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Pete Rose’s Thursday News and Views

Hi.  Welcome back.  As we close the book on Wednesday and move into this lovely morning, we not only say goodbye to the first half of the work week, but also reluctantly drift away from a day that brought two pieces of seductive insight and writing from our former leader and lover, Matt Jones.  I know it’s tough to get your bearings straight when a former flame stops by to just love you and leave you, so we’re going to go slowly this morning and ease you back into things by saluting another person who overcame bad hair to achieve national stardom.  Today marks birthday number 70 for The Hit King, Pete Rose.  The seventeen-time All Star made brief stops in Philadelphia and Montreal, but he’s arguably the most famous face of one of baseball’s most storied franchises.  While his name sparks some negative connotations, we’re going to keep it all happy and positive here.  Happy Birthday, Mr. Hustle.  We’re throwing you a party and Jim Gray isn’t invited.

Now onto UK notes…

 – Yet again, the hottest topic of the day was the potential for NBA Draft early entry, but Wednesday gave us some new context thanks to Coach Cal’s meeting with the media.  Calipari sang the same tune about encouraging players to enter their names and get some feedback from the NBA, but again offered his concerns regarding the looming NBA lockout and what it means for their careers.  Based on Cal’s comments and the words of his father a few days ago, Doron Lamb seems like a lock to return.  Terrence Jones and Brandon Knight, though, still seem to be up in the air.  Matt offered his thoughts on the matter below, saying he thinks the Cats will likely get Lamb, along with one of the Knight/Jones/Liggins trio back, but that all seemingly have the possibility of opting to return.  Again, there’s not a lot to go off of at this point in determining who might choose what, but there seems to be plenty more insight into what is factoring into those decisions.  Again, though, we wait.  The deadline is April 24.

 – Regardless of who comes back and who leaves, Kentucky’s rosters is going to have enough individual talent to allow for more mismatches and lineup versatility next year.  It was a notion that wasn’t lost on Calipari, who talked openly and excitedly about what next year could bring.  Cal said he wants to press much more next year with a deeper roster and more athletes.  He is intrigued by the possibility of having Kyle Wiltjer trailing for jumpers on the sec0ndary break and to hit shots out of the pick and roll.  Anthony Davis and Michael Gilchrist will give them length and an improved presence on the defensive end of the floor, which was already pretty outstanding this season.  Essentially, what Kentucky will have is a roster that will no longer be dictated by matchups from the other bench.  Much like what they had in his first year, they’ll have the types of players that allow him to be creating the matchup problems and they could be different from game to game.  That type of roster is rare and Cal will have it in two of his first three seasons in Lexington.

 – The potential for a great and potent roster isn’t lost on Anthony Davis, who again did not shy away from talk of Kentucky winning it all.  In an interview with Fox Sports, Davis talked about the progressive steps of the first two years under John Calipari and said that UK’s fans expect a championship.  And, well, Davis plans on delivering it.  I approve of that plan.  I greatly approve.

 – Depending on what happens with Knight and Jones, Calipari could add to that versatility with sharp-shooting shooting guard Trevor Lacey, with whom he will visit Friday.  Lacey has pushed his deadline back to after the Derby Festival game and the NBA Early Entry deadline, which makes many assume that he’s waiting to hear if Brandon Knight will leave and open up some playing time.  That notion, along with the assumption that the reason Braeden Anderson didn’t get an offer because the Cats were uncertain about Terrence Jones, makes many think that Calipari’s amped up recruiting of Lacey could mean Knight is leaning out the door.  It’s possible.  But, again, it’s all just speculation right now.  What is known is that Calipari will visit Lacey and he could opt to come to Lexingotn and give the Cats another potent scorer on the wing.

 – All of this NBA Draft and class of 2011 talk is fantastic and all, but who wasn’t most excited about Josh Harrellson’s announcement of the Jorts Tour?  The party will kick off at a Wendy’s in Manchester (makes sense) and then travel the state in Josh’s quest to topple Raylan Givens as the most imposing Kentucky muscle.  Though he is going to be traveling the state and caught the flu bug that seemed to get quite a few guys prior to the Portsmouth Invitational, Coach Cal still thinks that Jorts could have an NBA future, but offered some familiar advice:  stay focused on basketball.  He’s a player who is on the fringe right now and has a hot tournament run giving him a shot at breaking into the league.  The next two months are going to be critical for him in making that a reality.  Let’s hope he’s not having too many of those Baconators on the Jorts Tour.

