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Patterson and Orton’s San Francisco Adventure Done


Yesterday was the final day of Daniel Orton and Patrick Patterson’s summer with “Hell’s Trainer” in San Francisco. For eight weeks, the two UK players did two intense workouts a day, with three games of basketball a week against a host of college and pro players. Word is that both young men were helped greatly, with Daniel Orton getting in better shape and Patrick Patterson becoming (to quote his mother) “ripped.” They return to UK this week and UK fans will surely see a benefit from the beginning of a relationship between the Calipari UK program and the best basketball trainer in the country.

Article written by Matt Jones

42 responses to “Patterson and Orton’s San Francisco Adventure Done”

  1. MGH

    We might be looking at the two most beastly players in the country this season, just from sheer strength and bad ass … ness.

  2. GoCats2010

    I like the file name of the photo “p-pppp”

  3. Moving4Ward


  4. CalipariSafari

    1. Pilgrim is the most “beastly” player in the country. LOL.

  5. BPsycho

    Patterson was ripped at birth and assisted his own delivery….

    True Story

  6. Moving4Ward

    Patterson for Player of the Year in ’09-’10. I hope UK gets the hype machine rolling in full swing for our guy.

  7. wildcatwesw

    i think orton could start ahead of cousins if cousins doesn’t stop his laziness. by the way i saw a picture of cousins smilin on caliparis blog on his website and it actually looked real unlike the last few

  8. BPsycho

    What laziness? lol Hes is not lazy he is chill, he will get **** done when he feels like it.

  9. Vote For Nader

    If Cousins was lazy, he would lose playing time. Same with everyone else. Laziness won’t be a problem. “Chill” is the better description. Cousins is a talent, and he will make the most of it while at UK.

  10. TheBigBooyah

    Sweet Jorts Pat.

  11. slappy

    “If he doesn’t stop his laziness.” Ha! Gotta love UK fans. The guy hasn’t even had a game yet, let alone an organized practice, and people are already saying he’s lazy.

  12. hooperstar54

    the hair is gettin a lil big, i for one think the fro could work this year, come on pat, give it another try lol

  13. jaxcat07
  14. KeithMyath

    Shoe Shine!

  15. wyldcatzrool

    Chuck Norris called P-Pat for strength training advice

  16. asdfasdf

    chill doesn’t get you slapped by teammates does it? or cause you to start shit with walkons?

  17. jch67

    Did Harrelson lone those “jorts” to PPat for his CA adventure??? Or are “jorts” the official, spring/summer attire for the UK big men? If so, I hope they make a “European” cut for Perry!

  18. bleedblue23

    Orton is comin’ after Cousins’ startin spot!

  19. jch67

    bleedblue – I think you’re right. I like what I’ve heard from Orton so far and his attitude. It seems he understands setting goals and working hard to attain them. Can’t wait to see him in B&W!

    Also, CAN NOT wait to see PPat’s new game!!! Would love to see him knocking down 3’s and taking his defender to the whole!!!!

  20. jch67

    ….to the “hole” that is…

  21. asdfasdf

    absolutely cannot wait to see how these guys kill once they get back

  22. jch67

    I’ve spent the last 2 years loving the Football Cats – now I’m back to wondering how long it will take for them to stop playing with that odd shaped ball and get on to the main course! No wonder the Bear left…. Some things never change!

    However, I won’t miss a F’ball Cats game!!!

  23. CalipariSafari

    These people who say Cousins is “lazy” are as dumb as they can be. From every single report I’ve heard, Cousins is the most energetic player on the floor and he’s challenging others to step up their play. I think the “lazy” rumors need to cease especially when they’re coming from people who have no clue as to what they are talking about.

    GO CATS!!!!

  24. uk_we_are_a_football_school

    UK got a commitment today from Raymond Sanders (RB out of GA) NO star ranking, but was recruited by a lot of D-1 schools. None out of the SEC. Hopefully this is another “gem” for the staff.

  25. wyldcatzrool

    22- It’s too bad this town wasn’t big enough for the two of ’em! Adolph AND The Bear that is…It might of been UK instead of ‘Bama who became a football powerhouse to rule side-by-side our basketball powerhouse. And when I say powerhouse, I mean a historically dominant program over long periods of time. It seems no school has that in both football and basketball- that it is either one or the other or neither. Perhaps it would not have been possible, but alas- we will never know.

