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Pikeville Independent Middle School’s Tuesday News and Views

Pikeville Independent Middle School is in jeopardy of losing its entire season after beating a team 100 to 2 in the first game of the season. The school board is considering canceling the remainder of Pikeville Independent’s season due to the lack of sportsmanship in the blowout win. Kimper Elementary and Middle, the victim in the basketball game, was clearly under-matched (as you can see in the footage) but Pikeville Independent head coach Bryan Johnson claims he tried to call the dogs off when it started getting ugly. He says he backed off the press and dropped into a 2-3 zone once his team went up 25-0 in the first 1:48. Yes, you read the correctly; his team was up 25-0 with less than two minutes off the clock. That’s about two points every eight seconds. After his team took a 70-0 lead into the half — again, you read that correctly — he told his team to stop playing any defense at all and to try to let their opponents score. Still, the game ended with a 98-point differential. That’s absurd. The school board shouldn’t punish a group of middle school kids for this win, they should submit a bid to join the Big Ten.

Let’s get you some News and Views.

— Your University of Kentucky Wildcats woke up as the No. 2 team in the polls on Monday morning, but they’re going to bed as the No. 1 team Monday night. The Cats are the top-ranked team in both the AP and the ESPN/USA Today Coaches polls this week for the first time since January of 2010. Calipari, who is just the second coach ever to lead three different teams to a No. 1 ranking, had this to say about his team claiming the top spot:

“This early in the season it’s nice, but it’s not that significant,” UK head coach John Calipari said. “It just puts a bigger target on us. Obviously, not everyone thinks that we’re the best team.  Starting three freshmen and two sophomores, they may be right. I’ll be anxious to see how the team accepts the challenge this week.”

Kentucky has only been ranked No. 1 twice since winning the National Championship in 1998.

— If you’re going to the UNC game this weekend, not only will you be watching one of the most anticipated regular season college basketball games ever, but we’ll need you to be in your seat approximately 18 minutes before tip-off. UK informed the media that an ultra-high-definition, 5-billion pixel, 360 degree image will be taken from center court before the game. The “FanCam” image will capture all of Rupp Arena and it takes about 5-7 minutes to shoot. You don’t want to miss that, do you?

— Ken Pomeroy, the man with the magical college basketball stat collector and fortune teller, has two interesting statistics for the Cayts. According to Ken Pom, Kentucky is No. 1 in adjusted defense (83.3) and No. 3 in adjusted offense (117.9) efficiencies in the country. Pomeroy uses a pythagorean equation to calculate the numbers (meaning it’s way above my head) but it refers to how a team would perform against average competition at a neutral site. Kentucky was No. 1 in both categories before the Portland game. Go to to learn more. Numbers make my head hurt.

— Remember DaJuan Coleman? Of course you do. He’s the highly-ranked big man in the class of 2012 who chose Syracuse over Kentucky back in October. Well, he’s still committed to Jim Boeheim and the Orange but he’s going to wait and see how things play out before he makes a decision on whether or not to honor his commitment. The wheels could be falling off in Syracuse soon, although I don’t think Boeheim’s involvement is anything compared to Paterno’s at Penn State. Boeheim’s only mistake here is immediately defending his assistant coach after the allegations came out, when he probably knew about the investigation in 2002. We’ll keep an eye on how this situation affects Coleman, the recruit Calipari was hard after.

— Alex Kline, formerly of KSR fame, believes Kentucky, UNLV, Duke, and UCLA are in the best contention for Shabazz Muhammad. Shabazz’s father spent Thanksgiving in Maui where he watched Duke and UCLA in the Maui Invitational, and Shabazz was in attendance when UNLV took down top-ranked North Carolina in Las Vegas over the weekend. It sounds like UK needs to move some of its home games out west this season.

— Hey, remember when Kentucky beat Tennessee on Saturday? That was awesome.

