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Patrick Patterson has a (Facebook) message for you

Patrick Patterson didn’t have a great night last night. There’s no question about that. But, as we said before, every player has an off-game and some of the reactions to how he played are bordering on insane in the comments section here and at Cats Pause.  Some fans are in self-destruct mode after last night’s loss (they won 19 in a row before that, remember) and have decided to take their frustrations out on the guy who has been the definition of heart and hard work the past two and half seasons.

It seems Patrick might have noticed.  From his Facebook page this morning:

“To the entire Big Blue Nation.. Do not talk to me or message me about the performances of myself & my teammates OR question our talent, pride, or love for this University.”

Agreed.  Some of you have lost your damn minds.  Take a deep breath and repeat after me.

Nineteen and one….nineteen and one….nineteen and one….nineteen and one….nineteen and one….nineteen and one….

Article written by Thomas Beisner

211 responses to “Patrick Patterson has a (Facebook) message for you”

  1. Ted Stryker

    Lou. fans are the ones saying this to him on facebook, anything for them to rip team chemistry

  2. alsdomain


  3. TOMPAV83

    NO ONE IS ABOVE CRITICISM. That being said. There is no doubt Patterson has more love for UK than anyone on the team. We love you back, Pat. We just want to see you take charge of this team, like you should.

  4. mattearley

    tell ’em pat.

    gimme a break people. they lost a game. it will be a great learning tool and the CATS will destroy the cocks in lexington.

    please do not give the national media more “UK fans are the most pompous and insane fans on the planet” fodder.

    go p. pat. go cats.

  5. Lincoln Park

    Our idiot fans will always be our downfall. God, I’m so glad I don’t live in KY anymore.

  6. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    nice, people. real nice.

  7. Big Blue Nation...

    …eating their own from the inside out for 100+ years.

  8. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    That last phrase is the disturbing part. Of course fans will have criticisms of individual performances (whether or not they should air those opinions via a player’s facebook is different), but questioning the “talent, pride, or love” of the members of this team is ludicrous.

  9. xx

    any adult who sends disparaging messages to these kids needs to be castrated to prevent like offspring

  10. macon_volfan

    #1- or maybe it’s the insane branch of the UK fan base that realize things they say online have little to no consequence, because they’re not actually saying it their face. Every fan base has them, and they’re all absurd. These are KIDS!

  11. Tim

    It is what it is. Many Kentucky fans are dumber than rocks.

  12. complainedaboutthesamething

    This truly disgust me…if for some reason you start to get mad at the team for a bad game, just remember back to last season. That was a great game that was well played by SC.

  13. Voice of Reason

    I hope no recruits are checking this site. The way some of these idiots are acting is just ridiculous. I know I wouldn’t want to play for a fanbase, that when we lose a close game the fans turn their back on the players. No ones gonna tell Pat he’s soft to his face. It’s easy to take shots over the net.

  14. Mack

    I like that he and hopefully his teammates are taking it personal. I don’t know why but maybe a lost game is important. I guess the Coach needed a genuine “L” instead of an implicit “L”.


    pat you the man! don’t let what these idiots are saying get to you and know that the BBN has your and the teams’ back! great season so far.

  16. KY76

    I’m the biggest UK fan around…but it’s times like this…when the stupid fans start hitting the panic button that I really Hate being a UK fan.

  17. EzoneBeard

    For anyone talking crap about Patterson or any person on our team.

    FIGHT ME. Your fair weather fans and have no business being part of BBN, you sicken me and I’d love the opportunity to bust a few of you in the face.

    Matt, set it up Boxing match me vs a handful these fair weather douchebags. I’m sure two-keys would welcome it.

    I knew when UK lost there would be a lot of turmoil from all of these bandwagon riding fruits but never did i think it would come to the point of insulting our players.

  18. The Real Big Blue Nation

    A game like this was bound to happen. No need to be critical. Glad it was Horn’s team. Now lets see how we respond. Time to get even more supportive. Big game on Saturday. Time to lay waste to the Commodores. 19-1 is a helluva start, now let’s focus on finishing. Anyone criticizing the players are not part of the real Big Blue Nation. Hope the players and coach know this. Go Cats! Time to go 20-0 the second half of the season!

  19. YourOwnPersonalBlueJesus

    Amen Pat. Just remember that most of the BBN aren’t idiots. These are the fans that give the good ones our reputation. This MAN didn’t have to come back after the last coach and help save this program! I’ve already been arguing for Pat with people…..geez. Please forgive them P…idiots know not what they do.

  20. Kige Is the Oracle@Delphi

    Preach it, Black Kool-Aid!

  21. IndyCat644

    Anyone who talks trash to a college kid via Facebook should have their fandom revoked.

  22. BuckCat

    I would never question any of our player’s pride, talent or love of UK; I just want to know what has happened to Pat the last few games. I love watching Cousins dominate down low, but I think we have forgotten how effectice Pat is down low. Our freshmen are playing great but we have to find a way to get Pat involved in the offence.

  23. AssistByJohnWall

    The team needed a guy to grab the rest of the players around the 5 minute mark in the 2nd half, preferably during the pause before someone is ging to shoot free throws, and pull the 5 men on the court together as one.

    It didn’t happen.

    Patrick has a right to tell people that he doesn’t want them to question his talent, pride, or love for the university. However, this team needs him to recognize when he is surrounded by 18 year olds “and” when they are acting like it.

    That team last night lacked a leader. There is no question about that.

    To question Patterson this game, yet insinuate the 19 previous games that he was everything we invisioned is not being honest, in my opinion. I think people have wished he would be more of a vocal force on the court (especially this year), and if not throughout the game, at least when times require it. That is the mark of a leader.

    It’s just, who’s going to say anything about it when they kept winning?

  24. JimmyDykes

    The last thing a young team that just saw realized they aren’t bullet-proof needs is for the same people who built them up to tear them down. And let’s not forget, recruits ARE watching.

  25. Red Mile Smile

    Big Blue Nation is full of the dumbest fans on the planet… Sad, but true. I know it happens to an extent everywhere, but this place is ridiculous.

    We lost one game people. The comments about Patterson are stomach turning. We can not win every game, and any rational human being knows that people can not play at 100% all the time… it’s just like horse racing, the players are not machines.

  26. Pete

    I sure hope Pat and the rest of the team realize that 99+% of their fan base is solidly behind them, win or lose. Especially Pat and his family. I love the guy. Not just because he can stuff a ball in a hoop, but because he is a fantastic young man who makes me proud to be associated with the University and the Commonwealth. I wasn’t feeling too bad about the game until I came here and read this. Now I feel sick to my stomach.

  27. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    Patterson’s facebook wall might very well be a “wall of shame” right now. those people do realize that their names are visible to the whole world, rigth?

  28. oledirtmigert

    well flippin feed Patrick Patterson. He is not getting the ball enough. Pat is automatic between 8-15 feet from the Rim. In the Words of Keyshawn – give Patterson the Damn BALL!

  29. Owensboro CatFan

    WTF are you knuckleheads doing? You’re lucky he even came to UK. YOU will be the reason Cal doesn’t coach at UK very long. Can someone look on Pat’s facebook page and find the names of these idiots leaving these messages so we can return the favor?

  30. notbillyg

    I feel sorry for Pat, I will forever be in debt to that kid for biting the bullet and bringing this team back to the top of the mountain. It saddens me when wall and cuz get all the publicity when Pat has paid his dues and deserves it more.

  31. UkLibre(Masked Guy)

    I’m sick of Fair Weather UK fans, I’m with ya EzoneBeard, lets tag team these bitches

  32. LexingtonConception

    I think Ezone Beard is on to something here. Can we get Patterson to give us the names of the people who are bothering him?

