Patrick Patterson Assigned to the D-League


In news that we wish we didnt have to report, Patrick Patterson has been assigned to the D-League by the Rockets. The Rockets’ GM Darryl Morley said:

“Patrick is making tremendous strides in practice and coach is very comfortable that he could help us win in the NBA right now,” said Morey. “However, our depth at the big spot with Yao Ming, Luis Scola, Brad Miller, Jordan Hill and Chuck Hayes means there is no playing time available. We believe strongly that players improve best by playing in games and the upcoming stretch presented a timely opportunity for Patrick to join Vipers training camp.”

It looks like a case of Patrick being on a team stacked with players at his position and simply having to wait his turn. He will join Ramon Harris on the Rio Grande Vipers Training Camp roster.

Article written by Matt Jones

49 responses to “Patrick Patterson Assigned to the D-League”

  1. KYStout

    Good thing Houston brought in ANOTHER forward.

  2. njCat

    So why the hell did they draft him???? Idiots.

  3. thedarkknight

    I’m gettin’ paid in the shade for the d-league games that I played.

  4. PortlandCat

    First D-League player with a shoe contract?

  5. thedarkknight

    scola is not that good in the new nba2k10

  6. goosshe

    2. Maybe they realize that Yao is very likely to get hurt or flat out retire very soon…..and also Brad Miller has got be close to dying of old age…and who knows if Jordan Hill will pan out. Pat won’t be in the d-league long. A spot will be there sooner than later.

  7. SagaciousMind

    Why put him in the D League? If you dont need him, the trade him because he’s too good to be in the D League. I bet he’s not happy about it and neither are mama and daddy. And why is he wearing a head band? C’mon Patrick, take that crap off!

  8. Bundy

    Trade him to the Wizards!!!!!

  9. ChicagoCat

    As #3 said, he’s getting paid and he’s got a friendly face with Razor around. Things could be worse. This could be very good for
    P-Pat and I don’t expect him to be a D-Leaguer for long.

  10. MCStayUpLateâ„¢

    Love you pat, you are one classy guy. Keep working hard like we all you will, and you can be one of the best forwards in the league, let alone the rockets roster.

  11. Houston_Matt

    Some people have no clue. This is not a bad thing for Patrick. The Rockets are the only team to own their own D-League team and they use it as a JV squad. He will get playing time down there to develop against other pro’s. People keep lambasting the Rockets for drafting him. Who would you rather they drafted – a point guard (who would be third string behind Aaron Brooks and Kyle Lowery) – a g/f (who would be behind Kevin Martin, Courtney Lee, Chase Budinger) – a Center (Who would be behind Yao Ming, Brad Miller, and Jordan Hill). Come on people the Rockets are a talented, deep team (despite their current record) and drafted the best player available. Why would they trade them? And who would they trade him for? What position? Think before you type. Patrick is with a great franchise with one of the best GM/Coach combos in the NBA. Tell Aaron Brooks playing a few games in the D-league is an awful thing – that is the Aaron Brooks who was last years most improved player in the NBA. Patrick will get his chance (just as undrafted rookie from Wake Forest Ishmael Smith has this week with injuries to Brooks and Lowery). Patrick should continue to develop his defense and outside game and soon he will be getting minutes. Patrick went to the last team in the lottery (a team that wouldn’t have been there if had not been for injuries last year) and just like if he was on the roster for the Celtics, Lakers, or other good teams he will have to earn his minutes they will not get handed to him.

  12. Alan Curler's Fart

    Agree with 8. Send pat to the wizards to help out Wall. Or better yet trade him for Glenn Davis up in Boston. Patrick has a better shooting touch, a better ability to rebound, and is twice as athletic. Boston would be a lot better with PPat. Could you imagine Rondo and Patterson running a fast break?

  13. afidler

    I have to say, the offical release by the Rockets is very flattering of P-Pat, albeit very depressing for our guy. I think this doesn’t mean Patrick has been set out to pasture, I think when Yao burns out there will be that room for our guy.

    He deserves it.

  14. afidler

    #12 I love P-Pat, but he is no Glen Davis yet, that would be a hugely lopsided trade and wouldn’t happen in a million years. The Celtics aren’t going to let go of their best bench player–someone who is the future of the Forwards in Boston.

  15. SagaciousMind

    11, blah blah blah. The coaches are saying he’s tremendous but puttin him in the D League. Why not get rid of Brad Miller? If they dont want to trade away Pat, then trade away someone else and give him a place on the roster because he is a guy that can come in and make an impact. Kinda hard to do that with him playin in the D League. Yeah playin in the D League may be beneficial for him, but it’s still dumb. Seems to me the Rockets need to do something different. And if they dont need guards or forwards, then trade him for a future draft pick. Either way, hope it works out for him. At least he’s not there because he’s a flop like Thabeet.

  16. Big D

    Rocket’s G M must be on crack. Wonder how great a player he was ?

  17. boomdaddy

    Speed…it is all about speed! Patterson needs to be quicker. Yes, he is a bull. But he needs to be quicker. I hope he goes to another team, to get some playing time. I think he will find his niche.

  18. Drew Franklin - Crest Spokesperson

    PPat is in the D-League because of the depth people. You can’t send a costly veteran like Brad Miller to the D-League. That is simply wasteful. PPat gets game action, which only helps with conditioning and strength and knowledge and any other benefit I can put the work and in front of. Let’s not be Homers here and know this is a good move for the overall development of our man PPat. Pat will go down there and show them what he is capable of and make the Rockets make a move to get him on the roster. Keep the Faith people.

  19. Drew Franklin - Crest Spokesperson

    Oh yeah, lose the headband. Seriously. Lose it forever. Seriously.