— In non-Kentucky-beating-Tennessee college football news, Urban Meyer was introduced as Ohio State’s new head football coach on Monday night. Meyer agreed to a six-year contract worth $4 million annually with retention bonuses for 2014, 2016 and 2018. Meyer called it a dream job and he said he has followed Ohio State forever, outside of those sixty minutes in Arizona when his Florida Gators beat the Buckeyes for the national title. Meyer is from Ashtabula, Ohio, and he attended undergraduate classes at Cincinnati. He earned a master’s degree in sports administration from Ohio State and was a graduate assistant under Earle Bruce.

— The media in Columbus, Ohio is already losing complete control over Meyer’s arrival. It is such a lovefest that one camerawoman for ESPN fainted during the press conference. Don’t worry, she was ok.

— I know what you’re about to ask and the answer is yes — we do have news on Patterson or Lucas. Patrick Patterson will be making two appearances over the next two days. He’ll be at Wildcat Warehouse in Somerset tomorrow night and in Hazard on Wednesday night from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm both evenings. Go visit him and ask if he knows anything about Jai Lucas.

— You have just one more hour to take advantage of the insane Cyber Monday deal at the KSR Shop. Take 20% off all Nike items and 50% off all sweatshirts and t-shirts. Plus you get free shipping on any order over $25 with the coupon code, “KSR”.  What are you waiting for?

— The Rupp Arena task force is meeting Wednesday night and you’re invited. Project planner Gary Bates will be at the Lexington Children’s Theater at 6:00 pm to go over proposed ideas for the new arena. He’ll also field questions and take suggestions from the crowd in the task force’s second public meeting.

— You’ve seen the Michael Kidd-Gilchrist dunk. Now watch it from behind through the lens of a #YMCn2B camera.

That’s all for tonight. Drew The Employee will be here at 9:00 am to discuss taunting in sports and then the radio show will get going at 10:00 am with special guest Tee Martin.

Go Cats.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

72 responses to “Pikeville Independent Middle School’s Tuesday News and Views”

  1. BlueGene

    why is the KSR shop down?

  2. ??

    So, who paid for Mr Muhammad to go to Maui ? Duke or UCLA ???

  3. bmitch

    I love the deals… but man this is the most painful thing ever… have been trying to complete an order for over an hour now….

  4. The Real Hambone


  5. kjnfww

    Why is everyone reporting “Calipari is the 2nd coach to get 3 teams to a #1 ranking” as if it’s something new today? He accomplished that feat 2 years ago with Wall & Cousins, etc.

  6. mores

    Glad to see my man Ken Pomeroy getting some love, but keep in mind the numbers won’t have much statistical validity for probably another 5-10 games. Just not enough data to draw meaningful conclusions yet–like flipping a coin twice, getting heads both times, and concluding the thing is biased.

  7. Matt

    You shouldn’t take the kids season away, you should fire the coach. Why are you pressing in middle school basketball up even 15-0? Then to say you “called the dogs off” after you were up 25-0 but then go on to score 45 more points in the HALF? Then you say you quit playing defense in the second half? What does calling the dogs off mean? The guy knew in pre-game warm ups that it was going to be a blood bath and if he didn’t he sucks as a coach and talent evaluator. Fire the guy, keep the season!

  8. bgblue

    I can not place an order at KSR shop. If it does not alloow to place orders, why advertized?

  9. Drew's brows ate Davis' unibrow

    Re: the #1 ranking for only one week at a time since 1998 – UK was #1 for more than one week in 2003 weren’t they, when they won the 26 in a row? I am pretty sure they were #1 for a good majority of the season from the New Year on till the last poll of the regular season. Hell, I could be wrong, I drank a lot that year.

    PS: Congrats to Matt Jones for returning to Duke to pursue his basketball dreams, I see his flopping and floor-slapping camps paid off.

  10. Scottie

    25 points in 1:48 does NOT equal 2 points every 4 seconds 😉

  11. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?

    In the words of Bron Bron, my dude Mike Gillie punched on some dude crazy. SMH.

  12. Cals Cats

    As we can see in what footage???

  13. bosshogg24

    Ohio State made a “Calipari type hire” while UK wants to pay OVC type salaries for a football coach! UK looks to hire assistants from North Dakota State!

