like to try an defunk the idea that freshman can’t we championships. although it doesn’t happen often, 2002-2003 Syracuse (even though they had carmelo) had 4 freshman, 3 sophomores, 1 junior, 1 senior who logged majority of the minutes. The senior avg 3 pts per game and the junior avg 11. the starting lineup (mcnamara, duany, anthony, warrick, forth) was 3 freshman, 1 senior, 1 sophomore. The junior averaged 18min per games 11pts per game. people say it can’t be done, well it HAS been done.

  6. Axe Cop

    Correction, a very good show that became unwatchable the last 3-4 seasons. The original Office, on the other hand, is a certified masterpiece.


    Miller Lite exclusively before and during games.

  8. Richard

    I drink a Hopslam for every NCAA tournament game. Can’t take the first sip until the Cats score.

  9. TrashCanMan

    I have worn my All Cats Everything shirt to watch every game. The one game that I didnt was against IU. I dont count Vandy as a real loss so It has worked every time.

  10. Oops

    Where yall drinking tonight before the game?

  11. Carl from Aqua Teen

    Thanks for stealing lines from my show, jerk. “Dead mushrooms and cheeseburger meat.” Be better.

  12. Shhhhhhh!

    Rule one of superstitions: they’re like wishes, if you tell someone about them, then they don’t work. Besides that, good one Nichols.

  13. me

    Ashley Judd is discussing the CATS on “Live With Kelly”!!

  14. Al's IndiCats

    LMAO Mine are way too many to mention, but the one I always do is don’t tap the keg until 5 minutes into the game with my UK glass emblem facing the TV.

  15. Rise

    Watched every game on my couch this year except for the vandy and Indiana game. True story.

  16. acbrown84

    I won’t eat any potato product on game day. This started with my late uncle, and i now carry it on in his memory.

  17. gokycats33

    I DVR the all the CATS games that are on TV. I do this even if I am able to watch them. The 2 games I didn’t or couldn’t DVR we lost. I was out of town for the IU game, but still watched on TV, then for the SEC Championship game, my DVR quit working and couldn’t record the game. We all know how those 2 games turned out, so I am making sure I DVR all the CATS NCAA Tourney games!

  18. bung

    you can drink whiskey at a ky game out of a milk of magnesia bottle but you cant drink milk of magnesia during the game out of a whiskey bottle

  19. Old School

    What happen to the bald heads, and the players all wearing t-shirts during the tourney… maybe we should all paste unibrows on our foreheads… minus A. Davis…. or they should all wear headbands…

  20. Azubuike's Bicep

    The only thing I do is watch the game by myself. Not because of superstition, but because I hate listening to the at-home coaches who think they know everything about the game. Add on to that the one or two random “fans” who are the first ones to say, “we suck,” as soon as the opposing team gets a lead. Even if that lead is the first basket of the game.

  21. Laker Cat 18

    2. No order? Do you normally stand and holler before you watch the game?

  22. yeahright

    I stand in front of one television, preferably in the back of the house, alone. If the momentum swings, I move to another television.

  23. AT WORK

    the very first game i watched with calipari coaching, my snack was potatoe chips and french onion dip, , i eat it every game now, the same brand of chips and dip for 3 years now, i’m sick of chips and dip, but if the game gets close, i start scarfing them down like my life depends on it. weird huh?

  24. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    If you don’t change your underwear then you can turn it inside out and spray it “real good” with Right Guard (or your favorite deodorant spray brand). Spray both sides please. If the spray has antibacterial qualities that is a plus. That is all.

  25. jchristine87

    Dead mushrooms and cheeseburger meat.. Hahaha

  26. bluebiscuit

    We have to go to our karate class from 6 to 7 and will miss the start of the game. Bad. But, we will be generating some good energy and will devote our katas to the Cats.

  27. Kentucky Gentleman

    I have a bottle opener that plays the UK fight song when I use it. In 2010 just before the WVU game the thing died halfway through the song. I don’t have any superstitions, but I knew that couldn’t be a good sign.

  28. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    26, do your katas in front of the TV! Or, better yet, demand that your sensei installs a flat-panel in the dojo! 🙂

  29. KYTurtle

    My old roommate and I watch the sceen from American Pie 2 where Jim goes to band camp and gets mistaken for the special needs kid Peetey. Damn I love that trombone solo.

  30. Jon-n-ky

    there is a local bar we always go to and a new friend went to watch the indiana game.. We lost. She didn’t watch another until the vanderbilt game. Halfway through the second half we make her go to the car. Shoulda sent her at half time lol she’s not invited anymore

  31. Ridge Runner

    21….Nothing is off limit. Nothing.

  32. Lovely

    I don’t care if Ally Tucker is hanging off Mt Everest, she is doing those lunges. No more of this too steep stuff.

  33. WildBlue

    I’ve had my toe nails painted KY Blue since the beginning of SEC play so obiously every time I went to re-paint them I thought about the fact that we haven’t lost since I painted them Blue. My husband has DVR’d every game except IU and Vandy, so…

  34. BigBlueSwagger

    I have a pair of leopard print skivvies that I wear to all the games, except for Indy & Vandy…. Went to NOLA & wore them for LSU game, wore a different pair of leopard undies for the FL game and didn’t have any leopard prints left for the Vandy game. Will not make that mistake again…..

  35. HB

    I have a friend that drinks blue beer during the games. We started this in 1996 at Two Keys. We took a bottle of blue food coloring and all had blue fingers from stirring.