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Patrick Patterson’s Monday Notes


Today was a great day to be at Rupp Arena and the emotion permeated the arena. People arrived early for Senior Day and gave everyone a stirring tribute, including Patrick Patterson, who is one of the most beloved modern players to play for the Cats. Everyone who reads this knows that KSR is Patrick Patterson land. It is not an exaggeration to say that the rise of Patterson and his importance at UK was part of the rise of this blog and all that has come after it. Our first major entry into the UK world came due to our meeting of he and Jai Lucas and it was a series of interviews with those two young guys that helped the site grow into what it is today. When I see Patrick, he often jokes about our first meeting at the Nike Camp in Indianapolis and the very first question anyone from KSR ever asked him (it was Mosley and he asked him if he watched “American Idol.”) From that time nearly four years ago to now, Patterson has become one of my top 3 favorite Cats of all-time and it was great to see him get honored today. Patrick is a great guy on and off the court, and his family has become part of the Kentucky family. One day Patrick’s name will be in the UK rafters as the rock of the UK program for three years and it will be well-deserved.

Some notes from a busy day:

— The Cats won the game and that you know, but you might not know how unimportant Calipari believes today and next week truly are. After the game, he said he cares little about SEC conference crowns and SEC Tournament titles, but only cares about the NCAA seeding. It was a strange argument to hear and one that he defended almost immediately after stating it. Calipari said that if people didnt like that viewpoint sorry, because it was what they got when they got him. I love Calipari and think he does little wrong, but I do disagree with this point. SEC regular season and tournament titles are important to me and if a Coach puts everything on the NCAA Tournament, that leaves little margin for error. But knowing Calipari, maybe he wont need it.

— There were recruits aplenty at the game today and they took their place behind the bench. Enes Kanter, Quincy Miller and Michael Gilchrist were all in attendance and seemed to have a grand old time. Many believe (as do I) that a Kanter commitment could be coming soon and the 2011 guys are two of the top four or five players in the country. There are many who believe UK is about to go on a recruiting run in the next few weeks that will be quite impressive. If you get a chance, listen to Evan Daniels on the podcast linked below and you will get an update on where recruiting stands in 2010 and 2011.

— After the game, Wall and Cousins chanted “one more year” at Patrick Patterson as the team celebrated at mid-court. Patterson for his part, looked into the crowd during “My Old Kentucky Home” after the game, seemingly soaking in the scene one last time.

— It was great to see Mark Krebs and his mother at the game. She made it a goal to see Senior night and she did and it was very emotional for everyone involved, including Calipari and the rest of the team. Krebs is a great kid and he told me afterwards that it was a “day that will be with me forever.”

— There is also the real possibility that it was the last home game for Wall and Cousins, two guys who are almost certain to head for the Draft. If so, it was a fitting end to a crazy good season by both young men as they have dazzled the Rupp crowd time after time. One of the more fun teams I can remember and these two were primarily the reason.

— UK set a new attendance record for the year, drawing more total fans and average fans than in any season in the past. That shouldnt be too much of a surprise.

— And a huge shoutout to the UK Women’s Hoops team who gave Tennessee all they wanted in the SEC Tournament finals tonight. I watched nearly the entire game and thought it was a great battle that showcased just how hard this Kentucky team plays and what a great job Matthew Mitchell has done. Catch this group in the NCAA if you havent yet…you will be glad you did.

— I was on the Hurt Locker bandwagon from the first time I saw the movie this summer and was thrilled to see it win tonight. Great film that you need to see if you havent yet.

We got a lot going today, but it is Monday which means you need to listen to today’s podcast. We have Evan Daniels on recruiting, Trey Grayson on running for Senate and being a UK fan, Buzz Baker on where this team stacks up historically and Gregg Doyel being Gregg Doyel. Plus there is Woo. And if you havent, please just go ahead and subscribe on iTunes. It makes it so much easier for everyone.


Here is your SEC TOURNAMENT BRACKET. It is time to get ready:


Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. soup
  2. David

    at what point does Daniels star talking recruiting ?

  3. Chris Collinsworth

    1) Where were you on the night of Feb. 16th at 7:18 pm?

  4. Flygirl

    I love the pic of ppat & parents!

  5. Brittney Griner's fight coach

    There will be an upset in there at some point. Won’t be us!! South Carolina, Ole Miss, Mississippi State will be the 3 victims.

  6. soup

    2- This podcast is like your local news. Gotta wait thru all the fluff to get to the good stuff.

    3- Wow. Don’t know how that got by me.

  7. soup

    3- I was at KSR getting censored. Seriously?

  8. The Fake Bobby Knight

    It’s natural for me to be &@$#ing scared of Buster Patterson simply by seeing that &@$#ing photo, right? Right?