  14. Tosis

    Hail Pikeville? Hail Pikeville! Hail Pikeville? Hail Pikeville! Hail Kimper? Hell no!

  15. Joe

    #11: Indeed, the math is as follows:

    25/108 x 4 secs = .93 points every 4 secs.

    But why do u point this out?

  16. Tomas

    What are you supposed to tell kids? To stop playing hard? Hell no. Quitting is more disrespectful than scoring 100. What Les Miles did to Ole Miss taking 4 knees inside the 10 with 5 minutes was way more disrespectful than when he ran the score up on Arkansas. Play till end of the game. If those kids don’t like it, quit basketball.

  17. Cousins Fake Teeth

    If they cancel the kids season, I hope the school gets the hell sued out of them and the principle is fired. If your not allowed to have a score like that, then put in a mercy rule.

  18. Chris in LA

    Do you think Pikeville inserted “Independent” in their name so their jerseys wouldn’t say PMS?

  19. Chad

    I wonder what the post game speech was like in the Millard locker room

  20. BBN

    someone suggest the student section in the new arena needs to me a lot bigger

  21. BBN

    someone needs to suggest that the student section in the new arena needs to be a lot bigger

  22. SagaciousMind

    8, that is just stupid. How can you blame the coach? Is it these kids faults the team sucked so bad they couldnt score a point when no one was even guarding them? If they cancel their season for being so good then the school board for the other team should cancel their season for sucking so bad. I mean you have to play the game, what were they supposed to do, walk up and hand them the ball? #18, couldnt agree more about the mercy rule. I played softball 5-16 until I hurt my shoulder, in little league, middle school, and high school, there was a mercy rule. Why ruin these kids season cuz one team sucked so bad? Scoring that many points is not bad sportsmanship. If they were running their mouths after the game about it, then I could half way understand. This is ridiculous. I guess when UK beats opponents by more than 50, we should just cancel the season.

    Anyway, if Coleman does open it back up, he’ll be a Cat. And there is no guarantee on Bennett so we need a big man in this class. And no Cauley does not classify as a big man cuz he is thin, I’m talkin a bruiser. Plus, Cauley wont see many minutes unless he has to, he’s a project. But it is sad that Paterno took so much heat and Boeheim is smellin like a rose.

  23. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #11– I could be wrong since it is late but there 60 sec in a minute so that would simply be 112 sec/ 25 pts = a point every 4.48 seconds. When written it stated 2 points every 4 seconds but has since been changed to read 2 points every “8” seconds so it made him look silly. What you see now is not what was written first.

  24. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    oops, should have been directed to #16

  25. Johnny


  26. jlove

    Pikeville Independent Middle School versus the Kentucky Legends. Let’s make this happen Big Blue Nation.

  27. JMSmith589

    Billy G has just signed the kid who scored the 2 points for Kimper, citing that “he is the most dominant scorer on any team in the country, no single kid does more for their team offensively”.

  28. echo 1

    Ten bucks says Meyer retires tomorrow. Again…….dude is a flake. He has to be kin to Brett Favre.

  29. Buckets

    IDK about making a hip-hop soundtrack to the video of your epic 100-2 beatdown. That takes classless to another level.

  30. Capitalkid
  31. JimBobCooter

    No one is canceling anything. This is an internet rumor that gained steam.

    HOWEVER, they scored 100-2 because the Pikeville was continuing to play hard. So the coach can say he played no D in the 2nd half, but clearly his kids are still running circles around the other team to get to 100 and bragging rights.

    Whatever happened, it is solely the coach’s fault (the starters should’ve hit the showers at halftime).

    I think a mercy rule could definitely work (say 60 points?), but I do think the greater team is required to be more sportsmanlike in middle school, given the huge talent pool disparity.

  32. JimBobCooter

    Oops. Well played, Capitalkid…

  33. DaviswiththeSlam

    Anyone hear Cal’s rant at the end of his call in show? He rambled on about players first and something about not throwing them under the bus. Then he went on about he only wants to coach the best players. He goes off into this talk all the time and it’s not provoked. Does he have a screw loose?