  33. Vince Bingham

    Tell ’em Dwayne!

  34. MGH

    Anyone who outright trashes these guys personally or takes it too far is being a moron who deserves their internet privileges striped forever. It’s just basketball. The personal attacks are hilariously bone headed, not to mention immature. Especially when you realize some 30 year old “hardcore fan” is probably one of the people doing it.

    Now, THAT said, the guy who said no one is above criticism is dead on. Anyone saying we have to treat these kids like gods walking on water and we should never have a negative thing to say about a performance on the court is just as stupid as the people from the first paragraph. They sucked last night, period. No one (with any common sense anyway) is calling for the sky to fall or abandoning the team. Some people have it in their brains that anyone daring to question anything the team does on the the floor is the devil. It’s OK to take off the homer shades for a second once in a while. More than OK actually, it’s healthy.

    If Pat doesn’t want to get assaulted on Facebook about it, I have no problem with that. You know nothing constructive is coming from it. But to say no one should ever criticize anything they do ever? Take a step back, please.

  35. Dude Perfect

    This is so pathetic…every time I get bent out of shape about a performance by our team, I take a step back and remember that these are 18-20 year old’s playing a game. I’m only 23 and I can recognize that, no excuse for these (more than likely) middle aged fans treating kids like this.

  36. oledirtmigert

    Patrick Patterson is UK, he is our ambassador. He is the staple of how kids are supposed to be. Sorry, but UK is not a one and done stepping stone for all kids and he is a prime example of how a 3 year college career can improve draft status and education. Good for him to quiet our idiotic fans that think they get paid to coach and think their insignificant facebook message or post will alter Pat’s thinking. Well Said Patrick Patterson, well said.

  37. Derek Priddy

    Amen Patrick Patterson..Im with you on that one. One loss is not the end of the world..seriously.

  38. Patterson is the man

    This is the biggest problem with big blue nation. What have you done for me lately is all that matters. Patterson turned down millions to be a leader on this team and has done just that, one loss and the crazies of big blue nation give the other 99% a bad name

  39. BigBlueNation

    Is that his version of the Tebow speech? Can we put that outside the Craft Center? J/K! J/K! Calm down, everyone! We’re still a #1 seed.

    I see both sides of it: There are some crazy and stupid fans and this teams lacks a veteran leader on the court. Patterson is a great guy and an intense worker, but has always had a Mayo, Crawford & Bradley, Meeks, or someone other than a freshman to lead his team on the court. You know Cal is going to tell him you gotta come to play (and lead in his case) every night! That’s why he’s the coach and not us. The season isn’t over.

    Thanks for coming back and for all you’re heart and hard work, Pat.

  40. AssistByJohnWall

    #13 – Voice of Reason – You have no clue what your talking about regarding recruits.

    Excellence comes from scrutiny. Go play at Florida State if you want no championships, no tradition, no fan base, no national audience every night, & people who don’t say what they think.

    There’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed. But to think a recruit would read any of this and:

    1. Decide to play somewhere else because all the “blow things out of porportion negative people” in the world live in Lexington, KY.

    2. Decide that other places would be better to play at because they could jack around and not get called out on it.

    At no time do we want a kid playing for the Univeristy of Kentucky who would want to jack around and not get called out on it.

    Do your job and you are king. Don’t do it, and your going to hear some things. If your not focused, then you might find yourself defending a mediocre performance.

    The leader hears the beat the loudest. Patrick’s response is an indication that he hears loud and clear.

  41. BlueSky

    Patterson, do yourself a favor and do what I did. Delete your Facebook. It is a total waste of time. My life is so much better now. Take a few days off, head back home and get yourself a Stewart’s chili cheese slaw dog up on Fifth Avenue. We still love you and realize you guys won’t ever let anybody beat you again the rest of the season…at least you BETTER not. LOL

  42. David

    I’d rather Patterson focus on his game than care what fans say about him. Seems like he’s caring a little too much what people in messageboards thing rather than why he didn’t attempt a single shot in the entire second half.

  43. FFrie

    I don’t blame PPat for his play. Calipari designs everything for Cousins inside. Nobody puts the ball in his hands… He’s clutch. He needs to come back in the spotlights.

  44. kentuckyjoe

    Patrick is my hero. I’m with 17. These douchebags that would criticize Patrick, or any of the players, and especially Patrick, on Facebook need their faces smashed in. I wish I was a tough guy 17; I would help you bust some heads.

  45. Get Shit Right

    I can’t believe this is happening. The worst part is that some 30 year old hillbilly in eastern KY who lives with their parents and works at a video store is insulting our players — players who have essentially 70 hour a week jobs going to college and playing ball.

    I hope someone tells Patrick and the rest of the team that 5% of the fan base consists of complete idiots, failures in life who base their self esteem on the outcome of a game.

    The rest of us clearly see their commitment to becoming better people and basketball players.

  46. benherewaiting

    Repeat after me…..”They are 19-1″ “They are 19-1” “They are 19-1″….. I cant stand those ignorant few that can critize one of the greatest players in PP and talk bad about a team that has made us all proud again to be Kentucky fans. GROW UP or hide because you are making the BBN look bad. I personally think that this weekend with the Vandy game we need to come up with Knights idea and all 24,000 repeat together…” THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

  47. MW Catfan

    Wow…seeing that is crazy! Pat is still my favorite player on the team and all of the idiots who are sending this crap on facebook can’t consider themselves true fans!


    good god, 40,41, 41—do you guys realized youre talking about yourself???…


    Patterson for Pres!

  50. Todd_Svobodas_Lunchbox

    Nicely done Pat. Actually, I’d like it better if you published a list of all the goobers you don’t know who messaged you or commented on your facebook page so that we would know who to drag into the street around Cheapside or Limestone and publicly stone.

  51. Mr. October

    Patrick Patterson has a message for all you knuckleheads. (not a rickroll)(serious message from BlackKool-Aid)

  52. Uk_Yitbos12

    People need to get a grip it was ONE game. After last night’s loss you would think Gillispie was still the coach here, we are 19-1 and still playing for a number one seed in the tournament. I have no doubts that Calipari will have this team focused and ready to play from here on out, I wouldn’t want to be Vandy on saturday.

  53. Matt Jones

    #40 and #41 you guys are part of the problem….you really need to take a step back and recognize that NONE of these guys deserve the attacks they get from fans…and TRUST me…as I have been around the program, you wouldnt believe what idiots say and do on a regular basis.

    Dont talk about what you dont know…and you have no idea what it is like…and Patrick, unlike Wall, Cousins, etc has seen it when it is really bad and he knows how ridiculous the obsession can be when things go sour

  54. uksbiggestfan

    Patrick Patterson is this teams rock! He and the whole team were so pumped yesterday, they got to tlk to the President of the U.S. and we have fans trying to make them feel worthless!CUTTIN’ NETS!UK#1

  55. kyeric

    This is where you need to understand as a high profile figure to just stop paying attention to the negativity. I mean, who are you really correcting by responding to Facebook lunatics? IT IS FACEBOOK. I appreciate Pat being upset, but you aren’t helping anything by calling people like that out. They don’t care. They hide behind their Internet Anonymity much like other, ahem, fans that challenge people to fights on a message board.

    Give me a break.

    Learning to live with your celebrity is also learning to live with the idiots.

    Oh, and there is a “Remove Connection” button, right?

  56. BlueSky

    What the hell did I say at 41? I just said get rid of Facebook and have a frickin hot dog. Geez!

  57. Phil

    Yeah im sure its not all the big blue nation either. Im sure theres alot of dirty birds talkin trash

  58. bmack

    Good lord, I thought the comments on these threads were bad, and now we learn that morons are posting crap on Patterson’s wall? Ridiculous.

