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Patrick Patterson’s Mother Comments on Tipton Article


In case you missed it earlier today, Jerry Tipton wrote a game report in which he commented on the fact that Patrick Patterson had a new truck. In his report, he said Patrick drove the new truck to the game and then “the fun figured to continue when he climbed in his new black truck and drove away.” Interesting story right? The problem is that according to Patterson’s mother, it is not true. I spoke this afternoon to Tywanna Patterson who said that Patrick didnt drive to the game in the truck or drive home afterwards, instead riding with his parents to dinner after the game. She also said that Patrick’s new truck isnt even kept primarily on campus and was a gift from his parents that will be kept primarily in Huntington. Patterson’s mother was upset at Tipton’s comments on the truck and said,

I just dont appreciate him making false statements and comments. When he first interviewed me, he misquoted me about OJ Mayo when Patrick was in high school. I just wish he would stop doing that.”

The Patterson family has had issues with Tipton before and his father Buster Patterson, famously said to a line of Tipton’s questioning, “you just dont quit do you Jerry?” But as for the current issue, Tywanna Patterson simply says, “I just wish he would report on the game and not things that didnt happen.”

Article written by Matt Jones

67 responses to “Patrick Patterson’s Mother Comments on Tipton Article”

  1. HighOnUK

    If Tywanna doesn’t like you, I don’t like you

  2. The Squid

    Shocker to find out that Tipton is full of shit.

  3. adaircam4

    Tipton is a moron. Why does he still have a job at LHL?

  4. ukisgr8

    Tipton just keeps making crap up, why? And I don’t expect a sports journalist to be all sucky uppy to UK but why would a sports journalist who reports on UK be so Anti UK?

  5. BigBlueFan

    Fire Tipton.

  6. Kentucky1

    OMG, I Love Pattersons parents! Tipton is such a douche! Tywanna don’t play around with misquotes

  7. ebwblue

    Someone please name another college in a college town that has a hack like Tipton on a constant crusade of disparagement against the main limb of the athletic department. I mean come on. It’s really starting to become absurd at this point. He has nothing else in his repertoire at this point.

    This recent episode just may be the thing a university could hang a locl reporter on……

  8. Kentucky1

    Did anyone else have a pic in their mind of Pat rollin hard in his new truck? Man he looked tough in mine!

  9. rlburd2

    the herald circulation currently reaches around 6 people …

    he’s trying to get attention… nothing new or crazy about these tactics

  10. IcemanG2

    1 – I’m really going to miss Patterson’s parents. I with there was some way they could just say in Lexington and follow the program.

    2 – This needs to be addressed in a big way by UK. Someone needs to call the Herald-Misleader and demand an explanation on this one.


    I think the LHL should take severe and quick action against Tipton on this. If they don’t, they are going to realize how powerful the Big Blue Nation is. This is crystal clear proof that Tipton is trying to besmudge the Kentucky Basketball Program!

  12. BigBlueFan

    I’m guessing that Tipton heard that PP got a new truck and assumed he drove to the game in it and then he took liberties and made up a story to go with that assumption. Tywanna (my new heroine) called that hack out.

  13. slappy

    Tipton needs to stfu.

  14. MJ

    “If Tywanna doesn’t like you, I don’t like you.”

    I think that’s my new life motto.

  15. SagaciousMind

    Jerry Tipton is a douche bag tool. He’s not too far behind Pat Forde.

  16. wildcat_99

    PPAT has been a class act for this program- Buster and Tywanna are model parents and are Big Blue throughout. I wish there was a way to get to Tipton but the only way is to boycott all articles he writes. Unfortunately people keep reading them to see what negativity he has so they can bash him. Dont get what I am saying confused. I HATE Tipton and want him gone just think they only way to get him fired is if there is no purpose for him anymore. So I say Boycott Tipton from here on out!!!!!!!

  17. Dennis

    Everyone please call the Lex. Herald-Leader at (859) 231-3150 and voice your anger at Jerry Tipton to his employer. If we can get enough calls to his bosses, It WILL make a difference!!

  18. justXwes

    On other notes, who’s business is it if Patrick’s family has bought him a new truck, the Patterson families wealth is no breaking news, nor shocking for that matter. Leave their family alone, Patrick is going to be one of the greatest to every wear the white and blue and your writing is nothing more than an insult to his legacy.

    And this very moment Jerry Tipton, I want to fight you, I’m making it public my distaste for you and want to challenge you to a duel. You are a Louiserville Cardinal fan, there I said it. You are a disgrace to the city of Lexington as well. Please go back to your home in southern Indiana and have more than friendly relations with your pals Pitino and Forde.