  34. MacGruber

    John says “cat’s by 15 biggins”

  35. manbearpig

    Look some middle school teams just suck. I know cause I played on one and we always got the crap kicked out of us by 60-80 points a game besides maybe 4 times. That’s life it’s not fair and political correctness and this “make every kid feel good” is bs.

  36. doubting thomas

    Myer is a flake. I hate the gators but damn if you cant keep winning there, it cant be done anywhere. He bailed on UF bc he could not handle the SEC grind. He can go 8-4 every year at Ohio state and beat michigan every other year and they will love him there.

  37. Kimper

    One more thing to illustrate how much of an underdog Kimper was in the game. Kimper doesn’t even have their own basketball court.

  38. Seriously

    I don’t think political correctness has anything to do with not destroying a team 100-2.

    But we agree to disagree.

  39. bham

    In 5th grade we beat a team 81-2. They scored a foul shot in each half. Our coach made sure everyone on the team scored a bucket.

    This coach was not the coach that started the season with us. We had tryouts and the original coach took all the good players on one team and the rest on another. I dont think that team won a single game and we either lost one or were undefeated. Parents were so mad at this coach he walked out on us at halftime one game and never returned. A parent filled in that game and then we got our new coach for the remainder of the year.

  40. EKYBlue

    I spoke with Pikeville’s coach yesterday, we go golfing a couple times a month with one another. He even called me the day this game happened. He has video proof of some of his players standing sideways in their 2-3 zone they were playing and TELLING the players from Kimper to go score a layup. Instead, the underskilled players tried to shoot 3-pointers, when some didn’t even make it to the goal, until the game was over. Even when they did try to shoot layups they were missed. If you watch the whole game they missed a ton of layups where Pikeville literally watched them drive down the lane and shoot, without even raising their hands up to defend. Secondly, Pikeville’s best player didn’t even play in this game AT ALL. There’s no need to punish a coach or his kids for working hard to become a talented program and only being able to do so much. It’s disrespectful to be a team like Pikeville and just throw the ball back and forth for 20 minutes if you’re beating a team so bad just because you don’t want to hurt their feelings by beating them. The coach was embarrassed to play the game, he told his players to let them score, he didn’t play his starters, the other team SUCKED. What else is there to say? Simply put, had Kimper had the ability to even make their layups they did shoot and not take any 3 pointers and shot those as layups also they could have scored 20-30 points in this game. Had Kimper possessed basic basketball ability to shoot layups, we wouldn’t even be talking about this absolutely pointless subject. They should be more embarrassed about not being able to score when having the red carpet pulled out for them instead of losing a simple game. Besides the Pikeville players putting the ball in the wrong goal they did everything possible.

    It’s like Kentucky’s team, even when you take our starters out, we still have more talent than most teams starting 5. Are we going to punish Calipari for allowing those who don’t play much to actually try and score points and play defense?

    Yes, it’s unfortunate for ANY team to lose by that much but before anyone criticizes another person they should know more about the event they are discussing. Next time the team plays Kimper he isn’t even bringing his 8th graders, so for all of you who are so “worried” and think so poorly of this game, you all can sleep tonight knowing it won’t happen again.

  41. Big O

    The kids from Pike Independent should not lose their season. They are just kids playing basketball. I know some of these players personally and they are great kids from great homes. They have worked hard and spent lots of time in the gym to be pretty good players. The future looks bright for Pike Independent Boys Basketball.

    The kids from Kimper are just that too though– they are kids!!!

    Who is at fault here?– the coach from Pike Independent made a huge mistake. Plain and simple. You just do not do kids that way.

    So what needs to happen? The principal and the school superintendent (who are both great individuals) should require the coach to take his players with him to Kimper and front of them make an apology to the kids from Kimper. This would be a great life lesson for all the kids.

    Then this should be put to rest. The coach made a mistake- let’s not curcify him the rest of his life.