    #40 — that’s the coach’s job. And yes it hurts recruiting. And yes we still want talented recruits that have the temerity to not want to play at a school with fans that will turn on them in the blink of an eye over one subpar game (after 3 seasons of hard work, bypassing the NBA, and surviving the BCG experiment).

    I said this before but I’ve got to say it again: “fans” criticizing Patterson, Calipari, or anyone else on a team that won 19 straight games, reclaimed the #1 ranking, raised over $1.3 million for Haiti, was recognized for their efforts by a call from the POTUS, and restored fun and respectability to the program, simply because they lost a close game on the road, against a great guard with a chip on his shoulder, in a very hostile environment with the #1 target on their back, all less than a year removed from one of the worst, most depressing seasons in UK history, are an embarrassment to UK and Kentucky. Plain and simple. Just STFU.

  59. Scudder

    Anyone who goes to a college player’s facebook page to “call them out” for whatever reason has serious emotional and psychological issues. Period.

  60. Randy

    Remember with the last coach we lost what 14 games each season. Just one lost so far. That is real good. We need a lost so we can learn from it. Better lose now then March so leave the players alone guys. They are having a great year and if we dont win it all in March then leave it alone that are a great team this year.

  61. Nobody is perfect

    GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!!!! The past 4+ years have been double digit loss seasons and we are freaking out about one loss, ONE!!!! Get your heads out of your asses!!! Time to beat Vandy!!!

    PS… Patty P can say and do whatever he wants!!

  62. AssistByJohnWall

    This isn’t a black and white issue. There’s criticism and their’s feedback.

    To throw everyone under the same bus here is just as retarded as slamming the players.

    THIS TEAM NEEDS A LEADER. I’ll take all the criticism you want to throw for saying that.

  63. oledirtmigert

    #40 You are part of the problem. Go Eat some Humble Pie and Shut Up

  64. Jorts

    We are undefeated when I am in the game this year. I believe the team needed could have used me last night

  65. SomeDudeCRO

    I have never agreed with a post here more, thank you Mr. Matt Jones.

    I was at the game, and can tell you first hand our cats made me proud and should you too even though they came up short. I love this team more then ever and am proud of each and every one of them. Some of our fans? Not so much…. Go BIG BLUE!

    I was proud to be wearing Kentucky blue as I left Colonial Life Arena even while hearing a good amount of inane comments and taunting from overzealous USCjr fans while exiting.

    And to the UK fan in the south carolina student section last night, you do a great robot dance. 🙂

  66. AssistByJohnWall

    Yay! People who can’t read blame me for the loss! Let me take some heat for my team.

  67. buk

    There are nuts UK fans out there, but the players have to know that it is a small minority. I know Pat probably posted that out of frustration, and I wish he wouldn’t have because it might paint the picture that all UK fans are that retarded. After all, he does address it to “the entire big blue nation.” But I understand why he would be pissed about some stupid ignorant people sending him messages on facebook questioning his play after what looked like a very frustrating game for him.

  68. SeriouslyBBN?

    The fact that Patrick had to do this is absolutely ludacris. Last night’s loss was definitely tough but remember, our players ARE ONLY HUMAN (and most of them kids at that)–I know that’s hard for some of BBN to comprehend. If our Cats are going to do great things this season it is going to take the unwithering support of all of BBN. Complain to your mom, complain to your friends, but have some class and leave the players out of this. They feel badly enough without BBN pouring on a heavy dose of crazy.

  69. Kyblue

    I think at the next game everyone needs to let Patrick know
    how much we love him and his teammates.

  70. Vince Bingham

    Y’all coulda used me in there last night….

  71. Syrin23

    The morons bashing our players are the ones that give our fan base a bad reputation nationally. They fuel the steroetype that we expect to go unexpected every season. I’ve already ripped people for bashing PP in other threads.

    Someone brought up an interesting point that maybe it’s rival schools’ fans masquerading as Cats fans trying to stir the pot. Who knows, but we need to show some class.

    This team NEEDED last night’s wake up call. Better to lose now than in the 2nd round of the tourney to some crappy Big Ten team.

  72. Justin

    Thats troubling…

    While its one thing to discuss among fans who played well and who didn’t but to say it to a player is to much. Let coach talk to the players individually, and let us fans be “sofa coaches” on the internet.

    If I was a coach, facebook, twitter, myspace all would be cut off during the season. Causes distractions.

  73. wildcatmatt

    While I totally believe that fans take things WAAY to far, these kids should be mentally tough enough to ignore what idiots say.

    I agree with Pat and the fact that some UK “fans” need to keep their mouths shut, BUT it won’t happen. Embrace the love and ignore the ignorance, because neither is going to go away.

  74. dUKey

    give me a break! 18 yr old kids my buttocks! these “kids” have experienced more in their short lives than any of us will in a lifetime. they have been worshipped and spoiled for years. this is why they respond this way toward criticism! if pat is going to be fair, he needs to twitt that no one brags on him or them when u idiots are raving about this team the other 99% of the time. and maybe twitt espn to keep his name out of their mouth. its a two way street..if u want to play in the #1 fan base in college basketball (idiots and all) you better expect the highest of highs to be occompanied with the lowest of lows!

  75. Syrin23

    70 – Absolutely, PP is the rock that has held this team together for 3 years. The man is a class act, a man, and a leader on and off the court. Not enough good things can be said about him.


    75—so it’s okay for these idiot fans to expect perfection out of our players, but unreasonable for the players to expect perfection out of the fan base….double standard much?

  77. David

    Hey look, Matt Jones gets in on the action. This is childish. Anyone posting on ANY player’s facebook page is a moron and should be pulled out in the street and beaten. But a messageboard? I’m sorry but I would hope that Patterson or any other player isnt trolling messageboards and getting worked up over criticism. This is where fans (the dumb ones, the truly dumb ones, the monumentally dumb ones, all of us) go to vent.

    I stand by my criticism though. He is playing very poorly and his performance last night was pathetic.

  78. Syrin23

    75 – You’re wrong. “Fans” don’t go ape **** over ONE loss in twenty games, and throw our most steady performer under the bus. Just as the fans are calling out his performance, he has EVRY right to call out our reaction. You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried.

  79. Boogieman

    Well, I guess the Honeymoon for John Calipari is over …

  80. CatFanInHoosierLand

    LOVE the team! We, those in the REAL Big Blue Nation, support you PPat, JWall, Dcous, and the rest of the team. Losses happen. 19-1! Don’t listen to THOSE guys! You know the REAL FANS support you and the rest of the team 110%!

  81. Chris

    I have a message for the young and excellent Mr. Patterson; DO NOT even waste a minute of your time or life responding to such ridiculous comments. It’s time you’ll never get back. As my daddy used to say, “You can’t fight ignorance.”

  82. Kyblue

    I have had so much fun watching this team play.
    They are the best.

  83. tc32

    Hopefully they’re just posters from other schools and not really UK fans but you know what they say, the best thing about Kentucky is their fans and the worst thing about Kentucky is their fans. That’s probably true.

  84. wah

    where’s my soapbox? It’s Fu**ing sad that people are rippin on the most consistent player we have had since monster mash…i can’t even begin to fathom how on earth people can question pat’s love for UK or anything of that nature he would have been a 1st round pick last year and really didn’t stand to get significantly more money this year and HE CHOSE to come back for a chance to win a title…if that isn’t love for a university and college experience i don’t know what is…just look at Jody…he had more to gain by coming back for another year than perhaps anybody, instead he pu**ed out and got the hell out of dodge, and let billy g ruin his experience at UK…pat said fu** that, i want to be a part of something special, i wanna be a wildcat legend and came back…the TRUE UK fans will always love and appreciate what Patrick Patterson…i promise u will see 54 hanging from the rafters in Rupp one day…and hopefully a title banner for this year along with it

  85. Justin

    81 & 83…totally agree! I love this team and support all of them.