  19. King Nate

    Busta and Tywanna are the greatest UK parents ever… is not even close. I think they should have their seats in Rupp retired at the end of the year.

  20. Dennis

    (859) 231-3100 ^ sorry

  21. bluemadness

    If the wrong person sees this article there will be some research done. Was it just me or did Dave Baker call everybody on the team last night John Wall. I know the kid is everywhere but good lord. Ford use to lease cars to players for about $15.00 a month i dont know if they do that anymore.

  22. gossie21

    I don’t think the comments about Patterson’s truck are detrimental in any way. But the fact that Jerry decided to fabricate events is very disturbing. That is the biggest no-no in all of journalism, that’s enough to get a man fired. Far Tipton!

  23. Cats R Back

    Surely there are enough UK fans in the world to get his ass fired. EVERYBODY contact the Herald-Leader or email them or whatever and GET THIS CLOWN FIRED! He is crossing the line and being a total jack-ass. HIS TIME IS UP! He’s starting to mess with the players now, and his career is OVER.

  24. payne

    Forget that, did you notice the “also the Cats broke the rules again” at the end:

    “The two prospects sat in the front row behind the White team bench. From that vantage point, they could hear fans chant their names.”

    I’m starting to think there may be something to this UK-hating Tipton conspiracy theory.

  25. wildcatfandave

    I think ol’ Jerry is insinuating that somebody from the NBA or that has deep pockets at UK bought Patterson a truck. This is beyond low. Please call the Herald-Follower and give them a piece of your mind. We really need to stop reading his articles, but the comedy (unintentional of course) makes it difficult.

  26. buzzking

    Cutler 4-life!!

  27. 783CATS

    ‘Ol T-bag strikes again…

  28. IcemanG2

    I just called and left a disturbing voicemail regarding Tipton. UNLEASH THE FURY BIG BLUE NATION!

  29. Crow

    Tipton knows full well what the connotations are to talking about a college player with a new expensive car or truck. He was in a backhanded way suggesting we are cheating without having the guts to flat-out say we are. He loves innuendo.

    Same reason he added the line about students chanting recruit names.

  30. ThatsAShame

    I was about to post a really nice story of Tipton giving my wife a ride home after her car broke down and then going over to the burn unit to console some children but I guess this is a bad time.

  31. benherewaiting

    #30———- thats a good one.. lol

  32. 783CATS

    jerry tipton–aka “t-bag”–just go ahead and move to loserville!!! How can such an anti-UK, absolute Hater continue to write for the Lexington paper? We all know jerry–just go on and move your desk over there next to your buddy pat forde–then the two of you can hold hands while you spew out negative-only stories about our beloved Wildcats!!!

    Ok, I am officially promising you and myself–from this point forward I will not (on purpose) read anything that tipton writes ever again–it only infuriates me–his words are poison to my very being. And by reading any of his garbage–I am only prolonging his ridiculous status as an employed “journalist”

  33. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    1- That should be a sign in the locker room, a tattoo, a t-shirt….something.

  34. Bluebloodtoo

    The easiest way to solve this problem is for the blogs to STOP F'()*N linking his articles. I wonder how many hits his articles would get if they weren’t linked at the major UK blog sites. I’m not sure, but I bet they would be cut by 75% at least. I understand giving everyone the opportunity to voice their opinion, but based on this information it seems that he is merely a fiction writer and not really a news writer.

  35. wildcatfandave

    The answer from now on to the question “Did you read Tipton’s article today?” should be a resounding “NO”

  36. MOU12

    Check out the comment section under Tipton’s article, specifically the one from “Larry Orton”. Is that Daniel’s dad?

  37. believeblue

    Ban ALDIRT he thinks Tipton is the only member of the media getting the truth out.

  38. Juan

    Mrs Patterson should complain to the editor.

  39. coachclyde

    I e-mailed Tipton earlier today about his article for the Blue-White game and the little line in it at the end. Surprise, surprise he doesn’t have the balls to e-mail me back and I was nothing but respectful and polite.

  40. AlDirt

    I think Dick Cheney is the moderator here… everytime i say something about repubs, the comment gets deleted.. hahaha

  41. Mike Jones

    Would UK ever take away his press credentials? Talk about shaking things up. That would thrown things into an uproar quick. Pull his credentials for reporting false stories.

  42. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    How bout a loud “Fire Tipton” chant at the next game.

  43. funkadelic

    40. They didn’t get deleted, just moved to the “argue with strangers over political analogies” blog.

  44. Indycatfan

    PatFordeJerryTipton….You know when you say those two names together it almost sounds like your trying to pull that little gummy bear turd out of your ass….Wait…. IT IS!!!! they are the gummy bears. But actually what I heard is that when those two get together on weekend they love to play “DUTCH RUDDER” with each other with a big poster of Little Ricky hanging on the wall beside them…..