  42. GoCats2

    I am sure everyone got a trophy for the team with 2 points. This happens from time to time, it is not the end of the world. The kids are not scarred for life and they will probably forget about it as soon as they get back to their video games. I dont know what they expect the winning team to do, are they supposed to quit because they are better?

  43. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Maybe they poured it on more than they had to, but man, one kid out there looks like he’s 2 feet tall. What were they supposed to do, lay down on the court for 3/4 of the game?

  44. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    #28, that is classic!

  45. 3 fan

    Hey Drew, just saying, but I can’t get the KSR shop site to work either. Maybe work on the kinks and do the sale again? Some great looking stuff there.

  46. macsauce13

    19. No…Pikeville is an Independent school district. There isn’t actually even a “middle school” it is in the high school building.

  47. UKHoopshysteria

    I with # 2, who the he’ll paid for Muhammad’s father to go to Maui? If he wanted to vacation it sure is ironic it was at the same time and place as several schools recruiting his son.

  48. Joker Blows

    Played on good teams and bad teams but NEVER have seen or been a part of a complete bashing like Pikeville dealt. Most of you probably don’t know, but a lot of these kids are held back for basketball…especially in eastern Ky. I’ve seen it way too much and these coaches, schools, parents lose their minds. My kid played basketball on a select 8th grade team and we would go to Clay co, Paintsville, Pikeville, etc and the atmosphere in the gym was awful. I don’t want to paint a picture that ALL eastern Ky teams are this way, but there are a few that forget what they are dealing with. I agree the coach should be fired….this is where it all stems from.

  49. manbearpig

    #39 just talking about how people are afraid to hurt others feelings and wanting everyone to feel like a unique snowflake. Prob not best choice of wording but think my point came across and like others pointed out the kids on the losing end wont be scarred for life (I wasn’t besides the occasional still crying into the pillow) but like you said agree to disagree

  50. bluebloodedfreak

    MKG just gave 24,000 people a reason to be on #teamjennifer

  51. bung

    congrats to pikeville middle…i hope the cayuts win by same score all season

  52. thebull

    This has to stop. Why are we punishing coaches and teams for being better than someone else. These kids practice all week and all season to play a scheduled game. The kids want to play and the coach wants to coach. It is neither the winning coaches fault or his teams fault. The one at fault is the coach of the losing team and he is the one that should be reprimanded or let go (not really but come on your team only scored one basket, what are you teaching in your practices?). How to you not have your team well coached enough to score more than one basket with no “real” defense. I have seen people score more points on accident than in this game. The losing coach knew his team wasn’t ready and knew they weren’t up for the level of competition, why did he allow them to play the game? He should have forfeited at half time. He is responsible for his teams humiliation not the winning coach.
    I get very frustrated that we want to punish those who work hard and become good at because they are overwhelmingly better than their competition. The persons responsible for scheduling this game needs to be questioned as well. Why would you schedule a talent-lacking, inferior team to a very skilled and well-coached team. The both coaches are paid to make sure that their team is honed and ready to go, don’t penalize the winning coach because the other coach didn’t do his job. And do not apologize or make the winning team or coach have to apologize to the losing team. The other team needs to Man Up and rub some dirt in it and vow to get better or find something that they are good at doing, because basketball is not what they are good at… Maybe the cello or the violin, or Chorus, or baseball, or soccer, or Mathletes, or school newspaper…anything but basketball. But if they kids insist on wanting to play basketball then they should know that they need to improve drastically or mentally prepare to get whipped badly every night.
    So lets put the responsibility where it belongs on the losing coach and players. And stop punishing those who play the game and play it well just to make those who can’t feel better about themselves. It is not fair the the losing kids to think that they can play basketball if they really can’t. There are things that I can’t do well and I am self aware enough to not get mad when I get drubbed in to the ground by someone who is great at it. Remember Morehouse College, UK won 125-40, a UK 85-point victory and after the game the coach of Morehouse said, (paraphrasing)”These guys have always said that if a thing or two had gone differently they could have played D1 basketball or even NBA, after tonight I think they will see that there is a reason they aren’t play in those leagues.”
    Find out what you excel in and go hard after it. If you choose to do things that you don’t excel in don’t then don’t get upset when those that perform better than you do so in an overwhelming fashion. It is a tribute to their talents, discipline and hard ward; it is not a slap in your face, unless of course you think that you are as talented as they are, then it may hurt your pride to find out your not.