 – Lost in the shuffle of the Calipari meeting and Erik Murphy’s drunk ramblings were a couple of potential NCAA rule changes, including moving the deadline to withdraw from the draft up to the start of the signing period.  That means that yesterday would have been the deadline for players to decide if they were going pro or not.  While beneficial to programs that might have to fill spots (Kentucky), it doesn’t appear to be anything close to player-friendly and leaves student-athletes with a small window to make a decision.  For players like Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones, who were fortunate enough to play in the Final Four, it’s about a week and a half.  I think most people would have thought the deadline would be pushed back. 

 – Down I-64, the coach with a knack for making headlines off the court made some waves when he told Terry Meiners that he thinks he’ll coach only 3-5 more years.  Though he’s not necessarily known for sticking to things he says in public, the timeline was the first I can ever remember Rick Pitino talking about the end of his career.  If you’re a Louisville fan, I think the news is troubling a bit, even if he has failed to live up to the lofty billing that came with his arrival.  Not only are there questions of who would take over the program that is not a “destination job”, the public vocalization of such a short shelf life can only make things more difficult for the Cards on the recruiting trail.  And, by the way, it’s not looking like that is going to be too easy anyway…

 – …because just days after they lost Steve Masiello, hotshot assistant Tim Fuller packed his bags for Missouri.  Fuller was billed as the great recruiting hope for the Cards and landed 2012 point guard Rodney Purvis, who could not end up looking around again, and was the heavy hand in the Kevin Ware sweepstakes.  With Fuller gone and Masiello in Manhattan, Pitino will now put a heavy burden on his son and the assistant to be named next.  That assistant, you would assume, would have to be someone who can make waves in recruiting.  However, the names that seem to be rumored at this point are exactly the opposite.  It’s a mix of old coaches and Pitino buddies and former Pacers head coach Jim O’Brien seems to be the guy most rumored to take the spot, which doesn’t seem to make any sense at all.  That’s not exactly the type of guy who you would think could keep pace with what Fuller was doing for the Cards.  The person that Pitino gets to replace him is not only vital to the 3-5 years he has remaining in Louisville, but probably will speak volumes about the perception of the coach and the program nationally.  They can’t afford to go after someone who doesn’t have serious credibility and connections with the people that matter in the recruiting world.

 – I don’t want to ruin Justified again for everyone, so let’s just say it’s good to finally have Boyd Crowder back to where he belongs.  And to the guy who said last week his friend was a writer on the show, I’m still counting on you.  Even if you lied.  Keep lying to me.  I love it.

 – Finally, if you’re bored being shut indoors during Keeneland season, I’ve found a new online love to make being away easier to accept (thanks to Drew Franklin).  There’s a Keeneland Facebook game – and I’m not a Facebook game or app person and I never Farm With Friends or whatever – that allows you to place fake bets on the races and then embarrass your friends later by flaunting your winnings (eat your heart out, Drew).  You should check it out.  We can virtual gamble together.

That’s it for now.  Make sure you stick around all day for laughs and fun times.  As usual, Matt will get the party going with Kentucky Sports Radio at 10 am on Talk Radio 1080.  As you can tell, there’s no shortage of things to talk about.  In the meantime, just count down the time.  The Knight and Jones decisions are almost here.

See you in a few…

Article written by Thomas Beisner

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    Bledsoe just had a nice lil stretch to close out the half in the clippers game and they talkin bout strickland and him and wall in same backcourt @ the university of kentucky…haha, talk about building a brand…Cal has em talkin bout us during nba games. Basically doing the recruiting for him…hahaha. Masterful.

  2. Jimmy Dykes Vocabulary

    Totally agree about Boyd Beez. This show is getting better and better. Almost on the level of Sons for me now, but not quite yet.

  3. Edward Peter Rose

    I will not miss the JORTS tour!

  4. haha

    We are St.X

  5. Tommy Jurich

    uofl faithful followers should expect another 1 to 2 bridge years before we are back past the first round of the tourney.

  6. level 9 pissed

    Charlie Hustle.

    Mr. Hustle sounds dumb IMO.

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    I am in favor of the Davis plan as well.

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    I live in harlan the city that Justified is based on 😀

  10. barry bonds

    i should be going to jail, but there was a 11-1 vote on the 1 charge with clear-cut, eye-witness proof. something sounds fishy….

  11. wewillwiin

    Justified won the national title this year. ohh and for any guy interested, the red head from a few shows ago the works for black pike mining, she get naked in the second season of “Hung” an HBO series 🙂

  12. DH

    Louisville was a top 10 job yesterday but today its “not a destination spot?”…

  13. Computer Blue

    I grew up in Lexington and never had any love for the Reds, Bengals, or the entire state of Ohio for that matter. Still can’t believe Pete Rose is 70 though.

  14. FakeDrewFranklin

    Damn just how big is Manchester’s vagina. I mean if you can stick a Wendys in it and Jorts decides to start his tour their, its got to be huge

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    12) i agree…this site has went to shit because of stuff like this…the info and news is there…but the actual blog posts suck because horrid logic like this

  17. Ky76

    WOOT WOOT and Hell’s Yeah on the Pete Rose Pick. 😉 Good stuff.

