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Patrick Patterson Feeling Some Love


Lost at times in the John Wall lovefest and the Demarcus Cousins banter is the fact that Patrick Patterson is having another great season for the Cats. Patterson (or as the world now calls him, “Black Kool-Aid”) has improved his game on every level and quietly racks up points and rebounds every game that will put him on All-American teams at the end of the season. At the end of every game, I look at the box score and always see Patterson with 16-19 points, 7-10 rebounds and production throughout the game. Combine that with the fact that he is the leader of the team and all the Freshmen point to him as a role model in terms of work ethic and experience, and the Patterson factor cannot be lost on the success the Cats have had so far.

And people are now starting to recognize it. During halftime of the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State “Beast” game, ESPN looked at the Patterson improvement in a special feature. It was a good look at how Patterson’s outside game and his ability to hit the perimeter jumper has not only helped his stock, but has also given John Wall and Boogie the ability to showcase their talent by clearing out the lane. Hubert Davis even called Patterson the key to this team’s success. If anyone has that video, let me know as I would like to put it on here, but even if you cant see it, know that Patrick was getting the praise he so richly deserves.

Pat is an all-timer for me at UK and I think we will one day see his jersey in the rafters at Rupp.

Here is a relatively new Patrick Patterson Mixtape that has some good stuff in it, but the language is definitely salty, so you may want to turn the music down if you are at work:

Article written by Matt Jones

31 responses to “Patrick Patterson Feeling Some Love”

  1. Tdogg40330

    Pat is Da Man …….

  2. Honky Honky(Former Duke player)

    That has really salty lyrics, but that is what they make a mute button for. Problem solved.

  3. BravoBigBlue

    Patrick Patterson was the best thing that BCG did at Kentucky. He has exceeded all the expectations that came from the recruiting hype as a player. And boy, what a person. He is really something special and we are lucky to have him. One of my all-time favorites, for sure.

  4. NashvilleCat

    I like my lyrics more peppery

  5. 4U2NV

    “salty lyrics” WTF..?? Is Matt Jones hanging with the ‘in’ crowd. Is that some kind of new slang word….Im 28 so Im out of the loop now…ha

  6. oledirtmigert

    My buddies and I talk and we all agree PPatt is in all of our top 5 UK Players of all-time. Can you imagine this program without him for the last 3 years?

  7. dcgirl

    #5 “The loop” is comprised of 68 year olds.

  8. ukcat8fan

    How bout a John Wall mid season mix vid? Link below.

  9. UK81

    Patterson’s jersey will definitely be hanging in the rafters at Rupp.

  10. honestyisthebestpolicy

    that highlight reel was honestly kinda boring. literally every highlight he has had this year tops the selection in that video. none of the oops from john wall, none of his amazing spin moves, and none of his threes. get it together

  11. hahahah

    hahahaha number 8- he had to hide his shibby that he got from his one minute of fame with Ashley Judd.
    Give the poor guy a hair cut and he might be able to pull a few decent looking chicks. Nah…Never.

  12. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    8- He’ll have to knock Kate Martin out of the way first.

  13. Bigbluecalizone

    Pat stands for everything that you could want your program to stand for. He is not only a(dare I say) Beast on the floor, he is just a remarkable guy. You got to love his parents as well, they have done a wonderful job with their son. He is one of my top 5 all time favorite players.

  14. FloydFan

    Pat is not seeing quintuple teams this year so he can actually see the basket when he gets the ball. That is the benefit of having Wall and Boogie on the floor. The downside is, he doesn’t see the ball as often so he has to be more efficient. I think he has adapted admirably.

  15. ukfan12

    I know this is off the topic, but I had to share this email propaganda from TBK that I received today:

    “The first thing is to understand why True Blue Kentucky exists. We are NOT here to become the largest or most visited UK site on the internet. In fact, we are exactly the opposite of that.”

    So their goal is to become the smallest and least visited UK site?

  16. blueblue

    No offense intended, but I wouldn’t give BCG the credit for recruiting PP. Tubby recruited PP. The only thing BCG did was go in for the kill and sealed the deal. But PP came to UK (as Coach Cal would also later say) “because it’s Kentucky”!! BCG had very little to do with that.

  17. Thomas Beisner

    Rick Bozich just tweeted that these lyrics are the shizit.

  18. Joshua David

    Patrick is my #1 All-time favorite Kat. I agree that we will see his jersey in the rafters.

  19. BravoBigBlue

    16 – You may be right. Does not hurt my feelings as I am not a BCG fan in any shape, form, or fashion. I’m just glad that Patterson did choose to come here. He took a risk in doing so, and hopefully it has and will pay off for him as much as it has for the program.

  20. Atticus

    13) I second all that 100%. My three-year-old and I met him after the UNC Asheville game and I got their picture together. It was the highlight of my son’s young life. Pat truly embodies everything you want in someone representing your school.

  21. Ashley Judd

    I farted on Cutler

  22. Josh

    Who wouldn’t love it if Ashley Judd farted on them?

  23. cutler's eyebrows

    8I agree. Look, I think Pat is a great asset, but I still think his accolades on this site go way pverboard.

    Seriously, if you were picking teams, who would you pick first, him or Cuz? No brainer.

    I love Pat, love having him, think he’s a really good player. But not a superstar. He doesn’t step up and make things happen. His NBA prospects are overblown on this site also.

    He’s very good, and a great young man. But he’s not a star, I see no reason for his jersey to be in the rafters.

    Proceed with the flames, but many of you know I’m right.

  24. atasteofwallballs

    My top 5 in no particular order, age 30 by the way, Mashburn, Rex, Delk, Pat and Wayne (I’ve been to the final 4 tree times and won 2 national championships) Turner. I always have to explain why he made my top 5 of all time

  25. Cutler's Eyebrow Clippings

    23. Agree. It is great that Pat is at UK. Great young man. He’ll have it tough in the NBA. Although Cuz will have his shots sent back to him if he doesn’t improve his footwork.

  26. Jason

    Not a star huh? And yet his draft stock is better than boogie’s.

  27. Joe

    What are the chances of PP staying for his senior season and becoming the ALL TIME scoring leader for UK, and developing even more his mid range game?

  28. cutler's eyebrows

    Jason, how much you want to wager on Cuz going higher in the draft?

    Read the scout reports. Listen to Cal.

    Like I said, I love the kid, very talented, he just isn’t in the Wall/Blake G type of conversations. Or retired jersey stuff.

    He has too many games where there is too much explanation of why he didn’t do more. A superstar steps up and takes control or makes things happen, whether he’s pt.guard or not.

  29. GoBigBlue

    27. I don’t think Pat will be playing another season with UK since he graduates this year. Kudos to Pat for graduating a year early. 🙂

  30. jorgepancho

    So, it’s not okay for Rick Bozich to retweet the n-word, but quite alright for KSR to re-post a song full of the n-word?

    Which is the kettle and which is the pot?

  31. BigMo

    His jersey will be in the raptors because of what he meant to the program and not because of how great he was. Yeah he might not be the superstar type but look at what he has done for the program, kept if relivant when nobody cared about us but us and now he gets to benefit from that. The unforgetables definitely were not superstars but their jersey is up there. Pat will be in the top 20 in scoring before he is done and would be number if he played 4 years. Cut the B.S. hang his jersey on senior night. King Rex, Delk, Prince, Bogans, Tubby, Turner all need theirs up there as well. I would say put all them guys from the late 90’s in the raptors, this waiting crap is ridiculous. UNC retired Hansboroughs on Senior night why cant we do that as well.