  45. NewWildcatOrder

    42) That I like. Monday night. Let’s make it happen.

  46. smiddy911

    lmao – Tipton removed comments from his article. sooooo funny.

    42) and 45) – PLLEAASEEEE MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Im in!!!!

  47. WelcomeToTheCaliparti

    There isn’t anything else to say after #1 summed it all up perfectly…

  48. The Fake Gimel Martinez

    #46 — More than likely, that was an employee of the H-L’s online group, not Tipton himself.

  49. bluegrasshoopsreport

    NCAA Basketball 10 to feature Cal’s Dribble Drive Motion, as well as simulated ESPN and CBS broadcasts

  50. Red Rooster

    30 has the greatest post ever

  51. Secretariat

    Would the UKAA listen to requests to revoke his press pass if we all messaged them?

  52. rlburd2

    get the pitchforks, im headin’ to t-bag’s house

  53. JMBlue

    24- Welcome to the party

  54. SagaciousMind

    He writes for the Lexington paper, I dont get his hate for UK. I mean why not trash talk Duke? Something rotten smells in Durham. I mean Clifton isnt trying to get players to go to Duke for no reason. It’s is one thing to write an article and pose questions, but it is another to write without any credible evidence and that is just horrible journalism. And not only that, be to slander one of the greatest players in Patrick Patterson and his class act parents is just…so many words can go there. Tipton is absolutely horrible and I wish he would be let go. But I say from now on KSR shouldnt even post any of his article or even respond to them…just ignore him and maybe he’ll go away.

  55. Dennis

    Read Matt’s last tweet. The LHL is going to issue an apology tommorrow.

  56. mattcat68

    Here’s an idea, someone buy a Herald Leader; make a list of their advertisers; look up their phone numbers, adresses and emails; post the list on a website where UK fans frequent. Encourage UK fans to boycott the Herald Leader’s advertisers until Tipton is a) fired or b) offers a mea culpa. You go after their money and they will listen.

  57. kyfan31

    BURN!!! I love Mrs. Patterson!

  58. Dennis

    #56 That is the way to get REAL results. Very good idea! I’m feed up with that Bast*rd Tipton!

  59. gcat4496

    The article sounds like he is implying that Patrick is getting some type of illegal benefit for having a new truck. Like perhaps an agent bought it for Patterson. Then he goes on to mention that UK fans chanted recruit names again. I am beginning to believe that Tipton is just trying to stir the pot to sell papers. He is reporting on the upbeat atmosphere at UK right now. Instead he just going around looking for anything negative to stir the pot. I think it is high time that we just stop reading anything he writes. Just ignore him from this point on. Once noone reads his crap, the LHL will have no choice but to let him go.

  60. pizzinmeoff

    Mark LT’s were only made in 2006 and 2007 , so Tippy didn’t do his homework on that either. I wish Mrs. Patterson had kicked his butt.

  61. MacKYcat

    Is there ANYONE really surprised that Tipton embellishes regarding the truth (lies…) to enhance the readership of his STORIES (meaning not factual articles!!!). It matters not if PPAT drives a new truck or a moped for goodness sakes; but it’s no trouble at for him to make it sound like an NCAA infraction- “Patterson’s new moped is cause for alarm among CAT fans, ncaa is suspicious”…. sorry, I embellish…. in the manner of jerrytipton.

  62. JackEsqNKY

    #56, I just wrote the same thing on another post. That’s where the $ is, advertisers. Cancelled subscriptions hurts some, but cancelled accounts hurt more.

  63. Ballboy

    Why does this jerk have a job anyways…biggest program in america and all this dick does is put us down. FIRES JERRY TIPTON

  64. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    With every passing story, it becomes more and more obvious that $hit for brains as a agenda when it comes to U.K. Is journalism the only occupation in the country that doesn’t require you to do your job accurately? It seems like the paper not only condones it but encourages it, lest, something would have already been done. Free press is one thing, this is something else. Anyone that thinks this article was intended to do anything other than portray Pat in a negative manner is drunk, whether his innuendo was that the vehicle was obtained under the table, or that Pat is some kind of loose party animal. Either way, Tipton can lick the Blue Bone.


    Anybody know the name of Jerry Tipton’s employer? I’d like to ask for him, when I call the LHL. Just need to know who to ask for

  66. Jnet389

    the only problem with boycotting the sponsors is NO MORE DE JA VU!!!

  67. Jnet389

    oh and Solid Platinum