  86. DC

    God why do we have so many idiot fans? Really harassing players via facebook, loyal true fans would never judge players no matter what they have done especially on the court. This team will be just fine one loss means nothing. Anyone who expected a undefeated season is dumb and are the same ones who are talking shit on facebook to the players. PLEASE GO JUMP OFF A CLIFF! The rest of the BBN has your back PPat and the other players and coaches. We will support you through and through. PPAT=Greatest Player Ever at KY

  87. wah

    84 – that is definitely true…people can be complet and utter fu**tards at times

  88. dUKey

    77) ok then…fans shouldnt boo a bad call from the refs or laugh when the opposing teams misses a wide open dunk either right? i mean isnt the opposing team full of 18 yr olds also? why is it ok to demoralize them? oh, its different rules for diff teams i guess?

  89. BJ

    Fire Calipari

  90. Braddy

    How does Patrick even know if in fact these morons are actually UK fans? Can he really know that? I’m not saying he is wrong for defending himself/teammates, I’m just just saying did he have to address Big Blue Nation?

  91. Kevin L

    first of all I’d like to see the comments questioning the pride and heart of the team. If they are comments like “certain players hdidnt show up last night” then I think those comments are legit. as with any rabid fan base you have to take the good with the bad. That is unfortunately the circumstances of being an athlete. UK FANS WOULD GO TO HAITI RIGHT NOW if they team was playing there to see a game. That is the good about our awesome fan base. The bad is after a loss there are 100,000 coaches commenting. If we see poor effort we will talk about it just like any rabid fan base would. If that is what PP is upset about than he’s in the wtrong. If the comments were more harsh and truly from UK fans (not from posers from other schools) than PP needs to realize that that is the .00001% of our stupid fan base (which again every team has).

  92. Go Big BLUUUUUUE

    Some of you saying no one is above criticism are losing grip on reality. It’s your right to complain, criticize, and say what you want; just not to his face. 99% of the people that read and post on this website don’t have as much basketball talent or knowledge in their whole body as Patrick Patterson does in his pinky finger.

    That said, it wasn’t fun to watch last night, but they’ve given us a GREAT run so far with THREE FRESHMEN. For anyone to be upset because they lose their first game in January obviously doesn’t remember the past two years. I am so thankful for this year’s team.

  93. dUKey

    91) best point thus far! i’d say u hit the nail on the head

  94. BiggerBlueFan

    WOW….what a bunch of freaks we are! Especially the asshat AssistByJohnWall character. Get a life, have fun, and realize nobody died!

    This is college basketball not life and death.

  95. BravoBigBlue

    Going to some player’s facebook is stepping way over the line. It is cowardly. I hope that Patrick and the other players realize that people who do that kind of shit are not representative of the Kentucky fanbase.

  96. Sam

    91 & 94…no, actually, I think it’s a stupid point. You sound like fans decying the “vast conspiracy against UK.” It makes us all look stupid. Take responsibility and call these idiots out when they are stupid, don’t let them get away with and claim it’s a conspiracy. I mean, really….

    Get real. You know that most of those, by far, that commented on his page were UK fans, you KNOW this. Why? Becasue we see idiocy like this everyday on Catspause and elsewhere. Quit blaming your sh*t on everyone else and realize that UK, hands down, has the the stupidest, most irrational nuts for fans. Sure we got all kinds of great intelligent fans…but really.

  97. Rebounds

    Hi. I heard some of you were looking for me?

  98. Luvnmycats

    LOVE YOU PATRICK and everything you do to represent this University. You are and will always be the standard to live up to for all players. Thank you so much to you and your wonderful parents. Idiot fans aren’t worth the time of day. They have very short attention spans. More of us appreciate you than you know.

  99. Grant

    Ok, I agree with most that criticism such as this is ridiculous. However, PPat should not be responding to it. He needs to get thicker skin, and blow this stuff off. Responding in this manner makes him look soft.

  100. mu11

    its obamas fault UK lost

  101. Ben4uk

    Can I message patrick to tell him that I love him?

  102. JWW

    I’m glad Patterson said that. We lose ONE freaking game and some people think the sky is falling. I’m glad we didn’t have the internet when Duke beat us in 1992; Pitino would have left after that one for sure.

  103. Bagdaddy

    Hopefully Patrick won’t get drafted to play in Philadelphia for the Sixers. Philly fans are much worse than us. (throwing snowballs at Santa Claus etc) No place to play if you are thin-skinned or cry when you get criticized.

  104. Depoytown

    Stuff like this is great for recruiting.If I were an opposing coach I would print this out and use it.UK fans (a small but vocal group)eat their young.

  105. pizzinmeoff

    19 and 1 , I can live with that.

  106. Flop

    I’m genuinely ashamed to be a UK fan for the first time in my life.

    To give a kid like Patrick grief after all he’s done for this program… sticking through the Gillispie years… coming back just to have a shot at a title instead of taking the money and running…. It’s just beyond my imagination.

    Some of you people really are the classless morons other fanbases say you are.

  107. DerbyDemon

    Can you read what is posted on someone’s Facebook? I’m new to all that, so I don’t really know what was said to Patrick Patterson. That aside, to lump all UK fans into one pool and call us the names we are called simply because we might have questions about how the team played is just as unfair. I (along with others) have observed what I felt was a lack of intensity from this team. That’s all. No. 34 and 40, I agree. The lows definitely come with the highs. #60–Uh, much like the knuckledraggers who want to challenge people to fights simply because they voice a different opinion? #17–Go shave.

  108. fearnloathing

    If you are anything but a little disappointed about the loss last night I HATE you. You probably have no life and don’t deserve the one you have. UK fans are the only thing wrong with UK basketball plain and simple. People are not realistic, stupid, and undeserving of the good teams we have. You people make me sick and frankly I hope you fall off your cousin break your neck because you are LOSERS. PPat has been nothing but great and now “you people” are going to sour even that relationship because you are imbeciles….get a dictionary and look it up.

  109. Sam

    #100, I disagree. I think calling people out is exactly what is needed, whether by players, coaches, or other fans. We like to tout ourselves as the most intelligent, classiest fanbase, etc…..but it’s all BS. Our fanbase is one of the major jokes of the college basketball world, and for good reason. For every great, intelligent, true fan, we have 5 idiots.

    Let’s start holding each other up to those standards we CLAIM we have.

    And let’s not forget, these are KIDS. He needs to block everyone on facebook that sent him crap though, that’s for sur.

  110. Offended by Ignorance

    Folks need to get over this loss. The team had a bad game, thats all it is! You win as a team and lose as a team. Do you really think that attacking individual players will somehow make it better? Do you think that is how coach Cal will approach the loss? Be disappointed, thats expected..but don’t pretend that you can fix it with some silly response on KSR or Facebook. Grow up and be a true fan.

  111. Dawood Khan
  112. tdr76

    A loss now will not hurt us. We had gotten in the habit of playing teams close at the end and not putting teams away early. I hope we learned to continue to execute and play team ball when we get up six or eight points, if that had happened last night we would have won the game going away. This was a good lesson and we all should learn from it.

  113. nybrasky

    People need to get lives. This was the best start to a season in anyone’s lifetime that has a Facebook account, most likely.

    No one is more invested nor takes any loss harder than the players. It is their lives. People need to understand and respect that. We are just outsiders who obsess way too much. No one should be saying anything to the players unless it’s congratulatory on the greatest start to a season in our lifetime and encouragement for the rest of the season.