  20. Champ

    Regardless of why hes in the D League you cant help but think he may have been better served by staying with a team (UK!) that could use a big man right now.

  21. So funny

    I love KSR, but the NBA discussions and posts are pretty funny. It’s like an old farmer ditching his horse and buggy and learning to drive his first car. It’s just a whole new world.

  22. bmt22033

    @ 20 – I don’t know about Patrick Patterson, but UK would definitely be better served in that scenario… 😉

  23. hersheyisabear

    Everybody calm down. I know this sucks but it is only going to make patterson shine. Give it some time and we will see him back in the NBA.

  24. tyson
  25. Bigdaddy

    why draft a player that you don’t need at that position?

  26. Luv me some Red

    PPat is a joke. He would be on the bench if he played at the UofL.

  27. HelloKSR

    25, I agree. Take a first-round pick and then put him out to pasture for a while. Lame. Keep working, Pat! You’re time will come!!

  28. Mrs Patterson

    Nooooooooo!! I’m going to the Wizards-Rockets game tomorrow night to see him! Guess I will have to be content with JW and CH.

  29. Jonah Hex

    How could would last years team have been had Meeks stayed? What would an NC have done to his stock?

    How good would this years team be if PP had stayed? Probably wouldnt effected his draft stock much but perhaps a team without 157 forwards.

  30. Guru

    Definitely a bad draft for the Rockets. They didn’t need him. But they loved his character so they went with it. Meanwhile, they offer Aaron Brooks at PG … I think they should’ve gone with Bledsoe.

  31. Lars

    He should’ve left while Billy G had him at the top of his game.. Cal obviously ruined him.. No way he was a D Leaguer before last season. Stick to point guards CAL!

  32. BlueWorldOrder

    31 and 26 BOTH IDIOTS!

  33. Jeff

    do it to it lars! youre an idiot.

  34. Jeff

    do it to it lars! youre an idiot

  35. Reality Check

    Not a bad thing. Practicing and playing is better than practicing and not playing and his payday is the same.

  36. birdie

    Here’s the problem. Guys get labeled very early in the league about how much they can help a team. While P-Pat being moved to the D-league will certainly get him some game experience, it is bad news overall. I don’t know of any “great”, maybe even “good” NBA players who ever spent one minute in the D-league. Maybe someone out there can name an exception, but I’m willing to bet there aren’t many.

    Pat was most likely a workout warrior whose overall skill set may not translate to the NBA game. We shall see.

  37. LStamper

    The Rockets have depth now, but who knows about later in the season. As far as I know Yao is still playing limited minutes. Patrick will get better by playing and will make his teammates better in the d-league and connect with fans. PPatt is a big boy, not a one and done. He is an asset to the organization whether he’s in the front office or on the big stage. I don’t know if the Rockets intended to keep him when they drafted him, but the organization seems to be as happy with him and he seems to love Houston.

  38. Anonymous

    I’m headed to the Wizards – Houston game tomorrow. Was going with the hope that I would get to see Patterson and Wall. Even though Patterson’s been inactive for a while – this news megasucks. The Rockets are lame. I agree with #25, but I know that one day Patterson will get his well deserved chance to play.

  39. 44 STICHES

    It’s not the end of the world. I always wondered ever since PPat was drafted by Houston how it would work out. Houston is deep at PPat’s position. I love the NBA and follow it as close as I watch college basketball. It will help PPat in the long run. We know he is a beast and this will only make him work harder, not the he ever needed help in that category. PPat will rip it up the D-league. The Rockets will either trade PPat after his stock rises and other teams are interested in him or the Rockets will trade Jefferies or Hill. Maybe even Budinger. The Rockets won’t trade Scola who is 2nd in the NBA in rebounding or Battier. Noboby in the League will want Yoa or Miller. I hate it for PPat but it will all work out in the long run in his favor. We all know you can’t keep Patrick Patterson down!

  40. Mack

    Hill and Miller??????????? Please!!! Agreed send PPat to DC! The Rocket’s owner only cares that he keeps Ming and all the money he makes in china, if he wins then that is just icing on the cake.

  41. njCat

    Chuck Hayes started in the D-League ahd he ended up OK, but I’m worried that PPat might be another Joe Crawford… always fighting for the last roster spot. He’s proof that hard work is not the only important factor. Hopefully PPat can work on his game and do well enough that he gets another shot soon. Scola and Battier aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

  42. catfanran

    with hindsight being 20-20 I wonder if 2P would have left had he know this was going to happen……………..he is such a great guy you know he is hurting inside…Keep your head up buddy

  43. Cal Purnell here

    What the heck, D-League? uhhhh

  44. free pat

    26 & 31 FUUSOBS!

  45. gooch

    Sounds reasonable with all that depth and Scola’s been a beast this year. They should trade him to Washington, Wall will make P Pat a beast again!

  46. gooch

    #31—-if P Pat never learned to shoot off the dribble and play his true position of forward he wouldn’t have a had a shot in the league, all he could do with Billy G was post and do you seriously see him posting his way to nba notoriety at his size?

  47. DoubleZeroMostel

    Wasn’t Joe C in the running for D-league MVP? A lot of good that did him. Even if Pat completely dominates the league putting up Chamberlain type numbers, it’s still basketball purgatory. Nothing that you do in the D-league matters, it’s just wait and see if somebody has a career ending injury.

  48. Grevey's Gorilla

    Rio Grande Vipers is headquartered in McAllen, Texas. They love the D league down there. PPat will do well for the short stint he will be there. Although it is near all the violence right across the border…I mean like 5 minutes away, so be cool Pat and stay stateside my friend.

  49. Dark Helmet

    The Rockets are like that fantasy team that picks people off of waivers just to keep them on the bench so they don’t score for anyone else.