  26. uk_we_are_a_football_school

    Also, Matt James (*** WR from NC picked Wake Forest). He was on UK’s list of recruits.

    Blake Bortles (QB from Florida, some say UK had offered) chose Central Florida. UK is recruiting a DT from the same team Marcus Thomas for 2010.

  27. wyldcatzrool

    24- link: (about the player, not the commit…good info on the kid tho)

  28. Mr Schwump

    24, Sanders is teeny tiny. Meaning no disrespect but is this what we’ve been waiting for?

  29. uk_we_are_a_football_school

    He is small, but runs a 4.4 and probably been overlooked by the big schools because of size. Chances are he will have a big year as a high school senior and get some bigger offers. Hopefully he will stick with UK. Just remember D. Locke wasn’t offered any D1 offers to be a running back. He had a couple to play CB. If Randy Sanders is recruiting him I have faith.

  30. Mr Schwump

    29, very good points. His offer sheet is not bad really. The number of offers is respectable.

  31. uk_we_are_a_football_school

    I wish I could see some game film on this kid. Some articles say he could play corner, but at his height I don’t think that will work in the SEC. I think this guy is more of an open field type of player on the offensive side of the ball. We just need to trust our coaches.

    I follow UK Football Hard and football recruiting in general pretty hard. It’s a shame there is not much out there on UK football. All we have to really look forward to are Rob’s posts. I know the UK fan base supports the football team and we are known as a basketball school. However, for our football program to get to the next level we need to win a few more games and the fan base needs to continue to show we are not just a football school. My hope is that guys like Locke, Newton, Moss, etc can take us to the next level over the next few years. Football recruiting is so different than basketball that it takes longer to make an impact.

  32. Mr Schwump

    31, I agree. As an example of what you mentioned, last week the guy from Indy came in for an unofficial. TCP cared so much they didn’t even mention the visit. In general UK is looked upon as capable of a good game but these losing streaks to UT/UF/Spurrier just causes a chuckle. Years ago a guy who played at another SEC school told me the word around the league was to stay close to UK and they’d eventually beat themselves. That’s still pretty close to the truth.

    Maybe Sanders will be an effectice kick returner.

  33. CalipariSafari

    UK needs to go out and recruit a 6’0″ or taller athlete (with decent speed) that weighs over 250lbs and bring him to the Bluegrass to run the ball. Then we could sit back and laugh as we watched the SEC try and tackle our Jerome Bettis “BEAST.”

  34. claw

    Patrick has the eye of the tiger now. Eye of the tiger man. He’s gonna whip Clubber Lang like a dog.

  35. blueblue

    I don’t think that what you describe is what the team needs. No disrespect intended. I just disagree. They have very capable running backs in Alfonso Smith and Derrick Locke. The key to the running game is going to be the blocking capabilities of the offensive line. The game is truly won and lost in the trenches. Unless your name is Barry Sanders and you can juke the defense out of their cleats, you are not going to gain alot of yardage behind an offensive line that has trouble protecting you. And you can put an average running back behind the best offensive line in the nation, and they’ll gain 150 yds/game and look like an all-american. I want to know about our offensive line.

  36. wyldcatzrool

    This Sanders kid has some potential. Those short guys can be a bitch to bring down because they scoot by ya before you can even get low enough to get a wrap on their legs and if ya hit ’em high they can spin and/or bounce off ya. They say he’s got good vision and can hit the creases, etcetera so a kid like this I see redshirting his first year here, hitting the strength and conditioning program…and if he can develop those tree-trunk legs he could become an effective little scatback type of player. Time will tell. I hope he is a good student and carries a high GPA…that is something I like to see when we give a scholly to kids who have potential but are not that highly rated or recruited by any other SEC/big name schools. That way the kid helps the team GPA and becomes a positive factor off the field even if he never becomes much of a factor on the field.

  37. uk_we_are_a_football_school

    36- Good point on the grades

  38. Go CATS

    Patterson said on his twitter that Orton got the best of him in the final game in San Fran. That’s pretty good news if Orton is giving an All American all he can handle all ready.

  39. uktailg8er

    No, yes, maybe, probably.

  40. mattd05


  41. Kysteve420

    Too, bad the whole team didn’t go to Cali.

  42. Orville Schnellenberger

    What is it, 10-11 more weeks till the UK machine hits the floor for Midnight Madness? Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!