  114. Ben

    We were sucked into Obama’s losing streak….shake it off and move on.

  115. Justin

    110 – these are just kids? That line is always funny, considering we all just sat around for 2 hours 2 weeks ago making fun of a KID’s hairline.

  116. Don'tPoopIceCreamNoMo

    Somebody has to pass him the ball. He’s not the point guard.

  117. Sam

    #116…who is this ‘we’ you refer to.

    The fact stands, they are kids. But that term is relative, of course.

  118. Grant

    #110, I hear what you are saying, and agree in principle, but it’s farfetched to think that responses like PPat’s will have any effect whatsoever. We aren’t the only team that has critical nutcases like those hitting PPat’s Facebook page. Every team across every sport has them. Do you not think that there weren’t some nutty Gator fans ripping Tebow after the lost to Bama this year? It happens, and it’s not going to change. So with that in mind, it’s best to just blow it off. Responding how PPat did just adds fuel to the fire for those willing to commit such offenses.

  119. Reality Says

    For our team’s development, this was a great loss. For us fans, it was a terrible egg in our face loss. Humiliation on a national stage the day after becoming #1. The ice cream poopers needed a dose of reality. We face who live in other states will just have to live with it until we win it all in March. Two out of the last 3 KY national champs have had 2 loss seasons.

  120. Offended by Ignorance

    It is sad when you dread the fan fall-out from a loss more than the actual loss itself. Perspective is something this fan base needs to learn..otherwise there will be many miserable souls in BBN…

  121. Reality

    “we fans”

  122. Sam

    #122, well thanks for illustrating my point!

  123. Skip Brainless

    Some people just don’t make any sense. I’m a big UK fan and always have been. But I know where to draw the line. Some people are just so rabid and tied up in the game and team that they think they’re entitled to something. WE as fans didn’t lose last night, but the UK TEAM lost. and when they win, the TEAM wins. None of us have a darn thing to do with it. We can support them and provide a great atmosphere for them, but that’s about it. How many of the people sending Patterson a facebook message ever scored a basket for the University of Kentucky? And yet they tell this great young man that because the team lost they must not love the university as much as the fans do. Now is when this team needs our support the most. Not when they’re winning 15 or 16 straight games, but when they stumble. It’s like one of your kids running in a track meet and coming in second, and instead of saying “Well now you know you have to work harder to get faster” you say “Apparently you don’t love me and your mother the same way we love you, otherwise you wouldn’t have lost and embarrassed us.”

  124. The Fake Mr Ed

    I am just thankful that we are not suffering thru another year of the “Drink And Drive Offense” and are very competitive.

  125. Kyblue

    Dear Patrick,
    I am sorry for the comments you are receiving on Face book.
    But we love ya here, and care for you. We have watched you struggle with
    2 years of Billy G. You were our team. You were the star. Even though
    you have stepped back from the spotlight, those of us who love ya,
    have not been able to adjust as well as you have (we can learn from you).
    It is because we care that we want to see the ball in your hands more. Remember,
    You are the MAN.

    KY Fan

  126. gottodoit

    Kentucky basketball: Great!

    Kentucky fans: Shame!

  127. AreUKidding me?

    I truly can’t get over the reaction to this one loss. I admit it was my fault that the cats lost last night. It’s the only game that I’ve recorded because I had to work late. I wish now that I hadn’t recorded it. The lack of intensity was there but I remember thinking last season that the cats are a long way from where they need to be and then to have a 180 degree turnaround under Cal is truly extraordinary. Trust me, it could be much worse than ONE loss. If you thought that this team would go undefeated this season then you honestly don’t know basketball in the SEC. It’s just like UK beating Georgia and Auburn in football this year. The gamecocks pulled an upset, they didn’t kill our best player or break Wall’s ankle and I think that our starters are still healthy. Can you not look past this game? Just be glad that it wasn’t Tennessee or Louisville who did this b/c we’d never hear the end of it. We’ll have to deal with the media and the B.S. that comes with a #1 team being beat by an unranked team but they didn’t blow us out. We had the talent to win the game but not the will to win it. Downey was on fire and couldn’t miss, he did well, we didn’t. Big deal. I’m just glad that it wasn’t a 40 or 50 point blowout like Vanderbilt did last year. Remember what Allen Houston and Tenn did in the regular season a long time ago and then in the tournament we held them to 40 something points. We’ll have to play USC again and revenge is sweet my friend. It’s not the end of the world and I bet that all the folks that watched the game last night woke up this morning and life was still going on. I was pissed that we lost but I still have a life to live and so does everyone else. These guys are young and they will learn from the mistakes. I’ll take a 19-1 season anyday in January but some people can’t be pleased.

  128. catfando

    If they dont hang patterson’s jersey in the rafters after his career is over it will be a

  129. Problems

    After reading some of the blogs today I am pretty taken aback… see many of you will insist on reliving every moment of that SC game and somehow that game (even now that its over) is the most important game of the year when in reality it isn’t at all. Saturday is Vandy and I am just as excited as I was yesterday to watch SC as I am to watch us whoop up on Vandy… Really many of you have some serious issues in regards to your emotional connection to the team… Go CATS

  130. blue

    One loss and everybody goes apesh*t. Seriously, this big blue overreaction is disappointing.

  131. BigBlueFan

    I must be in a bubble. I don’t see any UK fans over reacting to this loss. Everybody is seeing this loss as a learning experience. I think the crazy fans are few and far between AND must have Patrick as a friend on facebook.

  132. BiggerBlueFan


  133. BigBlueFan

    I seen many fans of other college teams and they have been far worse than any UK fan I’ve met.

  134. BigBlueFan

    I’ve also realized that UK fans that complain about UK fans seem to be 25 years old or younger. The fans that truly don’t understand the greatness of this program. They have been tubbyized.

  135. Idiot

    I am losing my mind over this one loss because I have no sense of pride, or respect for the student athletes here at this great university… Bottom line: There are a handful of UK fans who might as well be Louisville fans, because their fanhood is simply selfish and really lends itself to a type of blind ignorance. FOOLS

  136. Jennifer

    I don’t think people should write players. Patrick does need to step up though. He need not be standing on the 3 point line while others are getting rebounds. He should know that with 40-50 seconds left in a game where you are down 4, we don’t need a 3. The key to this team being just another team in the mix and the best team in the country is Patrick Patterson. I hope he will show back up.

  137. catgirl

    Can we track these jokers down and b**ch-slap them?

  138. BiggerBlueFan

    Dude, I go all the way back to Rupp. But crazy is as crazy does and we seem to have an abundance of crazy!

  139. Stay Cool

    People need to just calm down i was furious last night too, but hell people do you remember our last two years?? We are an awesome team with classy players and a standup coach. Those guys played their hearts out they wanted to win!! They just could not pull it out. That happens to everyone (Kansas Texas Syracuse etc.) Pat we all love you man ignore the retards. Don’t forget what a great team we have everyone and what a fun ride this has been and its not over yet!!

  140. Loyal_UK_Fan

    Classless. Just classless. 1 loss and we have some idiots writing FB messages to PPat about his performance? Good Lord! It’s a good thing God doesn’t have a FB page.

  141. Nick Humble

    You’ll never hear me say anything bad about Patrick Patterson. We are so lucky to have him. He not only is a great player, he is a wonderful representative of the University. I admire him greatly. Hats off to you Patrick, to any naysayers, stick it in your ear.