  53. Raazoul

    Another example of our “Everybody needs to be the same” mentality. Its a joke. It doesn’t help anyone to baby these kids. If the league wants to make a skunk rule then make one…how the hell can you take away the season? Someone should sue the school board. The coach for the losing team should be fired for having such a terrible team…. You can’t teach a layup? Pathetic. You should teach those kids that some kids suck at sports and some don’t. Or that some coaches are terrible at what they do and some aren’t. Either way, the lesson should NOT be “Those guys are wrong for being so good”…it’s like a mini-occupy wall street….

  54. Just saying

    UK wis by 85 over Morehouse and we rejoice in how well we are doing, but dman it if someone else blows out a vastly inferior opponent. I say fire Calipari! He should have never let UK run up the score!

    (obviously this is sarcasm for those that do not get it)

  55. hmmm...

    SO… if UK could beat Louisville 100-2, would we forfeit the season and fire Calipari??

  56. RealityCheck

    I think that saying the Pikeville coach should be fired is silly. From the video of the game, I am not sure what else the Pikeville kids could have done besides just stand around on the court. The negativity against Pikeville is disturbing. Unfortunately, life is not fair, and what are we teaching children with this argument that the winning team is at fault? People must learn to prepare and be competitive. Life is hard, and there is nothing constructive in the long term to be gained from all of the whining. Young ears are listening, and they do not need to learn to make excuses.

  57. HugoCabrera

    Competition yields a realization of what’s waiting in life, and challenges kids to broaden their mindset, to raise the bar, and to internally demand a higher standard. They will work harder than they ever thought possible to achieve that new found measure of “success”.

    Then maybe later in life they relate that to academics, career, marriage, parenting, religion and community. Then maybe we’d have a country of Tim Tebow’s who aren’t deflated by discouragement and 100-2 scoreboards.

  58. blaz44

    Much like a game in Hopkinsville about 8 yearsbago when Scotty Hopson was in 8th grade at UHA along with Ty Edmundson and o e heck of a team. They beat the local Christian school 98-2. In the second half the UHA coach had the players stand inside the lane with their hands at their sides. Starters played only 2 or 3 minutes. Couldn’t blame the coach or players. They should never have played them but the other coach wanted to.

  59. Maryland4UK

    The Pikeville coach is a total a$$. I coach youth basketball. I am sick and tired of these AAU hacks with their full-court pressing, trapping, b.s. defenses. This garbage works with 6th and 7th graders. It doesn’t work against high school kids who receive any semblance of coaching. Fantastic! Note to Pikeville coach: good high school and college coaches do not press except: 1) to wake their team up (like Cal has been doing to get UK off to quicker starts); 2) when they are desperate at the end of a game; or 3) once or twice during a game to surprise the other team and get a quick steal. What kind of a jacka$$ coach would leave his basket undefended by doing a full court press every play? Answer, an AAU coach. BTW, my youth teams have played teams where we clearly had superior talent. After buidling a lead, I would tell my kids to pass the ball 10 times before they shot it; I would call a timeout, pack a zone in so my players would not leave the paint, and let the other team shoot open jumpshots. Even against the worst teams we never topped 50 points b/c I wouldn’t let my kids run up the score. This coach should be removed asap.

  60. You cant  handle the Truth

    Spread was 99, I knew they would’nt cover.

  61. robin

    it is about time you people hear from someone that has no ties to your school. your team comes off as the most unsportsmanlike team in the history of the world. kids sports should be a little about teaching character, something that these brats apparently lack. you cant be “calling off the dogs” and out score another team by 98 points. cancel the season. teach these future burden on society that being a bunch of jerks is never a good idea. you say what you will, but 98% of the country has a very unfavorable view of of these selfish little kids.