  9. dan

    just in case you break out a sweat doing the j wall dance;feature=related

  10. Jerry "just a tip" Tipton

    I’m predicting KY/UT in Semi’s with UGA/UF. The Cats will face UGA in the Finals.

  11. bobsuruncle

    Where did grayson get the idea that health care was being nationalized?

  12. Cat Fan in NC

    John Wall has been named Freshman of the Year by the Sporting News with Cousins joining him on the All-Freshman team. GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  13. NBA league pass

    I don’t really understand those comments by Cal regarding conference/tournament championships not being worth anything?? I think Cal just says random stuff to the media to get them going to be honest…can someone explain to me:
    “we’re actually 12 and 11” etc, etc and then a few weeks later: “you are what your record says you are”.

    Just an example of some things he says that don’t really make any sense if you think about it… I would think you would want to play your best basketball right now going into the NCAA tournament…and conference and SEC tournament championships DO help seeding, so I would give it a good college try to win em!

  14. Keeping it Real

    “Shake and Bake” Baby!!!

  15. Boogiesboxershorts

    I need recruiting news…I see us morphing into the same team next year and I can’t wait…Knight becomes Wall…Bledsoe stays…Kanter becoms PPat (although sounds unreasonable just wait til you see him)…Orton becomes Boogie (Orton needs a nickname bad – I can’t say Daniel all next year – he could put up huge numbers playing 30+ minutes)…Miller and Dodson are back…throw in a Leslie or Jones and watch out…BACK TO BACK baby …are you serious

  16. KSR Spy

    Does anyone have a link to an SEC Tournment Bracket that I can print out???

  17. Phil

    I dont understand how the Oscars work. The Hurt Locker won for best film….yet it was a total flop at the box office and no one seen it, apparenly most people dont think the film is good, yet it wins?

  18. SamCat

    If this was the last home game for PPat, I will truly miss him. He is one of my all-time favorites–talented, always classy, and always collected. I wish him all the best, whatever he decides to do. He will always have a family among the Big Blue Nation.

  19. tdr76

    Pat you have made us all proud! Best wishes going forward.

  20. SMB

    17. Ya because the general public usually knows a good movie when they see it…Even though the box office numbers werent great doesnt mean it was not a fantastic movie. However i was rooting for Crazy Heart all night.


    Got my SEC Tournament tickets and ready to go witness one of the best tournaments in years!

  22. Indycatfan

    15 how about Dan “Blockerman”

  23. Basteballer

    When it comes to the SEC championship, I don’t think Cal “gets” it. It matters to UK fans so it should matter to him, too. Not a big deal as long as we win it but I think it’s a legitimate goal for the year.

  24. Forthesakeofeducation

    I think Cal’s comments are mostly to take pressure off the players and have them play more loose…

  25. Basteballer

    When it comes to the SEC Championship, I don’t think Cal “gets” it. It’s a legitimate goal. But as long as we win it, it’s not a big deal.

  26. Basteballer

    Sorry for the double post. It didn’t look like it had gone through.

  27. Boogiesboxershorts

    22..theres just something wrong with nicknames with man in them…too much like superman, spiderman – wonderwo-man…also don’t like “the” in front of name…come on ksr – ORT NEEDS A NICKNAME?

  28. Rumors

    I heard a rumor from a Florida fan yesterday that Billy D will be going to UCONN after the season. This should makes Knights choice a lot easier.

  29. Laettner's Hairless Filipino BF

    How does the best team in the league end up with such a horrible path to the SEC tourney championship?

  30. Wa11 Street

    21- I’ll buy your Friday, Sat and Sun tickets

  31. panchodan

    27) Ortron: The shotblockin super Bot

  32. Thoroughbred Ted

    22- Turtle

  33. A. Rupp

    Hey gang… Get off Cal’s back. He is the coach now – AND he does know best. Think about it – he says he is concerned with seeding and the NCAAtournament. Well, to get a good seed in the NCAA, you MUST win games in the regular season – a lot of them. WE ALL LIKE THAT. IF, we have seasons like the current one – we will have a #1 seed locked up before the SECtournament. So, winning the SECtournament doesn’t take on the importance to us as it would UGA, Arkansas, USCjr. We can use the SECtournament to work on player rotation, defenses, or anything Cal wants to without the pressure of winning. Winning the SEC regular season (which is THE priority – getting high seeds) is obviously more important to everyone than the SECtournament. Don’t worry CAT fans, Cal is here now – we are in good hands in what we want to accomplish most – National Championships!

  34. Thoroughbred Ted

    or Snappin Turtle

  35. dhighdrated

    do we know what time we’re playing on Friday yet?

  36. Rumor Police

    28) You heard that too? I heard the wife was already looking at horse-farms in Connecticut. Plus, I have the tail numbers on her plane – ufsucks1.