  142. Billy the Cat

    This is why I am not on Facebook and do not post on Twitter and the like. As a matter of fact this is the first comment I have posted on any site for a long time and the first comment I have EVER posted on KSR. These sites are being used in a manner in which they were not intended and that is to gossip and bring people down. I know Patrick can take this type of criticism and I think he is taking up for his teammates and the university moreso than himself. That being said I cannot help but to be offended myself after what Pat has been through, what he has sacrificed and how much he has given of himself to the University of Kentucky and the community. If winning means we have to treat our own players like this then I’m not sure I want to be a part of this anymore. I have grown up on UK Basketball and I take pride in its meaning but now it seems that some people have lost site of that. I am by no means a University of Louisville fan but I would never stoop so low as to try to bring down the esteem or destroy one of their players. It’s time people got a grip on life and what these kids are attempting to do and that is build a successful life for themselves while trying to win for the university and for you! I’ll take my lumps from others for being a UK fan because of some idiots behavior but I’ll be damned if I sit back and let these kids ESPECIALLY PATRICK PATTERSON be disparaged in any way. Feel free to pass these comments along to Patrick as I will not waste my time with Facebook and for the record I would be happy to pass along any of these comments to him face to face. Would those of you making the negative comments about him and his teammates be willing to do the same???

  143. dUKey

    i’ll leave it at this. patrick has no more a right to call out all “the blue nation” in a negative tone after recieving a negative tweet than we fans do of criticizing his one bad game after showing him more love than any player in recent memory for being the one rock of this team for the past few yrs.

  144. Call me Crazy

    I’m a huge UK fan who tends to really dislike some of these other UK fans? God, am I alone in this sentiment? God, is this why others can’t stand UK bloggers?

  145. fan

    #137 — So “program greatness” makes it ok to harass players? Brilliant.

    I’m older than 25 — I got UK ticket stubs older than that — and there’s a good percentage of fans that I am embarrassed by.

  146. charley

    #146 – I disagree. People are texting him and writing on his Facebook page. That crosses the line.

  147. Stay Cool

    I understand gettin upset about a loss but targeting players and calling them out is no way to handle it. We are fans we SUPPORT our team. I just hope pat and everyone else can forget about what has happened all because one dumb a** had too disrespect the heart of our players.

  148. Patterson Supporter

    If you have a facebook account then shoot him a supportive message (let’s hope the support outweighs the criticism)

  149. Sam

    #137, you sound like one of the idiotic fans actually. I am far older than 25…and even I can see the problem here.

    And for you to say you have met idiot fans from other fanbases…well of course you have. Every fanbase has them. It just seems ours has more of them.

  150. Stay Cool

    i think everyone should just drop it really they probably just want to forget about it and move on.

  151. Hypocrite

    – Despite a focus on getting the ball to the post, Patrick Patterson was not good at all Tuesday night. Some of it wasn’t his fault (not getting the ball on offense) but much of it he could have controlled. He’s gotten into a habit the past few games of leaving his man and heading to the rim for a board rather than boxing out and hit bit him in the butt tonight. Most importantly, though, his defense at the end of the game as the man trapping Devan Downey was pitiful.

  152. Grant

    #149, it may in fact cross the line, but what did he expect putting himself out there like that on FB. I think the moral of this story is that players like PPat who don’t want to hear the critics shouldn’t do FB and should be more careful who they give their cell # to. Furthermore, these players have to learn to take the good with the bad. They can’t eat up all the wonderful adulation, and then turn around and repudiate negative criticism when it comes. That’s life. Get used to it. It certainly isn’t going to get any better when Pat is playing for $.

  153. Stay Cool

    154 noted but just keep supporting the team try not to criticize so much. Im sure patterson was trying his best to do what he could.

  154. Braddy

    SAM #97- who said anything about defending the morons? I was simply asking the question. Does he really know it was UK fans and Did he really have to say Big Blue Nation? B/c I’m a part of BBN and I’m not calling him or any other player out for one not so good performance. So SAM its not a stupid point, its a question you moron!

  155. Boogie Woogie

    I’ll take 19 and 1 every year.

  156. Stay Cool

    158 nicely said you know thats more wins than we had at the ind of the reg season for two years

  157. Billy G

    Just think guys you could still have me then we could be arguing about being under 500 right now

  158. AssistByJohnWall

    #53 – Matt Jones – Funny, A Kentucky boy (you) telling another Kentucky boy (me) that a Kentucky Basketball player has such an pair of shoes to fill.

    Talk about, “talking about what you don’t know”.

    You sir are truely a democrat.

  159. JKA

    The Cats lost ONE game, wow! We are 19-1 and I am pretty damn sure we are still thee BEST team in the country. Bring on the Cuse Doug Gottlieb we have a couple big men ourselves and last time I checked, Im pretty sure they were lottery picks. Go Cats!

  160. UKfanFelicia

    People who bitched at Patrick on fb, what the hell gives you the right? Do you think criticizing him or the team after one freaking loss was really needed after 19 straight wins? Is that how the big blue nation pays Patrick back after he choosed to come back for another year?? Really sad and shameful behavior from fans that should be happy and greatful for the season we’re having. Who needs freaking fans that only support a team during the good times and go bsc over one game? Nothing like kicking somebody while they’re already down but why not reach out a hand and help them back up??

  161. kyeric

    I agree with 155. You can sound all high and mighty about how our fanbase SHOULD act, but it’s not going to change anything.

    Much like I can be angry at the guy that constantly farts on the L train here in Chicago, I have learned to just deal with ALL of the people. And mouth breath.

    I am awesome at analogies.

  162. Stay Cool

    Poor vandy lol

  163. Sam

    #164…you are right, and so was ‘braddy’ earlier. Expectations should be tempered by realism. I have dealt with this fanbase my whole life, idiots and saints included, and suppose I will continue to do so.

    For some reason the reaction to this loss online coupled with people actually sending PPat this carp really pissed me off for some reason. Pat is pretty stoic and level headed….if he is complaining about this I am betting it was pretty bad.

  164. Coach Cal

    Remember, folks, keep it fun for the players. Otherwise, what sane person wants to play for you?

  165. Stay Cool

    167 AMEN

  166. B Robs

    Obviously AssistByJohnWall is one of the mouth breathers who posted on Patterson’s facebook.

  167. Sam

    Seriously, assistbyjohnwall, you are just dumb. I mean seriously dumb. I just want to take you under my wing and show you error of your ways. Then smother you.

  168. UKGUIDO

    Hey whoever gets on the players facebook and says anything but something positive … get a F***ing life! You think any of the guys on the team want to lose? You think you feel bad about the loss?! While your A$$ is watching the game on your couch or a bar these guys are actually on the court! Big Blue Nation let the coaches handle the “Motivation” cause its their job. Big Blue Nation I am ashamed of you today! PPat could have left us high and dry and you do this to him?! Get a life!

  169. Syrin23

    dUKe, are you trying to be an idiot? He puts his blood, sweat and tears into this program. He went out there and gave it his all. What about that justifies throwing him under the bus? He had an off game? Name a SINGLE athlete EVER who didn’t have an off game. Your analogy is infantile at BEST! My god man, stop posting before someone comes to see if you have any brain activity at all! You could call him out if he didn’t try, didn’t prepare, did something off the court that was a distraction, but a sub-par performance? How damn daft are you? You’re some damn idiotic moral relativist aren’t you? By the way, the “fans”, meaning morons like you, haven’t put the time into the program he has. You think some lard ass sitting on his rear end watching the Cats for a whopping 4 hours a week somehow is entitled to trash our most consistent player for one sub-par night that perhaps wasn’t even his fault? Please, keep being a Duke fan. That program needs more fans like you.