  18. Wildbluefan

    Pete Rose deserves NO coverage here…he is a “scum bag”…!

  19. btowncatfan

    Hey Beis, may want to reprhase “..our former leader and lover, Matt Jones.” Unless there is an announcement you would like to make. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  20. SexnNursinHomes

    18- wanna make a bet on that? I’ll give ya 2 to 1 odds

  21. 101blue

    “potential NCAA rule changes, including moving the deadline to withdraw from the draft up to the start of the signing period.”

    That only makes it worse, the deadline needs to be after the NBA lottery results are in at least.

    Then most everyone will most likely know how the draft will play out.

    Making it even earlier will only make more players leave early.

    Good job NCAA, your really thinning out the talent.

  22. manu143

    beis, they have had two coaches since 1971 and their current coach was a head coach in the nba….they may not be a top 5 job but to act like coaches from decent schools in major conferences wouldn’t go their is retarded…they are easily a top 15 program

  23. Al's IndiCats

    I once met Pete Rose back in the early 70s along with Johnny Bench, let me tell you Rose was of the nicest guys in baseball there was, Bench on the other hand was a real prick, he was too interseted in picking up “YOUNG” Chicks on Campus than to recruit me. I still think it’s a travisty for them to ban him from Baseball’s hall because of this betting addiction. Where you have players ‘roiding themselves, beating the hell out of their GF/Wives, getting busted with ALL types of drugs, lying to grand juries and these guys are going to slide right into HOF with little or no problem at all.

    And Looserville is a top Ten “BRIDGE” school. I seriously doubt if Stevens would go to coach there, WHY? He’s all about the players getting an education, something Looserville has forgoten.

  24. bluesince66

    25 I’m with you on Rose, and Bench has always come across as prick to me also. I think Rick took the UL job because he actually likes Kentucky and it was the best job available.

  25. Don Juan Demarco

    20. Is it true that most of your followers in Lexington are under the impression that Matt Jones is literally a douche? My one friend said he is made from rubber and smells like bad vag… I don’t see how this could be true, as no real douche can speak, let alone type on a computer or drive a car. Let me know, please…

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    pete! pete! pete! pete! pete!…..

  27. Scared to be a fan

    KSR is not a destination job…there I said it!

  28. Captain Obvious

    20. Calipari came from a mid-major coaching job to Kentucky, so your rationale holds no water. Conference USA is definitely mid-major in basketball!

  29. Capt Obvious

    20. Funny how you say UL will have their pick of mid-major coaches to pick from to fill the coaching vacancy when Pitino leaves, yet you forget that Calipari came to UK from Memphis. So are you trying to say that Conference USA is not a mid-major in college basketball? There were other mid-majors with more teams in the NCAA tournament this year than Conference USA

  30. Vince

    How about the optimistic approach that they ALL return, somewhat like the 2006-2007 Gators. After getting so close to a championship this year, don’t you think it’s possible that these youngsters still might have an ounce of desire to win an NCAA Championship?

  31. Dagummit Larry

    Pete didn’t have bad hair. He just had a bad hair cut.

  32. David E.

    31 – Do you think U of L will have the ability to get a coach with 2 Final Fours and NBA experience again? If so, do you think that coach stays at U of L if,say, Kansas comes calling? I’m pretty sure that is what TB means and I’m pretty sure you know he’s right. Nice try with the “Cal came from a mid-major” line. Memphis is not a mid-major program and you know it.

  33. White Kool-Aid

    I wouldn’t lie to you, I went to law school with Rumbaugh so you know you can trust me…or maybe I just blew all my credibility right there. I’m still working on it, I’ve sent my buddy links to every Justified-related post I could find on KSR. He told me since this season is about over so it may be next season before he can make it happen, but I warn you that he may just be full of sh*t too. He’ll be at my bachelor party in a couple of weeks, I’ll keep twisting his arm on it, I want to see it as much as you do now.

  34. A. Bartlett Giamatti


  35. thankfulCat


    He is still a player.

  36. Capt Obvious

    34. Memphis is definitely in a mid-major conference. It is funny how when UL was in that conference, you didn’t struggle one bit saying they were in a lesser conference, but now that Calipari came to UK ala Conference USA, it is not a lesser conference. Good rationale there.

  37. WestPointCard

    Louisville is going to be all right.

  38. Daniel Harless

    39, Pre YUM center maybe not. Post YUM center, possibly.
    Another thing, Butler has been to back-to-back NC games. Do we still consider them a Mid-Major. I absolutely do. Memphis equals Mid Major