  62. UK FAN

    If you really wanted to stop scoring coach just pull the ball out and work on 4 corners and holding the ball.

  63. absolute

    Can you imagine the halftime speech for the other team? “Ok guys, we can do this, all we need is 142 points and we’ve got them.” Tough call for both teams.

  64. RUKidding Me

    This country is going down the tubes and it’s because of people who want everything to fair and equal for everyone. People bashing Pikeville are you kidding me. Apply the same mentality to any real like life scenario. If our soldiers are at war, were prepared and are led by strong leaders do we stop defending ourselves and our country because the other country can’t compete with us. Do we back off so that the war is fair for both sides?
    Obviously that example is extreme… What about Apple? They make a superior product in the iPod. They market it well and sell millions upon millions of their products. Should we have made them stop production for a year so that other mp3 making companies could compete with them, no.
    Get with the real world people. I’m all about teahing character and sportsmanship to our youth, but what about the other school. Where is your pride, where is the coach advising them to stop taking threes and take the easy layup? This isn’t church league ball, if you can’t compete accept that and move on. Find something else that your good at and enjoy that. When the next school blows this team out will their season be at risk? May e you should be looking at the losing schools program and finding out why they couldn’t put up more than two points. Basketball isn’t always fair and neither is life.

  65. Corky

    Who was that Pike team playing? The Knott County Mongoloids? 2 points!!?

  66. GGplaya

    100-2 is extreme and should not have ever happened period but the season shouldnt be cancelled nor the coach be fired. Pikeville has sucked in basebetball for decades besides a good year here and there…Its hard to tell how good they could be in the future from watching the highlights from the junior high level and especially vs teams that they have no business playing.
    Having said that, Pikeville Independent is one of the top public school districts in Eastern Kentucky and the state of Kentucky, and it is stressed upon them to pratice good sportmanship and to win or lose with class. There will always be individual examples of this not being the case, and there will always be haters that say Pikeville is classless and this and that but most know this far from the truth.

  67. Lovely

    Try your best, as long as your best isn’t too much better than the other person’s.
    I don’t know what these boys could have done except maybe take a nap on the court. If scores like this really upset parents too much, make a mercy rule. My sister plays softball on a tiny league with two teams, and when they “randomly” created teams, she was put on a team with a coach who canceled most of their practices along with mostly younger, inexperienced players while the older girls she played with the year before were put on a team together with a decent coach. Her team got killed most of their games, and she was more upset that they stopped counting outs for her team so they would all get a chance to bat, because it made her feel worse. Granted, she was also upset that she never got a practice and that the two teams had obvious size discrepancies.

    If you want kids’ sports to be “fair,” don’t schedule with such obvious discrepancies.

  68. Look out fireworks!

    Is that BCG in the stands in the Pikeville game? On the recruiting trail again I see.

  69. Born Blue/Die Blue

    Let me understand this, a group of you want the winners to apologize for winning?

    A group of you want the coach fired for preparing the team.

    If there is video evidence that the Kimper team was given a chance to score and did not, then you all need to cheer for Louisville.

    Remember, these games can be used to teach life lessons. When you face adversity, do you stand around and wait for someone to apologize?

  70. What

    Pikeville is one of if not the best middle school team in the state and kimper is probably the worse. Obviously the coach didn’t have practices because every elementary kid in east ky knows how to shoot a free throw totally agree that it is the coaches fault on the losing team. I remember an elementary team back in the mid 90s that won the majority of it’s games by 60 or more points and after half they would set their starters and play the b team the final score would be 96-17 but the main emphasis here is that the opposing teams were good enough to score 17 points and I’m talking about 4th and 5th graders here. Geesh

  71. Johnny B Goode

    Why would you punish a good team for being too good? Trust me this team will be beat bad again….in the grand scheme of things why does it matter if you lose by 98 or 2? You still lose and both build character in the losing team. Sorry, but while the defeat may be humiliating they need to get over it.

    The 1st time I ever played basketball in 3rd grade we lost 42 – 4 (and I am fine). We were playing 4th graders and believe it or not we tied for the league championship a year later.