  170. UKMatt

    I am always disappointed, but never surprised when redneck UK fans bash their own team… it is YOU that give the nation this terrible rap. Please do everyone a favor and become a flat bill sticker hat fan, because it is socially acceptable to bash your team if you root for the ville. The players take wins and losses as serious as any fan in the nation. BIG PAT sets a standard for college ball players that is nearly unheard of. Why can we not run any sets for Patterson in the second half? He was 2-4 in 35 min. WHAT??? WHY IS BIG PAT ONLY GETTING 4 SHOTS? He did not have one set play for him the entire second half and didn’t even shot in the second half, that is the problem, the offense needs to run through BIG PAT as much as it runs through any of the freshmen. ESPECIALLY IN THE SECOND HALF!!! This team is as good as ’96 so sit back and enjoy. Keep your negative waves to yourself, and our boys will bring it home. GO CATS!!!

  171. Syrin23

    145 – well said. Idiots like dUKe would have to change their pants if they ever faced these players face to face and tried to say some of this crap they’re trying to pass off here. Little babies who think they’re tough because they can put their 350 pound ass into a chair and stab away at a key board with their pudgy fingers because they “know” what being a good player is all about, all anonymously of course. After dUKe et. al. is done soiling this web site, he waddles into the kitchen for some deep fried Twinkies before marveling at his manly internet prowess.

  172. charley

    #155 — FB isn’t the problem – the people using it to disparage people are. Your argument is like saying if the fat/short/ugly/etc kid gets tormented at school he/she should just stay home. Why put themselves out there? We aren’t a bunch of random people riding a train. If these “fans” truly care about the school/team then they should respect it and them. Not holding fans accountable for poor behavior is defeatist.

  173. MrShoot

    While I don’t agree with people going on his Facebook page, I do think it should be expected. Cal and the team love the “crazy” fans who sell out Gameday, who donate money to Haiti, who sell out Midnight
    Madness in record times. You can’t have it both ways. If you wanted to walk off the court and
    leave it behind then you are at the wrong school. As sad as it is…some folks eat, sleep and
    breath through UK basketball. Yes, its insane to call out his toughness or leadership…agreed.
    But don’t praise Big Blue Nation for passion and then be suprised when some of that passion
    is misguided and over the top. Everything about UK basketball is over the top…good and bad.

  174. nybrasky

    Cats fans need to take a step back, realize it’s a game, and read this Doyel column and be proud of UK basketball and themselves.

  175. Stay Cool

    I would have done the same thing as pat period

  176. Cat fan in Raleigh

    My mother is about to slit her wrists she’s so upset about the loss. Only exaggerating a little. Some folks just need to get a grip. Good grief.

  177. Stay Cool

    He was probably pretty irritated when he wrote that message and if he could go back and do it again he probably would not say “the entire big blue nation” but he just was upset and said someting he didnt mean to it happens with everyone were all human lol

  178. AssistByJohnWall

    Error Corrected – #53 – Matt Jones – Funny, A Kentucky boy (you) telling another Kentucky boy (me) that a Kentucky Basketball player has such an awful pair of shoes to fill.

    Talk about, “talking about what you don’t know”.

    You sir are truely a democrat.

  179. BigBlueVABeach

    I love me some Patterson…but when people are calling you out, there’s usually a pretty good reason behind it. I don’t advocate doing so on Facebook, but the fact is that what MAKES Big Blue Nation are the CRAZY (Dumb) fans. UK Basketball wouldn’t be UK Basketball without all the hicks, hillbillies, and degenerates you are all so quick to slam.

    Patterson needs to be a MAN and step up to the plate. He has grown content to stand in the shadows of mere freshman (albeit GREAT freshmen) and just get 8-10 points a game. For us to go deep, Patterson HAS to be a focal point on offense. Calipari is a great coach, but he can shove it if he thinks that this team doesn’t go as Patrick Patterson goes then he’s off his rocker.

    Pat, GET THE BALL. Take back YOUR team!!!

  180. Cardinal Hater

    AMEN!!! Let the Big Dog EAT!! This kind of rhetoric is RIDICULOUS!!!

  181. Two Cents

    If any one of the guys is having a hard time with criticism (both personal and how one plays) then all I can say is good luck in the NBA. Not only will your play be constantly criticized, but you as a person and your dedication to the sport will constantly be in question.

    Now, there is no doubt (to me) that Pat is a phenomenal basketball player and a great person but part of growing up is learning how to listen to constructive things people say and filter out the crap that is just mean / inappropriate. You can take the constructive criticism and become a stronger man / basketball player or you can get defensive.

    Maybe he and his team had a bad game, maybe this was 19 games (a lot of games that should not have been as close as they were) coming, maybe a loss will teach them something about bringing their “A” game every time…all I know for sure is that people can say anything they want, it is what we choose to listen to that matters!

    Go Cats, kill on Saturday!!!

  182. Mattcat68

    I’ve been a huge Uk fan since I was 5 years old (1974) I will always love Uk Basketball, but some UK fans just really piss me off. Blaming the officiating, blaming Cal, blaming Obama, blaming Patterson and even questioning his pride and loyalty. How about giving USC some freakin credit here.

    Downey had an incredible game down the stretch which caught UK on a bad shooting night. Even with Downey’s incredible effort, if UK hits those open looks, they win. They did not and Downey made them pay for it, that’s what great players do, make you pay for your mistakes. Give that young man some credit for their win, he earned it. Now does this make UK any less of a final 4 threat, no, not at all. If anything, they just gained some valuable experience. Remember, these are just freshmen and they were taken to the wood shed by two experienced seniors in Downey and Ross.

  183. dUKey

    Syrin23 –arguing with u is like being in the special olympics. u may win but in the end you’re still a RETARD! no one was calling patrick out. when someone says they are the rock of a team its not calling him out! its stupid peole like u that think these players walk on air and get stupid over comments they dont understand which ruin it for the rest of us. i promise you patrick doesnt know ur name and could care less if u lived or died! and for the record…i hate duke! but those slow white boys would still beat uk at the moment because they are a better team. could care less if u agree!

  184. brkh1122

    Patrick, Please don’t take your frustrations out on the true blue fans, take it out on Ogolvi, or however you spell his name, on Saturday. Let Mrs. Patterson take care of your light work, which would be taking care of the morons that question any part of your heart, talent or intergrity.

  185. caddyboy

    The one thing i hate about being a Kentucky fan is sharing my beloved Wildcats with the stupid redneck kentucky fans. The ones who think it’s win or get shot with bubba’s shotgun. I bleed blue but im not an idiot. I dont hassle college students about their performance. Im proud of the Wildcats and dont care if they lose a few more in between the tournament and now.

  186. Grant

    #175, that is a terrible analogy in regards to a fat kid staying home instead of being tormented at school. Last I checked every child of age must by law attend school. There is no choice involved here that doesn’t involve a financial hardship to the child’s family in cases of bullying. So if it occurs the school has an obligation to step in and stop it. This is obviously not the case for social media sites such as Facebook. You either choose or you don’t choose to do it. That being said, I do agree with you in that FB is not the problem here, but I wasn’t even making the case that it was. What you don’t seem to understand is that individuals in the public eye, like PPat, are going to be criticized. This is especially true of ball players. This type of thing is never going to go away. It only becomes a detriment when the individual allows it to, i.e. “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. PPat obviously has allowed it to effect him. He shouldn’t.

  187. BigNik

    The only thing that has ever embarrassed me about being a fan of UK is the way some of our “fans” act.

  188. blitzmr2

    132–I must agree. For that low but incredibly vocal percentage who act like morons, I apologize on behalf of all UK fans. Pat has pride, and the last he thing he needs to hear–now or ever for that matter–is some tard busting his balls on facebook. Note to Pat: make your facebook account private, or learn to ignore the morons.