  37. Justin

    35 – 1 eastern, 12 central

  38. Rockett6

    Orton’s nick name should be “SWAT”

  39. internet

    #35 – ARE YOU SERIOUS? You SOMEHOW were able to navigate the internet to find this site – but are unable to locate the time of UK’s SEC game? You sure you aren’t a UofL fan?

    Since you’re slow… the game is at 9pm Friday night.

  40. buk

    Orton’s new nickname should be Memaw.

  41. Justin

    39 – u serious? you felt the need to belittle someone over asking a simple question? Next time I need extra sauce at McDonalds ill know not to ask you…

  42. Chuck Norris

    I heard Daniel Orton wanted to change his name to Chuck Norris. Look, Mr. Orton, I don’t want any problem with you – you can have the name, it’s all yours! Can I keep my name or would you like me to change it – don’t know how you’d feel about 2 Chuck Norrises.

  43. Rumors

    What kind of moron turns down Kentucky to end up at UCONN. If Billy D does go to UCONN could we make a run at Rivers.

  44. internet

    #41 – I work at Burger King, b!tch. Please get that straight. And yeah, I will ‘belittle’ people if they are too lazy and stupid to find out THAT answer on their own. Just because I choose not to hold peoples hands like you and actually expect people to be somewhat self-sufficient – doesn’t mean YOU should look down on me.

    #41, you probably are currently sucking on the Government tit or have no problem with the nanny-state we are quickly turning into…

    You want fries with that?

  45. Big bear

    33.) exactly

  46. Indycatfan

    I know this statement is going to bring the ceiling down up on me but…..what do you all think of Big Cuz, Wall and Bledsoe leading the chant “ONE MORE YEAR” to Patrick? Hell if you’re gonna dream let’s dream BIG……

  47. Justin

    internet = Al Gore

  48. Boogie Monster

    Is it me, or does Patrick’s dad look like a heavyweight version of Marvin Hagler?

  49. Wa11 Street

    48- Too funny– he does look a little Marvelous!

  50. sec session ?

    What # session would sundays championship game be? I was thinking four, is that right? I’m looking on ebay, thanks alot

  51. internet

    Justin = Barry Obama?

  52. Justin

    I have a feeling Arkansas may go on a run in the tourney.

  53. Chris in NKY (Burlington)

    Kinda weird that Wall and Cousins would chant one more year for Patterson.

  54. CvilleCat23

    Orton’s nickname = Chuck.

  55. Jenny

    46) I was thinking the same thing! Ironic that those two were the ones leading the cheer…

  56. Laker Cat 18

    44. I respect anyone who works at the BK Lounge. Also, nice quote from the Wedding Crashers with the “sucking on the government tit” line.

  57. internetsucks

    #39 might want to check friday’s game time again before you go slammin on someone else.

  58. internetsucks

    #39 you might want to go and navigate your way again and recheck the game time for friday

  59. a little slow

    57 – I think you missed the joke, I’m pretty sure 39 knows the game time

  60. blueblue

    Maybe if PP agrees to stay “one more year” then the other two may also!!!!

  61. Big Blue Wampus Cat

    Orton’s nickname should be “Fifth” cause after a “fifth” of Orton the opponents gonna be on there asterix. Also most of their shots will be in the fifth row after he swats them!



  63. Gaytor Hater

    Why are some people so up in arms about Cal’s view on the SEC Tournament? He’s right! It’s not important because the ultimate goal is to win the NCAA tournament. That’s what you play for not your conference. Everything leading up to the NCAA tournament is done for the tournament. You play the season to get better and prepare for that tournament. Conference tournaments are just for the automatic bids. What other purpose do they really serve? We didn’t win the conference championship in 96 and i bet nobody cares since we won it all. I certainly don’t. People know UK for it’s 7 national championships not it’s 44 SEC regular season championships or conference tournament championships. We all would love to completely dominate everything but people need to keep things in perspective. We hired Cal to bring in the best players and win NCAA championships not just be tops in the conference again.

  64. internet

    #57 and #58 – Do you think your comments will be taken any more seriously if you say them back to back and just a little differently? You sir/ma’am, FAIL at life.

    #59 – Thanks for the back. It absolutely amazes me that some people (‘internetsucks’ #58) are so completely clueless. These people would forget to breathe if the human body didn’t do it for them.

    #62 – Thank you for your continued contribution to anything worth while in life. Keep up the good work, bro.


    30 – win or lose my son and I are there from opening tip of first game to final horn of championship game. We have only missed three games in the past 5 years and that is only because they would not let us in the “gym”. Something about a tornado. 🙂

  66. sPANK' IT


  67. sawyer

    #57/#58 hahahaha

  68. Lisa

    What is wrong with mark krebs mom? I send my prayers their way