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Pitino wants his team to play more like Kentucky

Wait, what?

According to Adam Himmelsbach, Rick Pitino has been secretly telling his team he wishes they’d play more like Kentucky.  I know, I know.  It’s hard to believe.  But it’s not John Calipari’s Kentucky that Pitino is striving to be; he wants his team to play more like the 1995-96 team in Lexington.

“He’s always bringing up that their victory margin was like 28,” Chane Behanan told Himmelsbach. “Golly, they was smacking people.”

Kevin Ware said, “Coach praises how good they were on defense. If they were up 30 going into the second half, they’d keep putting it on, keep pounding.”

There’s no denying Louisville’s chances to win it all this year, but to think for one second that they’re anything close to the ’96 Kentucky team is absurd.  And it’s not sitting in well with them, either.  Apparently, they’re not enjoying the comparisons to a Kentucky team.

To be fair, Pitino doesn’t have a lot of national championship teams at Louisville to use as examples.  “Hey Gorgui, play more like Pervis Ellison.  You know who that is, right?”  “Peyton!  Channel your inner Milt Wagner!”

Pitino wants Louisville to play like his old Kentucky team

Article written by Drew Franklin

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29 responses to “Pitino wants his team to play more like Kentucky”


    lol at ricks picture…i see Karen

  2. Pitino's credibility in 1996

    I’m not walking through that door.

  3. Rely

    That’s like asking one of the horses he used to have to run like Secretariat, not gonna happen!

  4. Not Matt Jones

    Does this mean he wants to bolt for the Celtics after 2014 tournament? This does not bode well for Louisville.

  5. Bicycle Seat Sniffer

    Can we ignore UofL this week? #LouisvilleDoesn’tExist

  6. MemphisCat

    I want this Kentucky team to keep pounding the other team vice letting them back in the game.

  7. symphonist41169

    This year’s UofL team is obviously very good, but there’s NO WAY they’ll ever get even close to the ’96 team. The only question mark thThe Untouchables had wasn’t whether they’d win but by how much. Top 5 championship team of all time, probably the best ever at Kentucky including the 2012 team.

  8. mores

    I didn’t know they gave a trophy for unnecessarily misleading headlines, nor do I know why you’re so interested in winning it.

  9. Karen S.

    Rick: Sorry about everything. Dinner tonight?

  10. Keith

    Wait, so first Charlie Strong wants UofL fans to be more like UK fans and now Rick Pitino wants his UofL team to play more like Kentucky? Wow.

  11. Big Blue Fan

    Geez all these post and bashing UL really is reaching. Lets face it they are very good this year and we are very average. The more you reach to bash UL the more we look butt hurt

  12. UK Fan In Louisville

    Matt — Jerry Palm is one of the most quoted names in college basketball. And by the way HE is still with CBS. Think he’d trade his gig for KSR? Didn’t think so.

  13. price is wrong

    Where does it say pitino thinks this louisville team is close to the ’96 team?Pretty sure it says he wants his louisville team to play more like that ’96 team.Big deal what coach wouldn’t?

  14. RealCatsFan

    I don’t know if we will ever see a team quite as loaded as that 96 team was – either at UK or any other program. UK will have some serious talent on the roster next year, but that team in 96 had the talent stacked two deep at every position, and those guys were seasoned veterans. Maybe if the core of the 2012 team had hung around to be combined with the talent coming in next year would we have a valid comparison. With today’s environment of players going pro in one or two years, I just don’t see another 96 Wildcats team happening.

  15. Laughing it up


  16. Richie Farmer

    I’m not a disgrace to the University or the commonwealth. Seriously, I’m not guys! I’m not a shameful scoundral.

  17. NotSatire

    Rick’s right, that team was awesome. I remember them hanging 86 points on LSU, IN THE FIRST HALF! Dale Brown’s face was shall we say “ashen”. Cal would do well to show his team some Jorts, Liggins, and MKG footage.

  18. what

    Chane Behanan says “golly”?

  19. Reality

    What will everyone say when UL goes out in the Sweet 16? Is this the only year they have a chance, when the nation is down in college basketball. What excuses will be used then??? Can they rest their hats that they beat UK 1 in 5 times? Good year UL!!!

  20. Bluekzu

    They’re obviously not close to the 96 team in terms of personnel or collective inner drive, but it’s great for them to have something like that to shoot for. UK is such a good big brother.

  21. Hate Peyton Siva's Fat Dad

    Like Al Roker, Prick Latino will shart his knickers when the Dirtybirds bow out in the 1st round.


    Louisville is ranked #1.. I forget.. maybe you can remind me.. what is UK ranked?

  23. V

    Yes Rick, reach for the stars–

  24. blueblooded

    It must be tough for little brother when you have one of your best football teams ever AND one of your best basketball teams ever, yet both of their coaches still want their team or their fans to be more like KY! #whycantyoubemorelikeyourbigbrother

  25. theSkinny81

    22 – #2 in National Championships. With 8. Four times more than UL. So… yeah….

  26. Steve

    Anybody remember the LSU game @ LSU when Kentucky was ahead 86-41 at half. Pitino called the dogs off in that one as Kentucky finished with 129 for the game.

  27. Wildcatgal

    Hands down the most hilarious picture I’ve seen on KSR..good work, Drew.

  28. sUcK

    Dig baby, dig baby,…you know how stupid this post sounds. Pitino wants all his teams to play the same way. Why the hell you think we hired him? He is a defensive master, and Mr. Hustle. Take it as a compliment, and not a reason to stab a UofL because you can’t get a lone vote! Sorry but you guys are pitiful. Don’t you think you hired Cal because the way his team was a Memphis. Good lord you guys are actually STUPID! Sorry you guys are having a NIT season this year, for Christ sakes, you won a damn National Title last year!


    no matter what Lil Brother is rated their Coach is a scumbag..He is an Adulterer and the whole program reeks of shame..#1 doesn’t make that go away..