  189. Saber

    God, it kills me. If we would’ve won that game by 1 point, people would have been gushing about the game. But because we win it, people have to take it out on the kids. Get over it. We lost. Yeah, there are several things that could’ve went better that would’ve helped toward winning. Rebounds being a big one. But not everyone has a perfect night every time out. It’s a shame that people have to go and prove Cal right by acting like whining morons as soon as our first loss comes along. We are NINETEEN and /ONE/. Do you think we got here on magic and pixey dust? Nobody legitimately thought we had a shot at that. Hoped? Wished? Sure. But how many would’ve placed a $1000 bet that we would be undefeated entering this week? Give the kids credit for where they are. Don’t criticize them for what they’ve done. Let Cal do his thing, because now he has a great tool for teaching. He’ll show them what went wrong. Nobody else can do a better job of that. So don’t even try.

  190. tim

    Pat may not want to hear it, but his performance last night looked to me like our junior leader deferring to the three freshmen as the glare of their stardom grows brighter.

    That’s not where we need to be, and Cal needs to head it off at the pass RIGHT NOW, or it’s going to take this team down.

    This should be Pat’s team. A couple of his teammates may have more talent than him, but this should be HIS team.

  191. blitzmr2

    194–I must admit that I don’t at all buy the whole “one player must own this team” approach. Pat definitely needs to provide leadership, but it’s a team. I also don’t buy the suggestion that the team is somehow imploding, and drastic changes need to be made immediately. Jesus, what the hell is up with Kentucky fans that makes them/us so insane? Is it the water?

  192. bleed blue

    19 – 1. This is awesome! To be back again!!! how good it feels. i can’t deny it, my blood pressure was as high as it has ever been last night. BUT, it feels so good to be back. everybody has an off game, that’s life. but i’d rather bleed blue for UK than anybody else in the nation.

    can you say…..2007 wins! Heck yeah P-Pat. You the man!

  193. Mike

    I think that sometimes these players listen to the few people that say stupid things and let that bother them. I mean, every decent fan knows this has been a thrill and its only one loss. They also know that we still have room to get better and we will.

    To me his 4 shots show that they didn’t get him the ball too much and he didn’t have assists either, so he wasn’t getting the ball. He needs to demand it. He is an all american and they need to remember that.

  194. catsfan

    we still love u pat! we aint mad at ya! just go stomp vandy this weekend. And towards the end of next next month give the cocks an elbow or 2!

  195. RCFOM

    this is the problem with social media, message boards, etc. Any pu$$y can go on there and run off at the mouth. I guarantee if PP was standing next to you after this game you wouldn’t have said s*it. If you had said anything, you’d be in the f&*king hospital, if you were lucky. If your not man enough to say it to Patrick’s face, keep your f*&king mouth shut.
    i think it’s intersting that someone who has never played the game at this level can voice their opinon about anothers performance.
    I think it’s fine to question the result, but you should never question another man’s effort unless you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.

  196. KeepYaHeadUpCats

    Keep ya head up cats. Anybody sending you all messages dogging your performance last night needs a reality check.

    These kids go out and give 100% every game. We lose one game and idiotic fans go nuts.

    It is these idiot fans that give KY fans a bad name. That’s why people (media included) were so happy to see us go through hell the past 4 or 5 years.

  197. SagaciousMind

    Well I can see two sides to this. The players love it when people write messages tellin them how awesome they are, but apparently dont wanna hear it when they get told they didnt play well. But, the players know they made mistakes, they know they beat themselves and Cousins’face and demeanor at the press conference says exactly how they felt. They dont need the fans criticizing when they are the most harsh on themselves. If anything was said, it should have been somethin along the lines of we know you guys didnt play your best and we look forward to wiping the floor with Vandy. Not talkin smack to them. Some UK fans need to grow up and quit sh*t talkin our players when they have a bad guy. I’m pretty sure coach is gonna give them enough hell during this week. And besides, I think Coach is glad they lost this game after the way they played. He said himself they still seem to think its AAU and they dont have to play hard all the time. Maybe this is the motivation they need. But these players need to realize to, a few bad fans doesnt speak for us all.

  198. Two Cents

    Wow someone (#199) needs to take a chill pill and probably have their mouth washed out with soap. I really doubt Pat would put anyone in the hospital no matter what they say (he is a real man and doesn’t need to resort to violence and vulgarity). He is a much better guy than that and clearly much more mature, succinct and well spoken than the likes of you. I am sure as anyone would be he is frustrated and he will take this experience as he takes most experiences…as a learning opportunity. Lets all get on the same side and just support and cheer for the team we love!

  199. mudcathp3

    Does any of these people remember the last few years that we as Kentucky fans have had. Patrick stayed at UK when he didn’t have to. I think he has been the glue to the greatness of this team along with Coach. This man has more class and caracter to want to Graduate before he leaves. No matter what happened last night, I would take a whole team, school, and community full of Patrick Pattersons’

  200. roggensak

    No UK fan would write these things. Please do not refer to these “People” that do these things as “UK fans” We are 100% behind this team. How could a True Blue fan question a team that is 19-1? This seems like the work of fans down the road…

  201. The original Carl

    For every 1 idiot that questions the most significant and beloved Cat in a long time (that’s you PPat) there are 1,000 of us that truly “get it” and admire everything you have done for and meant to this program.

  202. Greg

    How Eloquent! Patrick you’ve outdone yourself again! Love you man!!!

  203. UofLfanscoulddisappearwiththebeer

    High Life…

  204. David B

    Hey PPat I truly enjoy watching you play man and look foward to your every game and glad for you to put that out there to those fair wheather fans I have been a true blue fan for 25 years now and I love you guys when or lose and secondly I am no coach and John C is far better than any of these damn coachfans anyway I love watching you guys play this year and am very happy with 19-1 thats a hell of a change from last year so with that being said screw those damn coachfans

  205. Laughing at UK

    Haha you UK fans are great you tear down a great player for one bad game. I love it cause I want to see your team implode you arrogant self-important asswipes! FU UK

  206. buddyblue62

    wow thers is alot of screwd up folks. 19-1 shut the hell up. GO BIG BLUE ppat you are the man im so glad you wear blue.

  207. Bluebloodedcat

    When you love your team it hurts when they lose and even more when they lose because of the effort. Fans will express their pain but be right back behind them the next game. The players just need to ignore our comments because I know they are as upset about losing as we are. WE LOVE OUR TEAM AND THAT”S WHY WE ARE BIG BLUE NATION AND WE’LL NEVER HATE OUR TEAM BOOGIE!!!

  208. FloydFan

    We’re 19-1, for crying out loud. Am I tore up; don’t think so!

  209. Carl

    I love PPat and I am grateful for what he has meant to this program for the last three years. To the chicken-shits posting on FB, you are an embarassment to BBN and we don’t want you as a fan, go attached your pee-wee ego to an NBA team and leave the UK basketball to those of us that understand what reality is. PPat had one bad game, his play carried us for two years…don’t ever forget that.

  210. David Ball

    That’s just crazy…I was pleasantly surprised that UK was 19-0 prior to Tuesday…and it was going to happen (the loss)…but to send messages to Patrick (the unquestioned heart and soul of this team) is just stupid (and perhaps sent by someone not truly a UK fan..)….I hope he realizes (as Big Cuz should as well) that the vast majority of UK fans love these guys…still think it’s someone who roots for Vanderbilt sending the messages though…anyway, go Cats…

  211. Bluekz

    I guess these fans have decided to stop supporting the team and attempt to do what they can to bring the program down, since the only logical outcome of doing something like that is: to destroy player/fan relations, and to discourage future recruits from ever coming here. Congratulations idiots. ..and thanks for ruining things for the rest of us. Why don’t you go cheer for Florida or UCLA..their players are used to that kind of thing.